Beginner Goalkeeper Training: Basic Foundations of Goalkeeping

Beginner Goalkeeper Training: Basic Foundations of Goalkeeping

Hey guys today We’re going to look at the journals and techniques that I focus on with my beginner goalkeepers the beginner goalkeepers need to know a few [things] in Foundation techniques so we Need to make sure that our beginner goalkeeper knows that they need [to] get in the keeper ready position and make sure what a keeper ready position is Correctly you want to be down on a squat with [your] actual Palms pointed towards the other player you want to make sure that you’re on the tip of your toes So to practice this I make sure my keepers practice going up and down and actually practice Shuffling just in the same position in the keeper ready position You need to make sure that you have the keeper ready position down pat I will not take a goalkeeper out to the field if he’s not ready with his keeper ready position The next thing that I like to do is make sure my keeper can run and get set in the keeper ready position as fast As possible so I set up two cones and make sure that he can run and stop right on The actual cone and get into the keeper ready position with his bowl set with his body centered with the ball [you] always want to make [sure] that your body is centered with the ball and let your [downloa] on your toes you want to make sure that your hands are down Low because it’s much easier [to] pick up your hands than to drop them down The next step I make sure all my keepers work on is shuffling shuffling is how we’re going to get to the ball Just like I said keep a ready position is the most important thing in goal keeping when you’re shuffling You’re actually moving and keep a ready [position] What this does is gives a keeper a much better chance to react to a soccer ball and get in the right position? While he’s moving so to do this, I always make sure that I’m doing one big step followed by another step But I’m never crossing my feet if you ever cross your feet while you’re shuffling You’re not going to be able to dive never cross your feet just practice shuffling quickly get your body low to the [ground] get your butt low to the ground and Practice shuffling not only is it going to get your leg muscles much stronger It’s also going to get you ready to get to the soccer Ball whenever you need to After we get our keeper ready position and shuffling down We want to make sure that our keepers know that we’re never going to dive backwards if you look at diving backwards, you knock Get the right angle [you] want to get the most angle to push the ball forward Or around the post if you go backwards towards the goal the ball is going to bounce off your hand and still bounce into the goal You want to make sure that you’re always? Stepping forward and stepping into the save and stepping and diving forward you want to push the ball forward Never go backwards so [after] my keeper has learned this and understood this I make them do a quick Step into the ball I just want them to get used to stepping forward just quickly shuffle your legs and step forward as if you were going into a Full-fledged dive you just want to [practice] getting used to stepping into the soccer ball You really want to make [sure] that you can step into that ball Now that we have what I believe are the two most important steps in goal keeping for beginners We need to make sure that we know how to dive a dive is very easy And you just need to know what your body needs to do for the dive the first thing that we were practicing is our keeper Ready position to our lunge once we get to our power step our lunge you want to balance on One foot Step and actually reach your chest [over] the foot that’s stepping forward and swing [your] back leg around When you swing your back leg [around] and when you’re stepping over your body you’re producing that energy and inertia to swing your body up And over towards the soccer Ball and a huge thing for young goalkeepers is Holding the ball at the first time it’s very hard for your goalkeepers to get a good hold So there are two ways to hold the soccer ball There’s the first way which is the w position you just put your hands in the w and then the second way Which is my preference the diamonds you just make your hand into a diamond And you always want to get your hands on top of the soccer ball getting your hands on top of the soccer Ball will give You the control that you need if you do end up Missing the ball or not being able to hold it you can throw it straight back [down] and catch it back on the rebound Always make [sure] [that] you’re catching the ball in the Air at the highest point With your hands on top of it never make sure that never have your hands pointing towards the actual player But have your hands pointing down pretend like you’re playing a piano? When my keepers do catch balls I want to make sure that their hands and our They’re outstretched to the farthest point and that we’re catching the ball at the highest point possible Not only is catching the ball at the highest point the safest thing to make sure that you’re getting the ball before a striker can Tap it with his head. It’s also the best way to hold the soccer ball You want to make sure your hands are? Outstretched and that you’re really getting a strong hold on that soccer ball if your hands are any closer to your chest and you do What we call T-Rex hands, you’re gonna bobble the ball, and it’s going to actually fall down in front [of] you Or you’re just not [going] to be able to get a good hold So to make sure my keepers are practicing catching the ball with their hands outstretched and with their hands on top of [the] ball I just
[make] sure that you throw the ball at the ground [you] catch it when it’s bouncing up and you practice either the w form or The Diamond Form just make sure getting your hands on the soccer ball and doing a nice strong hold Hey guys, thank you for watching the first part of my goalkeeper foundation training [this] is all about beginner [goalkeepers]. So if you’re training a young goalkeeper, that’s just starting out This is what you want to show them This [is] what you want to pay attention to it’s all about foundation and technique make sure you start with [foundation] and technique reflexes and the big saves come with practice After but make sure we always start with a good foundation Of soccer and of goalkeeping technical goal keeping is the best goal keeping thank you guys so much [for] watching the video My name is Alberto If you did like [it], please click like if you haven’t subscribed already, please subscribe if you know someone that’s [looking] for goalkeeper training Please tell them about the website. I love to get new [Subscribers]. Thank you guys so much, and I’ll see you guys again very soon

