Angola v Iran FIBA Basketball MATCH World Cup 2019

Angola v Iran  FIBA Basketball MATCH  World Cup 2019

average 18.5 points 10 points 7 rebounds
in 75 games in the end just a slight penetration drawing a foul and goal has
got to keep going that service they can stay in this much better and Jersey
despairs of business the last play of the porter beautiful pass man ESS score
against mine Donovan who really has a big height advantage over it here’s my
rice with a nice you want more wow that’s a long way out
for three and it’s good for me actually come our army down to Jeremy Paul spins
comes back the other way they aldo comes out to her daddy’s got a shoot and fires
up the tree haven’t heard on a banks in the triple
on the shot clock buzzer car to see if that one but this was the shot here from
her daddy saw the show clock threw it up well sometimes you have to be lucky as
well as good he was a bit lucky there look at the angle on this one Bank were
expecting him to and he didn’t now he’s under all sorts of pressure Haddad he
has it her daddy Haddad he fakes you I need to tie still four seconds to go
he’s hit that way wait something’s happening they were just seeing the
replay of this they’ve gone to the table for something because the clock still
says 1.1 that can’t be right this is a daddy’s three watch it right here just
find the gaps go up rip the ring down big man Leno Paulo what an excellent
game against Serbia the other day with 10 points a lot of positive words to
speak about angular the press conference offices he respects his team very much
and you can see tonight tonio getting the shock the drop just going in with
his left just makes a little puppy pally get just throws up a little pressure up
and you can see that is just beautiful play once time pull from behind me off
that’s a good rebound from the guard position mushy yeah for three and it’ll go to the line for
the bonus defense a little late to get there and again running underneath theme
party backing down again dumps it off to grab a paw
throws it down two-handed for tune easier to take in Iran need more of this
huge dunk look at the solar step motion and then he throws it ball away and it’s
going to be an easy two points right here 60 turn break opportunity was canceled
but again here is that 360 turn by Leonel Paulo to score in the gum what a move there by Lily I’ll follow
this guy who actually grew up in England played his junior basketball for England
and Great Britain as rust and pull with the steering the flush hi
I’m coping don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more
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