Barcelona’s not so impossible pursuit of Neymar

Barcelona’s not so impossible pursuit of Neymar

Barcelona’s not so impossible Pursuit
name or signing is something that barcelone they have been working on
throughout the summer but it’s not just a case of spending big and signing him
the Catalans are restricted and can’t simply throw money at paris
saint-germain without freeing themselves up of players and reducing the cost of
the deal dot i t’s near impossible to explain everything behind the deal but
the main points are as follows 633 million euros that figure was their
financial limit last season if they paid 170 million euros for the player and
gave him 40 million euros per year they would spend about 69 million euros each
season on Neymar alone IIF they bring a namer and nobody leaves they’ll pass
last season’s figure by an additional 100 points in their FA vou r1 in recent
seasons barcelone they have sold well and players have been moved on in their
droves they’ve had three good summers of sales in succession now ridding
themselves of a lot of dead wood point to player renewals that 633 million
euros included some big renewals for Lionel Messi jordi alba gerard piqué
sergio busquets samuel NTD and sergey roberto these
being done last year means they won’t need doing again this term and money
will in theory be freed up three income increase Barcelona have more money
coming into the club now and even if the deal with Audi has been lost they’ve got
new deals

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