BENCHED!!! – A Fireside Fantasy Football Chat (What you need to know for week 3!!!)


What is happening folks on YouTube you’re out there what is the deal? This is the benched podcast livestream extravaganza You know what it is and we got a lot of stuff to get into we’re gonna continue the conversation We’re just looking up the price of an elephant. What did it say they get up? I put the phone down because we’re going live but let me check this out when it comes to pets Not as dope dude, I’ve been that truly is kind of dope by angle I I oh my god Oh, yeah, is there not gonna work it cost you around 1.5 million? INR which I’m assuming is Indian But if it’s like a rupee that’s that’s that’s different Hobbies and head over to the YouTube right now. This is the bench podcast I’m with my boy big Layla and we are we are getting it cracking talking some fantasy football information that elephants Wife using here. She actually why are you buying an elephant? She wants to know because Sassy young schoo. Hey, so everybody in the IG joint. Thank you for jumping in right now We’re doing the benched livestream podcast we talk fantasy football and a bunch of other things and right now my homie big Laidlaw is talking about the fact that he wants to own and Bet is dope that is so did you get you would get like a baby elephant in like Okay. Yeah, so you got throw the INR is So so, how’d you say you have three dogs? You don’t need you don’t need they’re gonna love that. Fuck November I don’t know that I take the wrong Engram, bro 28 grand own an elephant now, but you also got a good Center food seven grand up key or some grand of you That’s it. That’s it How you catch it? somebody I Mean sounds like you get it figured out right? I can’t really argue with you I mean, this is like endgame, you know, I mean like well if you get the spot in, North Dakota Can I live in a coda? Yeah, that that might be that that might be the thing. That’s the problem is gonna Code because I’m not so sure they can live in the hood. I’ll just wrap them in wool suits man It’ll be like a woolly mammoth Good like a two back So let’s get into why you look better let’s get into a bro Okay, so I went through the pics last week last week. We were seven and three on the games. Yeah, we pretty good That’s pretty good. Which ones do we get wrong? So actually you were eight into I was seven and three so green band Indianapolis. We got wrong mm-hmm, and then I got wrong in Iraq. You picked around I picked the same Okay, all right, I’ll make it happen. All right don’t don’t threaten my life here not on camera anyway Yes, I can see I can say it happy But yeah, so and also we’re gonna talk about this as well, but you hit on all your fantasy picture you’re giving people advice Oh you hit on everything? I was well, man, he’s gonna be happy to hear that Yeah, you did you gave us some good pigs. All right, so I got extremely lucky no. No, you know what you’re doing man Yeah, but at the end of the day fantasy football is all guesswork man. No, it’s a fact that’s a fact that’s a big fit you can you can check out stats and check out a caring percentage and timeshare percentage, but Don’t don’t mean that All right. So let’s get into some news this week man state of the day. Jeff Wilson. Saw two touchdowns last week Who was Jeff Wilson? That’s the Receiver a running back That’s why you hear brokers. I’ll be knowing enough. So, um, let’s get into some news So Antonio Brown cut from the Steelers sending messages to the victim Yeah, what did you think about them? Yeah, man, it’s just I’m not gonna say your boy Antonio Brown. Oh, he’s not I Just don’t get it bro like I it’s It’s like a soap opera man. My thing is what I don’t what I don’t get is like What what squad is it? Why would you send the victim? Why would you include her? Okay, so you want to give the rundown about what happened with it? That’s all what I don’t even I’m not completely sure what’s happening with this situation. This isn’t the victim of the case This is a separate party that I think is providing testimony against him in the case So wait, this wasn’t the leg wasn’t his former trainer So this is the lady to did the painting The painting right? Oh, it’s the person the muralist. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I was I was hazing about who was yeah I know she said pictures are her kids and said she’s poor and that’s why she’s doing this to her and all his boys and It wasn’t even honestly threatening, but it was just something Yeah It was just stupid and then he had his lawyer in the group chat That he sends his text to and the text was like like you said She’s poor. Let’s investigate her. She’s a she’s a ho mija, but like the group. Yeah Yeah, yeah, I’ll just different stuffing in like in the Patriots immediately cut him apparently they didn’t know about the stuff that happened before they sign them you believe that Cuz Robert Kraft came out I guess he was actually in a business meeting and when this stuff came out about the text messages He stopped the meeting and called boo, Bella Jenkins and Nam Yeah, we’re done but Ben didn’t even on the same day today the allegations came out after they signed him which could be true because it was all in a very short time period But I don’t know that I believe they didn’t know Such a gross situation man, and he’s so crazy dude. I don’t he’s getting like today just super weird space I know like there’s the ID Weirdness like dude, he’s got tio tell him to calm down. So that’s when you know, yeah He’s gonna be dry way to a crunchy Does he find a new job Oh like you might find a new job? Yeah, you know, unfortunately I’m gonna fill they overlook a lot of stuff for talent, bro I Don’t know they might help him win too much they’re trusting the process down there in Miami. Yeah. Yeah yeah, but uh, you know, dude, I mean He’ll find another job. I don’t know if it’ll be this season Yeah, I feel the same way further 30 mile. I was on the hook. I thought he might be done for good But then now I’m kind of like I don’t know man, they so thirsty. Yeah, and who didn’t name? I think did they name? They named a team that has done that to kind of like the Patriots to our camera before was but Let’s move along from that Did you see about the Patriots signing this international pathway player? I thought it was interesting, you know about that so the international pathway program is basically a source for international players to be able to get Signed to roster and it actually allows for an exemption From the 90 man roster where you can have an extra spot for this player Okay, and then one other player that bill oversees that it actually made a team, but they ended up cutting them They didn’t bring them on the practice proper that you brought this dude on the practice squad Okay, which I think is real don’t feel like if you play for like the London, you know I don’t know what you like but like that’d be cool to have a chance that she gets it to the league. Yeah, I mean You know you hear about guys like the 49ers sign up rugby players. Yeah I know the Seahawks had a you would play rugby wouldn’t you? You got that you got the extreme sports vibe Do I wanna fly a hurricane you never lifted it I don’t believe I’m not gonna fly it I just want to ride in the plane being flown will get a professional for that you a gentleman junk in Aloha soon I think you might be a little bit I think so No little you want to be the blade in a hurricane is you know, that’s I think is gonna be yeah But then you get through under the eye bro, and it’s like have you seen me? I you should be you should be a tornado chaser a Tsunami but real no my boy went to kayuu. I drove with him one summer to kick – Kate you what’s up? What’s crackin, man? Tornado was forming we chased it bro, but it never touched now you check what we gonna do when you get there watch it Bro, this hail was coming down like the size of golf balls, man. Hey, yo Paul if you play fantasy football, man We are here on YouTube. This is the benched podcast and livestream We’re talking about all the picks this week and we I’m hearing some hilarious stories my god big leilani little crazy only a little bit So let’s talk about guarded miss you oh this dude I love this guy truth Love this guy bro. Did you hear he’s doing he was warming up and only his jockstrap and aviators Tom Cruise did a top good thing. Yeah. Yeah. He was warming up in the locker room There was players saying I need no dudes war jock straps anymore That’s like some 80’s tough-guy thing like some Jim McMahon So he was a six round pick, yeah and Foes I was even his clavicle. Yeah, he’s out and so and he’s been lighting it up Gardner Minshew came from Washington with my collegiate Before that though, he was what he’s Carolina something. