Angola v Iran FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Angola v Iran FIBA Basketball Match  World Cup 2019

Iran’s winning the opening tip and wearing the red attacking the basket to the right Driving baseline is scoring for Iran is Muhammad Hassan Sadiq? Hassan Saudis been very active And Iran and I’ll just play of the first quarter. Look at this question. You see the touch Knew a hundred Solve this in the game here. It is Kapoor finally Took about seven minutes See the nice two man game action We’re having pork avoids the contact Benches around Moreira this in some ways you have to picture to today and goal of defense Just says okay enough of this I’m gonna take over blaring double figures Come take the doggies hands on homines mins goes up draws the foul. You’ll go to the line for a three-point play You put photo in a spin cycle. Look at this just right past in that footwork Even more that I might have been caught off guard by the quickness of that move It would have finished through the bodies Fire folks Hi, I’m coke don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here. You want more? Click on these videos and hit the subscribe World’s got game

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