Barcelona News Today: Neymar returning to Spain would be an ego trip by Barca or Real


namor returning to Spain would be an ego
trip by the latest on a MERS transfer saga so now it’s apparently just a
question of making the numbers work psg sporting director Leonardo confirmed
that the club are in talks to sell namer with Real Madrid and possibly Barcelona
the likeliest destinations but when you put a 210 million dollar euro price tag
on a guy it’s far from straightforward particularly since whoever signs Namor
will also be on the hook for some three hundred million dollar flaws and wages
over the next five years the depressing thing here is that this seems to be
driven more by ego than footballing logic on all sides
sure namer is a hugely talented player and possibly still one of the heirs
apparent to the Cristiano Ronaldo Messi do openly but Barcelona they have just
added ik where does he fit at either Club except as an ego trip and
commercial roll of the dice the answer he doesn’t signing name er would require
a dismantling of the team that has been built and presumably planned though with
Real Madrid you’re never quite sure how much planning is involved and is his
contribution especially at the price big enough to justify tearing up the
blueprint I suggest the answer is a resounding no
not to mention the numbers I know some people treat financial Fairplay as a
joke but hey it’s real and it’s still around Barcelona can’t find a few extra
million to landmasses – linked but they can commit half a billion to bring back
namer the guy who left so he it’s a sign of
the modern game and the way big clubs are straitjacketed by massive contracts
that if this deal happens it won’t be a cash – the only way it works is by
throwing in make weights which is why your
likely to hear plenty of talk of Philippe Coutinho or Nelson samito or
James Orosco going the other way sticking a player in as part exchange
not only saves you cashed but it allows for some neat accounting sleight of hand
because you can put almost whatever valuation you’d like on him and then let
the magic of amortization do the rest stay tuned there’s also the distinct
possibility that he doesn’t move at all which would mean that sanity prevailed
thomas touchhole hinted at it after Sunday’s lead one opener for PSG of
course if he stays it will be curious to see what the reaction of the PSG fans
will be on Sunday night during the 3-0 win over knives Neymar was nowhere to be
seen he was invited via banners and chanting to get the hell out of the club
will it be the sort of thing that gets forgotten after a few good performances
and some winning runs you hope not but you fear

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