Alonzo Mourning on Team USA Basketball

Alonzo Mourning on Team USA Basketball

Alonzo Mourning:
Being an ambassador for
the NBA and USA Basketball, my tenure with the league
for 16 years in the NBA and then being a part of USA
Basketball, Dream Team Two, and also representing our
country in 2000 with Dream Team Four and bringing
home the Gold Medal, very, very exciting
experiences for me. And also in college,
I was a part of the World Championship Team. Coach K was our coach, you know. And that was the last World
Championship Team before we represented the country as
pro’s in ’92 in the World Championships, so you know
you think about the game of basketball internationally and
how it has expanded globally, you know, and how we have about
25 percent of our players in the NBA that are international
players, you know. So I think the world has kind
of caught up a little bit to USA basketball because they
are not in awe anymore. But the level of competition
has increased globally and you can expect a very exciting
Olympic competition as well. And this exhibition game
here in DC against Brazil, you will get a chance to see the
USA showcasing their talents. We have an incredible
group of athletes, and I really feel like
their speed is probably their biggest asset. They are a small team, but they
are very quick and they can defend the perimeter which is
something we are going to need on the international level. Because traditionally speaking
most of those international teams are perimeter
oriented players. You know, so I think that we
match up fairly well with them from our perspective. But you know we are going to
have to do a great job on the boards because we are a lot
smaller and there is a lot of other teams like Spain and
Lithuania that has a lot more size than the USA
Basketball Team. But I love our chances. And I expect the team
to bring home the gold. ♪♪ (Hail to the Chief) ♪♪

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