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah So the story I read today and I read it on I think it was Sports Illustrated Gardner Minshew and you got to give him props for this He wanted to play so bad an extra year to have the chance to prove himself You tried to break his hand with a hammer Yeah, so he’s in his dorm room like no kidding trying to smash his hand with like that’s kind of crazy I think his dope and also he just he just said ready to be a couple records You took what was the highest passer rating for a rookie through his first three games? What was it? And then you said it was the sixth first six hundred yards first you turn a yard passer within three games yeah, yeah Yeah, which is really good. Would you pick them up? If you have a good QP I Darwin so they said no No, you said no now see this is my thing in certain matchups. The offense is still bad Leonard fournette games 60 He finished the game with 69-yard six yards on the touchdown on 15 carries He had a 69 yard run That means his previous 14 carries were nasty Yeah, it’s terrible so is um, I never like I never I gotta be honest I never loved fournette because I don’t like back Center. I don’t like power backs. I don’t feel like they’re that effective Would you do matter do you think is get back there for that? Ya know, I think that he had a very short life in the NFL and it’s done. Oh, wow already. Yeah. He’s uh, That Rogers picking looking like that made sense though to me only threw two touchdown Hey Without their yet So he’s on his way Finishing, huh? How you seize Jacksonville finishing? I mean Gardner man, she’s a cool story man, but it’s the league. I mean you think he’s gonna go be a top ten pick Okay right now, right Okay, all right I kind of like guard to miss you start. I’ll be watching that. I love it bro, and I would love it Nothing would make me happier than him becoming a franchise quarterback. I think that’s dope. This is the Tom Brady stories. Great And if he has the same kind of story, yeah where the big is is like in the league You got a really like in I don’t we’ve maybe I don’t know about hockey Maybe you could show some others But in most of the league’s in the NFL you can find like tangible long time talent further down in the dress I don’t feel like you could do that. Maybe a baseball. I don’t know about the basil tomato, Jeff Yeah, so I don’t know that’s kind of same way. I mean how many second-round picks? Yes, yeah I can top my head They’re not Tyler Zeller My mind is like in the NBA Draft. It’s like the top two players and that’s it. Yeah, so you’re telling me they’re the other You know, well, you know guys if you can’t do that can rebound Grab some boards, you know to me. Alright, let’s move along here. So um, so We don’t go through the games as we talk about this list. Okay, so what could be a weak? Matching for the weak fantasy matchup. Yeah defense Game of the week. Okay your pick of the week the best pick you stand aboard and So I’m gonna leave that up here so weekend. So let’s get into the schedule this week, man, so up top, so I have a CJ’s forgot their first woman on the cover that Cincy and Buffalo kick off tomorrow at 10:00 in Buffalo you going Josh that way my boy wake up Buffalo Bills beat Cincinnati here right now just a little sneak peek up here. We got New England beating, New York Undefeated New England versus undefeated Buffalo next week in Buffalo, baby All right, we got kids coming in sleep overnight. Oh You’re not in the camera This is my stepson landed there they’re hanging out saying hello making funny faces. See you guys So you’re excited I’m excited bro you are Because I love nothing more than watching playoff football like pregame and like the fans are slamming each other through tables, yeah Buffalo’s that bring a fan base. I mean they’re like, they’re never gonna move. They were gonna move them In they went nuts. I Love them dude. They’re like the sweetheart of you in a film. I Think anybody So are you taking Buffalo T. I’m taking I’m taking Buffalo Josh al and Devils Singletary is out So look for Frank Gore in this game to get a lot of carries. He was asleep. Yeah, yeah I figured we can just throw everything in right here man. Frank Gore. He’s gonna be getting a lot of carries They’re gonna be inefficient. So don’t freak out. It’s not gonna be big big blow up plays It’s gonna be like 3.2 yards per carry But he’s gonna get he gets a lot of cares is so I don’t know. I don’t know Records I wish I had records what is uh what since he looking like 1 or 2? They wanted to I think since he’s always trash. Yeah, one of my buddies is really good. Actually. No, I’m sorry This is week three there. Uh, I went to one of my boys is a big cincy fan and I feel for him because I Like him enough to have to tell him they’re always gonna be trash but it’s Marvin Lewis do it. No. He’s okay They replaced him with black Taylor from the Rams quarterback coach young And he’s looking and what’s really interesting to me is he’s kind of revitalizing the career of Andy Dalton and John Ross John Ross through first three years of the league looked like he was gonna be four and out produce That was the all-time combine lowest That’s crazy. And Flash type shit. Yes least through the first two weeks. He’s looking great, man Keep it up. So you’ve taken Buffalo in this Give me a little bit of a spread if you can’t. What do you think a spread? It’ll still be a low-scoring game? Probably seven Yeah, seven to three no, no I’m setting up this seven or three as far as Brett goes Oh, yeah, so I think Buffalo win by a touchdown maybe 2114. Okay Butler doesn’t put a point still having Hornet receivers They have no news a Jones John Brown John Brown. I love this wasn’t he here? He was here. He was in Baltimore I love it, man Josh Allen finally has a deep threat to throw to You know, but we will defeat I’m not my cosign, I don’t know a ton about Buffalo I know. I know everybody Cincinnati not like them. So I’ll take Buffalo’s. Well, let’s move along Miami down So you guys and I think we can Sleep My name is a super big fire up your cowboys Michael gallops out this win if you dinner because Michael gallops out this week the hamstring tear so to keep your eye on devin Smith. He hasn’t played since 2016 But he was formerly a second-round pick He’s a burner brother Devin Smith it sounds to me way to go to Squealer no In the second round of 2015 draft, okay, but yet he never got to put together Who’s the quarterback mérida Darrell doe so, I watched Trevor Simeon and then he broke his leg or something like that And he broke his leg or something now, it’s a Luke Falk All right, so don’t think that it’s obviously do you like I’d might talk about as Leslie do you like that Prescott? Uh, you know, it’s interesting man. Now that Kelly Moore is taking over as offensive coordinator I love dak Prescott that Prescott is throwing a deeper more this year than he ever has in his whole career and it’s really working out there I can’t tell you why that’s fine I don’t have a real reason to not like it but he just doesn’t like the cowboy when I watch him I just I just go now get The world So, uh retiring soon to be air Rogers the core do you? read Denver who you got bro. It’s Green Bay. Yeah Did was not good. They they play I’m all aware of my barrister that game last week Neither the team looks very good, but I felt like Denver was in the game weights land. He should have won Yeah, that was it. Took laugh Yeah your boy and he can’t pass Your boy dude should be secure whiskey man, he was mister bascomb like yeah, he’s not good he’s man he’s not good Last-minute heroics man and a big time right now. I don’t know that they really had that second I don’t I think they did bad just to be nice. But I the more I looked at it. I’m like, I don’t think baby But yeah, I got green bay in this Geronimo Allison is he so many people should add? It’s it’s rough man, I loved him in the preseason and like leading up to the season I was a big fan Jerome Allison last season before he got hurt Because he was also sleeping and he got a touchdown last week, I believe. Yeah, he did The problem is is they’ve really gotten nvs. Oh my god You know, what is even a little bit yeah receiver one of their three named rookies from last year They took to equity made a saint Brown and who think lemis yeah. She’s Marquez Valdez scaling. I apologize. That’s who They’re really getting involved So looks like Jordan Allison’s kind of fell to third on the list because behind about to Adams and Marquez Devon say, yeah You know, what about Aaron Jones? I Love Aaron Jones and Malcolm Brown got hurt The bat the other was running back why am I spacing his name man? You tired man we talked about that Yeah, he’s hurt. Oh good. So it looks like Aaron Jones is gonna be running the running the rock man So a little solo dolo by himself, huh? Yeah. All right So I’m taking green beans will so pick so far Buffalo down there on the right side. I buy their home too. This is my upset in a week I’m gonna upset a week But I think there’s gonna be upset cuz I would assume a man is the favorite I could be wrong on that Yeah, what’s your cover prints at a quarterback? But but I think I think he’s gonna win. I agree I don’t like Matt Ryan. I don’t like him that’s angry about it I don’t like because I tried to like it