Basketball Stars Who Are Really Weird People


NBA action, it’s fantastic! That’s one of the league’s old catchphrases
from the 1980s, and it still rings true today. In addition to being fantastic to watch, action
in the NBA can also get pretty strange, especially once the players leave the court, the crowds
go home, and the lights in the arenas are switched off. Here’s a rundown of the league’s most peculiar
players, along with a few retro ballers who helped set the bar when it comes to NBA eccentricity. Whether they’re playing now or have since
retired, these basketball stars can be really weird people off the court. Offhand remarks Russell Westbrook has spent his career playing
point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he’s also demonstrated some truly peculiar
habits. That’s one of the reasons the New York Times’
Sam Anderson described him as a “misunderstood genius” in a 2017 profile. Anderson noticed that Westbrook writes with
his left hand, but shoots hoops with his right. Ambidexterity isn’t all that odd, but Westbrook
became angry when Anderson noticed this while he was signing a stack of documents, telling
him, “Don’t put that in your article.” When Anderson jokingly tried to strike a bargain
with him, the point guard said “You don’t get to bargain with me”, and then cursed at
him. According to Anderson, “He added a curse word
with so much venom it made me laugh out loud.” “Are you upset with something?” “I just don’t like you.” Give Peace a chance The memorably-named former NBA star Metta
World Peace was anything but peaceful during much of his NBA career. After a 2003 loss to the Knicks, the player,
formerly known as Ron Artest destroyed a $100,000 TV camera and a monitor in Madison Square
Garden. The camera’s lens alone reportedly cost $60,000. Years prior, the small forward also decided
to get a job at Circuit City during his rookie year in the league. It’s not like he was hard up for cash, coming
off a season that netted him a $1 million salary. According to him, “I was bored. I was partying a little bit too much. I was trying to find ways to stay grounded. […] So one of the things I did was apply
for a job at Circuit City.” Also, “Because he wanted to be able to get the employee
discount.” World Peace didn’t exactly work his way up
to management at the company, though. In fact, he only worked a single shift. Obsession, by J.J. Redick J.J. Redick likes to stay organized. Really, really organized. The shooting guard meticulously plans his
naps, his sock selection, and his meals. His rigid pre-game routine includes eating
roasted chicken, a baked potato, asparagus or broccoli, and washing it all down with
a cup of coffee. While being profiled for the New York Times
in 2018, Redick discussed one disastrous occasion when his dinner arrived 20 minutes late. According to Redick, “It completely threw me off.” The team lost that night by 24 points, and
he missed ten of his 11 shots. Redick has said he follows the same pre-game
warm-up routine down to the minute, finishing off with a specific type of granola bar he’s
been eating for years. But his OCD doesn’t just apply to the court
– it plays into his whole life. At home, for instance, his closet must stay
organized with, quote, “military-grade precision.” “If you go in my closet right now, like everything
is lined up by type of shirt, type of shoe, color, brand. Shoes are the same way.” Redick seems to derive little joy from all
that extra effort. As he told the Times, “It’s exhausting.” The world according to Dennis Rodman No list of weird NBA players would be complete
without the man who inexplicably became the United States’ number one liaison to North
Korea. Before he started hanging around with Kim
Jong-Un and practicing “basketball diplomacy”, Rodman was widely considered one of the most
eccentric guys to ever play professional basketball. “I’m all of both worlds here.” During the 1996 off-season, the former power
forward announced he was getting married to an unnamed person. When his wedding day finally arrived, Rodman
rode around New York City dressed in a bridal gown, announcing that he had decided to marry
himself before attending a book signing for his first autobiography, Bad as I Wanna Be. Rodman’s other antics included dating the
equally eccentric Madonna, dyeing his hair every color of the rainbow, kicking a cameraman
in the crotch, and wrestling alongside Hulk Hogan in the WWE. He’s also spent part of his retirement years
working as the commissioner for the Lingerie Football League. On top of all this, Rodman has his trips to
North Korea, where he got so close to the nation’s secretive ruler that he was able
to call Kim Jong-un “a friend for life.” [Singing] “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday
dear marshall.” The sound of Chocolate Thunder Once upon a time, Darryl Dawkins made smashing
backboards with super awesome dunks a fairly regular habit. It was one of the things that helped him earn
the nickname “Chocolate Thunder.” “I was the greatest dunker of all time!” Dawkins’ monster jams helped push the league
to replace their fragile hoops with ones that had breakaway rims and shatter-resistant backboards. Dawkins’ exuberant personality and weird behavior
made him hugely popular in the 1970s. He gave his dunks names like “The Look Out
Below”, “The Yo-Mama,” “Or the Chocolate Thunder flyin’ glass flyin’
babies cryin’ glass still flyin’ rump roast bundt toast and thank you ma’am jam.” …and his favorite: “The Get-Out-of-the-Waying,
Backboard-Swaying, Game-Delaying, If-You-Ain’t-Grooving-You-Best-Get-Moving Dunk.” “Well, it’s uncalled for, you know? It didn’t have to happen, but that’s Darryl
Dawkins.” Dawkins passed away in 2015, but before he
left, the baller routinely claimed he was actually a space alien from “The Planet Lovetron,”
here on Earth to spread the gospel of what he called “interplanetary funkmanship.” “I was all of that, and a bag of chips. They just wasn’t ready for me.” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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