Apex Legends Jumpmaster Guide – How To Jump Faster The RIGHT Way!


What is the best way to drop in Apex Legends? When should you leave the ship? How can you land before other players? Let me answer all of these questions for you. Well, let’s find out. This is the general suggestion most content
creators are suggesting for how to drop in Apex Legends. Step 1. Leave the plane and aim directly down immediately. Step 2. Once you reach 145 speed, level out. Step 3. Once you hit about 130 speed, drop straight
down again until at 145. Step 4. Then, level out again until 130. You repeat this process until you get to your
location. This is what people say is the most optimal
way to travel longer, and travel faster. Watch this clip. you will see how the above
method doesn’t work to get you to the ground quicker. Okay, so what if there’s a longer distance? That should work, right? Well, in this example, we travel 1,100 meters
and still don’t get there quickly enough. So, how should you drop? Well, let me explain five mechanics that will
help us to figure out the most optimal drop. First, to build speed, you must look down. The more you look down, the more speed you
will get. Second, once you’ve built speed, you can look
forward and you keep that momentum, and that speed slowly drops
Third, as you travel for longer, the bonus momentum you get for looking down decreases,
Four, when you first leave the ship, you get bonus initial momentum. Five, If you get close to a surface, you will
end the drop and slow down very quickly. So, the most optimal jump looks more like
this. Compared to the most popular suggestion, which
looks like this. So, instead of looking straight down, getting
145, then leveling out. I would suggest keeping your momentum ‘balanced’
in the 147-148 range. To do this, as soon as you leave the plane,
look diagonally forward, but not straight down. That initial momentum boost will get you to
that range very quickly. If you look straight down, you’re wasting
that initial boost and in fact all of that speed is just being wasted on going down,
instead of going toward your location. When your speed starts to drop a little, a
very small adjustment by looking downward for a split second is enough to maintain that
147-148 speed. As you travel longer distances, you’ll need
to make more extreme adjustments to maintain that speed. As mentioned before,
as you travel for longer, the bonus momentum you get for looking down decreases. That’s pretty much it. Just one thing to note. If you plan to travel a long distance. Try to account for mountains. If you get too close to these, the game
will consider this as the ground and your flight will be cut short. So next question. When should you leave the ship? Well, the jump ship in Apex Legends may look
slow, but it’s still faster than your full drop velocity. So, basically just stay in there until you’re
as close to your drop location as possible. Before I end, I just want to cover some quick
tips on that post-flight stage. When your jump kit starts to come into contact
with the ground. At this point,
you still have a lot of control, and whilst your speed downward isn’t great, your horizantal
speed is great. You can use all movement directions to fine
tune your landing and ensure you drop right in front of some good loot. Finally, here’s a tip that’s hard to master,
that can come in very handy in tight situations. If you are landing somewhere where there’s
limited loot and you see another team, you can clip off the edge of a tallbuilding
or mountain and this will cancel the landing stage, making you drop to the ground much
faster. Like I said, it’s very hard to master and
it can sometimes just make things worse. If you just land on the mountain for example,
you’ll be miles behind the enemies. Also, your teammates will often not get the
same benefits as you because they will be angled slightly differently, so it’s best
to go solo once you get close to the ground, if you want to try this. Okay, that’s all, thank you all so much for
watching. I know a lot of you have asked for this video,
but I wanted to do more testing first before making a video. Please let me know how this style of landing
works. If you’ve watched this far, I have just one
question for you. Do you prefer to be the jumpmaster in Apex
Legends, or would you prefer somebody on your team to take the role? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Alright, that’s it. Cheerio!

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