Beach Volleyball Blocking Tips – How and When to Drop

Beach Volleyball Blocking Tips – How and When to Drop

Hey what’s going on my name is Maddison
McKibbin here with MCKB volleyball and today I’m going to talk about three
steps that will help improve your dropping as a blocker So the three steps
to effective dropping, is for one, recognizing the set. Two, dropping footwork. And three squaring up in preparation for the hit. As a blocker dropping off the
net is just as an essential skill to have as blocking itself. So for the first step,
is recognizing the set. The most common mistake people make is to drop after
they see a bad pass assuming that the set isn’t gonna be good. DO NOT DO THIS EVER! As blockers we need to stay at the net
until the ball is set, and then judge whether we should block or not. We do this because even if the pass is bad, the setter might be able to put up a hittable ball for which we have to stay at the net to block. So unfortunately I can’t give
you a definitive answer of what sort of set you can drop off of, or if the set is
X amount of feet from the net, because it depends on so many factors. You know, such as can your attacker hit from off the net? You know, is the sand shallow, or is the sand deep? Is it windy? Is your hitter more of an attacker or more of a shooter? So these are just some of the variables, but this is when your own trial and
error will come into play. So the next step is dropping footwork. So for the
purpose of this video we’re gonna assume that the blocker is blocking line and
dropping line. After we have seen the set, and decide that we’re actually dropping off the net, we’re gonna turn our inside foot to the big part of the court. So after we drop that foot our hips are gonna be perpendicular to the net and we’re gonna run similar to how a cornerback would guarding a wide receiver. We’re essentially running sideways as opposed to backpedaling because running sideways allows us to cover more ground in that short period of time as compared to if we were to backpedal. All the while, and I can’t
stress this enough, our eyes never leave the hitter. Now the last step to dropping
is, squaring up back to the hitter. So right before the hitter
contacts the ball, we want to square our hips back towards the hitter so that our
hips are parallel with the net. We want our hands at our chest as opposed to our
sides, to dig the hard driven ball. So, we’re usually dropping when the hitter
is off the net, so the trajectory of the ball, the majority the time will come at our
chest and even our face. And if your hands are down you might not have time
to react to this, or this, or even this… Finally, right as the hitter contacts the
ball, with our hips square, we want to have our feet stopped. Having our feet
stopped allows us to change direction easier to play the short shot and the
long shot. All right I hope you enjoyed it. That was three steps to improve your
dropping. Now if you have any questions or want to see more videos on blocking,
please just put them in the comments and if you want to see more MCKB
volleyball videos just subscribe to our channel. Alright thanks!

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  1. Another good video guys! Thanks for making things short and understandable. I look forward to all of your new videos and have seen an improvement in my game since I started watching them. I really like the skill videos but in all honesty, I seem to have benefited the most from you videos on mindset, focus, and belly breathing etc. so far. Hoping to put the skill videos into practice also.

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