BENCHED!!! – A Fantasy Football Fireside Chat (feat. Big Laidlaw)


That story that we just talked about with the n-c-double-a looking that’s crazy what is happening folks of YouTube We are live right now. This is the benched Podcast livestream thing of the things and I got my homie right here. Big Laidlaw Yeah I’ll go through a little bit about Huge Yeah And I wish I’m a Bears fan videos, there’s no wearing the Bears cat right now That’s and I’m not as big a fan as you like when they’re bad. I don’t talk about it. It’s not a conversation So go talk about um pixel We’ve built up my matchups to the top my games a week and go to the schedule Tell you who’s questionable who’s not but I want to start tonight with some you just told me about where I thought I had no idea about and you gave me a lot of shit cuz cuz I’ll be sleeping that way to be a so I just got a Dress at the rocky Wounded by the snail mail, bro So there’s two stories, but I want to start with the first one with the n-c-double-a, California specifically Yep to tell the folks what what happened out there? California lawmakers just approved college players The ability to get paid for their likeness. So this is huge for anybody that was into the NC double-a football games this might actually like Create a pathway for the referee to get back. Yeah Yeah, so that maybe you know they can get games rolling again, but what’s really, but I didn’t know you had one I didn’t know that they stopped doing that for four years the last four years They have hands of ligands and it might even be longer than that. That’s crazy It might have been 2013 that they stopped making it and so it was broadly because of the whole thing. Oh, absolutely see what happened was is Northwestern’s, but typically I believe if my memory isn’t failing me sued To get paid for their likeness So when that all went down EF was like no, we’re not doing the n-c-double-a games anymore. They had to really back They’re like, we’re not trying to hit our checks exactly, you know, and I can’t even live it I mean it’s messed up But at the same time if I had to come up a lot, I mean, what do you think they’ll pay him? Like what can they pay? That wouldn’t make it? Crazy, I have no idea man. It’s hard to even fathom the numbers because if BENCHED!!! – A Fantasy Football Fireside Chat if they were put in a position where I think they had to pull out of the games because if they continued to make the games and not playing they’re paying the players for their likeness and then something like this came down where you know, The players start getting paid for their likeness and their everything everybody’s in unanimous agreement that this should be going on, right? I feel like back pay would be in order You know what? I mean Oh big because they pulled the games and said you’re right It’s not fair. So they come in it would see why ain’t it? Let me come on button cuz you’re right. There would be there would be a precedent of that Amy exactly and that’s gonna be There’s me a lot of money there’s kids that play in college and that’s it, you know Yeah, and they wanted the checks right there data A little bit Winco right now. I need that check. I need that Jiggs. That’s big fact Yeah, that’s crazy. And I think with it is obviously gonna triple down California starts a lot of those boss They don’t ever, you know passing in other big states But what if he will say you made a foot outside of our TV that baby laugh I’m dying That was funny. That was funny So he comes out and he says I didn’t want to get paid to play for Florida State It was just like a pleasure to play for them. We’re not floor to say, excuse me, but Gators for University he just was a pleasure to pay for him But he comes from this family that has money and he’s like well if I feels like it could have been a pleasure to play for would’ve checked Right, right there’s no reason to have an issue with that I hate my job, you know I can live Yeah, I thought that was kind of wild to say especially like just because there’s so many people in India point I think it’s like he’s not He didn’t have enough foresight to realize that but hundreds of other players who can afford even mentioned folks sleeping in you know The practice of silly now. Yeah, yes crazy isn’t even afford to cover their first and last month’s rent Yeah with their initial scholarship check. So we’re sleeping in the facilities. Yeah, that’s garbage That’s garbage. All right, let’s move on man and Tonio brown Yeah, so it is this is another time where you were like bright you need you need to come into this faggot Understand not hearing about this, California law, but Like bro, so apparently the homie a B has some some problems Rape allegations. Yeah, so right now it’s a civil suit. It’s not okay. It’s not good for him Yeah, keep it playing. So I don’t know how a civil suit would turn into a legal suit I don’t know if it can I’m not Because I know because real quick a sidebar. I know in the Jose Simpson case in Criminal Court he was it was Guilty, but in civil suits here to be a ton of yeah, so so so yes And it can be different like this and see your point. I don’t have that works either but So so it was a personal trainer that he had for three years. I believe it was Uh, I don’t know if he had her only for three years but I know the allegations came across three separate occasions over two years, I believe I think she said 2016-2017 wasn’t on this stuff went down and Yeah, she’s just accused him of sexual misconduct rape Well might be so I always I cringe at this stuff. So don’t hope he went through his joint. Whoa, I cringe at it because it’s like Listen, I don’t want to be this guy and I’m a tread very lightly here Okay, but when you’re a million dollar athlete, yeah I don’t feel like there’s a lot of women that are necessarily saying no to that point if they do The athlete might be like, yeah So so this is really weird kind of in right because if you have three separate allegations, why are you still working? Yeah, cuz that’s the first one. Maybe you go it. Maybe you talk to him But why would you you know, I mean, it’s such my water man cuz like obviously we never blame the victim, right? but at the same time like we don’t want to just Assume he’s good exactly. I mean in this country it you are innocent until you’re proven Pursue mabu you’re Like So it’s hard man. It’s such a muddy subject Yeah, so I’m waiting to see what comes out what we know right now is that he’s not gonna be set on the commissioners exempt list this week and Sad music playing basically. Yeah, he could but Bill Belichick has said that he’s like still has a way to go learn a playbook You don’t think he knows that this week. I find that I find that crazy What why no, but listen up Bill Belichick is I guess, it’s Miami though I was gonna say cuz he was just oh my there’s a decoy you have to do number walk up the field Opens defense they all want gone. Right right. Whatever. That is, Miami. I’m like So, how do you think it is? I mean, first of all I want I want your honest opinion. Do you think it’s true? Based on what you’ve seen I haven’t dived into it a ton there. She has evidence She says I’m waiting to see the league’s meeting with her on Tuesday. So I’m waiting to see what’s gonna happen with that I know he said I already knew this is a New York Times article I read that he did there was a text. He sent that said and I quote which I’d call it Very it was disturbing to read that he would actually send this you want stuck I’m gonna find it cuz I just couldn’t believe he would save this in a text I mean, but come on, bro. He said let’s see So There were messages from Antonio Brown citizens women her. Last name is Taylor and It says something to the effect that the day after she claims he raped her She wanted to discuss what had happened and Brown replied that she made me feel like a real rapist Cory you have a prosecutor table that that alone. Oh my god. I don’t know why you insisted so out there I don’t even know how to feel about the guy Why do you so it didn’t seem like we didn’t see these issues in Pittsburgh No, wait, they probably already they’re bored every song. I mean, of course, so I just wonder what happened a PS CT. Oh I think you’re sure you guys man you I hit tourism here some real ideas out here I mean the only thing I can imagine because it is kind of out of nowhere I mean you hear stories all the time about regular people get in car crashes, and then there’s never the same Yeah head injuries tend to be the net would be Anything state you’re picking him up now Way, I know what he’d started Yeah, right then mom says perfect lit him up dude, it was like oh my god It’s like not even alive. Yeah. No, that was that was one of the worst kids I’ve ever seen in my life That was crazy. Yeah, what if that was it man? What if you just diagnosed the whole joint right there? Give my doctor I Don’t know I know I think that just messed him up not to mention man. Just getting hit over and over again I mean, yeah receiver running back. Those are tough positions a play. Yeah. Yeah This is something I talk back to a lot of parents about like Football hmm. Like let’s say Some space time continuum deal you had a little dude. Would you want to play football? Um, Yes Because I love the game so much. Yeah, and I wish I would have played Yeah, you know I mean so but I would let him know exactly how what it’s about. You know what I mean? Like I would I wouldn’t put him in Pop Warner. I probably wait until like high school Yeah, you know I’m looking at I’m going to play anything, bro You can play baseball soccer, whatever you’ll be in physical condition to play write whatever you want once you get to a higher age But and you just tell the facts be like listen, it’s a brutal sport You’re gonna take hits you can’t you know what? I mean? Like, yeah, there’s dangers Yeah, and if they if you understand it and he wants to play you can play I mean I wouldn’t force him. I wouldn’t be rolling out there at eight years old get out there. Yeah Yeah I saw a clip the other day a little bit sundry today Yeah, he laid that duck little dude out like he’s gonna be in the league He’s five years old like Every letter for heads like yeah Feeding your son Mexican supplement. Yeah, I personally III wouldn’t maybe you made a good point about high school and I think high school maybe maybe but um, That stuff worries me man. Like your whole personality can change your composition. That’s who you are can change I just I don’t like it man. And I know it’s not now Bret. Um, you didn’t pay me a dollar to do it I feel like there’s a little bit more risk for war situation But think about it like junior Sam, you know Like I do That’s the sad man. I’m so gonna chest look at studying right like he made it a point. Yeah That’s that’s that’s crazy. All right, let’s move on man. I get to get to down here So the next joint wanted to talk about let’s get into game for the weakness tough game this week That’s the schedule put I don’t know you can see that can you know? I can do that I can So first get off the top San Fran and City where you got there playing a sensi-button Edison yeah, um, so I’m really interested in this game about Zac Taylor’s offense Okay, you know coming from the shaman based system. He was just a quarterbacks coach massive a that’s the young man out Uh Rams, right? Yeah. Okay and what’s crazy is man like no way 32 I know in this past offseason That was like the flavor of the month Yeah, we could know of him yeah, yeah, yeah Zach Taylor was his quarterbacks coach in LA okay, and they brought him out to be a head coach right off the bat straight from quarterbacks coach I’m noticing that the age of different coaches is decreasing Yeah, it’s interesting right in this again it to me It’s like I don’t know that that’s like I mean I guess it makes sense because they can relate to players more more innovative off exactly And you know, what’s funny is a Michael Bidwell. The owner of the Cardinals came out with an interesting. Yeah Yeah, I mean, he’s like 39 I think Cynthia young fer. Yeah, I mean both check his with their 70 Early he’s either late thirties early forties. Um but uh what he said is listen, we could have hired because you know, They caught a lot of flack for hiring a losing