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  1. 90 % is good every coach likes different set hands and different feet always love them to catch than parry

  2. I don’t like the low hand set possision because what if there is a high shoot over your solder. Depending on the pace you probley will not save it

  3. would you be so kind to give me subtitle on the video?
    I am Indonesian.
    I can't understand your language.
    My listening skill is bad.

    thank you

  4. Hello! I am a female and am 5 ft 1 inches. I currently play u15 Intertown and our old keeper graduated to u19. I like to play goalkeeper for fun and would like to approach my coach about being the replacement keeper. I practice my diving and skills at a local park. My diving and positioning is decent. I can reach the upper portions of the goal. Do you think my coach will care about my height? There are no other trained goalkeepers on my team, but have filled in due to a lack of one. Should I step up?

  5. You should not have your palms pointed toward the player. Because when someone kicks the ball to your face the action is too long from having your hands the that low

  6. I was an amazing soccer player about 4-5 years ago and had to quit because of migraines. Now that I wanna start playing soccer again because i'm on medication, i've lost practically all of my goalie skills. I wanna be on my school soccer team, but it's so hard to get on the team because all of the players play for travel teams. So I have until February to get my skills back and come back strong. Wish me luck 😩

  7. Thanks man like you have no idea yesterday u listened to you and today I'm the best goal keeper in the whole grade thanks

  8. I am a good keeper and play for a good team and you get 10 pounds and if you save 10 you get 100 quid and you don't have to go free

  9. hi, ive just started training as a goalkeeper. i just wanted to know how to not get afraid of not getting the ball shot at my face. im mostly afraid of 1v1, since im afraid they will shot me in the face. what should i do?

  10. I am currently at the hull city academy and I have been taught to hold my hands a bit higher as having your hands that low is meaning it will take you longer to get up to the high shots.

  11. I love your videos keep it up ! Iam a 9y GK and iam starting a youtube channel – Hugo gk ,

  12. I had a goalkeeper coach that told me how to catch the ball differently

    He told me to get my hands behind the ball and then once you have control bring it to your chest and bend over it to protect it.

  13. when you are setting at your keeper position why do you move your legs? this is not right. better stay without moving. also please take a look at my keeper's training and give me some feedback

  14. I’m u11 thinking of changing to a goalkeeper from a mid and striker I’ve played in 5-6 travel games as a keeper do u think it would be good to change

  15. I’m not a beginner, I watch this for extra info. One time I did have to dive backwards. The player ran into the 16 and I came out and he shot incredibly hard, I jumped kind of backwards and hit it with my fist. The force would be so insane if I dove forward. It really depends on the situation tho. But 9/10 times the forward dive is better

  16. I’m 12 and I’m my second year of keeper, my problem is I come out of the goal but I struggle when it’s really important. I forgot to come out

  17. Thank you so much this video really helped me to learn how to dive and was great help for my firends as well! Thank you so so much

  18. I am the goalkeeper too, supposedly I can play in academy teams in my region doesn’t matter that I became a GK by myself and learnt the GK basis without the help of instructors.For that all players and friends know me as a good GK and I have no PRO or even academy goalkeeper training in my town for my age by the way…I am good but I realise that my experience is as for the beginner not the academy yet…

    With the already learnt GK basis I am going to improve myself and to stay the PRO in the future (16 y.o) 🙂

    Thanks for the vid! It’s gonna help me more!

  19. This is so useful, ive been playing soccer my whole life dont know the first thing about goalie lol , this is going to be great to help my 12 year old nephew . thanks!

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