Behind the scenes of the vs SK football match. Round 31

Behind the scenes of the vs SK football match. Round 31

biceps isn’t Kokorin. Snax isn’t Kerzhakov. There is no team in the world better than! We are at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne. In a few hours SK Gaming and will fight here for the title of the best football players in Counter-Strike. Well done, Ivan! Close enough. The other team in black is It’s Russia’s oldest esports organization founded in 2003.’s line-up is: Number 8 is Filip Kubski aka NEO. Number 11 is Wiktor Wojtas aka TaZ. Number 9 is Robert Lewandow… Oops, that was a record for the Champions League. Janusz Pogorzelski. Number 10 is Jarosław Jarząbkowski. Snax is attacking! He can make a kick. Snax! 1:1! Oh! Such incredible strength and an incredibly accurate kick! We were discussing with all the specialists… Attack! coldzera! Coldzera evens out the score. 1:1! The bleachers have become active. Initially, it was… Snax! It was a brace! Snax! Janusz! Janusz! Look at me! Ladies, he has looked at me! Janusz is just incredible! It was the second time after a throw-in. He throws the ball with a heel, receives it. Great wall! And he kicks the ball over the goalkeeper. felps has taken on the field. felps! It was dangerous! The goalpost saves them, and… Two! Ankle-guard? Yes, it’s ***ed. Are you done now? It’s upsetting. I wanted to score a goal but failed. It’s okay. Maybe next time! VP will manage to do it without me. Or not? 4:3. What a move by them! pashaBiceps in defense… And it’s the fifth goal! Look at this! Look what’s happening! And this person, TheSlaSH, who, probably, has just turned the tables. SK Gaming have shown an incredible improvement by the end of the game. Amazing! It’s the last minute of the game. We can see them argue with the referee. That’s it! It’s time for us to tell you goodbye and turn it over to Sebastian. Thank you, friends! Stay safe! Done! — Great! Thanks a lot! — Thank you.— It was really fun. Thank you. In my opinion, it was really good, without interrupting. — And lively! We spoke really well. Thank you very much, v1lat! The thing that you always fear a little bit before reportage in pair hasn’t happened here. Thanks a lot!

34 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of the vs SK football match. Round 31

  1. Отличная игра, как для фаната СК, это была та еще карусель эмоций!

  2. Клевый матч получился, спасибо организаторам. Отдельный респект "Лебедю" и Вилату – шикарный комментаторский дуэт.

  3. отличный матч,отличные команды,отличные комментаторы,спасибо всем за этО!

  4. ВП в полном составе а из СК только Фаллен остальные про футболеры чтоли?

  5. Футбольчик, мальчики походят на качков,
    Игра в ножички плавно переходит на улицу,

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