Bend it like Beckham | Lying To Your Parents For Football And Profit | Stuff You Like 65

Bend it like Beckham | Lying To Your Parents For Football And Profit | Stuff You Like 65

this is stuff you like you can call me
our son who wants to cook Aloo Gobi when you can bend a ball like Beckham? I
love this film, which is something like a Disney Princess narrative (because she
wants more) mixed with women’s football mixed with culture clashes mixed with
the deception narrative, which normally I hate but I don’t in this case and I’ll
come back to that in a minute. Bend It Like Beckham came out in 2002
and stars Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley before she was super famous
and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a rare example of someone hiring an Irish actor
to play an Irish character. And it manages to do the nigh impossible
balancing act of being funny and poignant without being stupid
stereotypical or offensive. How, you may ask? well mostly I think by actually
caring what you think and caring about the characters and also by knowing that
of which it speaks. “Eyes down, look sad, don’t smile, Indian bride never smiles you’ll ruin the bloody video!” “I wouldn’t be seen dead in that!” “Oh they’re all the rage poppet, you blow them up, just like a lilo!” “Painters and decorators are in” Wait, was that period reference which wasn’t a joke or
an excuse for misogyny? anyway the plot it goeth thusly: this is
Jess she loves football her Indian parents are not impressed
they’d rather she marry a nice indian boy and settle down. “So if you can choose does that mean you can marry a white boy?” “White, no. Black definitely not. A Muslim, EH-EH!” and
by Indian I mean Indian and Sikh. This is Pinky she’s Jess’s older sister
she’s engaged to Teetoo with whom she’s been having a secret relationship for a while.
this is Juliet she’s part of a girls football team and this is Joe he coaches
said girls football team. Jess wants to play football with the girls team, Pinky
wants to get married Jess’s parents want her to stop playing
and settle down “Your mother is right, it’s not nice you must start behaving like a proper woman”
and so the deception begins there are football games Jess gets caught, Pinky’s
engagement is called off because Teetoo’s parents think they saw Jess
kissing a white boy who is actually Juliet seen
“why was she talking about kissing?” “I think she got confused like Teetoo’s
parents, no it’s so hard when young girls have such a short hair” football is on
football is often get missus of on engagement is off Jess and Juliet I’m
falling out over two because they both fancy him the big match is on the day of
pinky’s wedding you know why this is gonna go all ends happily
etc but I’m not gonna spoil it too much because I really do think you should go
watch the movie it’s also a time capsule movie in the best way with the Nokia
phones that could probably survive the washing machine and the Spice Girls
references and Mel C providing a lot of sign track and the team captain is a
member of All Saints but unlike antitrust that doesn’t really matter
because the theme is a really timeless one technology may change but the
arguments the children have with their parents run endlessly on similar lines
and Bend It Like Beckham covers quite a few of those arguments as well as oh so
many other things cultural assimilation racism truths integrity parents
expectations if their children hide the children deal with them learning when to
bend the rules when to change the rules what you can get away with dealing with
your parents as an adult and growing up in two cultures to other things twining
their way through the movie and the ones I actually want to talk about are
judgment and deception on judgment it’s a very it’s okay to be yourself movie
which along with Jess’s frankly Disney Princess asked a narrative there’s even
a society does not understand our love subplot but yes judging people is very
much looked at DePalma pinky’s friends judge Jess for being a virgin now shut
up you know he’s just wanna mate we’re not all slugs like you lot bitch just
cuz she’s to the Beaman thinks she’s better than us in it and then they judge
each other for having sex yes but at least she hasn’t got off with half the
pounds no like you two actually they put me very much in mind of these three
she’s crazy he’s gorgeous does that make Joe Adam compare and
contrast the scene in the girls changing room this would be Mary didn’t in them
so you have entire Indian girls panoply it’s just culture so you know better
than speaking around boys not going to end up marrying let’s put in that that’s
the best fit you should know I think this lack of judgmentalism is what I
like most about Bend It Like Beckham I mean sure it’s got our standard Disney
ask heroine and its primary concern is being who you’re meant to be following
your star and the importance of not giving too much wit to what other people
think of you but it applies that across everyone want to go and have lots of sex
random footballing extra number 17 or whatever
okie-dokie still a virgin Jess good for you sexually active and wanna get
married go for it pinky secretly gay oh right
there are not one but two gay subplots in this movie actually the first one is
only a quasi gay subplot because Jess and Juliet are sort of mistaken for
lesbians when they’re actually fighting over Joe the football coach but there is
an actual gay subplot in that Jess is best friend to me I really like what you
mean you’re Indian there isn’t really much I
want to say about those other than they continue the it’s okay to be you whoever
you are even if you are a gay Indian theme and they also lead in quite nicely
to deception which we’ll get to in a minute
but they do spark the line as well as the line that will take us into our next
theme this would say thank you Jess you’re not gonna tell anyone of course
not it’s okay Tony I mean it’s okay with me
yeah well you fancy your guru coach is okay with me
besides it’s quite fit let’s talk about truth and lies for a minute the
deceptions in Bend It Like Beckham are mostly a consequence of culture clash
you can’t play football you’re Indian you can’t be gay you’re Indian you can’t
be sexually active an unmarried you’re Indian to prevent it from sounding like
they’re just picking on one culture Juliet’s mom freaks right the heck out
when she thinks that her daughter is a lesbian Juliet’s dad on the other hand
merely offers some sage advice private business in the papers like that George
Michael is that a superstar and you still listen the way I like Juliet’s dad
the thing is the culture clashes are largely external between parents and
children or surrounding culture and children rather than internal pinkie
warns Jess off Joe you can marry anyone you want it’s fine appleís when you’re
in love and all that but you really want to be the one that everyone stares at
every family do cuz you bury the English bloke but Jess’s internal conflict is
significantly less than me what would people think external conflicts that she
has the main people in me what would people think
conflict of course being her parents hence her deception the reason I find
deception narrative so her Venda is that I generally valued trees over
just to buy anything else and I would rather be told unpalatable truth than
the more palatable lies but here it works because in this case things really
aren’t that simple if anyone acknowledges that pinky and t2
are having a sexual relationship then obviously being getting what we called
off and she will be shamed shamed in front of everybody but pinky’s mom
outright says that she knows that pinky and t2 have been having a sexual
relationship for years don’t think I didn’t know that you were sneaking out
with that good-for-nothing t2 is well if you knew why didn’t you just say so
why didn’t you get it on the open why didn’t you think that was okay you’re
just gonna turn your children into compulsive liars you know actually I do
know why their parents to certain extent wish to be deceived because if they
don’t officially know about something they don’t have to make the hard choice
between what traditional culture says and what the surrounding cultures value
say or indeed just what pragmatism in common sense say eventually in this film
at least kids and parents alike realize that truth is the best way forward and
sometimes that means tolerating stuff you don’t like and sometimes that means
agreeing to disagree and sometimes that means letting your children go out into
the world unprotected and make their own mistakes I’m very grown-up anyway
bender like Beckham is an amazing sweet poignant heartwarming movie with many
British shows and cameos and you should totally watch it because it is
criminally underappreciated and come back next time because it is my
two-year anniversary and we are kicking it old school with a book review episode
see you then you