coach. That’s a said yeah And he said we could have made him our offensive coordinator and lose them in a year to be somebody’s head coach So that thing I’m like, you know, we might as well just make them coach and go from there so with these younger guys, you know, they’re just It’s almost like throwing a dart at the ball. You don’t mean like Well in McVeigh is interesting because he got them to one. They got to the NFC game chubs began his first year. Yeah Yeah, so it’s kind of like I mean granted he had a ton of talent All right, and I always laugh with that because I think about the Steve Kerr Mark Jackson thing Question but it just got like Yeah, so so it’ll be interesting to see so who you got I actually have sinned see in this game you guys who really liked What I saw last week and he dumb through it any doubles move in consistent quarter. I know You know real quick she watches that Cavallari show with him on it. Yeah, I really liked a color That’s not something you can say to me Anywhere else right that isn’t riding that bike in it and then would The game for a he’s his little fingers hurt So you got I So I don’t know in this game because I don’t like dumb I think dogs really is. I think he’s good He’s up there. I I have I want to see more from Jimmy G. I remember watching Jimmy In that season that he had what the four-game stretch when he was just code name is Jesus He was singing it. I think San Francisco’s got the better often sigh mean. I think they got eyford They got Boyd they got receivers to throw to but I just don’t think he’s the kind of time Yeah, it’s just and that’s what I was really worried about last week when they play Seattle because that offensive lunch trashed I mean they lost any regard to two years ago I believe to the Rams and it just hasn’t been the same since you know I mean when they lost that Cornerstone left tackle it kind of fell apart Yeah, but the office just was it looked good. Joe mix is gonna play so Why didn’t I just don’t knows good. Yeah, yeah Yeah, he had an ankle injury but he practiced on Friday speaking of like off field stuff. You remember that tape jumping today? Yeah I shouldn’t be laughing about that. That is his that one rose. Oh, yeah, Ray Rice for the top two of my hello. I just He never came Snapped his fingers Yeah, but that Joe Mixon was updated so I’m surprised he had a career today I’m gonna actually go obviously I managed to go San Fran I feel like they need to get a win and I feel like Jimmy G is gonna hide a porn stars on Exactly making them right for the game. I suppose need an extra LA and Detroit. I think that’s the charges I should be sniffing the charges in the Lions you know the ones Real quick. So we’re at native and Lions Chronicle games on and I’m like trash and we left Tired Man and I were to win the back put some ice water This is something and I was like, okay when something came up like a cold killer million times When in a bad word is that he showed I’m a bitch he went on of course, so so real quick about the charge and the Lions, um You know the Lions played a really good game against the Cardinals last week But I obviously thought the Realty and like they’re the karmis had no business coming back in that game Their defense is kind of kind of garbage the lands even yeah For three quarters, but calibers of rookie will talk about him when we get the Arizona cool but uh, you know, I’m just gonna go with the charges man Austin hecklers bawling out is Collateral real quick but see but see that’s that’s the crazy part about flashes I’m not saying echo is a flash in the pan. But the thing about it is like Gordon’s been good for seasons Yeah so I always feel bad for dudes that have been good for a long time and there’s dude just comes out ball and it’s like not a coach is like well, well weird about Melvin Gordon is like he’s he’s good, but One season he averaged like 4.4 yards per carry, which is a good running back likes what you want, you know to carry Rain Man But previous to that like he was like 3.8 3.6 with the previous two seasons, okay, but he was still scoring Well one season who scored touchdown yeah, but So it’s been a weird career for Melvin Gordon, but I feel like he has a talent enough back But I think he’s kind of shooting himself the fool with this like awesome hecklers gonna handle business Justin Jackson’s behind him and he’s gonna he’s going home now And it’s a different situation living on Bella because levian belt Eklund was not under contract cuz he didn’t sign his tanker. So Let me I’ll bail was losing money in the sense that he wasn’t getting paid Right Melvin Gordon’s losing money in the sense that he’s getting fined He’s getting 520 Cuz that can add up man 16 games that day. So he will definitely report by week ten, and it’s He’ll report by week ten because that is the latest he can’t report and still receive a year against his contract so that he can Be a free agent next season. Okay. Okay, so he does have to play to get that for you Yes, he does have to wear as let me on bail was kind of like he could have came back in week ten last year and gotten that your you know, sign is tender and that was it but Because he wasn’t a tender. He wasn’t assigned to a team. It didn’t affect him You know what? I mean if he held out past that the only risk he was running is that the Steelers would franchise tag him again And well, it’s a bad situation when a guy that Gordon and you’re your backup It’s killing it because actually James kind of did the same thing with pebbles out. Yeah He took that he took the despot around with it. What do you think about do is doing it? I actually I don’t have a problem guys holding out because this is the chance for them to get their money and they have to start I mean because obviously you want to bet on yourself but like injuries is one play away every play exactly, you know, I mean What did you would you pay two-minute board you do? negotiate contact so it’s tough dude this the Chargers are infamous for not paying their guys like Yeah He’s a quarterback, but he Bradley was like the gang out of here, I’m Matt I’m good, but I’m not elite so Yeah Exactly I think he’s a Catholic. He also doesn’t swear. I know you got darn it I can see. Yeah, I think you got a cool look So I would not pay him no, but at the same time I wouldn’t have been like them they refused him the right to Seek a trade at beginning his season like I wouldn’t let him do his thing if you why I give Y give power away Look, I give him that option If you hold the cars, I would own plate in we got this other dude is killing. So you hold. Yeah Oh, yeah, I know and but I’m not trying to spite him but if he’s gonna hold out on me, I don’t want you know, I mean You want to come place? You know, that’s a good knowing you. Could you like even get in and get out? And then if you could seek a trailer you actually get some good pieces back some good assets yeah, you know, that makes sense So so who you got charges or the medusae charges are at the yard said I said the charges, okay I just think there are more consistent team. I’m a grew from that I think it is crazy the last few years They’ve made I think the playoffs last two out of the last three years I believe I could be mistaken. Didn’t meant when I said I think they did it might be a wild card game I don’t know if they were in like, you know after that loss to But um, they’ve consistently been beaten their difference is so they always finished like 13 three They’re a better team than you’d believe, alright, let’s move on so we got Minnesota in Green Bay Yeah, I don’t know this is actually really tough I don’t think either team is great I don’t think he teams bad He won’t my heart ache. Yeah, please about to be done career career Why? Bombs and leave in silence Yeah, I have just you know I’ve felt that he has been wildly inconsistent the past couple years and I just think it’s coming to an end, dude You’re not the greatest forever man. You know what? I mean? So that Chicago game was discussing He made some great plays but at the same time I watched him sail easy passes that high school kids are making bro He was throwing out routes to his tight end that he couldn’t hit. You know what I mean? It’s just it seems like the beginning the end for me. So wow That’s III gotta be honest with you. I feel like that’s a little bit of a reach But but if he does edge, you look weak set and play I’m good, man Well, I don’t think he’s gonna but I think his time at the top is coming out. Okay, she think he’s gonna fall off Yeah, nothing babe. What’s his country? You know his contact is. Oh, he’ll stay in Green Bay because Green Bay Historically holds on the quarterback for too long so we actually got people in the chat I didn’t realize it until I just looked over. What’s up girl. Yeah, yeah Yeah shouts Oh shouts of Samarra shouts to solo appreciate y’all being here Shamar had to take tomorrow’s action when people’s are penalized. Oh, he’s action producer. He’s like 18 is ridiculous. Awesome Oh, but he said he wasn’t my son went in the play But he’s educated like you said he prefer basketball some agreed and then we got a wrapper for baseball bro you seen those contracts Thank you. Hey, Hey, look at me like that. We’ve had everything for ten years and they’re still getting paid. Yeah Yeah, crazy – shouts – rocky sake III don’t know you rocky. You’re new to the stream face – beer Please hit the like and a subscribe button show us some love. He says rivers of God to start in fantasy and So let me tell you who they got this we better probably help the decision making songs at home god This give me a second. Oh Yeah, he’s a New Orleans up there difference ain’t make green those Yeah, I like golf at home. I’d say rivers in that. I didn’t even survive Detroit’s the trash I don’t I don’t think they’re very good Okay, I’m taking coffee. Okay. No, there’s too many weapons on that team I like what they’re doing with girly like I know people are like Todd Gurley, you know what I mean? Like they want them they want split ears but in reps tow, yeah That might be good late in the season. Yeah, that might be awesome. Yeah Yeah, I like off this weed off at home is always better than golf on the road. He has historically struggled on the road So, okay, I would take him I would never take em, okay, so I’m going with our rivers Homie, big Layla. I was going to golf. He’s probably gonna be right. Let me give me the phone This man is is entrenched that I am a more than casual fan. But but I don’t had a statistic like that So why he asked can we review our lineups or let us know how we did last week? I think that’s that’s a great idea. You got like four squads going to pick. What are your four? Week oh yeah week one is always It struggled for a good – filling it out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah poorly like We see things at pre-season were like, oh that guy’s gonna get the reps, you know what I mean? Yeah that guy’s gonna do this or that guys gonna do that and then Week 1 comes out and they’re releasing these these def charts to have map Rita as a starter, right? So it’s always rough I unfortunately got bit by the tiger II kill bug Injured week one I’m watching it. Sammy Watkins go off on my bench. I’m like, all right, great, you know what? I mean? So I’m one in one out of four leagues But I expect this week. How do you balance four leagues? How do you even go? I’ve got a dynasty league. I’ve got a three peacekeeper league Okay, hold on explain to the folks with three PC. I don’t know where to three B’s series I’m just keeping three people off it off the team. There’s a little bit of interesting rules in that league for us We have to sacrifice three rounds up from overdraft in the previous year if they’re free It would keep me at 12 13th and 14th round. Okay, so Actually, that’s wrong 13 12th and 11th round. Okay, so That one’s a little difficult because like for example The number one picking our league this year is still keeping Alvin Camaro from his original rookie deal. So We haven’t stood up that we can keep them two years in a row. So he still has Allen camara He’s keeping about a great value I think he kept him like a 12th round this year But then he also drew the number one pick a random draft order actually, so he’s running