Aretha Franklin National Anthem 2016 Thanksgiving Football, The Detroit Lions vs The Vikings


Aretha Franklin opened the Thanksgiving NFL
game between the Vikings and the Lions with an extended rendition of the Star Spangled
Banner that lasted a dazzling 4 minutes and 35 seconds. It started off with her fixing her mic. And then it seemed as though she was improvising
on the piano. She swirled around with her notes. She went as far as to repeat a lot of the
lines, like “the home of the brave”. That was like the longest ending to a song
ever. Fans are divided about the performance, with
some saying it was too long while others feel it was just right. But it seemed as though the footballers were
feeling it. In my opinion, no one could really sing along
and get into it. And she couldn’t really hit those high notes. She kind of sounded like my cat when I accidentally
step on his tail. But it wasn’t all bad. Her fur jacket was on point – Sorry PETA
– and she can play the piano extremely well. The Ringer @ringer writes:
“Bad news: Football is cancelled Good news: 13-hour Aretha Franklin concert. Leave it on through dinner. Everybody will love it.” Smoochie Middleton @VinceBednarik tweeted “Aretha: Let’s sing it short and sweet,
just like we rehearsed Inner Aretha: Drag it out till the Cowboys
game” Jemele Hill @jemelehill tweeted “Between
Aretha’s national anthem and the family member that prays for 45 minutes, we ain’t eating
until Saturday” What did you think of the performance? Let me know in the comments below and don’t
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