Baseball Trickshots2 | KAMIWAZA

Baseball Trickshots2 | KAMIWAZA

Hello! We are Kamiwaza Trickshots! Welcome to baseball trick shots 2!! Hello. This is Kamiwaza. Welcome to baseball trick shots 2!! Let’s go!!!!!! Can you catch my sky tornado cannon?? Oh my god! What a difficult ball!! I’ve got an idea! Head glove!! Out!!! Wow How? This is awesome! You did a great catch!! Is head glove amazing? You guys can try lol. * don’t try Hydro beam!! Goal!! Oh. It’s not a goal. It’s hit. hit to center ouch It hurts obviously Oh my god!! I really want to shoot for that basketball ring!! But this net is protecting No!! no chance I god you bro!! Bro. You can use this!! Yes!! Special move Snake counter I will be strong You can do this!! ouch. ouch. ouch. Where are you aiming It hurts!! I have been training for this!! Rebounder shot Kai That’s not good. What are you doing. No Wait a second wait What’s on your face? Where? Sweat? What is this? Insect? I see Curry bread you ate. lol You ate a little while ago Trick shot with curry bread. lol Bu… bunt!? Special move Bucket catch!! Out!! Yes!! What kind face is this? What? lol I will hit that invisible pin from here with this blitz ball Super curve Eh? It is not good at all Water fairy, please give me power!! Special move Water strike Strike!! What! ? Water balloon!? Gear water!! Aquaman Water-Water-Pistol Water-Water-Pistol Pistol Pistol Water-Water-Water Ok Hit that pin with batting first. And next Hit that pin with pitching! Double pin shot!! You did it This place close in 10 minutes What are you feeling? Awe and some Eh? I see. It’s Aweome. lol Thank you for watching If you like this video Please like and subscribe!! Thank you very much for watching video!! If you like this video, please like and subscribe Broken!? This is bat dance!! Gear water!! Aquaman

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  1. Is awesome tricks with baseball is EXTREME SICK TRICKSHOTS KAMIWAZA THERE ARE KAMIWAZA AWESOME TEAM also the last part is 😂😂😂

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  3. 夏だ!☀️

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