say quanta Tom. Come here It’s wrong. Yeah, you know When he gets that team a typical man for sure Yeah I went zero or being that I didn’t take my first run back to like the sixth round I think and That’s probably actually my best team right now. That’s a team actually and you you put dollars down on all these leaves, you know, I know freebies 350 this year, right? I told you your two jobs sports better or Scout All right, so we’ve stuck in Minnesota Green Bay see you said you think that Rogers is about done you big best that’s come on okay, I Just don’t know how you watch him. Miss some of the throws he’s missing and It’s not a lot of new receivers, but it’s not receiver timing man. It’s not he’s over throwing these guys. Maybe they’re not uh, I Mean I’m watching the round you think the routes and timing routes. Yeah, they’re all routes. They’re out routes and he that’s obviously will honestly what he misses on the most and and they’re one of the most diplomats at hip because because they’re typically winning poor decide but he’s Well, enemy I’m glad you said is now a weak one so we can track it Okay, because if they stop going down, you know There’s people in the industry that think he’s going to throw for three touchdowns this week and that he’s gonna blaze the Vikings I just don’t see it I got a lot of because I personally been on the wrong side of a lot of air riders game I can’t cosign I did see way too much Just doing things that he in the pocket is Brady like with a little bit more mobility And I can’t like that to me If you can move in just extend place long enough to get a guy open and hit him cuz he has that arm arm has Gone anywhere. No, and that’s what’s crazy is he’s still hitting on these deep plays like he’ll make up That’s what I was talking about when I see these great throws Yeah, which is like a 45-yard bomb do Davante Adams or whatever you get mean? It’s like I see those great throws and I like him but then I seen him over throw these out routes or I see him over throw a slant across the middle and I’m like What’s going on here? You know, I mean what if you’re suddenly as simple as him not being a good headed. No heading again What he’s not into a normal, I mean I happens to yeah You don’t know I just think he’s on his way to UM Listen doesn’t last forever man. No, that’s a fact and what is he thirty cos Breda? Like their defense Dalvin cook is playing out of his mind We did great for delving and he didn’t he doesn’t mean good yet. That was big hasn’t really broken out yet Madison Madison behind him. He’s a good running back behind and then they got the receiver court dealings didn’t catch the ball. I mean Yeah, we go off chopped to zero last week. I believe I’m excited for her Smith jr But what really quite what really made me scratch my head man is when they drafted over Smith and then they extended All right after I don’t know what’s going on with that so that Titan situation is really bigger than gonna run two Titans That’s what’s up. Oh, yeah. I mean I heard Smith was out there Like Over 50% of time last week You see a good black incentive They’re both kind of utility today. Okay. Earth Smith is real good fast kitchen though. Let me okay Let me ask you this about this game Do we move on do you think is gonna do think the point score at the end is gonna be more than seven Just oh the spread good No, this is the type of game it’s exactly right and in the same division, yeah Yeah, I don’t like doing I don’t like betting lines Yes Because they know each other they don’t like any half a year they play each other Yeah, that’s a fact dudes. The Dolphins have beat the Patriots like the last four times. I played in December And in December the Patriots probably ain’t trying as hard as they bright lapped up the middle aspect All right, so I mentioned cosine a McCord Minnesota’s why business drink? I don’t I don’t trust me but I didn’t had too many changes and I know first year head cold. I’m running back surgeries I think the base kind of dick. He’s just not the type of dude. You wanna have a drink with my opinion? No thing so I just move on Indianapolis this into the game to me in it And by the way, if we go through this if you laugh on the game is your game the week don’t forget. Oh, yeah Indianapolis is gonna see kissing with crazy. Yeah. I was there everywhere was crazy You know, what’s crazy dude is they completed four passes to wide receivers listen? That’s a crazy stat, then I didn’t see that work out. That’s a Christian 200 who’s running backs Are they along the way antenna Delanie Walker? Hello again? They completed three to agee Brown four And then one other one, too So in my league I had a chance to get Derrick Henry and I had him one year and I was To say the least I was frustrated because I you know, it just it didn’t do anything. It was bad He was bad. And I don’t know if his duty bang that I don’t know what it was But he looks like he’s actually a decent running man. You know, what’s weird, dude is he’s boxy dough Yeah, and it’s all positive versus negative game scripts So when the times are leading and they ain’t on Derrick Henry to run out that clock he’s gonna have oh again because he’s running Back there likes to build up that head of steam get 10 12 13 carries before he breaks one off You know what? I mean? Yeah, and what’s so crazy do as you watch him run you’re like Then he’s out running defenders so glad you said that because I’m watching one of them runs and I’m like It’s some I can tackle him. Yeah, you know, like if you’re playing man, you’re like so somebody should get over there Nonsense. Yeah, but he took the 80 yards to the house. I mean, it’s crazy because you’re right He looks slow and then you’re like putting that guy. So what’s happening? What’s good though, yeah Yes, it would be clearly has a GUI games last season, right? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Those are crazy games Oh, and he talked to somebody man And I remember which legendary running back it was but whoever it was told him get his shit together bad Bro, you’re 240 pounds. Stop. Excellent. You don’t get hit It’s like you’re a big dude I think I think you’re not me bro my head. I think it was Barry Sanders. I said, hey put your shoulder down, you know, so That’s kind of to have a conversation in my life to have your right Oh, yeah, I guess they have a big dude that yeah. Yeah, so I wouldn’t the money Annapolis You know the Andrew Luck or timer just rocked man at the beginning of the season I thought they were gonna go to Super Bowl like last year But I like to go beaver said, I think it’s a good glad people have him Yeah, he just signed that extension with the team. Who knows what that really means did You see any look retirement speech? He actually said like I thought who’s the dopest thing I’ve ever seen somebody saying too public for him Maybe not ever but close up there He said that he was jealous of Jacoby the season he got hurt because he started to coming in he’s all fun-loving and he’s like I hated that and I’m like How dope was he good to be honest about that was hard to watch. He said Yeah, that’s crazy and you know what I’m not they booted bro coming off the field I Know but it’s not that’s Fannie Mae in my heart bro. He’s he’s got to know that could happen Yeah, but like they watched his first four years in the effort actually shit shit man, first five years in the league, bro He was gonna kill behind that offensive line. You expect him to be like good to go Well, all I’m saying is like you have to attend football fandom if you don’t get how fans are I can I can’t feel bad For you not understanding that. That’s how fans are I don’t think do I think they should have booed him. No, but they did But uh Sad no real quick the culture let him keep the fourteen point six million dollars So we lacerated for Kennedy Just in case you have future medical issues. We got you. Yeah, so I like Jacobi percent this game. Who are they playing again? I forget, Tennessee, Tennessee, right? However, I am picking the Titans I think that defense is too good my grave obviously a defensive head coach formally under Bill Belichick. I do think you’ve blown out I don’t think they get blown out like Twenty. Yeah, I just have I don’t know me because I like Mariota live like Mariota since he came to the league I think you scrappy. I think he qicang it’s Tim plays. I think he’s got a good arm. I think he’s accurate You let me out I think this relaxed why is it the short quarterback syndrome a lot of you to let your turban off? I don’t have any problem with your back. Okay, so what is ah, I don’t think he has the fire man There’s been too many times. Why? maybe because is a personal opinion much nice to see him sit on the sidelines when he’s hurt or whatever and it just doesn’t seem Like you care so much. She examines him. I know about poor apathetic quarterback I don’t think he’s a pathetic though I just think that he’s more soft-spoken as my his cuz he talks a lot about his parents and I don’t know why I know so much about uh, Marcus Mariota But I’ve seen like in everything. He talks a lot about how like when he says things sometimes after games his Parents and billing they don’t say that. Yeah, and so I think that with him it’s like more of it I don’t want to deal with them which is weird. But cool. Your grown man should really be worried about that But some people so I so I’m gonna take Tennessee as well. So you think right? Yeah so far picks a week We got a I took San Francisco. You took Cincinnati. We both took the Chargers We both took the Vikings over Green Bay and we both took Tennessee over in Annapolis. This next one is easy this is a Norlin New England and So, uh, so yeah, this is gonna be a blowout yes, this is an 18-point line from vegas 18 points Wow Vegas don’t give blood like that. That’s crazy. So Okay, I think it’ll be more than that. We’ll breeze along the viewer you like Buffalo You like Buffalo. I don’t know. Why you like both little dude. It’s something about seeing fan slam each other through tables Yeah, I like Josh Allen this week I Like John Brown in that offense Josh Hollan has a big arm. He finally has a deep target. He can get the ball to true Was it? To the running back there running back No, no Evan Singletary duties are Brooking. All right. Okay. Well, he’s a rookie Okay, you know what’s crazy is like on all the athletic chart numbers like he ranks really low But he’s getting it done dude their starters technically Frank Gore. But Frank Gore was out there for like 27 was also 96 Never dies He’s up there that’s crazy but Frank Gore second on their starter they also have TJ Yeldon but Devin Singletary is getting it done, man And he’s definitely looking like most talented back on that team and more importantly than that. Josh. Allen can run man true I don’t I don’t dislike Buffalo. I’m is now where you at look more importantly who does New York Giants have say I Named for people they literally don’t have anybody see was that no up top my early shepherds out. Yeah Yeah, he’s mad and he’s a be at best. Yeah on good days. He’s a beat going tastes suspended so who taken though, I mean, this is a pretty Well Yeah Giants got smash this week by Dowson I don’t think that’s as good as people say they are I like Dallas you do you like those? Okay All right. See Allen Pittsburgh. This is a toss-up to me In spirit. Yep, I got why they look Bailey I watched that whole game and as you know, I don’t get a chance to watch a lot of whole game I watched the whole that was the I like actually like the stairs. I’ve always liked the Steelers They’ve been kind of like my third or fourth team that I just I didn’t I like them a little bit I don’t know why it’s probably because I like Tomlin and I was like their defense on James Harrison. I like but They were bad man. I mean they were bad like it was to the point. I’m like, man Can we just get this over with it was bad? That’s the game you chose to watch the whole thing You’re like no Other than last year Big Ben has always been better at home Last year his numbers on the road were actually a little bit better. Is he done yet? You thought what Rodgers he’s done. Come on, man Dude, it’s so weird. So I put up a stat Uh, and then again when I was watching that he’s getting passes