Ball direction changing [Football dribblings]

Ball direction changing [Football dribblings]

Welcome players! And today we’re learning new football technique. A dribble that can be performed on the left, on the right flang. Anywhere. We draw the ball one foot sole. And the other foot, the inner part of the heel, we move ball himself. It looks like this… How to perform this dribble? In the beginning, we can ride the ball with one foot. Can. I is executed. Laminating the ball, and then stop the sole goal. The body should be in this position. Stop the ball … Again. You see? Laminating, stop, tighten the back and inside the left are forwarding. So, when a ride the ball, stop and tighten the back. Doing leg movement. The right leg moves to a position slightly forward. You see? Pull-up, and his right leg is so. The left foot comes loose, to moves the ball, the inside of the foot. Forwarding the ball to the side. Very effective dribbling. And change direction. It was Jovan Njegus. And today we were learning a new dribble. Thank you all. Bye.

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  1. открыл для себя новый финт)))буду использовать,потому что ,когда делаешь его одной ногой это получается намного медленнее и защитник успевает)а в этом варианте и быстро и амплитуда хорошая

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