Barbie – I Quit Gymnastics! | Ep.219


Barbie – I Quit Gymnastics! Come on Isabelle, you can do it The stretch jump look hard What if I fall? There’s a soft mat down there so you won’t hurt yourself Well I did last time, remember? Come on Isabelle! You can do it! Fine! Ready Set Go! Yes! I did it! Ok, next routine You not even jump Yes I… Isabelle… Ok, ok… One Two Three! Oh no! (Thud!) Great! It’s alright Isabelle Try the smaller beam Good idea! This should be easy And… Jump! (Thud!) No! Isabelle! Try the really small beam, Isabelle What? No way! That for babies! Well then it should be easy for you Ok… If you want me to show you how easy it is… Come on Isabelle… One Two Three Jump! Woah! (Thud!) What? I can’t even do a stretch jump on the small beam Alright girls, that’s enough for today I the worst out of everyone on the beam! Just practice You get better Good work today girls Now make sure you’re all here for our next lesson because I have a big surprise for you all Surprise?! What is it? No, I’m not going to ruin the surprise See you next week I wonder what it could be… I had enough! Enough of what? Gymnastics! I quit! What? Why do you want to quit? Because I not good Everyone else better then me Maybe you just need to… Practice That what everyone keep telling me Well no more gymnastics for me! Oh dear… You miss out on the surprise if you not go to gymnastics What surprise? Miss Gabby says she has a surprise for us all next week I wonder what it could be? Well you guys can tell me all about it because I not going! Hmmm… There must be some way we can help her You right! Get me a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and we’ll talk about it What about a small bowl of ice cream with no sprinkles? I can get you an apple Then an apple it is! She’s coming! Oooh! This really hard! What you guys doing? We’re seeing who can do the best splits I… think… this… the best… I do Can I try too? Sure! Let me see… Come on…! A bit more… Just a a little bit more… Wow! Isabelle You do perfect splits! I did? Yeah Much better than Annabelle and I did Wow! I am good at something… Would you get down from there! You’re going to fall I be fine She’s coming! Look Mummy! I balancing! Good boy Tommy! Mummy’s doing it too What are you two doing? We trying to balance on one foot You try, Isabelle Well… Ok! Woah! Woah! Well I didn’t last long This easy! Well done Isabelle You’re much better than… Oh no! (Thud!) Tommy! Phew! That a close one I nearly… Woah! Woah! (Thud!) Owww! Tommy…! I alright Isabelle? You’re still going? Yeah! It not that hard Wow! You’re good at this Hmmm… I am good at balancing… She coming! (Thud!) Owww! (Thud!) Oh no! What Auntie Stacie doing? She trying to do cartwheels but she not very good (Thud!) Hmmmph! Well I’m not good at this! I show you Auntie Stacie! Could you please Isabelle? I’m not having much luck See, it like this One hand and one foot out in front, and then turn See! You have to keep your legs straight Wow! You’re really good at this! Well… Yes, I suppose I am… Come on you two, we’re going to be late We ready! Isabelle, Daddy is in the study if you need him Actually, I was thinking I might come to gymnastics if that ok with you Of course it’s ok What changed your mind? Well I think maybe I not so bad at gymnastics Not so bad? You’re great at it Hurry up and get changed… Oh wow! Look who it is! Is it really her? Good afternoon girls Good afternoon Miss Gabby Girls, we have a special guest with us today Does any of you know who this is? It’s Gabby Douglas, Miss Gabby That’s right! Hi girls! Hi Gabby! Gabby is an Olympic champion and she wanted to see some of your gymnastic skills Cool! Gabby, you show us one of your tricks? Sure! I can do that Let me see… What about… A back handspring? Watch girls Ready Set and… Go! Wow! How she do that? Oh boy… I never be able to do that Alright girls, now let’s take Gabby through some of… Isabelle…? Isabelle? What’s wrong? I think maybe it better if I not do gymnastics But… But you’re so good at it I never be able to do what Gabby Douglas does I can’t even do a stretch jump on the beam Wait here for a minute I can’t believe you quit gymnastics two times I might as well I’ll never be any good! Yes you will You just have… …to practice I know… Isabelle! Can you come here please? Ok… Hey! Who I going to talk to now? Well this is embarrassing… Hi Isabelle! I here you’ve been having trouble with your stretch jumps Is that right? Yes, I think I just scared I going to fall all the time Well what if I help you with your stretch jumps? Would you like that? Yes please! Thank you! Off you go… 45 minutes later Girls, Isabelle has something she wants to show us Oh no… She not going to be able to do stretch jumps again You sure you don’t want to do it on the small beam Isabelle? No, I fine Gabby Douglas been helping me Alright Isabelle, let’s see it There! Yay! Finally! And now on one foot… One foot? Woah! How did she do that? You just need good balance And I got good balance! And why don’t we show everyone your last trick There’s more? Ok, here goes! What! Woah! She’s good! That’s amazing! Well done Isabelle! Thanks, but it all because of Gabby Douglas Thank you Gabby! You’re very welcome Isabelle… Well done Isabelle! Thanks Mummy! That was amazing! Can you teach me? And me! Sure! Wait a minute! So you not quit gymnastics? Quit?! No way! I really good at gymnastics now First you quit… Then you not quit… Then you quit again… and… I so confused…

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