out the fastest He’s ever gotten in his career, but he’s doing the Brady thing, but he doesn’t have Brady receivers and he doesn’t Brady accuracy So he’s doing he’s a little dinged up ten yard seven yard, whatever whatever But he doesn’t have receivers that are getting the ball and being able to make people miss. Yeah, and he’s just not that accurate So Latimer come to shore, you know Brady outdoor ball at your ankles, but kept it Big can’t do that. No, and you know what strange dude is last week. They targeted Donte Moncrief ten times He’s not good mother who’s never been good? I’ve never seen a game put out by a wide receiver that looked that bad throws man to me about me dropped everything I don’t know. So I think what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna evaluate the game tape from last week. They’re gonna see that So, I don’t know man, I just have higher hopes from this we can either Lift them up or four and 18 yards. Yeah And a man that bad deep isn’t one. Yeah, so, oh, I just like it’s no big three cares. We’re gonna go coach where I mean Mike Talman is a good enough coach Big Ben is a Riley enough veteran They just don’t lose to neuro Annie James kind of gets the more I don’t I don’t know. He’s banged up a little bit That’s what even Some a mano Sam Darnell has mono he’s gonna be out in two indefinite number of time. They’re expecting two or four weeks amen checking girls man So we think you know, you never gave me a juice I’m taking the Steelers. Yeah, I like the Steelers I know what I’m saying. I’m biased I said what it is. I watch them Too I just don’t think bitter Seattle has enough weaponry they really they got lucky they threw the ball like a little who’s a running back I know Chris Harrison Chris Carson, but they’re really cutting things between Chris Carson and Rashad Penny Chris Carson Penny’s been there for four years. No. No, you got to have – last year first round Okay, all right Petey, I’ll go Pittsburgh as well so I had Addison Washington Dallas I love Kellen Moore Kellen Moore as the offensive coordinator is such an underrated movie Was from Boise State University This career he can’t be at home I do it in with Kelly Was that the anyone perfect he was a program, but what aren’t you cuz he had like three good seasons. They didn’t talk poison Yeah. Oh, yeah, he pulled out goals. Yeah, yeah You need a 5/8 maybe get him lifts, yeah Like he’s got to be the league stuff like this messed up but no I’m he’s Carmen Ohio looker from self and you know what? I think they might be following the same rule that Aubry else’s because Jason Garrett They didn’t extend that sharing so they might be seeing what Kelly Moore looks like as the offensive coordinator my promote today He might begin the job soon the job Wow Wind ebbs suck to know that you didn’t get extended they got this new guy like and he’s doing well a DAC threw the ball deeper last week like more times deep last week than he hasn’t attacked real quick is daddy. Good quarterback Um, I think dak is the type of quarterback that in the right situation. He’s a good quarterback Good system said yeah, he’s a system quarter. Okay, okay, cuz I like them athletic now I left my quarterbacks when they can have a little bit of speed. That’s been this blew my mind my brain Oh, here’s how you win a five six seven forty you. Hey, you still win game? I think in this league you gotta have a little bit of that shaking out of this you do And in deck has that I don’t like his accuracy and I feel like he’s not confident I just don’t feel like he’s a confident. I’ve seen them crumble. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I don’t like about him I’m going also going down. So I think Washington’s a dumpster fire. I’m Jin Joos a lot of ways I feel like being with the bottom line of that division. Okay, Arizona, Baltimore Baltimore Found me that now this isn’t just a homer pig. Is it a rout at half then? Is that I for that game look good I watch somewhere So dependent upon how Colin Murray feels and looks man for the first three quarters the last week’s game He looked like a rookie quarterback that didn’t not that he didn’t belong doesn’t that act like they got a good luck. No and he looked like He was lost. You mean and the whole offseason They’ve spent all offseason talking about how this is the same system here on college is the same system. He ran in high school He’s gonna come in and he’s gonna be smooth, you know to me. He’s a lot of times faster Yeah, we saw that flash in the fourth quarter where he’s like, wait a minute. I know how to do this Oh, I’ve seen this before Exactly, so I commend him. Oh, by the way, hold on – Padma’s over the bag real fast. What did I call that? You did you doubted me the whole way through Oh you were like It was almost like the Double fake out man, you know what I mean? Because every expert in the industry saying they’re taking Kyler number one and the carbons like Would they say why does it matter? You don’t like to say it in life in general. I found keeping them close to your chest pays off for me SuperDuper. There’s everybody Good boy What are you gonna do and not only that but they didn’t move their quarterback that they drafted the year before until the second round The next day right? No, that’s not that’s a good point My thing is just if you leave other teams in suspense, you never know. How you gonna fix a big game plan You know, I guess that’s why I don’t that’s why I would do it Yeah, I wouldn’t have been transparent by what there’s no benefit in being honest So you’re taking bucks more You think it’s gonna be lower you think they stay with based on what you seen last last quarter is it could be indicative behind? Inside the game right now. I mean in Baltimore, so it’s yeah, which is not know And I think Lamar I think he got it man. I think he goes to biggie. Yeah, I’ve been defending my quarterback all somebody said is though let me say this cuz he would be sincere a Louisville, he was coated. Louisa. I rewatch new games going I don’t watching games going this dude can play and then whenever he think he got some – love maybe his last season But I don’t feel like they ever really gave him. I’m like, I don’t know man. They do can do it and now At the end, he’s got a good running back his receivers. He’s got a good squat. He works his ass off this summer, man He was there right? That’s why he came out after the game against Miami and granted against Miami, my bad, my bad I want to see him succeed not just because he’s my quarterback but because you respect to work Yeah, I respect your work, man If you’re gonna work your ass off out hard, I don’t care if you’re the Steelers quarterback. I want to see you That’s that’s big from you and somebody comes in the league and they’re struggling and they took work hard enough to turn the career on but That’s what matters to me He doesn’t seem like a bad dude No, he seems like if every dude, he goes home at the games he night in the club being stupid. He doesn’t And I says he loves his mom What about you wanna do? There’s gonna go home at night not be in the club and I build boats before playoff games little baby doll that, you know They’re wearing 350 thousand dollar watches. Right, right Hey go key dog borrowed. Oh, well, you know what? They’re in warm-ups so he put it on for the game. Oh Listen he put a mansion on his wrist before he was kind of coat. I So yeah, I got Baltimore. I’m gonna say by two touchdowns at least. Yeah, I’m Baltimore – I don’t really think that’s honestly a conversation Jacksonville in Houston, what’s up rejected? Oh Well, they lost nick foles broken clavicle He’s on injured reserve how miss inhabit nick foles career so far has been the craziest thing in history, man Yeah, I understand, bro He had that year with Chip Kelly worried through 23 touchdowns with two picks Then he was trashed and then he was trash again And then he had that year where he was the backup for Carson Wentz He was at Super Bowl and then it now boom he’s out livvie out woods ten weeks Well, he can’t return it to week 11 on the designated turnovers But hey, dude, that garden Minshew kid that came after leave him. You sound like he’s not like a Dominican, dude Looks like Like he came in and went like eight of eight yeah his first eight passes It was the greatest could start to an NFL career of all-time like statistically. There’s only down to go from there I want to throw a pic buffer just to get another that’s crazy. But uh, so we’ll see what happens man It’s mess is that you sent a sleeper pick for Super bro. I Think everybody should be I don’t think they should be a sleeper pick I think Because I don’t think people are really talking about it deshaun Watson The guy he’s the man – sidebar. How good is Clemson consistently now, are they even knew? Yeah, are they knew Alabama? Yeah Clemson’s amazing Trevor Lawrence is a generation you think crimson in, South Carolina? Yes, how are you that good? Trevor Lawrence, they don’t play football Across out there, bro I watched I was watching the national championship the building there boy, right? I was watching that national championship game He is 19 years old bro, and he’s showing better pocket poise against an NFL line cuz let’s be honest Alabama is a lot of defensive line is an NFL line fact against an NFL line. He’s showing more Calmness under pressure than like 10-year veterans in the leaguer Tiffany. Hi He’s stepping up in rows out there. He’s making You look at it is good that’s the kind of guy that you Know that Rams deal that they paid up but they were able to trade out up to the Redskins for rg3 That’s the kind of team. That’s the kind of guy that you make a deal to trade up for like that. Yeah generation Don’t be like them a lot. I love life that he’s great. First round. First number one overall. Okay, okay. All right number one overall pick and if I’m not in the number one overall pick team Situation there to get a I’m getting there. I think it’s great. That’s big. Alright, I might still watch little Clips again. Yeah Houston’s a choice on this one Here’s gonna get sued. Excellent. Oh, yeah Jacksonville’s defense for supposed to be being so big and bad look really bad last week Yeah, and I like boiling me Smith. He was one of my favorite. Yeah football players I’ve seen in a while but more importantly than that is they looked undisciplined and that concerns me more than them looking poor if you come out you struggle against a Good offensive team like Kansas City. I understand you know coach bro If you come out and you’re getting ejected from the game and Jalen Ramsey’s talking shit after every single play I don’t want to see that you know what I mean? so that’s more important to me than them looking for, you know, like you players that they should I Like them talking shit, but I don’t think I’m to the point where they’re almost getting a fight after everything the play Okay, which is what James? Alright fair enough was move on out miles Jack on a job. Yeah, you shouldn’t get a ejected from a fool I feel like that’s difficult to do like he’s never liked a basketball game you spit on somebody and somebody push somebody But in a football game s that’s so crazy. I so let’s move on our Kansas City and Oakland I think this is an interesting game. There’s a game, but we can’t yet. It was still I Like this game. I like this game to the Game for sure. Yeah, Taryn Waller is a ball and Darren Waller the tight end for the Oakland Raiders is like a very high he was asleep early in the sleepers. Yeah He’s a very high athletic profile guy and all throughout camp All you heard about was Darren Walters humiliating guys, you know what I mean? Like embarrassing. Yeah embarrassing. That’s up So yeah, I like and Josh Jacobs. He’s everything that was advertised somebody am I am I in my league took him like a Third of second. No, he took them like first. Oh really in my job. Yeah. No. Nobody wants that you’re in there. It wasn’t around it was which is interesting because he was in like It already figure to myself. I’m like man All right, so we got a rock out shots to rock out. Sorry if we got to you late, bro Thanks for being here and give us a like goose and subscribe. He said he got a trade I got a trade for cam and get Wilson or Big Bend. Who would you