Argentina v Venezuela FIBA Basketball match 2019

Argentina v Venezuela  FIBA Basketball match 2019

he’s trying to switch things up a little
bit tossing confusions shot clock winding down dribbles and pulls up 50
great effort all the way around but it’s finis wanted to come up where the heads
are Guillen on the break hands it off to Luis and
Venezuela getting a pork basket right at the end of the half four-point swing
garena on second to shoot it camp at so for three right on the buzzer sit over
the front of the hoop that three points are with rock Marino grabs the rebound
and a prophet Ola deck behind the back pass oh yes now we’ve come to play too
big and strong free but watch this how do you like that and compact so just
finishing it off perfectly reverse angle net that’s and that’s playing with ya
he’s back in he can certainly shoot it and that’s his range is gonna have to
launch it he does it’s good well we saw one from the logo near
half-court this one wasn’t too far off in the first
game you see there Jehan launching in the middle Carrera right of that
free-throw line there it is shot clock about to expire key and it
has to put up another one from the other side point land first on the right then
on the left but the Ivory Coast shots is already sure he can make it here he is
again he’s not even gonna launch it right in front of the bench getting his
touches look at this just test back it’s like a layup rim that that basket just
looks so big doesn’t it it’s definitely a lot of dribbles so you better hope he
makes it but he had the right step back you had the right man on him and then by
the still gets inside this is good look at that again an offense get it to fall
but it’s Tellier with the rebound now Scott history made here in Wuhan as Luis
Scola becomes the second highest scorer in basketball World Cup history nice
handoff by Delia and he just finishes up and around and over he’s not going to go
over many players these days I need to throw up the three Michael Eric brings
down the rebound good defense behind Abdul there toss big
defense hung up in the air a touch and gets the ball behind him and that’s why
green I was able to grab it off him so the lead is now back up to 11 a corgi here actually drive so big rejection
from Guarino Doceri can throws it away now whose Oh who’s that looking to go
coast-to-coast big rejection from Nicholas Briceno I slew Qian Chuck like
about to expire oh boy he is just shooting it so well Louis shot clock
again about to expire head Heisler Guillen has to put it up and he does it
yes I’ll tell you what his remarkable folks who really is neither too relaxed
or they have just tightened up as compat so makes the steel throws it up to
Kirino now we’ve started just couldn’t quite finish and that’s the Elliott
that’s what the crowd want to see high above the rim Fritz Rishi a Garino great pass from cap at 17 Lewis scholar
who held cell to Delia with the one hand flush through him
finished with his left hand can packs a wallop ours to Luis Scola in the first
half and he’s just starting to do the Simon
hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more
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