was so many years Because I wasn’t a Boston College so I don’t watch that a college ball But he’s one of the quarterbacks and Washington boss a guy and I wanted him to be good so bad and he’s not He’s Army’s garbage. Yeah He’s okay accuracy wise but he’s just not that great. I don’t know mobility is zero. It’s weird man. It’s like this year He’s the MVP and then the following year. He’s just garbage. Yes It’s like he has to save up for a whole year to get that store and then just keep us in a bank But uh Indianapolis man, Jacoby persist not bad quarterback in Atlanta’s defense is nothing to be afraid of does He stay that if starter for years to come I kind of feel like everybody likes him I kind of like he’s got to know it’s weird man, I think They might fall into another franchise quarterback situation just like they did with Angela Indianapolis and Green Bay seem to do that Left the team and they just drafted it. It’s like what this isn’t right? Yeah. You don’t get 20 years a good quarterback. Yeah, maybe But they could be look. Yeah, I mean, I think they’re gonna take a quarterback in this next draft but for this season a Quarterback, I love Jacoby Brewster. I think they should give me he’s gay. He’s got some ability. He’s got a decent arm Yeah, he’s fairly accurate. He makes good to see locker room wise they like him. Yeah, you know and so Through the first two weeks the defense is struggled But there this is their home opener Atlanta has nothing to be afraid of that offensive line is garbage The Colts will sack Matt Ryan is also one of my sneaky defensive plays fan. Oh, yeah. Yeah Yeah, because what really matters is turnovers and sacks and Matt Ryan and turn it over the wall He threw three interceptions this week. How do you feel like Indianapolis will finish the season? Are they are they better than like? You know seven in no, no, maybe five six months, really Good in it, maybe man, but it’s gonna take Luck would they play they played 17 games now? 16 16 maybe change So I think they fit me in these I don’t know why cuz I mean the end of Southie who is that I Say to get less anyways, okay, that works. So we got in a sabe on Tennessee they got Jacksonville, right they can be both those teams. I feel like And in st Lucie All right. Let’s move on Baltimore. And this is my game. This is my game Yeah, and I think we can safely say that like this should be everybody’s game of the week Nick. This is gonna Be a lot of points in this game. I can’t wait to watch it. I could see this being like 54. Yeah, for sure for sure. We got In my heart of hearts it seems like we’re almost putting together what Kansas City has been trying to put together Yeah, and that’s we have this great offense, but we already had that great defense in place Yeah, so and I think you saw here. Somebody realized Lamar Jackson got built They hate the same stream being kid, I remember last season he was like Do you have like if he suplex to me be done in his life, but I saw him I interviewed I’m like, oh he didn’t work. He built it work so now I don’t like he wasn’t short I think because he gained a muscle like You know what you bulk a little bit you kind of lose a little height Yeah, cuz I was a little taller he’s not that tall. He’s like what probably six foot maybe Six and I’m looking like he might be it’s not looking like it. I don’t know but um, so you take a Baltimore Oh, I mean listen, it’s a toss-up bro. I understand them tomorrow is my quarterback in a week Yeah because I feel like digging with all of you throw-in is me high school game and I think I think my Opinion. I think Lamar Jackson’s better quarterback compassion on what I do Wow, I do in the reason and I love it but and I reason to feel that way is because I think Lamar makes more plays in the pocket whereas My Holmes moves to improvise way too often and maybe it’s because of the team years around Yeah, you know but I but I feel like is it is a pocket presence. I feel like he’s more he throws more darts Yeah, so I could be wrong. Yes Lamar just worked his ass off this weekend there this past offseason, man Like you missed that a few times When a kid wants to get better and it’s like his only desire Yeah, I want him to be the best for their it was a play I watch they went again in in the game last week. I don’t know what happened, but he like got mad He liked to his men. He was like matter that I’m like that’s good Like you want your quarterback cuz I haven’t had eight years of Jake color right there under ten it felt like and he was there Hey, who’s that man? So, how do you feel about like the national opponents saying this is the next Brady Manning Lamar and my Holmes is the next great rivalry in the NFL I don’t know that my home is gonna be good that long I do think the margin I like I like Lamar Jackson. He was it was a sincere ight. Yeah. I liked him back thinks I’m like that dude or not when he was in Louisville I’ve liked him for a long time Yeah, I’m watching boy. That kid is gonna be really good and I think he’s going to be yeah, um, uh-huh I don’t know. I just feel at home such a wild card because I think he relies on the strength of his arm Like I think he relies on his capability of line. I don’t they have a good team around him I think in Baltimore you have I don’t know they’re they’re in the same division I obviously with the Steelers and I feel like the way that the teams in that division outside of the two turbos structure their teams are more like They stretch them for long term. So I don’t think they don’t let him get hurt. I don’t let me beat up I feel like any Reed likes to go crazy. Yeah, you know, I mean, so I don’t know I think I don’t really believe that I don’t think I mean If it is if what I said in the beginning was true is that we’ve done what Kansas City wanted to do? Have a great defense and a dynamic offense. I think an Erie goes his whole career without I Don’t I don’t think that he’s ever put the emphasis on having a defense? No, and you can’t just score on people forever It doesn’t work crazy is like how long? He still has clock management problems bro, yeah. Yeah, he’s got his own coaching tree Believe it around like maybe even too long, uh, you know, if he was actually hired onto somebody’s offensive coach, that would be perfect He’s a brilliant offensive mind. Yeah, but at the end of the day Defense does with championships. It does no effect. And yeah, so I’m man, I actually I’m gonna go Kansas City in this game I don’t know why I just have a feeling that there’s gonna be some kind of good fall where Baltimore slips up But I don’t know but I do I don’t know. I know Kansas City to score fast I mean last week they scored 28 in like six minutes. It felt like it was all in one quarter yeah, any which is ridiculous, so I’m gonna go boss. I’m ago can see you’re going Baltimore on that one is a game in a week And both undefeated teams, right? No This this Gator musn’t be the most boring game we if we had a category for that This is gonna be a sleeper to me. Yeah, Oh than a Minnesota. You got Minnesota women only people I’m interested in this game are Judging. Yeah, you got him on herself. He had some he Lost like 15 pounds, bro. I’m like, what? What are you talking about? So You got a monitor that Mexican take I think he’s gonna be good to go when Minnesota is not a great matchup Anyway, it’s a pretty strong defense, but we’ll see what happens And obviously Dalvin cook man. I’m really nervous about Kirk Cousins. I can’t play Kirk Cousins actually, so a couple of a more notable Fantasy pundants Barry and Phil Yates are saying cousins gonna bring out game. Yeah I don’t know that I buddies don’t see you bro. Here’s my thing. I like I feel like Kirk Cousins. I liked him, too I hate when I like quarterbacks in let me now say one about Ryan cuz I like Kirk Cousins I feel like he’s an accurate throw. I feel like he can throw it down a field to some degree He’s not like one of their you know, he’s only won like three or four games against like winning teams. Didn’t know it Yeah, like teams over can I reinforce a film out man? So you’re going Oakland? No, I’m going Minnesota off their defense alone, okay, but what I’m saying is you mean like I don’t trust Kirk Oh, I it’s not only cousins fault. But this doesn’t like they don’t trust so they Are us this game the weeks are the people that do like in Oakland is Darren Waller. He’s still getting We may have to go to our I didn’t put together what you call this time to go do that briefly But yeah, I’m actually I don’t know. I don’t like – I don’t trust them in Maybe just watch some of that Minnesota Dream a game and I was like y’all good Okay 50 On this game is like Yeah, I’m obviously taking New England, is there anybody on the Jets issue roster levy I’m Bo Okay, obviously, yeah, Sam Donald when he comes back Look for Robbie Anderson to be available on the waiver wire. I think that we’re gonna get tired of Robbie Just waiting for what Robbie Anderson? Okay, and then also this is a little bit of sleeper tip Chris Herndon is suspended for the first