pick? Trade Cam Newton. He said I got a trade for cam and we’d get Russell Wilson or Big Bend Russell Wilson Russell Wilson. Yeah, I Feel like Ben has more firepower to don’t you though Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf Chris Carson out of the backfield who did have a good week out of the backfield Well, that’s the Wilson just does well. I know it was about games. I don’t Big Ben stuff bro because he had a bad week one. So we don’t know he’s gone next we can throw four times Yeah, and he could yeah, absolutely. I think they’re gonna figure it out in Pittsburgh, but I also think they’re gonna figure out in Seattle, but he needs to move on a cam cam looking bad Yeah, you say you think he’s hurt, you know, and that’s why I know you’ve above Ortiz Did you be in the trenches? So you said you think he’s hurt because he’s not running Yeah, Kennedy was traditionally always been a very mobile quarterback and he’s trying to pocket Paxson Batman You see him break the Guinness World Record for one-handed catches. No Yeah, yeah one-handed catches yeah, I don’t know it was weird, but it was actually cool to watch Why are you wasting your time the coach should be like And it’s throwing motions looking weird dude, I don’t know what’s going on with that he’s never had a smooth I know so like all of a sudden he’s throwing like I just throwing a tomahawk man Yeah, you know that about like do you watch high school football? I feel like you need to be high school So rock out there you go to homie lean on big Laidlaw he’s got some really good knowledge He’s saying I go ahead and get Russell Woods And I think I would agree with that from the standpoint that Russell a lot more likely in my opinion this court touchdown Yeah, I feel like Big Ben can’t cuz Russell the one for one we’re done You know big can’t really do that. And I feel like the Sierra a little younger a little bit more spry I just I kind of feel like they look sluggish in Pittsburgh. They just don’t look like they got me fired So there you go. It’s get into the next one Sorry, I Gotta go between the screens that make sure I don’t miss then All right, but yeah Houston that game for sure Now that was Kansas City of Oakland. Okay, we just started Yeah. Oh, yeah. I like this game bro. Pat mahomes got a little banged up. He’s getting hit a lot man He’s getting hit a lot and they were looking nasty bro. They weren’t just like oh we got you, you know, it was like No, no you go get it for now He practices the end of week. We’re good. He’s good to go. But Tyreke heal injuries are concerned obviously. Hello see me out Four to six weeks. Yeah, that’s tough because he’s lightning. Yeah, but kind of what I mean. It’s an awful situation and Obviously Tyreke was found innocent, whatever But the Kansas City Chiefs drafted somebody because they didn’t know what was coming, you know what I mean So they drafted me Cole Hardman in the second round He’s a good talent. Andy Reid came out and said that he’s gonna be splitting Tigers operate over the receiver. Yeah, he’s going to be splitting Tyreke opportunity with Robinson Quick shouts – you rock out like I said man hit us with that like and I subscribe to Paige we’re gonna be doing this Every week and like I said, my man has got the knowledge knowledge. I don’t step my game up. I’m getting the Bears now I’m gonna get my life together real quick, but I’m sorry going but now just splitting the opportunity. I don’t know what that means Obviously they’re not but the guy on right now is Sammy Watkins. Obviously, it went off last week if he can stay healthy He can have a productive season, you know what I mean? It’s always just been the injuries of the plague that he’s a fast receiver. He’s got good hands. Yeah, he was The Clemson came out of Clint Oh Clint came out of Clemson was drafted by Buffalo became a ram and now he’s Talked a little bit, but why didn’t he’s be a buffalo. What happened? I don’t know man that he was not getting the ball out there. No, he had a good rookie season Because it was week three The carton we’re going to you know, run coward out there a little bit more and obviously I’m interested in seeing kind of play Okie, like the Cardinals You never speak alone but I’m listening to you talk and I feel the love there, you know what I love is collenberg I love college ok, Oklahoma. Yeah, he was incredible man. He looked So real quick He Lost his job too – he didn’t look that good to me though a teller he won games. It’s all matters, bro It’s all a great pass and he didn’t look like he doesn’t Oklahoma. Yeah But he was getting the job done. But I mean Alabama quarterbacks are never anything dude agent mccarran’s winning mr. Winning This court may be nice baby. Nice. I’m caught down tastes nice. I think he saw He’s always concerned about his daddy beating him or something bro, I’m like hey So They need to win that game bro. They played to win a preseason game So that’s the attitude they’re bringing into this season. I think they’re gonna be in a lot of games. So start pledged to them I know a guy they got a decent runner Barry Josh Jacob Yeah, we told ya I like Josh Jacobs coming out of there. We got receiver wise. They got a Cooper right now Cooper’s Cowboys now Ya Know what sucks is he’s a talented guy and he was always stuck behind Keenan Allen in San Diego Smith tyro Williams Williams David, thank you. Thank you He’s a fast guy he’s got good hands They got Darren Waller. Who’s that tight engine? I was talking about it real quick like that rock out has more stuff he said two flat spots full PPR Terra Williams Cooper cup Duke Johnson or Singletary pick to Secretary and Cooper cook. So the homey says Singletary and Cooper cup. I’m actually gonna go I’m actually gonna go Tyrell me and cool because I don’t like Duke Johnson. I don’t know about singleton I would go to Tyrell wake up. The Giants are awful Singletary is the most talented back in that backfield But on the Giants though, no Singletary placement. Oh, oh, oh for this week So Singletary, okay instead of these and be friends though the Giants haven’t he sneaked the bills? Yeah. The bills is that’s The Giants again, I don’t want to repeat myself. They’re that good. Yeah, they’re almost as bad as Miami I believe Okay, and this is to the man I listen to me I said I said Sarah Williams a kook he said single time military Singletary cup, but Full pp art tower Williams is a fine play this week man. Kansas city’s defenses suspect as always That’s an offensive team and it’s gonna be fireworks. Oh, well, you’re not allowing a piece of that game And that’s the piece you have. I don’t I like Tyrone Williams because I remember watching him I had drafted him Lee. He was in he was With charges and he I thought he was good. I want to run a little ball to him. I understand it Yeah, and so now he’s getting his shot. That’s that’s kind of why Antonio Brown gone he’s a guy they’ve got a hunter Renfrew who they drafted out of Clemson and So who you thinking Game week. That is my game of the week. I think that’s gonna be a high-scoring game. Let’s go over under our points and now The 151 And you’re going over I am going to take the Actual – I Mean Kansas City their defense is always suspect. Yeah, they don’t want any read teams. Generally speaking. Don’t aren’t good D for them They’re not strong people. He’s never had even when in we had McNabb out there my boy yeah, they stood him good if you remember when I Was a Superbowl when the Patriots just shit on me. Yes green pastures. Yes, but kind of defensive quarter – screaming online. It’s a scream Gives an answer Chicago in Denver where you got Chicago? Yeah. Thank you for that You hate flat. Oh, I don’t hate. I don’t know man Ha ha ha DCD like oh, wow the therapist I’d be like, yeah, you guys have never seen like Oh goddess our second ring I respect him, but he’s not a good quarterback man. Never been a good quarterback. I Think he has that arm. I like I like Scott. Yeah, but you know what the problem is He doesn’t use it in the last two seasons. He’s throwing like six point four yards on Average is the deepest really. Yeah, like that is his depth of target. He’s they assume this is Ted. I Think it’s him. I think he’s getting old man Okay, so too much speed what my bears man Artie I really legitimate listen people be shitting on strabinsky I like to be ski to you so Last week was robbed man. It was about Blaming true Biscay and nobody was giving credit to the defense of the Green Bay Packers the defensive line look nice I don’t think they led in him run the office. You know, I think it’s his second. Yeah, he’s mine off his meds Driving the seniors townhomes that my home staffer And maybe this is well, you know, I got a nurse for you You liked your Biscay you guys took my third overall. You could have had Pat mahomes. Yeah, or you gonna head to Shaun Watson? Right now no, I mean listen look I think My okay my tails tails right? Yeah. May I ask my office if they sing all that isn’t translated into their phone Number I’m saying from a more realistic stamp and you don’t see a ton of Texas Tech cubies in the lead. So I Can’t fault them for that. I mean do I wish they were smarter? Yeah, how many UNC quarterbacks you seen but I will say I will say he was more Pro He looked more pro at that time the moisture Biscay had Like three games or not four games. I started once these under his bill right then I Was comfortable watching him when I saw his highlight tape and I watched him his gay. I watched a little bit his game So I felt could he look like he was comfortably he looked like NFL order back to me. I like travesty the shower Watson I think that was a wild card too because he was such an athletic quarterback and he did run a lot He was the first one to do it, okay, but but I didn’t had a knives I got now I don’t I don’t mind they did I think they’ve been used in knowledge. They had I think they wanted a good pocket quarterback I think they didn’t want another Jay Cutler who wasn’t that great in the pocket? So they found about the QB I did. I think he’s there. I think she’s gonna be fine Do you think they needed to trust him to run the office? I think I think my man Coach’s name love that guy. He’s good, Maggie I think I think he’s handcuffed him a little bit because he’s afraid to let him make mistakes. Here’s my thing We can go six two tendencies and I’m fine with it Let the boy get out there to his team and I’m throw the ball. Let him make mistakes I mean fumble let him do those things to get out of his system Every good quarterback needs to go through it And if you if you try to prevent that it’s like the kids met him. They got a scrape their knees and shit We know no they never gonna get you know So I think he’s gonna be fine personally and I like the Bears office and defense. What do you think they finish it? Yeah, I can’t argue with that I think that might gonna be good I feel like Kirk Cousins more than most people do Yeah, Kirk Cousins is fine. You know, what’s interesting though is he has like Like he’s all won three games against winning record team I’m taking Chicago home repeat. I do think Denver stays in the game I think there’s actually I don’t think it’s a close one, man No, you do get on blow mother water more offensive a look really bad. Nice. Joe Flacco is bad, dude I’m sorry. Okay, and we do have a really strong beavers That’s the man making it after me and uh last week everybody’s you know waiver wire darling was Cortland Sutton 125 yards and two touchdowns or something like that and Yeah, bye and get ready to be disappointed So appreciate that New Orleans and this is my gaming week New Orleans LA Rams Okay in LA in LA, okay I’ve got the Rams Okay Usually struggles when he’s not at home So they have a tough game against deshaun Watson who Texans these are going to be coming off a short week a team Yeah for sure I Don’t believe I don’t believe them They let the Panthers hang around. I don’t believe them. Yeah, I think their defense is good, but it’s not great Yeah, I think that um, I think Golf has almost too much off of the firepower listen, listen ourselves weird to say But sometimes I kind of feel like when you have so many good players And you’re a young QB like him you feel like you gotta hit everybody because you walk in that locker room