Baylor Football Fixing the Run Game 9 pm


I’m really disappointed to be quite honest in the offensive line play, the tight end play which to me falls back on our o-line coach, our tight end coach, and our head coach. That’s how I look at those things and I know that’s how our coaches feel MATT RHULE NOT MINCING WORDS THIS WEEK AFTER BAYLOR RUSHGED FOR JUST 124 YARDS ON SATURDAY AGAINST RICE… A MAJORITY OF THOSE YARDS… 68 TO BE EXACT COMING FROM CHARLIE BREWER, JOSH FLEEKS AND CHRIS PLATT… THE OTHER 58 CAME FROM THE TRIO OF JAMYCAL HASTY JOHN LOVETT AND TRESTAN EBNER, BAYLOR OBVIOUSLY NEEDING MORE OUT OF THOSE GUYS AND THE OFFENSIVE LINE… IN ORDER TO REALLY UTILIZE ALL THE WEAPONS THE BEARS HAVE ON THE OFFENSIVE SIDE OF THE BALL… 00-06 06-end “you also want to find a way to run it and I don’t think we were diverse enough in the things that we did, we didn’t win the blocks when we had them, we didn’t win the blocks in the perimeter, we just didn’t play as well as we need to so and we didn’t run the ball well the week before so we have to just get back to our fundamentals but mainly into our mindset you know our mindset has to be ‘Hey we’re going to find a way to run,’ we have good receivers, we can run and we have a good quarterback. If we can run the football with the great backs that we have then we become a much more difficult team to defend and so that’ll be our focus this week.” NOT MUCH HAS GONE

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