four weeks. Thereby week is week four. So week six. You’re gonna get a top ten potential tight end coming back to To the New York Jets and by then Sam Brown will be back Shouts to a Peach songbird if you like fantasy football. I think they left. All right That’s just uh, okay, so I was destroyed in Philly Detroit and Philly I have Detroit in this game DeSean Jackson’s out saw John Jeffries gonna be Agra market Well, yes, I’ve always liked Nelson at yard. He’s streaky man but you know well Do you know what pisses me off he dropped passes to they put up they play him and like not his good position, man Like he’s a slot receiver and they forced him outside and he fails at being outside. Yeah but let him be we need to be I Feel like I would want to put my players wherever the highest chance for them to succeed if you’re a slot receiver If you gave me my first down, that’s all that matters to me. I don’t care if you go for the touchdown I feel like he’s too big to be a star receiver don’t Know because I don’t know I think I was like for whatever reason I think of like New England’s type start receiving a little dude Okay Okay, okay, I don’t like angular but that’s fair that’s Detroit Who am I gonna show you like anybody Johnson? Yeah, they cut Why do I feel like I don’t feel like Stanford is awful. I just It was a he a patriot said he was the patriots defensive coordinator they finally cut CJ Anderson that guy’s trash bro, and I don’t know how he keeps getting chance. I’m gonna are Gordon Yeah, and it was talking about how how quickly he’s been cut with teams Babies trash just let him retire. He’s not good. You know why he was good in LA because everybody’s given LA he was getting different to nanine like he was I Should be back In Denver in Albertsons Kroger I love in this game. Take a look for ty Johnson. Who’s the new backup running back? We’ll see what he’s got I don’t think he’s gonna have any fantasy value, but I think he’s gonna be a good player Kenny golly. I love Martin I wish I had drafted him I had a chance in past and that was a bad call Barber dog was good – he don’t get in a burner. I thought he need to be somewhere else Yeah, I think he could be a great and then keep your eye on TJ Hawkinson there rookie tide Everybody had a great week week one against Arizona had bad week last week. So let’s see if you can bounce back here I feel like Marvin Jones June his hands too. I Think he needs to be somewhere where he can be more effective. Yeah, so you’re taking Philly Okay, good. I’m taking a chair as well. They canceled their Wednesday practice just because people were they canceled it canceled. Yeah, I don’t going Crazy I’m going to try this. Well, I don’t know I don’t like Philly this year and I don’t I don’t love Carson Wentz man I don’t know why people are so high on Carson. I don’t love him. I just feel like he’s semi accurate I don’t like dudes. They can’t really chuck it. I just I’m not into that If you can’t throw the ball down to feeling good man, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t drive the QB I couldn’t do that I Carolina Arizona. This is my upset week. I think Arizona wins again I don’t know what the line is an accident. It may be really close. But uh cam is out. Are you right? You called it you call that like Jump Street first first thing we talked about on the first bike that you like Nah, it’s not right Who think Arizona, yeah, I love kind of Murray do those fewer these first two weeks have been absolutely outstanding Yeah, they didn’t win the games but like and you know What’s ironic in this is Colin Murray is the first quarterback since Cam Newton to throw 300 yard come out with back-to-back turn and guard games Wow, so, he said they have a little swagger to I feel like you need a little swag I thought you can’t be swag early. You gotta have a little of that like He’s got that he’s got that mojo You can tell you can tell that every time he fails out there burns him, Oklahoma Corps veteran. Yep And what’s funny is Kyle Allen. The guy is gonna be starting for Carolina beat calimary out for the job at Texas A&M. So Yeah lower pins on the way towards you My thing is Who did they have? I don’t like team to go have receivers and I don’t feel like Carolina has a receiver Oh, do you think I was serious did? Curtis Samuel, I don’t know person courtesy with his Buffalo. No No, he was drafted by the Panthers a few years ago second-round piggy hurt. Yeah first year. He was hurt this year He’s out. He’s really they have unproven receiver. He’s running great routes and he’s fast man Cam Newton was healthy Kurtis. Sam will be can’t lose nothing every quarter you like when he’s healthy It doesn’t matter to me what matters to me is that he extends the play not a true lion and that’s a good point That’s why he’s failing sitting in the park cuz he’s not a pocke quarterback. But when he extends the play things get broken I want a quarterback that can sit in the pocket first. That’s why I like you boy Lamar sit in the pocket first Yeah, and then that’s why I like Anna Rodgers because he makes he does all the little things Tom Brady Does this two steps in that two steps to right? Maybe one step up? It’s the little shits. It’s not the hole Let me break it for twenty yards and if that’s not a real thing you do it once or twice Okay, get out so a robot should still be a leak I agree I didn’t like the Magna do that believe People gave him a hard time and I didn’t do this instead. So we move for Arizona in this one This is pegasi his mom senator week. This game is the truth So I thought about a game earlier bit of trash game in a week. This is my right there, too This is this is bad team. Why don’t even air this. I was try to get out of this Tampa in New York Who you get Tampa? Yeah, James loses garbage, but the thing that’s gonna be interesting about watching this game He’s we got uh, we got a daniel Jones starting for the New York Giants. Eli Manning has been been she’s lost his job He’s retired. I were to arrive today. I’m good. Yeah, I got my two rings. We got the rookie You’re getting rolled out number six overall pig. We’ll see how it goes How do you feel if Tom Brady made me Eli beat you twice? terrible But II like an older car dealership in New York, he’s good But uh, yeah I got Tampa Bay in this is it anybody outside of let’s say say Kwan and I guess sterling that you own for Dynasty leagues obviously Llorona. Daniel Jones, of course, he was dressed these are we good? That’s look great he looked green prison, but guess what everybody looks great in preseason right so I can go out there playing against the Right dudes. It’ll be a garbage garbage In same question for Tampa, is anybody there to shoot Rossi? Oh, absolutely Mike Evans People are down on him right now He can’t get the ball tool. No. All right, so obviously I hate it. Like they have players. They got daddy. Yeah, great Chris Godwin Yeah, but like Chris Gavin was playing the Larry Fitzgerald role from from Bruce Arians offense here in Arizona. I love it He’s bawling out. Do they have a good backup? Cuz I would I won’t wish the night there I don’t know go stand on the table. Yell at somebody again, man. I’m tired. I’m tired Jim I know but you know like he missed Mike Evans on a touchdown in the end zone I think it’s gonna work itself out man. So as to where he gets better. Yeah, I mean, he’s not gonna be 20 30 point game Ike Evans where he’s ballin out catching two three touchdowns But I think he I think Winston can get him a touchdown here and there especially against the New York Giants defense That’s garbage. That whole team’s who you think you take Jesse. Yeah their trust in the process, too I’m saying Sake wine is certainly back this week. I haven’t heard. Okay. I think I read some don’t like to So we have I mean if see how plays out we a lot of different So you said he should be a pretty good game Houston Torelli. Yeah. Yeah, I like it, bro Who you got some other charges always just end up winning 13 games bro is Phillip Rivers the most underrated quarterback of all time No He’s underrated but I’m think he’s the most underrated of all time you sure yeah, I’m pretty sure dude I feel like he’s up there at least top five Yeah top five most underrated That’s cuz cuz I mean dude’s been good for long Tiny’s they’ve had winning seasons in la more than they should have Oh, absolutely. And if I had a choice right now to take him I would he’s gonna win you some games I mean, he’s the only starter from that quarterback class left right a big stuff. Yeah He’ll I just lost his job in the big ben is Where they call Ben rape rape his boys call them worthless burger Yeah, he got wondering yeah just maybe two now he’s got to he’s got to he’s got to He beat the Packers He’s good and he beat the Seahawks maybe that one but You might agree about to Tomlin has won and Bill. Oh and book hour has won and he was the starter for Bill Cowher so that was like his earliest that was rookie scene the one the one Okay, okay Who think? Houston You like the shot Watson I just I love the shot