and somebody’s not getting the ball and somebody’s going to issue because if you’re in the NFL you have the the type of personality where you’re A flea you want you wanna shine? You’re not there just so I just feel like maybe he has too much to do. You know, there’s too many choices He has to make and I don’t know that he’s great at disseminating information in my opinion He’s been good But I think he’s that girly who’s been awesome to back him up with a lot of cubies Aren’t they have to happy that making me running back dependent for the running back to? Draw folks in to open up the offense and I think he’s been very lucky to have that I think if you had a bad running back in there, he wouldn’t be as good of you. Yeah, I can see it man They’ve got a nice committee rolling right now Malcolm Brown scored two touchdowns last week who’s backing up Todd Gurley directly which is how you favorite aggurlie with it every Late-night, right. He’s like do you I’m here He might just be happy to take a rest as Max that’s fact so he got I got the ranch you got the Rams Yeah, the only you know The only x-pac for me is Alvin come here every time how the Camaro touch the ball against the Texans last week I thought okay, he’s gonna take it 75 yards to the house right now every single time bro. He’s electrifying you so tomorrow’s great They still got Michael Thomas. Yep And the defense is better. I saw a lotta more as a baller, dude I’m actually gonna go New Orleans on this and I feel like because ade this is a revenge game for them They man, they still mad Oh game in the last year. I mean Yeah, so they got bigger in they by Drew Brees is he’s a nice guy Blood like if you do something like that to him, he don’t forget it. He’s he has that chip on the shoulder So I imagine it’s gonna be them and clothes from the me is gonna be about the shootout But I think this is gonna come down to being between three and seven points. This is gonna be like a Type of game I’m actually gonna since always hang around little us is one of the best kickers and leave Alright so uh last game of the schedule Philly in Atlanta who you got It’s so tough for me man because coming to this offseason I was really high in Atlanta bro, they’ve got like Three games not they were handsome. They got like two or three games not in a dome this season and Matt Matt Ryan shines when he’s in a dome write me off to the integrated pissing me off because I had him with a fantasy quarterback and he is the most Inconsistent person on the face of planet. Yeah, he’s inconsistent. It’s garbage because some games dude Get him off the field man. Hey, I have a lot of issues Yeah, but that offensive line is bad and they lost Matt Ling strim The rookie guard that they drafted they lost him to IR to like a foot fracture, I think The nut cuts of lines bad Devonta Freeman really struggled last week the only person that really did well on the offense was Julio Jones What hey, yeah good for him Calvin Ridley he had a decent game when you look at the stat line They didn’t have a good game when you look at the whole picture He had like one or two catches at the very end of the game garbage time situation where it worked out for him You know what? I mean? paddock stats patty stats, so already shot Watson in Philly do you mean uh, Deshawn Carson Sean Jackson, I’m Joe Jackson’s a baller bro, and I don’t care what anybody ever says about that man, dude He’ll go out there. He’ll run fast and catch the deep on I Love everything I’ve see it’s nothing because it’s like a return this guy is like full circle and he’s bawling again Yeah, I love it, dude, and I like him too He’s a little bit of a punk but I like but I like a bigger midfield. I like a little bit of a punk I have a little of that like, you know, you know that I like that do ya feeling I got Phil? yeah, I believe in Carson Wentz I Don’t think he is Like you know what you think that’s it. I don’t think but I think he’s a winner and He’s definitely not in my opinion Hey This is he’s not a top five fantasy quarterback. I don’t think he’s ever gonna light up the the stat boards You know what? I mean, but uh, yeah a couple So this is what his fourth season He’s had a couple of seasons, but he did actually put up some pretty good points. Yeah, he’s ever mortar I’m more than like 43 yards. Yeah, and I don’t think he’s ever thrown more than 30 He doesn’t those deep balls a lot too, which is interesting. Maybe is the shine of all this could be the year though Yeah, awesome. Jeffrey’s still got it, man. I was mad when we let him go. I think they should have kept him I didn’t understand that at all right that that bugged me a lot because he makes so think about some receivers uni possession receivers Who’s that third and ten give him a 12 yard pass to Harvard you need and he’s that guy That bugged me a lot But okay, so we’ve gone through the schedule. So I’m gonna run through the picks again real quick. I want to do after this I’m gonna get into our fantasy lines just weak I think that’s a good thing we should touch on and then we’ll talk about a few other things and we’ll wrap things up, but Let’s see here. So You took since II I took San Francisco. We both took the charges. We both took the Vikings We both took Tennessee. We both took north New England that those are kind of easier Roughed up Buffalo we both took Pittsburgh We both to Dallas we both to Baltimore. We both took Houston we both took Kansas City, we both to Chicago you took the Rams. I took the Saints and then we both took Philly So yeah, if anybody’s watching and wants to know what the place your bets on we just hit you out for the bets All right. Let’s pick one of your teams man. Look the ladder for quick Why are you doing it I can get my pulled up. I don’t have one to choose from I’m just gonna go to my League I won in last week So in this league I drafted Pat mahomes last year in like a 14th round So I kept him at 13th ground value this year So that’s kind of been like my cornerstone, but I’m starting Pat mahomes against Oakland. I’m starting DeAndre Hopkins against Jackson They’ll have no fear of Jalen Ramsey cover and DeAndre Hopkins. I think John’s our Howkins the best wide receiver to leave You know, I’ve always liked Moved DeAndre Hopkins down based on height But he’s so good and every time I do that, I look so stupid because he just goes crazy. He does man, absolutely He’s like 511 You see what he was out in the field he was a Carolina thing he was telling to do it He wasn’t gonna playing – fantasy was like he was not a rookie or something – they should I play you I shouldn’t play I’m rolling out Calvert Lee because I don’t have a better option there John Brown, I’m rolling out against the Giants. I love Josh Allen’s arm talent and I love John Brown of that offense He had a really successful Yeah everybody I’m starting carry on Johnson Detroit running back against the Chargers. Ken Johnson good. I don’t know. I think he’s good, man You know what’s really frustrating to me is last is to watch her running back. Take the block Look like the best running back on the field And then this dude’s still bringing in CJ Anderson in the next play and it’s like stop it So the coaching is frustrating But I think you can stay with your guy here the charges weren’t that great against the run last week. We’ll see what happens I look for this to be a good bounce-back game I’m actually going to start mild Sanders over David Montgomery I’m in wait-and-see mode for David Montgomery. This is the same issue that I had with Matt Patricia and carry on Johnson CJ Anderson last week David Montgomery looked like the best running back on the field for the Chicago Bears, man and they kept rolling out. What the hell was that? that was I almost wanted to get him in the horn with Nagre know that his number I Was like Brody doing man I Don’t think my babies is terrible. I just don’t think he had anyone near that amount of care I don’t think he I guess I don’t know if this is true But I heard the commentators saying in that game that they were repeatedly saying Mike Davis was the best route runner in that backfield tarik hones amazing, dude Yeah you want to use to create if you want to use David Montgomery has the first and second run back and used to reclone as A third down pass catching back. I have no problem Addison. Tirico is great. He’s he in opinion He he’s not getting utilized away. And he’s a utility player. Yeah. Yeah, he’s not back like he’s not between the tackles, right? But he has outside speed when you talk about a third down and the Bears are in a lot of third and seven third intense situations third and forty I had the double chin separating My reading is good anyways, so I’m gonna be starting mouth Sanders instead of carry on jobs or a nossa carry on Johnson David Montgomery just cuz I’m gonna Wait and see mode for that backfield. Okay, Evan Engram. Okay, who is gonna go? Oh, I think it’s all good because the Giants are terrible do you got man? They’re so bad that I could I forgot about it. They’re so bad I forgot about them all I think about a sick one Barkley on my team heaven Ingram is a great tight end. And guess what? You know what? That means right he can’t run So all he gets is yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh that moves out there You should be back there don’t worry about that and what I really love about Nathan Ingram Is this season the Giants are gonna transition to daniel Jones? It’s just a matter of time and the tight end is a release valve Oh Big fat real quick Jackson Martin, what’s up, man? Glad to have you in here me get winds glad to have you in here We’re talking about a lot of fantasy stuff right now. The homie big lane law is a football expert. He’s giving you pigs She’s giving you he’s giving you his breakdown for his fantasy league this week. We’ve had a lot of good questions So you guys asked questions if you’ve got him Also hit the like button hit the subscribe button join us every week. We’ll be doing this on every Friday every Saturday we do it probably by the same time I 7 o’clock 7:30 we’ll hop on and we’ll get it poppin. So let us know if you’ve got questions now with the town what’s happening going? I’m sorry. Oh, it’s fine man. It’s fine. So I love everything room this match up. It’s gonna be say quantity. That’s it so are you right you made a good point about Daniel John people he has to get rolled out that I mean otherwise What are you doing? Yeah, that they’re bad franchise. Anyway, Podesta. Just come here I’m rolling. I will fuller against Jacksonville as well. It’s kind of the same deal. There’s something will fuller. He’s so inconsistent He’s injured like not all the time, but he’s he’s had a rough career. I think he is hyper talented. I think that he is Because I thought Littlefoot was nice too, but he just doesn’t pan running so fast that his hamstrings just break bro They just fall apart. He’s so fast, man. They’re like getting disintegrated in the back of his leg Hey, so homey me got winds got a question for you says do I start the Marberry APO Gio Bernard? That’s the first movie. I know the question follow. I got a little more Maurice or latavius Murray seriously I got a Taser and I’m thinking about if I play him but he said do I start the thaimee’s Murray a P&G? Ap a piece of starter in Washington Darius guys got placed on that. You don’t think Christophe is gonna cannibalize by this time – no well It’s the same deal man. It’s negative versus positive game scripts. And what is it hoping? What’s that mean? Because I don’t know that when a team is in the negative game script. It means that their game script game script They’re playing catch-up. Okay, so they’re passing the ball their know-how. Okay. I can’t run the poke a Watch is gonna be passing a lot this week I do which is why I think Chris Thompson Yes, but I’d still start ap over those guys. Okay, what’s wrong with Murray? I got him but uh last week He’s flexing him is it a me get wins this for a flexor is just for you are b1 or b2 spots What about you know loved your show make sense healthy, man All right, so we’ll get back to that so let us know me get wins where you’re putting these folks Jackson Martin has a question. He says beating Westbrook attacking TD Westbrook, yeah It’s tough because I