Alexander Arnold looks ahead to Euro 2019 qualifiers

Alexander Arnold looks ahead to Euro 2019 qualifiers

the phones are down I think
Robbie you’re gonna kick us off [Reporter] Hi Trent, how are you doing? Happy birthday for yesterday Thank you [Reporter] It’s a big deal of man’s 21st how was it? Yeah good train decent session. happy birthday in that boy yeah it’s
good so obviously meet often and carry on with doing what we need to do
obviously because the amount of football you played if you had a chance to spend
any time with your family to celebrate yeah obviously we had quite an early
game on Saturday and then never met up til Monday, so spend time with them
and it was good to be able to celebrate early with them and see friends and
family so yeah celebrate on the weekend i am thinking you’ve done so much so
young already in your career if you had to make lots of sacrifices for your
career yeah obviously there’s a lot of distractions and
different avenues that you can go down as a young player it’s important to have
the right people around you and make sure that you focused all the time and
I’ve been looking enough to know to have them people around me that motivate me
and pushed me to do better every day so yeah there’ve been lots of sacrifices but with the angle and the motivation I’ve got, it was always easy
to make them sacrifices I was looking at your eyes and you were the age of 16 you
were Liverpool’s under-18s captain under the age of 17 you’re in the 23s as a
regular player you’ve now on your 21st birthday had 97 appearances for
Liverpool and seven senior England caps do you sit back and reflect and think
well how I made it that far this quickly erm,,there’s not much time to because
there’s obviously game around the corner or something around the corner so I
think all the last few years has just been a whirlwind that it’s all gone so
quickly but to be able to sit back and think about how far i have came is massive
I think I never expected things go so well but i have being blessed often
and lucky enough to be given the opportunities by the right
managers at the right times and being able to take them opportunities and and
be given more so yeah I’m just really grateful for the opportunities
i have been given [Reporter] And when you become the Champions League winner at the age of 20
does that dent the ambition at all just kind of think well where do I go from
here No, not really I think it’s the same as if you haven’t won a trophy yet you you want to
do more the that determination and hunger to win so we’re never really dies
out to think no matter how many were you win it’ll never be enough for you you
need to keep pushing to get better and as a player, as a team why were you
playing for then you need to the aim is always to win and unless the the the
mentality that we’ve got the minute you’ve got a taste for trophies
yeah hundred percent I think yeah especially a club and country were in a
really good place I think yeah everything’s going really well I think
both teams are performing really well I think me everything that now will
preparing for the for the important games I had them in the next weekend
making sure that we’re ready for them and that the preparations are going well
we’ve done two sessions now on and everyone’s looking sharp [Reporter] And talking of ambitions obviously it’s been thought so much about the Liverpool haven’t won the
Premier League in in 30 years the top division I should say in 30 years you
know eight points clear after after eight games with the squad that you’ve
got that gap the quality you’ve gotten that in competitors struggling will you
ever have a better chance do you think We are still early on the season so
it’s hard to be able to say whether you’re gonna win something in May in October
so yeah we just taken a game as a time and obviously right now it’s
international GTO everything and then got a big big two games coming ahead and
that that’s the main focus obviously it’s not just focusing on Liverpool who
could win silverware come May in June its buttons are gone when the euros and
making sure first and foremost that we get there and obviously the next three
games you have the opportunity to do that so that’s what the focus is the I’m
not here playing club football I’m here for the national team and that’s what
the main focus is. [Reporter] Can you dare to think about what Euros or a World Cup would
mean if you want one of those compared with a Champions League yeah I think
it’d be that the same amount of joy I think your put in so much hard work in
whether it’s a over four season campaign or to a tournament football that in
june/july it’s the same thing you put the same amount of effort in into
each game so yeah the well they’ll all come with the same amount of joy and
happiness of course it’s about making sure like I said that we get there first and
foremost and then being able to obviously set out our objectives for the
tournament come the Snowman and make sure that we we try our best to reach
them {Reporter] One more win will do it three points and you guarantee qualification
and then of course the group games will all be at Wembley the semi-finals at
Wembley the Finals at Wembley that could be pretty special wouldn’t it ? yeah I think obviously we’ve all recognized that if we get there then it’s probably
that the closest thing to a home tournament that we’ll have in the next
next few years so forces a team it’s important to make
sure we we realized the opportunity that we’ve gotten to embrace it I think our
home form to being really good over the last few seasons and winter to carry
that on off see we know I’ve got two away games now but and obviously if we
go over them hair dolls that mobi belong to the euros and then like you said that
a lot of home fix just hopefully coming our way in then we’ll be able to
obviously try and get through them we’ve just been talking to for Kota mori
you’ve told us that as a squad you’ve discussed what action you’ll take if
there’s any racism in these upcoming games or any time in the future and are
you clear and comfortable with with the process does it work for you yeah
obviously we had the the meeting last night with the with the team and the
staff and we talked and everyone was was happy in contempt with the the way that
went and we all understand what would happen if
if them if that situation occurred so I think obviously it’s right to that we’ll
prepare but um yeah you a for after that way of doing it and the way that we need
to follow and that’s what we’re gonna do I think as a team we all we all agree
that we need to follow the protocol that’s in place and then obviously as a
team and and as as you wait for woman we’ll make that decisions we need to
also make our decisions and we’ll have a discussion about that I don’t know if
that time ever comes hopefully it doesn’t last one for me
Southgate often stresses to us that you’ve got for world class right wing
backs to choose from as far as these are wearing yourself and trip here when were
sakura and walker so the competition’s pretty pretty tasty
for you but car walking not in this squad wasn’t in the last one either
does that surprise you and does it show just what quality we have got in that
position yeah obviously um it was a surprise but it’s it’s it’s also a good
