August 2019 Rogers Report: BGSU Football


in honor of 100 years of football at
BGSU we are taking the Rodgers report to the Doyt
welcome to this month’s Rodgers report so tell me about you’ve been in fall
training camp here the last few weeks give me a couple of takeaways it’s been
very intense high intensity we definitely have a long day short nights
but is definitely gonna pay off we got Morgan State coming here to this
field next Thursday August 29 7 p.m. at the Doyt what are you looking forward to
on that game I just can’t wait you know with coach Loeffler being here we made
so many strides towards you know getting to where we want to be it’s a new era
with Coach Loeffler here and I’m really just ready to see the type of support
that we have going into this season just okay keep the elbow in got to have a claw grip elbow in yeah just like that high and tight just like that
it’s perfect wait what are you guys gonna do try to take the ball from me?
Yeah so coach Loeffler the 20th head coach of
BGSU Falcon football tell me about the transition to Bowling Green here and
this program we wanted to be at a place where winning championships were really
important and we’re really instilling in our players right now all the values and
work ethic that it takes to get back and bring our program back to a championship
program we needed to hire great staff and we did we’ve had over 250 years of
power five experience on our staff so Morgan State Thursday August 29th 7 p.m.
at the Doyt tell me a little bit about that game well we wanted this place to
be rockin and rollin our kids have really made a great effort of adopting
to our culture and doing things the right way and we’re gonna play with a
violent fast get after it style and we want this place packed and cheering on
the Falcons to our first win let’s do it right here I like this spot right here yes let’s get you a new stance so you’re
right-handed yes okay so underneath center I’m gonna take your left toe put
it in the instep of your right okay you’re gonna slightly turn that toe in good chest proud hands out bend your knees oh I love it yeah we got
a special guest Dr. Rogers let’s play Dr. Rogers up come on Dr.Rogers he’s a special guy to us
he’s a huge supporter he is a first-class guy he’s a guy that’s doing
everything in its power to make sure that we get back to where we need to be
Dr. Rogers on behalf our football team would like to present you with a
football thank you coach thank you Dr. Rogers ready to break this team down I had a great morning with this team
these student-athletes and this new coaching staff you know though the work
of the president never really finishes so I got to get to work here see you
next month on the Rogers Report

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