loved D D in this offseason with Nick Foles because Nick Foles targets as large people there So we don’t know we’re gonna gardner minshew last week you like DJ shark a lot but So, who do they have this week? Oh my god, they’re playing Houston, yeah He says a good decent posture. So he’s done Barbie 2 for the table is a Piaggio starting my heartbeat – Hey Pete, I personally I don’t have the tabe use in my lineup, but I I’m thinking about putting them in there I don’t think a piece of Mia Bella. They’d be a good season I should Yeah, an AP is one of the Great’s of all-time I actually can’t seem to be wrong with that thing if you I don’t know I feel like this times when we get a lot of love in the pan. I love Chris Thompson. I’m starting him in this league But if you don’t have Chris Thompson, I’d started Pete Okay, so he’s saying going AP I can’t I can’t disagree with that at all. Did you get through you Lana? If you Jackson go with Dede Westbrook, yeah Wolf fuller I’m certain Marvin Jones and Chris Thompson, you know what I like I wish I’d address is Kenny. Got it. I Didn’t like the price on this season So in my league I’ve got Brady coming out I’m excited Feel like he’s gonna you know what they might do to piss me off and I wrote about a lot and I swear to god I’m gonna go find bill until They do I want passes up the field all game long. That’s all that should happen I got it kind of going I thought about actually because he was so bad lastly being about touches and I don’t love Seattle I don’t love anything about their team death And I think Big Ben and company need to have a comeback game and I think I think tom is pissed So I got Ingram going against the Cardinals. I think that’s a no-brainer. I died. I still got doodoo Smith out there Well, I don’t know man. I’m a little worried about you. I drafted him. Hi I’m not no I’m not I think that offensive lives offense last week was Being incredibly I don’t know why you would ever throw ten passes to die I sue got another question from the homie media window man. He says DeSean Jackson and Manuel Senate DeSean Jackson. Yeah Now That’s I would flex Emmanuel Sanders if that was my best option I don’t feel uncomfortable a manual center feel uncomfortable playing Courtland sudden, but Emmanuel Sanders is a great wide receiver man, and I Wouldn’t feel awful about it, especially because of the routes that he runs and Joe Flacco’s likes to do shallow targets Yes, that’s that’s good. That’s good in photo better. And that’s inside of your folks also If you if you’re joining us in the chat right now, please hit the like button. We got seven people watching We got three likes black button also man to subscribe but we’re gonna be at this every week Saturday nights at 7:30 So the hungry Jackson Martinez Kylie mendler Tyler Marie or Cam Newton going forward Going forward comer. Okay, so sort of homie. Big Laidlaw Get as far away from Cam Newton as you were really low like I love big girls. I love Cam Newton Why are you so low obviously because man, he’s hurt and what concerns me more is the team’s lying about it Like, oh, it’s fine. He’s not fine man. He’s not ready to say Anything Okay So going back to the homey me got wins questions So he was saying that was his flex for DeSean or Emmanuel, but you saying run out DeSean. I like I love to Sean Jackson forever He’s my guy man. Hahahaha Forever. So, uh me get wind says his wide receivers a Keon Allen and Mike Evans, I think Don’t get hate right now. The Buccaneers good sir. People are concerned about Mike Evans because the book is attract. I know but he’s Cuz I got cuz I got OJ Howard. They miss Gabby Oh drop him drop Bruce Arians doesn’t target I done bro. I’m sorry That would explain this yeah It’s not it’s the last possible thought James was this draft. But Davis was that his had them they missed Mike Evans on touchdown in the first quarter Yeah, first quarter they missed Mike Evans on touchdown. Don’t get too concerned People are panic going a little bit and they’re trying to trade him off for cheaper. Don’t get too concerned Mike Evans will figure it out Chris Godwin is playing that Larry Fitzgerald rule from when Bruce Arians was running the Cardinals offense, but Mike Evans Isn’t that jump John Brown have like a thousand receiving the attention as I hear something? Okay, don’t get too concerned get into the rest of my lineup here. I got our Brandon cooks. I’m questioning this okay, because I got Fitzgerald and I’ve let Larry Fitzgerald forever. Okay, and I think he’s gonna give up he’s gonna get some pass that he’s looking some big guy He’s a great first year for all time. I Was Jerry Rice he died? No, but he always had hope in quarterbacks on time Okay, there’s an argument. Yeah, there’s material So, let me tell you to me ask you you ters Or should I go up his red eyeshadow cooks cuz I was thumbing reading says cook Sorry, Bob gaming or targeting more but I can’t have fit squall for those 20 points. You’ve been cooked. Okay, he’s gonna be covered by Mad apple what’s this person named EJ EJ Apple. What is he like Eli? Oh, yeah didn’t cover Betty. What happened? Okay, I Remember him? Okay, all right, well I was gonna stick with cooks anyway Cuz I’m trying to just write my line about I’m gonna get rid of J Howard because you don’t get too cute Okay, Allen Robinson born in Chicago me leave him there cuz I believe I love Allen Robinson. He’s banned He was the best part of that Ferris game, man He had like say oh, yeah, because 407 yards or something like that I got the Rams D against North I might need to make a move on man That might be dirty and I’ll have another diamond so that might be something habits and then I got Justin Tucker I love didn’t touch. There’s a kicker Sorry, if the stream is laggy brought us the Internet. We got a storm out here and we’re Arizona man It is what it is. But I know the tapie’s Murray on my bench and I got a Fistula the two players in my bins tonight Randall carpets had a good game, but I can have my bitches well balanced I mean he is they are playing the Redskins which I feel like might open him up for some opportunities But I thought that they got a pretty good receiving four out this yeah Yeah, I would wait to see on rental car yeah, yeah by him, you know by ni driven who don’t haven’t believed in Randall Cobb since like Yeah, alright, let’s move along here I’m actually closed his music straight mouth since the stream is lagging so bad there and I want Folks is in here trying to show us some love. I want to make sure that we ain’t got too much going on Let’s talk sleepers this week Sleepers talk sleeper so I got a couple of pages pulled up from various websites I’ll run through those and then if you have a comment we can Talk about it. So Josh Allen you loved us. I Have drafted Josh Hollan in two separate leagues as my QB one Wow my and in fact my only quarterback on my team Wow, yeah. I am a proponent of the late quarterback Strategy, okay. Generally, there’s well. Okay. There’s thirty two starting quarterbacks, man. I’m sorry I just I like to get to questions the folks have a rockin what if DD Westbrook if you said D D Westbrook for wide receiver – should I put Ted Ginn a B or kiki cootie and my Flex I don’t know. Is that right? Oh, yeah I would put I Guess Ted Ginn in that situation a B. I don’t think is gonna play this week Yeah, I don’t think yeah You mentioned that a bishop said not He says he saw it’s time when the offense and that he did that with the who they grabbed last year Maybe was Josh Gordon. I thought he was gonna play early and I put him in like the soon as I had Yeah, he definitely did So that’s rough man, and I’m that’s a rough situation You made a repeater – you know, I remember okay, I guess I would play Ted Ginn It’s just a shot in the dark man King. Hootie’s coming off an injury. Okay, and he’s also a Producer he I mean look, he’s awesome. But he’s hurt. He was always her and it’s it’s actually depressing because when he was healthy He was like a 2 or 3 game stretch where he was healthy last season. Oh, he was great so that’s what the whole new uh You can possibly monitor the health situation of kiki if it gets a full clear full participant Plan, but so so to answer your question and kiki is healthy 100% Are these 80% I would guess yeah roll with him if they Say they’re gonna roll them out, right? I would roll enough. Yes, Sophie. So Kiki’s playing go Kiki If not going take in a be I don’t I think you’re right. I don’t Right. Okay. Sorry you were talking with other sleepers. We were talking Josh. I understand you that’s 32 quarterbacks in the league what are you ranking because you’re like Don’t hit me. I think he finishes a top 10 fantasy Wow, he had a good week one Buffalo, huh? And you know, why man because for every ten yards or the quarterback runs, it’s a point Where as for every 25 yards, they threw they say be gonna play. Where is he saying that he’s in the play? That’s what the Jackson and me get wins. The two folks that are pretty responsible. I’ll show him with Sandy’s claims Did that just happen? that reporters reported it and that just happened like since we’ve been live or what what I say and rap before just Reported it may be without the album Plays out. It may be he’s out there running out there. Yeah, because they gonna be able throwing the ball I haven’t been watching like the newswire write this again. Yeah, you know and it is probably pretty recent a fellas or I’m sorry Why don’t y’all could be women? I don’t beat But it was at a recent thing. It sounded like an Arab or just came out that report But yeah, maybes planet run him out run him out big time The Brady is looking this child. You know Brady told me to stay in his crib. I want an eddy in my crib I don’t wanna be reversing with the rape No, I wouldn’t want them there for anything. You stay in my doghouse No, I know so Josh, Alan is your hot take to be a top 10 quarterback deshaun I think he finishes a top 10 fantasy quarterback this year. Okay. I’m not saying Okay, let’s go back to the But I especially like him this week against the Giants and Jensen trash been saying it all night yeah, you know you don’t like them as a christophany Okay. So this is what happened making the trip expect to play will be a fascinating situation watchin Terry O’Brien is making the trip to Miami He’s playing Play yeah, finally I find that question. I think he’s gonna play dough I don’t see why they wouldn’t run him out there. Let him make mistakes. You got Brady. You got a garbage team It’s not going to cost you a lot if he messes something up for sure Chris Thompson, I love him this week the Redskins are gonna be negative game script I think both They said he in 2018 he finished second on the team with targets when Washington is trailing and they’ll probably be trailing and when he’s healthy He’s great dude. It’s just I got to shower him out. Yeah, absolutely are you in a James Connor and I got a 1/2 1 PP. Oh Yeah, you know what? I got James Conner and I got an Ingram know I could run them into flex But I got Robyn sitting there at the Flex Take a look Tell me what you wish the darts are. Oh So Okay, well maybe I would yeah it’s starting over That sucks, dude, yes situation. All right, that’s tough because I think marketing rooms in the ball out I’m not taking out you I think he’s gonna I mean, he’s in Arizona He should be able to have at least a touchdown. If not more. Yeah, leave it as this man. I think what’s gonna happen is Yeah, like I said, they’re gonna be negative Graham’s game scrip they’re gonna be passing that ball on Chris Thompson is the throwing out the backfield Terry Maclaurin to wide receiver for the time with chlorine name was good for the Well fellas if you feel like a be thankful my babies playing run ad out. That’s not even a copy You need to monitor that because all he’s saying is he’s expected to play so last minute it comes out that he isn’t playing and you’re asleep because you You still get you season they got Gio Bernard is just think this week I don’t like that man No I mean He might come in and relieve mixing a little bit depending on how the ankles feeling but make some practice a full on Friday So yeah pads on L depends on fire, but he packed was for weekly breakfast. Yeah. Yeah. No Friday he came back to practice