Amandine Henry – Player of the Match – France v Brazil

Amandine Henry – Player of the Match – France v Brazil

Amandine, congratulations. You scored the goal everybody was waiting
for. What can you tell us? I’m very happy, I didn’t expect to score that
goal either. It’s a good thing, because thanks to that
goal, we’ve made it to the quarter-final. It was an important goal but I hope it’s not
the last, because we’re yet to play other important games. What does this victory mean? It’s huge, especially in front of all our
own fans. Even on the pitch, it was impossible to hear
each other. When I saw the ball go in, I was so confused. It was an indescribable joy; then I saw all
my teammates. That’s the reason I play football. To share that kind of emotion. You were voted Player of the Match in a very
difficult match. How do you feel? I’m delighted, but I think today, the Player
of the Match is the whole team. It was a real team performance, we stayed
strong mentally. It’s great recognition and it will boost our
confidence for what comes next. We saw a lot of intent on the pitch. How do you analyse that? Yes, it was a match played at a high pace
with a lot of aggression. And it was very hot out there, so it wasn’t
easy. But we were facing Brazil, a big team, so
I think we can be happy tonight.

65 thoughts on “Amandine Henry – Player of the Match – France v Brazil

  1. Bravo Amandine et merci. Les interviewers sans déconner, allez vous arrêter votre festival de langue française oui?😅

  2. Valeu mulherada do Brasil, torci muito. Não ganharam, mas lutaram muito e deram trabalho pra França. Tamo junto sempre meninas do Brasil.

  3. How I'd like to see Louisa Necib playing with you Amandine! What a midfield it'd be! À la victoire, aujourd'hui et toujours!

  4. Mesmo com a França jogando uma partida fraca o Brasil precisou dar o máximo e jogar sua melhor partida para encarar a França de igual pra igual. Nossa seleção é bem inferior. Prefiro a eliminação agora do que passar vergonha contra os EUA. Mas é sempre assim…. a seleção masculina é a amarelinha, a feminina é a amarelona.

  5. Congratulations to France for the hard fought win and for Brazil for playing way better than the expected.

  6. Je pense qu’elles devraient plus travailler les centres, le fait de se remettre vite en défense et aussi, elles doivent faire de leur mieux pour moins perdre le ballon.

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  8. Henry was great in this match, real workhorse, and scored the most important goal when it counted. Great display of a captain leading by example. That said, Diani was by far the best player on the pitch. Total joke not to give her PotM.

  9. Além de linda joga muito, além disso, na minha humilde opinião é a melhor jogadora da França. Essa loira é craque de bola!

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