I love will fuller I love DeAndre Hopkins, I love Kiki Cootie who just can’t get involved because he’s always hurt man. I love the whole Houston’s TNA I get be still And for some reason all of a sudden Carlos Hyde is balling out again like he’s back in San Fran so I don’t know what’s going on with that team, but it seems Late-night steroids. I don’t a consumer. I feel like I don’t know I but who’s gonna actually be closer game? Yeah Yeah, I think this is gonna be seven or less This would be interesting. I’m going San Fernando so Pittsburgh and San Francisco. Yeah, I got San Francisco to that Kyle Shanahan offices so I think I think the San Francisco offense may have a lot of people to pick up on your fantasy squads that people aren’t paying attention to Just because I think they’re actually better than I thought they were gonna be. Yeah, absolutely, man I mean Devo Samuel is catching a lot is getting a lot of looks and out there and he’s a rookie dropped Donte Pettis He’s garbage. He’s done. Good mother. He’s not working out this year. So garbaggio. Yeah, very definitive for whatever reason man He can’t break through into this offense LT. I know a lot of people last season were hyped on him, but it’s not working out Let that go Pittsburgh starting Mason Rudolph a quarterback. Who is he? Do you know him? I don’t remember what school he went to ma’am. He was a second round pick for for him last year Expected to be Big Ben’s heir apparent. He he’s a bigger dude 280. He’s like 16. Yeah. He went to college with James, Washington so keep your eye on this because James once Washington is the third-string receiver for the for the Steelers so he actually probably moved up in the number two spot after Donte Moncrief dropped every time he’s ever received in his whole career He’s bad news bad apple is going So yeah, keep your eye on James Washington this week because masonry lawful name of a good connection same also with Vance McDonald This is Mason Rudolph. You know, this is his first run through so he’s gonna be done all the time in tight ends are always He found him on two touchdowns last week. So keep your eye on this week. We got Stan Fran because I will always pick mr. Steelers. I Respected everyone coming here from by his commentary bro. I respect there’s been yeah. I’m thinking I’m taking Stanford my unbiased comment to the Steelers I like Teddy Bridgewater. I’m a leader. Love teddy. Anybody got a bad deal Worse for ya a player I thought he got a bad deal Yeah, I think he’s good. I think he’s poised I that’s why I like the most about him here and see me go to rattle know you seems very calm all the time and I like a quarterback that can just be like take in the moment. It’s not like my Russell Wilson you can just kind of take it in and not be like You know crazy about it except for the Super Bowl Who you got uh, you know what I’m gonna take New Orleans man because I believe in Teddy I believe in Teddy I believe in Michael Thomas, I believe in he gets the ball out quickly. He’s fairly accurate I think he’s not a very see that video of when he first took the field again after his injury for the for the Vikings Yeah, I think I think he would still be the star and then they brought a brass wagon where Sam Bradford now is He a card Rosaries bro. He’s been cashing ten million dollar checks for doing nothing. He got paid. Yeah He got hit by a boat somewhere and now he’s like these fools They dig into me and quit in there, it’s not he’s gonna be the answer The question shouts – Jared Say your rush. Should I drop maclaurin or Ross for DeSean Jackson with the shot? Jackson is hurt. Yeah, absolutely. Not man No horn and Ross are both like they’re finally turning up man. I mean Maclaurin obviously is a rookie He might be the number one target on that team though. So absolutely not dude. Yeah, don’t do that. Don’t do that Jerry this be a man sort of like hit subscribe man And we’ll be doing this every week the homie big Laidlaw was out there Hanging with the homies and dropped in to make sure we got this done. So I got a lot of respect for that All right So you say you’ve taken New Orleans you don’t take New Orleans and it might just be I’m picking with my heart But I love to wrong with that I’m taking out All right, so last one is LA in Cleveland, I think this is fairly simple you think I don’t know. I’m still waiting to see So I haven’t watched I’ll be honest haven’t watched any of their games if you watching me. Yeah, I’ve watched em What is the problem look it is? Well, well, I don’t know man. It’s rough dude Baker make fields missing passes. He’s panicking in the pocket and Last season he seemed really poised man coming as a rookie. So and they’re not getting Jarvis Landry involved That was that got some ideas ready. I got this new shiny weapon It’s great man, and obviously obj is a game breaker But Jarvis Landry is one of the best receivers in the league at moving the chains. Yeah, and possession receivers are important. Yeah It’s one of the most important roles on the whole team, yeah, so yeah, it might not be the most flashy thing But if you put the ball anywhere near Jarvis lands your hands He’s gonna catch it do did so get that man involved win Some games is that all in line is anything do you know about 800 line? Maybe 200 line is? Los Angeles a lot of people have been asking me personally like my personal friends man Do you think I should stream somebody over Jared Goff this week? Cleveland stats are a little deceptive, right? They’re looking really good against the quarterback, but they played Marcus Mariota and they played Trevor Simeon salute fall So Marcus Mariota carbage, he’s terribly Rudy bro. Did you watch that? There’s no gamer What do you go to school why he went to organ or I think he is Hawaiian but uh So don’t worry about golf. He’s got the weapons He is worse on the road, but I’m willing to play him in this matchup don’t don’t freak out and think you’re gonna get a better performance out of Jameis Winston or Do not play James with it. I’m Thinking about streaming. Daniel Jones on his first career start. Don’t do it play Jared Goff he’s in a good system with a good coach and he’s got I mean It’s got one thing is if people can get open and you can throw the ball you’re getting the ball I mean Tyler hickeys gonna be out of this game. So look for Jarrell Evert If you need to absolutely flex it stream of tight end, but that’s like a bottom barrel play All right got that Monday night game – yeah, you know I would know You got Chicago against course, I gotta go What’s going on mr. Busy, dude God he missed a lot. I mean he missed a lot. He was one I think it was two I think was to Ella Robinson. He was quiet. I mean he was so open I’m like honest tonight, and then he just he just overthrew. I don’t know what’s going on and maybe he’s just not that accurate I mean, maybe that’s just part of the problem, but he doesn’t put enough air on the ball in my opinion He just tried to get it to like he tried he’s going too hard I guess I don’t know but it just doesn’t look good. I Think he’s bad. I Think he’s gonna get this figured out Yeah, I do you do And it’s gonna and it’s gonna be up to the bears to be patient because I do feel like if you give him a full Year this season and let him come back make sure no matter how he does I do think he turns around I do Could you learn the NFL you ii used to speed you start getting used to how your receivers third year not right? Give a bum forever. So come on man. Yeah I’m not starting Mm, I would start Allen Robinson in this game. I’m not starting Robson. I’m think about taking it cuz I got cooks I got a I got We’ll talk about it. I want to give to our into our diners, but I don’t think I’m a star Anyway going well, I would start Robinson. I mean not everybody has better choices than that, you know, right? Yeah, and I do so does well, yeah but who taking in Oh Chicago Pro, I appreciate that defense is too good. But you better be disrespectful right in front of me. Who’s my boy over there? in Washington, man Who’s that fool? He was Denver. So uh case okay In case that guy is trash man, yo, I can’t hit him off the field Just let your rookie start let him start getting his bumps Forget about it. Who’s that? Rookie? The kid from Ohio State last year Dwayne Haskins, is he good? No, okay, so you do get him out Anyway, when I’m out running around, I might let him find out what you got though. Yeah, it should figure it out so it’s not that he’s trash is that he is going to struggle and you got to get that shit out the way so The more you delay. Yeah, the worse you’re gonna be especially, you know, like a keeper has a good season So didn’t he like to think you season? Yeah but oh with Dwayne has I mean doing tasking together what they want to be the guy the future they draft him like 11th 12th overall do You cut case Kingdom for Kirk. Oh You know, they didn’t Minnesota didn’t they get rid of the same thing Yeah Kirk Cousins a better quarterback in case keenum. Yeah, he’s a magic wood They bought into it men, but he’s not