9 thoughts on “Bend it like Beckham | Lying To Your Parents For Football And Profit | Stuff You Like 65

  1. I hope you don't mind me asking but why don't you have a contributors description on Chez Apocalypse? Are you just incredibly new to the site? Good vid btw.

  2. cool, it's good to see a contribution from my side of the Atlantic in the world of Internet video reviews 🙂

  3. I remember whatching it when I was 15 or so and I enjoyed. Didn't loved, wouldn't see it again, not really my kind of movie. But the fact that I even got to the end of this is probably a testment to how well-made it is. For ME to actually call a movie about teenagers and soccer good, probably makes it a masterpiece.

    OBS: Thankfully it is now offficially ok to be who you are, because I'm a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro who couldn't really care less about soccer… So yeah…

  4. OBS: In general, I agree with the "unpalatable truth vs. palatable lie" thing. But if you are in a relation where you really don't have any real power or control over things (as in parent-child relationship) and the person on top of the relation opresses you (like most parents do, even when they mean well) you are justified to lie to get your way in my book. And this is not from a whiny teenager, I'm 25.

  5. Indeed. It works because they have compelling reasons to deceive their parents based on past history. Earlier in the film, Jess has a go with the truth: that she loves football, and that she wants to play with the team. And: fail, because her mother steamrollers her father. Eventually her dad comes round to her way of thinking, which gives them the impetus to tackle (no pun intended) the rest of the family. 🙂 Also: re actually sitting through a soccer movie: 😀 Yup.

  6. I know. The reason I liked it probably has something to do with it not actually being about soccer at all. It could have been kung fu… or street dancing… or clown-dressing-skydiving-archery (wasn't Hawkeye into it as a teenager?)

    The "soccer movies" that actually are about soccer. I.e. how great the sport is, how people are pationed about it, etc (believe me, we have plenty of these here) usually suck.

    Good review, by the way. But you're never ever topping Les Mis! =P

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