Barcelona: Luis Suarez: Neymar did everything possible to return

Barcelona: Luis Suarez: Neymar did everything possible to return

Barcelona Luis Suarez namer did
everything Barcelona striker Luis Suarez was one of
those who wanted namer to return to Catalonia this summer but
ultimately the blaha grana were unable to come to an agreement with paris
saint-germain t-h-e thirty-two-year-old thought that
the brazilian forward was making a bad decision when he opted to leave in 2017
though he stated that Neymar did is all to force through a move to Barcelona dot
we talked about it at a time Suarez told Fox Sports Radio in Argentina when asked
about namers decision to leave in 2017 dot we told him that there would be no
place better than at Barcelona but it’s his decision and he chose that now he
did everything possible to return dot one of the revelations at Barcelona so
far this season has been the emergence of 16 year old starlet and Su Fadi and
Suarez made clear that the squad have done their all to make him feel at home
dot he came to train a day before playing the game against Real Betis he
stated that we noticed him and we were all surprised by his age dot I think
that when it comes to entering the dressing room the more experienced
players have to support him don’t change the way you play luck

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