a better winner and he’s not worth eighty million dollars To me in our game manager go be rostam. Okay. So, how are you So if you don’t know did the homie big Laidlaw is a fantasy like, you know Star Wars you got four four leagues Papa So how you doing here? Leave? Give us your render. Let’s see, bro. I got one team Oh, I won all four week all four leagues as we know For this past week so that felt good man dynasty that felt good to win I was trying to work a trade from the mar, but this for Lamar Jackson here. I was willing to give up Dalvin cook It’s a dynasty League. I was willing to give up now and cook move some pieces. I’m gonna trace some spics for him and Receivers so I’m gonna because my quarterback situation over a dynasty man rough dude, I really care. I’m a proud I Don’t want this to go out the world QB League Brom starring Kirk Cousins in Joe Flacco How did that happen Your guess is as good as bad things took place bad things Mine, but uh, yeah, so I’ve been trying to work some trades in that league How you been doing? Oh – OH – I got the one league now. I’m at Louisville. You’re at bro. Yeah That you like the last boss in the game Romney. I like the second one, you know Wait, so this week I’m going in tell me what you think about I’m gonna go through my starters and then I would tell you To speak if I change think I got Brady Connor from Pittsburgh Ingram juju Fitzgerald Olsen cooks Rams defense and Justin Tucker and on my bench OD Howard L. Robinson famous Murray breathe is obviously out of me just dump him betrayed him with a Week ten and I got Cobb Montgomery and a Thompson So change I’m thinking about making is I was thinking about putting in a Thompson for Connor Cuz I just don’t know what he’s gonna do and he’s banged up a little bit And I think it’s the Bears, I mean the person up really good defense Nobody’s gonna see a lot of screen presence and if you can break some you know Chris Thompson is a nurse and clay but Okay, I stay what I got who you want to pick one of your squad know who ran with subdural healing bro, you know That’s my team name is that you know? You know size is here right you go meet him yeah. Yeah one of them’s Jackson’s five turnovers That’s my dynasty League name, but this is social healing, you know, I’m rolling out Pat mahomes at quarterback DeAndre Hopkins Calvin Ridley Josh Brown carry on Johnson Myles Sanders, which I’m nervous about I keep waiting for him to break out I don’t really have good options at running back. Obviously as you can tell here I went very wide reciever heavy This is a keeper League, that’s why I have Pat mahomes I was able to keep him though. That’s weird. But uh Evan Engram a tight end Marvin Jones jr. I’m rolling out there debo Samuel. I’m rolling out there I got will fuller in one of my Flex positions, but I might be trading him out for Somebody oh, this might still be on the waiver wire. I gotta take a look. Oh, yeah. I like to flex I like to stream and look at last positions there, but we’ll see man I want to play Geronimo Allison because I’m desperate for him to be good, but I don’t he’s gonna be okay, man. No You don’t see who even Aaron Rodgers anymore So I think you’re really meant and I don’t think you’re wrong about a lot, but I think you’re wrong I do I did he said I wasn’t B. So if you were right I was seeing your praises I want the flag Cuz it wait there to a no, right? No, I think I won. No because they beat the Bears and I Just want to plant that flag bro, Aaron Rodgers on his way down ya think so for season So Who’s your upset I don’t know if I caught that. No you did. You said I Indianapolis, right? Oh, yeah, Indianapolis a and you know best defense in it. So you mentioned that too you said a sleeper D was Indianapolis a super deal was Indianapolis, but my bet my like number one defense this week is Obviously New England against the Jasper. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah Who’s a picking a week just game wise like that? One one clear team is just gonna wreck Is that New England as well or no? Is that Dallas? Mr. Ellis here? Yeah It’s Miami gonna go defeated this year. Are they gonna do it – oh, yeah There’s nobody in it, there’s no you mean for taking over but I’m just saying there’s nobody that can be well I mean I played the Jets way, so They could pull it off Yeah, alright, so I want to top up some fantasy people you got right? Well, we both got right So there was a question last week about Cooper Cup versus Singletary. I can’t it was another person Tyrell Williams Duke Johnson and we said you say cup and single take assets or Williams and cup and they both worked out. Anyway, you went yeah Ap over Leo over apo ver the tables marine geo called ap had a great game last week. He’s still good With you But hey, you still gets a thousand yards every city I play all sins duty Westbrook overtake Guinea called that would in a used to Calgary over camp which was obviously huge Yes, and calamari is actually gonna be a pretty convinced court He’s gonna be a great finish the court back the thing about quarterbacks that rushed the football Ten yards for a point and as a quarterback rush from the full chef Stupak’s 26, man What’s up, this weird? Like in a subscribe carry on over Diggs full PPR. Oh, that’s so rough, man Listen carry on Johnston. I Love him. I think he’s a great running bag. Yeah you CJ Anderson got cut. So I don’t know the dynamic of that backfields gonna be with Ty Johnson I know like it wasn’t a full dependency on carry on Johnson deal BENCHED – A FIRESIDE FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAT!! It was more of what we love Todd Johnson enough that we don’t need CJ Anderson. Those are gonna be our two bags I Want to believe in Diggs man, but he’s had a rough starts with see dad open all those defenses a great They don’t greatly no man, but they got a good pass rush. I got a good pass rush, you know test Kirk Cousins I don’t trust care cousins They have Philly I’m gonna say fire up carry on Johnson, man I think that’s a good call to I’m a sign I’m a sign up with that cuz Philly’s people is ain’t gonna be scared at all. Carry on Johnson has big play ability He can break that big play and if Stafford starts hot. Yeah, you know what I mean? They’re gonna be backing off the ball, you know, so yeah, how about can as well? So, let’s see what happens with that next week. I think that’s a good call. Let’s get this for sleepers, man You talked about his earlier Frank Gore. Yeah, Frank, how is he still so good. I mean he’s not great That’s like holy shit, yeah, that’s like you should not be legal I mean so Devin Singletary went down with a hamstring injury. They’re expecting to miss one to two weeks. You were high low Singletary I love I don’t know why man he doesn’t look fast. She doesn’t look dynamic, but he he is so Yeah, I look for Frank Gore to have like 25 30 carries legitimate. Does he break the honey earth? No, but he’ll get like 60 and a touchdown or two. He’ll score. Yeah I’m not saying to put him in and be like, oh my god. This is my ticket, but he’s a good flex play. Okay It’s a bit bit Rex Burkhead Yeah, they’re gonna be a big in this game. And last time they were a big was week one and they put Actually, so the wife was telling me that Papers have the easy schedule this year. Yeah Yeah, there was and there so check this out – I got it a gentleman this dude. He’s 60 years old. We became friends I don’t know how but like every time I come in he lay and I come Thompson. He was a football star talking man He was like, do you notice the patrons never really get penalties? They never get holding penalties That’s and then really caught they have a four five game in fat. Is it like the Bing I guess man They say it’s cuz they’re disciplined Oh and then I start all crazy so I saw an article right there’s a yahoo CEO, yeah Yeah, but one of the players from who did for last week No Was it Manny? Miami’s are they could last weekend Steelers week one Miami week before they hit Brady and Apparently the refs said to the dude who hit him. Don’t hit Tom. Oh My god dude, I was like if that’s really the case that is wild, bro That that’s that’s that’s that’s I mean, that’s crazy I when I read that I find it descended to but I was just like that is it I ain’t nuts, dude Yeah, I mean look, bro They obviously one of the easiest cuz they play the dolphin I will say too if you were to swim Oh you shake it easier schedule. I’m okay with that only because they want a super No, I think they said the hardest path, bro If you coming off a win on the Super Bowl, I thought you never water wouldn’t zoom boom You just want a Super Bowl. What else what you want? Fuck all that bro. You just want a Super Bowl. That’s your reward Why should you why didn’t they make it harder on you? If you if you’re if you’re the top because the best should be challenged I get your point. Do you really think there’s something going on there? No, cuz I think cuz I kind of feel like I don’t know anymore man. The pages have had so much success I think they’re like