Angel Lambert – World’s Smallest Soccer Ball

Angel Lambert – World’s Smallest Soccer Ball

hi my name is Angel Lambert I’m on my third
year at Radford University and I do undergraduate chemistry
research a study the world’s natural microscopic soccer ball he’s a molecules that book thanks soccer
balls but I found naturally honored and indeed
spit they’re called for I specifically study
the Korean C 84 what is a fellini mask a foreign as a
minefield they remain above carbon atoms into a
spherical Kate resembling a soccer ball it is talking to guns and number hexagon
and has only been a topic of study for thirty years as the DC eighty-four and its 24 I PRI’s
timmons but I think isomers are my kills with
the same like a formula but different chemical structure 3024 I
PRI serious place two additional role breakers at
various charges and temperatures these isomers fallen world that they
know to pentagon’s content each other this role is called I P R and dancer
isolated Pentagon row why am i doing then I’m trying to find a
stable isomers the 84th your computer software that calculates energies and create images these isomers
by quantum mechanics what’s the point of all this a lot of
people think that these will follow and isomers and then a
stable lines and this is true on the polling cages R&B though in the
meadows warm inside the fullerene cage is an electron transfer costs a rule
breakers to be the more stable ones how does this affect the rest of the
world boren’s are being exported freezes MRI contrast in engines and as
part of chemotherapy treatments this means people can live without fear
heavy metal poisoning send humans can metabolize cage now I
have to worry about have live in the evening and everyone can be a little happier and
they could give a special thanks to everyone involved

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