he was resting that ankle, but I like mixing man and I You think he’s only the lion’s share to carry though. I mean, he’s still kind of nursing an ankle injury Yeah, he’ll say the last year. Okay, so he’s so so so humble a law saying. Oh don’t don’t buy a Geo juice He can’t make keV I’m assuming that they’re going off the Steelers DB situation for that. So who says? Based on this measured me. I wanted a big one in a DK 31 percent overall target share for the sale sales Okay, three percent high-yield target. I don’t know that means but that’s a Magnetic deep passes. Okay. Um, the problem with that is is they threw 20 times so he got thirty percent of twenty So the sample sizes dogs, you know So he took thirty percent of 20 targets I like him but I don’t like only percent twenty six seven I don’t like rookie wide receivers. Why not the routes? Wide receiver for whatever reason transitioning from college the NFL always has the hardest time to make that transition So, of course every once awhile, you’ll see a fantastic rookie wide receiver of season But the percentages that of those are much smaller than the rest reg action and DK coming out of college He had stiff hips. His hands were a little questionable Fibs, that’s truly some Scout stuff. Yeah, I don’t know Some of the worst times ever for like the shuttle routes Wow Yeah stiff his but I mean he ran a 4-3 and he saw each other like disrespect the girl you hipster spin Yeah, I mean he’s a freak but Okay, all right, so you’re not buying a DJ kit make em juice I mean Just like Calvin Ridley last season Calvin Ridley has like a three touchdown game, you know I mean that could happen at any time in the season but over the longevity like of the season Doesn’t happen as often. Yeah, it’s not gonna happen as often for James Washington from V Steelers. I like this. Tell me why I don’t know anything about this man James, Washington Was drafted last year. Mm-hmm. I Don’t know enough about him But I mean, he was I know he was highly time to come out of college not only first-round talent or anything But anyways that no But I know that the Steelers were really happy about your afternoon You might be making more throws those guys anybody else daunting hunk. We took He dropped half of them if not more I mean that was the worst he didn’t want to hit him in the chest I’m like kids do it, you know like when the ball is coming today, they can’t receive it was good kids Let it come in HSN to like this. You know, he did that. I’m like, what are you doing? Yeah So I just I think they’re gonna try to change up that offense and James Washington has been there for two years now They’re gonna roll him out get miss chance. I like it I mean I wouldn’t roll him out because I like to monitor that situation. I would roster him. Okay, you just have my weeks wait Danny Amendola Lions Cardinals are a bad defense man. So I think people looking a little too hyped I think he’s out there in a lot of leagues too. Yeah, he is out there you can get him I think he’s a good slot wide receiver. But I don’t he is dependable for those touchdowns every single week He had that one big touchdown that really put his points over the top It’s a he’s gonna put a golden tail roll which I can easily see that they’re similar and that’s possible, but I think it’s much more likely that it is a Julian Edelman rule where it’s consistent and It’s good points, but it’s not explosive, right? She’s man You’re not putting him in to win a game things that putting him in get you what you need the eight to make another one if you have DeSean Jackson and big play guys, and then you’re like, okay I need a little bit stability on my roster you throw Danny Amendola in there? But at the same time I’m on that situation cuz Danny window has been illegal long time and he’s never done that Yeah, and he had the benefit of mr. Brady. I don’t know I just feel like in that offense if you can catch the ball, you’re gonna do I Super sleeper super sleeper cold Beasley and it only six percent of ownership in the a movie. Yeah. I find interesting It’s interesting to watch But I don’t see it man. He didn’t get enough of the targets to be a PPR value in standard leagues It’s a no-fly zone man Don’t even think about him insanity because he’s not gonna catch a touchdown PPR leagues is where a guy like this holds value because he’s gonna get targets but Unfortunately, he didn’t even get enough targets to be a value in PPR Yeah, I don’t see cold Beasley doing doing a ton I think he was one of these fast in the pen and I don’t see you know, he’s a rapper Kobe’s the I’m checking it out. Yeah. Check it out a nice. He’s not that. Okay. I’m checking that though Beasley, right? I mean I’ve heard worse bro you See my shotgun at boos. Oh, yeah Da-rae, oh well that game already happened in your trash And I got another list appear just to go over it real quick there’s only a few in this list Oh Darryl Wallace you talk about him. Oh, yeah. I love Darren They got Kansas City and you can they got a bad defense against I’m talking about I talked about him Langston the game break did tan abort Yes, I like teleport comes back this week John Ross had such an over-the-top game and what’s crazy is us as fantasy players if you’ve been playing fast A few seasons like when John Ross came out and he broke that 40 times four to eight he ran Wasn’t he? No, no Tamra what’s he directed by John Brown John Rose. That’s a jump run. No Graham okay, John did general he’s gonna be But when he broke that we were all solving right? We’re all like oh my god This is the next deep threat guy and he didn’t show that but he was in Marvin Lewis is offense So this is a new head coach new offense and he looks to be utilized I think you tar he received like ten targets last week and he caught like a hundred or colleagues six or seven balls for a hundred sixty yards and two touchdowns, so It looks like everything we wanted to be, you know, I mean, so it’s a situation to monitor But at the same time Tyler Boyd had the most Tyler boy style. I never seen it was like eight for 60 yards Yeah, I actually have it written down. Yeah a double of it. I made note So real quick ello goes dead shouts for being here, man. Let’s hit the like button go and subscribe to page We appreciate you stopping through. He’s got a question for you Mark Ingram or Tyrell Williams in the Flex Mic marking room marking. Yeah, that’s it, Mike Morgan was easy, but They’re gonna be up. They’re gonna start running man. Yeah And then I think he said of John Ross to say he’s an Isis an NFL So hey, awesome being here ello goes dead. Everybody here tonight will be live every Saturday at 7:30 We’ll be doing this breaking down games. My homie. Big Laila is the I mean, I don’t know why you ain’t somewhere to leave Go get this money, man So anyway, okay. So you said Tyler Boyd is you bite it first Yeah I mean all it takes is in catching one touchdown every stoked man If this was 9 for 65 and a touchdown everybody finally so yeah, I look from the bounce back this week And then this list has leaked on it. I don’t understand this. I feel like that’s a start every week I don’t know where that conversation comes from. So, all right, let’s move along man. We have covered a lot and it’s been fantastic Sued us we got here. Oh Yeah, I guess we can just wrap up. We’ll talk about who you think is uh Okay, so I got a couple things on here I don’t know if you can answer these off the top but I was I had top fantasy man. I’m a top fantasy defense Okay, you know what I’m saying for me, but others we’ve talked about our top and some nachos. Yes we did my the defense this week is Let me know I can run to the games vineeth no, no. No, do you have yours? Yeah, do yours and explain why okay It’s gonna be fairly easy. So I’ll take my time. Okay? Yes speak slow. Hahaha. I think the Patriots defense is really good Okay, I do think So I think that last week Pittsburgh was bad But one thing I saw a lot of in that secondary was they were knocking balls loose so they were bringing them in outside Dr Marvin he’s garbage But they were catching passes that the Patriots Phebe’s were just knocking to the floor after they caught him and they did that Consistently and so I think they’re relieved I’m adding all Belichick team to what coach they don’t get a lot of penalties but I think that their defense is way better than anybody really realizes and I think that they’re gonna go early and I think they’re Gonna just sit on the ball and they’re gonna get picks. I think they didn’t get a lot of points You got the pictures defense this week. I think you’re doing okay. Yeah, I think you are too Man yeah, pull four games from man this embarrassing. It’s crazy the hobby. He said so a couple days he just do eligos Dad is making some points. He said Ross when I draft and all his leagues, which is really interesting. Yeah, that makes sense And then as we as fantasy players, don’t trust him. It’s been a rough three years people have been drafting He hasn’t done anything and then he said I Colby’s got a nice flow in the league Now you Said that’s why I do that. Yeah, sure questionable your under questionable or people that are out Yeah, for sure. Sorry check this out. Let you know who’s not playing this week This is for me. You know, one of my biggest failures in fantasy Bar None is missing this stuff Yeah having somebody get me a zero because I wouldn’t be the best Attention it hurts and a lot of the times this stuff will come out. You just got to be aware You know I mean a Lot of it happens close to the games that I got to be painted to now to be paying attention You got to behave and you have to be able to pit it, right? so that’s why I always say like your morning guys play them in your morning positions man, even if it’s not their top Even if it’s not what is that? What do you mean Susan brown times? Excuse me? I’m not even wearing position your your regular position So like if you have a guy playing in the morning game and you have them your Flex spot move them to that running backs Run moving to that wide receiver spot Just so that these afternoon guys You might be able to drop in those flex positions if they end up getting hurt. You can pivot man You know what? I mean, you can change it to there’s more options for you to change marching out you know, you got like extra analysis you develop a Fella but some of the notable questionable is Joe Mixon. I think he’s gonna play he practiced on Friday seems like a full participant You think he’s long at the ball? I don’t think there’s no play Yeah, he’s a good running back and I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t just give him the ball man I know that a couple days ago. There was a little bit of a scare with levy on bail with a shoulder MRI Everything’s all clear man. It was a precautionary MRI making sure that there was no damage and there wasn’t so he’s gonna be fine Marking room with his shoulder. He’s gonna be fine Marquise Lee I guess he has a knee injury he’s gonna be out, but it doesn’t really matter to me man Gardner Minshew has taken over at quarterback syndrome in chief. I like that name Yeah, six around rookie looking for the you know, he’s from but I have no idea man But he’s a six round rookie, we’ll see you know, I mean, that’s a wait and see situation See who’s gonna like to target? But Marquis Lee it doesn’t matter man. I think Marquis leaves trash Antonio Brown y’all are Tommy’s gonna play I was gonna say none injury out healthy scratch, but if they’re saying he’s gonna I told you they might be another decoy. We’ll see what happens man Pat mahomes had a little bit of ankle issue after the last game you can be fine. He’s gonna play juju he had All right, let’s wrap up top your top defense. It’ll be gonna run through these games for me real quick. San Fran is cincy Charges at the Lions Vikings at oh my top defensive in, Tennessee Because I got to get the band’s ladder that ain’t met ain’t gonna work. Yeah Saxon takeaways or what’s worth points? You know what I mean? So yeah Buffalo against the Giants I’d roll that out Dallas Washington, I’ve run that out Dallas and you know what I would be willing to run the Ravens defense against the Cardinals Ravens one of the best defense

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