sacrificing ghosts or something. They might be yeah my bro But I just had some of my things they’ve had so much success and it doesn’t stop and the thing is they don’t have great players all time Yeah, I mean you guys they have or not like world breaking, you know I mean Tom Brady’s almost done. The reign of terror is almost over. I don’t think – how late can he play it bro? He’s not I don’t know. There’s no way I think what is the 41? It’s 42 Okay, I don’t know I see I see him I do I do because the system was built for him to just ten yards 15 He’s not like he’s got to chuck it – for me Jamal items will take one for everybody and I blow him up this week Do you hear about that? I did not Jamal Evans got a fine last week for roughing the passer How about Nelson Aguilar I was I Like him this week man. Give me shots. Does Jarvis do anything this week? Ah, dude if the Cleveland smart Yes, if Cleveland is intelligent, they’re gonna get him involved man because he’s a he’s just too dynamic man He’s too important of a piece of cultural reclaimed in everybody kitchens. I don’t know he was a Offensive coordinator under Bruce Arians while he was here in Arizona now, he was the offensive coordinator With Bruce Arians good, he was great Bruce air at last season. He was under a huge AG Under Hugh Jackson with Cleveland for the first half of the year And then when Greg Williams took over the head coaching job there after Hugh Jackson was fired You know Freddie kitchens state as the office coordinator and that Baker may feel the the legend. Is that Baker Mayfield? Allegedly went up to the owners and said yo we got an open Yeah, you think he had bull like that that’s the legend brand if he a bull like that as well Hey, let y’all know where I want ya. Yeah, so that’s crazy. Uh That’s the legend bro But David and joke was out. He got a concussion last week and on the same play broke his wrist so You gotta get Jarvis Landry ball man, yeah have to you think here’s a Brit was too good I hope so I love Jarvis He’s one of my favorites are all the way back to when he was in Miami. He’s great He was good to get your passes from Oh, what’s his face trying to help Teddy blink? Yeah He’s about to start for the Tennessee Titans after that pitiful performance Garbage-can Mariota, did I get rid of man? He’s awful 59 I love listen 59 career starts. He’s failed to throw one touchdown in 23 starts Like 23 out of the 59 games that he started he failed to throw a touchdown. It’s hard max fall through touchdown That’s all you need to do he’s that bad this is like some college passing records doesn’t matter this the NFL He’s a garbage can get out of Hawaii DeMarcus Robinson, I don’t feel like he’s a sleeper anymore. I think it’s pretty He’s a really good receiver he’s amazing it’s crazy because I like a game he broke got it and I’m like it was mine He’s try that hard. No, he was catching passes there. Excuse me. What blows my mind do this? How does Kansas City always get good receivers bro pass Andy Reid though, and he’s they’re always fast and everybody Yeah, we noticed that that why me horse Trent, you know, they’re always faster, dude Steroid Nikko Hardman’s fastest shit DeMarcus robinsons fast. Tari kill With you coming back For more weeks four to six news out. They gotta find a spot for him now They can’t they can’t like, you know, I mean, yeah I mean does he just slip right back into his old spot? Do you think he’s just gonna work in a rotation? He’s got to move up. The food is good. I wouldn’t bitch him. I would lose him down any walk-ins. Yeah, I think he’s overrated No, I do. I think he’s not He’s nothing he’s hurt a lot man, I think his body’s betraying maybe that’s why I think he’s overrated hi Greg Oden Congrats This will be the last one This will be the last one I get back You know when banjo subscribe and I will talk baki tossed our watches Mike who do Alright whatever unless I have to Groceries really Darlin Thompson. Oh Look, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, bro But Danny Williams is out LeSean McCoy is potentially out and Darwin Thompson and then is he good? I don’t know that but I feel like he got some carries he broke up for a run recently. He’s a sixth-round thing man I don’t know what’s gonna happen You talk about Kyle you let Kyle I feel like Kyle and for Caroline did no no. No I just You know these good them. I don’t know. We’ll see. Yeah, it’s hard to tell man I mean he had like he played like half a game last season I think Greg Olsen’s gonna be great because Arizona’s bad against the tight ends and Arizona’s bad against the tight ends and I think Colin was good enough to get the ball Good and in last but not least rahim most art most of it. Oh, yeah, rahim most art is the gym He’s a good runner. I mean somehow Kyle Shannon always puts together the good running backs You know what? It means you just like with Andy reading his wide receivers and his quarterback. Yeah like Kyle Shannon always has good running backs. The only problem with Rahim boaster is technically Matt breed is the starter and then Kyle Shannon kind of came out and gave this weird like Yeah, well, you know, Jeff wasn’t had two touchdowns in the redzone. He might be our guy in the red zone So the problem is Matt burrito and Rahim most are both have playability Whereas Jeff Wilson is kind of just about you think it was charity out of duties. Yeah, that’s a full committee right now I hate that though. I hate running bad guy committee here too much That bugs me give one dude the ball at a news thing. Yeah Think we got it man. What else you got you got anything else you? Know man, I’m good. Yes, don’t ever speak of Greg Oden again, dude Yeah, so are you coming you don’t have a gringo Right there, I’m like this that’s for you. Hey you go walk out Okay cash what question blogger goes in for a week before we kick off here yeah, what’s up hurts a bit I just thought it was the fact that he was not that good a Late entry. Okay shouts the Timmy. I can’t a legend, you know what I mean? Who do I start is my Flags play in my 12 player PPR League John roster Carlos Hyde or Jarvis Landry shouts Continue what you think? All right So this is kind of rough because uh, it depends on the construction of the rest your team man, if you need a big play John Ross your guy, you know what? I mean? If you want consistency that has the high upside is Carlos Hyde Jarvis Landry I’m still waiting on man. I want him to have a great game, but I’m not I’m not firing about this week I’m going out cosign in that pig Consistency isolation Anime needs to start up for Houston, man Because with John Ross you right he bring along with her you big points the thing I’m concerned with about John Rossman is last week. He was having a bad game until like two minutes left in the fourth quarter and he catches that 65-yard touchdown It makes her sad but I feel like he could maybe do that once again. Oh, absolutely But I would go cause I who would you go who’s big I’d go cross-eyed you closed hands Well, it really depends on this scene man if he needs big plays You know He’s any strong at running back with a K and I in Sean Okay, he’s stronger now running back with ATK and Shug feels like there’s a bigger upside for running backs and a PPR League Well, he’s got come orange at his truck doing stuff to see you I mean That’s cool. Carlos Hyde, though isn’t gonna be catching passes the Houston Texans. Don’t throw to the running back They grab they trade it for Duke Johnson for whatever reason Duke Johnson is a fantastic catch her out of the backfield They don’t pass it the running back yeah, so I mean you’re gonna get your choir carrying some Carlos Hyde, but if you’re looking for PPR I mean Jarvis Landry or John Ross, maybe but I like I said I’m still waiting on Jarvis Landry. Do you mean if they get him in a game plan? No, he can be big this week. Absolutely Then if they get I mean whenever they decide this week they have other Rams Whenever they decide to get him and beyond says Royce Freeman he says Where I have were screaming roar scream, he’s getting past work in Denver, but then there’s a really trash team dude you pick the photo so We got CJ and a bit of shout CJ I traded digs for Sammy Watkins thoughts on that I don’t like That I would have kept big diggers can fairly consistent I like consistency for my players man. Yeah, I like it bro You just have to be aware of the fact that it’s like a slot machine in Kansas City, bro. They’re all great They’re all gonna get their looks when Tyree comes back They’re all gonna get their looks and sometimes it’s gonna hit Sammy Watkins and sometimes it isn’t it’s my hit Any walk-ins, it’s fine, bro. He realized that he’s a lizard man. Did you hear about that? Not on Twitter and like He’s like buying into the fact that’s who he is yeah, he’s adjusted his diet bro, he’s eating bugs now. No this isn’t serious But he’s optimized his diet for this belief that he has Have you seen those those do to be other people? They say Eminem’s wanna make sure like I thought with his eyes like chains