Backed By Messi 2: Episode 3 — adidas Football

Backed By Messi 2: Episode 3 — adidas Football

football why do we care so much because for us it’s everything the first time our foot connected with that ball that was it from that day forth only one thing mattered [Music] Garo to swopper TM soil tea diced avocado Izumo go multi-point touch if you have to see the data Muhammad on Paris user Jacques we did join the see param Brasileiro série garage 50 power of Sanjit allah creates a lissouba memory definitely can remember playing in the streets of Gambia with my friends that’s all we had you know after school just come back home and play till sundown one map now I’m dick so I’m Don x equal member cynjohn Kabam meet up on this walk without a code map hockey night economy our hope he’ll sell it up [Music] to us my message to analysis of let me ponder mood to our miracle you Chiayi social-emotional Fiona motive all your auntie sacrilege as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a football player and when they asked me in this school what else I wanted to be I said nothing everyone plays got imagination especially myself I was doing about all sorts about when Cup trophies young girls being in the best player in the world de niro when Roberto Ariel when gruppo caccia competencia San Angelo de Chasseur que el equipo Sammy boy you know me Monsieur see I got simple I was always someone who was very driven was very motivated I think one thing that made me stand out when I was in the youth team was just the fact that I wanted it a lot you know I would take it a lot to heart when we lost scoring goals played my game taking on people being myself that’s had me apart from you know my used to be teammates life outfits my thumb if you are doing good in the youth teams and then they are not afraid to give you the chance in the first team I like to play football and great chances not only for myself go to my teammates provision to velocity barad and second pian del sol trouble animal kingdom by here is a subject you three things I stress a temporada bezerra wounds bows as very EP you’re given for before paddle skills I like to set a target when I come into the season for me as an individual tiger that will not be a touch tour of the club and I want to give up a square look I need to do my time – Oh bah bah – hmm lick the tie – enough about jihad – football or I die commence elevated children education will need will be completely you can just be yourself what were dreams may now be closer to reality your name Anna Becky a shirt recognition from the world’s best but that doesn’t mean the hard work stops here you you

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    ─▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▌██▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▄▌ The invasion has begun……

  2. Excited to see the progression of players like Dolberg Patrick Roberts and Boschilia. I am beginning to like the other BBM players more also, they have set some interesting goals, worth keeping an eye on their development also

  3. My dream is to become a footballer and contribute to the beautiful game and help develop it in North America and beyond. I couldn't imagine a job where I am not heavily connected to the sport of my heritage.

  4. Chanatip Songkrasin 18 Keep on fighting.. Your the true warrior only 160 cm. but achieved best player of South East Asia and nr. 15 Of Asia at age 23! Not many can do what you have done. Many young players look up to you so keep on fighting!

  5. Damn the things I will do to become a pro.i am 13 and I think I will become a pro when I'm old.i love soccer/football so much…..

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