real quick. It was great I wanna rap so why not get tired making sandwiches man. I Can’t talk about thanks what’s going on? Is that lizard? Is that little emoji? Any other questions before we get out of here, man, what a shot got for us for we sign off Hey, thanks for being here folks if you are having alright Hold on do I hold on the Landry if he doesn’t blow up this week and finish here and do a hold on? I have Edelman and more at wide receiver. I Mean I wouldn’t I wouldn’t drop him. I mean try trade of it. Yeah if he has a good week and you’re feeling like and You watch the game and you feel like you he’s not gonna repeat this trade. I’m trying to train him man Yeah, I wouldn’t drown my flight maybe with dumb look like you didn’t know a really good player. I don’t mean what’s up Wait a minute shit. He did anything. I Think he’s gonna be fine. Now that Amy’s off the team I think I think that’s gonna that that group is gonna go back to the media. No, we’re gonna figure this out I was legitimately surprised they dropped baby. I wasn’t you weren’t I would have cut them when the first thing came out Okay. So here we go. See Jake. I know with woods Watkins Gordon pick two for standard pick two for standard You want the touchdowns man, I’m going walk-ins and Gordon I was gonna say the same thing Would this be kind of quiet – what’s that a bad game last week? He’s been kind of quiet and he’s more and they got out of receivers to hide their receivers I’m gonna go the other way marques Brownlee’s out there, right? No. No, they got Brandon cooks They got a good big out of good like solid core though like baby everybody can catch up can catch balls All right. Here’s Timmy Rock again. He said what’s going against the Rams for Landry? I feel like I can’t get a good trick All he said I feel like I can get a good trade going for wide receiver three running back three Okay, if you think you can trade him right now, bro And you’re tired of holding really this kind of this kind of stuff. You got to make up your own mind on right? Yeah, like I would hold him but some people don’t want to wait and see what happens with these matches. It’s early though It’s early and they haven’t really fun their stride. If they find us tried. He could become a centerpiece today You know this – the possession I’m 20 frames, right? I don’t think I get rid of them either Yeah, I think I will because if they turn around and they really get going they could be a big off Yes, you know Jarvis Landry has wide receiver two potential if it gets going man So if you’re gonna trade him for a wide receiver three running back three, if you could do it do it I guess if that’s what you’re feeling like you need to do But I don’t like your reason to return – I would personally hold on because he’s also got a Kamara and chubs So like I don’t feel that there’s a huge you don’t have a big need man. Yeah, it’s really good yeah, I don’t feel that that would and as far as why receivers, I mean I Don’t suit I wouldn’t trade for what I receive a 3-wood what a receiver after the bump up from that You know what? I mean? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. But uh Other man keep the questions coming work shot to stay alive a couple more minutes. We didn’t do in and out I was gonna do that real quick. I think I put up my phone. Are you? You know anybody that’s that’s out this big office type you had I mean kami who’s not playing Ben is out. Obviously cameras out these things done for the year. Okay so this week we got more questions rolling in so do I start June me G versus the if you still do I start Josh Allen versus the Panelists are Josh Allen you enjoyed the the fantasy benefits, man and Then CJ wants to know See Mac Chubb Eckler Jacobs pick three. It’s a 10 team standard Eckler. See Mack and shove man Jacobs had a little tummy issues this week. I don’t know he’s faint claiming. He lost like 15 pounds on Instagram News on Mark Andrews was he a little banged up. I think you want to look up Mark Andrews I got the whole thing right here Go to the Rings I Agree with that I knew that so I think I think you know give a lot of value out of Ed Clapp to give me a lot of Odyssey man always up there’s no Limited practice on Friday question lay in Kansas City The limited part makes me a little nervous, but I think he’s gonna play man. He was a little banged up last week, too So, yeah, I’ve rolled mouth therapies available if not Hayden Hearst caught a touchdown last week So I think Lamar’s gonna like targeting the tight end offense. We roll out three Titans left stats a lot or And it does that broke for sure rolled out we roll out three Titans sets a lot So, you know take if you have to pivot off of Mark Andrews checkout hit and Hearst men nurse And if y’all need a man boy, this will let you this will to subscribe man. We do this every week This is the benched podcast last livestream the homie big Laidlaw has the mind and just so y’all know if you watching right now every pic that he picked last week was successful, so So you’re gonna go down from there? Yeah, I can only get worse guys Neither you obviously got the mind for it. What else man I think Significant people who may be out I mean Cam Newton Cam Newton Devon Singletary’s out Frank Gore we kind of covered it in the sleeper thing You say we like fucking tomorrow now we picked the Detroit, right? Yeah, we picked Detroit tomorrow I don’t like for the overall ashati thing gonna be middle of the pack. How do they be great? I I don’t think that they tell us is division Yeah, I know those who’s gonna play. Yeah, Greg Olsen’s gonna plain He’s gonna be good man, but for whatever reason the Cardinals can’t stop the tight end I think AJ is they think he’s still good. He said he’s out Vivienne’s out for AJ Green Actually news just came out about AJ Green saying he had some minor setbacks But then news came out and said he was running their practice. So I don’t even know what’s happening Do you know him Joe coos put on the IR loose? I didn’t know that Yeah, I just told you broke his wrist remember that maybe I thought you said he sprang the Surgery, huh Whatever happened to Tavon, Austin Philly’s whether she was. Oh, yeah, they’re all yeah I wasn’t that good. He’s five three. He’s tiny. Hey, I always believed if what was a little dude? Cole Beasley Another one that was in what’s where’d he go? He was there daddy’s done Call me crazy, but he says dolphins pull an upset Yeah, beating them beating the Cowboys, bro You put money in there put money on that bro. I love you with Duffy man All right, man we go rat throw your questions real quick so we get out of here What the hell – la buena live stream right now. So homey, big Laidlaw is laying on a theory that air riders is done He’s on his way down bro. He is what have you seen? I want to go back over there What have you seen it to tell you that you can watch all of last year? Even the first game of this year in the second game this year. He has passes where they’re just not there bro. Maybe his team Do you know like, you know like an errand nah, man I Always thought he had struggles with really elite defense. You did the house gonna do it Bro just watch the plays man you you you will see him overhead rowm receivers You will see him miss receivers on timing routes. It’s all the time dude. He only has one ring right one ring He’s got one does he have a facility? He should have more I like Roger. There’s a QV I Do I like I do I can’t he lies and it’s in our beds man sold, but I’ve seen When you see some I pick you apart that often you just start to believe in an Rogers has been on an incline. I Think it means decline since he beat the Bears on painkillers Oh No, maybe he doesn’t mean class Oh, he means it that open again. I Love that you don’t change your pity. No, no one’s gonna change my mind. I like go. I like it I like it. I respected energies that that’s what it were wild things that uh, oh I was gonna ask I had a question any who’s the best team to lead right now photograph on there’s no pictures best single bar none My Ravens are close. But yeah, it’s the Patriot right now Hoping to play Bad all right. We got a look if you joined us tonight if you’ve enjoyed what you heard tonight, enjoy What you seen, please hit that like button and give us a subscribe. This is the benched Livestream podcast we will be here every Saturday night bringing you your fantasy tips. Listen to the homie. Big Laidlaw He does a good job of knowing you like the scout bro low key and get you to this one gets to lead, right? I’m a thanks to be able to snag peace of love. We are out of here. Hey guys. Thanks for watching. That’s funny I’m talking about Greg on he says he says best team. The league is a saint I’m a sign off on that note All right. Later Oh Yeah, no that’s gonna have to be the back not sure so is that good hey I didn’t know that was such a painful thing for you. What about Brandon Roy? Yeah, we That was good when they gave me good questions today Really oh, that’s we

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