sign for the players are getting chosen I think it’s not just right back that’s
probably the only headache that’s given and to the manager at this moment of
time there’s lots of positions there’s love senior players aren’t getting into
squads in a lot of young players at all so um yeah I’m sure there’s a lot
headaches for the manager right now so it’s a it’s a good sign up here if
you’re in the squad’s and when you are in the squads that’s when you need to
perform and sure why you need to stay in for the next one I think like I said
we’ve all been given this opportunity and if this camp over the next two games
to try and keep our place for the next one because Machine last month that some
players on in it that and that were in it last month and and on and at this
month so it’s tough to be able to keep your place and and hopefully we’ll all
rely and push each other to get better every day
Trent Ian from the BBC when he Gareth explained the protocols to you how did
you feel did you feel sad did you feel angry um
no not at all i think that’s the the way is we need to be professional
professional athletes I think we have a obligation to follow the protocols and
that’s what we need to do think if it does get to the extreme then maybe
different actions might might be taking but like I said we’re just trying to
focus on the games and make sure that we we go there with with clear intentions
to win both games and try and come back with the six points you’re the youngest
player to start consecutive European finals which is some achievement in
itself but what drives you on what makes you want to become a better player um I
think the main thing is obviously winning trophies I think the that’s the
main thing is want to win trophies want to leave a legacy behind and want to to
feel as though you you’ve had an impact on on club and country and be remembered
to think that that’s the main aim is to to win as many trophies as possible and
to it’s got foreign tournaments as possible how would you describe your
start to the season personally yeah so far so other think officee winning games
for club and country and that’s what nice table viously continue and who
knows by the end of the season and hopefully personally are a few trophies
in at the bottom and the more you win the more pressure comes upon you to keep
on winning how do you go about enjoying football and enjoying the fruits of
football I think it’s just about obviously playing with a smile on your
face enjoying it make sure you don’t take it to shave each the end almost
playing as though you’re your kid because that’s when you enjoy your
football I think that you play your best football when you when you’re smiling
and enjoying it so and the important thing is obviously when you win and not
to to feel any pressure not to feel anything from the outside and believe in
yourself and believe in the team and make sure you go ahead and thank you
today marks four years since Jurgen Klopp became manager of Liverpool what’s
he done for your curriculum outline what he’s what he’s done what he’s given you
and out what their gratitude if any o him Haley I think obviously without him
who knows have happened and he’s the one that’s
given me the most opportunities and morphed unities doesn’t even ask for
I think he’s obviously put a lot of trust and faith in me personally and
I’ve tried to repay him every time he’s he’s done that so yeah obviously a
massive thanks to him and and obviously hopefully there’ll be four more years of
success when he first walked through the door did you did you get the vibe that
he was gonna go go with you and give you that trust I think within a few weeks he
he was down at the academy watching the young lads and and that almost gave us a
a bit more faith in and gave a statement to the club that he is gonna young use
young players and give us some chances and he’s shown over the the four year
period that he has given them them young plays the chances and and given the
opportunity of opportunities and obviously I’m one of them youngsters dev
I’ve been given them finally for me we were speaking to four character Moria
about half an hour ago he was kind about he’s doing an open university degree and
some of the other players were playing Fifa in his room last night what have
you of course you don’t only do gaming keep a chest oh yeah sure how’s your
chest coming on against the other members of the group here no I mainly
used to play in Sarah but she hasn’t been in the squad sport
yeah I think I still game in last ah play fifa and in the downtime think it’s
important to be locked and recover obviously it helps team spirit with the
last bond and then going into each other’s rooms and not feeling isolated
in the heat trapped on camping it’s such a positive environment to being at the
moment in’ and all a group of litem and were able to get on with everyone so
yeah it’s just a way of bond and i think a lot of the lots really enjoy it so
it’s good to be able to take part and so to go come I think and those give it a
few goals boy he’s not the best England could be qualified after those
two games how important is it to have the ticket for the Euro especially in
regards to the integration of young players that are coming in the team yeah
muscle I think I’m obviously young players given the opportunity and it’s
not just about being given the opportunity and not worrying about the
result it’s about also winning the games making sure that England teams get used
to winning games and getting foreign tournaments and then obviously winning
winning tournaments is the obvious aim so I think if we start there I’m really
focusing on on that and and get a foreign tournaments consistently then
the the next breed of youngsters that come through will be used to win it and
be able to maybe push the team even fair there and carry on this this good good
there go period of English football that were in at the minute like cast your
mind back to that media day that NFS NFL star media day we had a head of the
World Cup and you saw that we’re sat in the corner and you’re looking at it
saying what on earth is this quite shy you see it’s got two World Cup
semi-final in a one the Champions League can you believe that was just a little
over a year ago no obviously yeah things happen so quickly and football pops and
bounds thankfully from 93 it’s been quite but words yeah hopefully that
wouldn’t there be even more positive and yeah that’s credible to think back to to
that that time and be able to to remember the good times that over the
last year since then that quite shy person looking out at what was set to
come I’d say I’ve matured quite a lot as a plan as a person and want to to get
better and wanting to improve and want to become a proper member the team
that’s playing a lot of games and want to obviously pick up as many cups as
possible and the monitor to feel like Avenue
on the team and yeah the experiences our fathers have be incredible and I’ve
learned so much Tommy Sakai Oh Mason or coming in are
you becoming a bit of a senior member of the squad nurturing dare I say at the
younger players coming through the hopping she’s short for Caillou and
Tommy older than me but yeah obviously when the the new lads come over we had a
few young lads training with us today and it’s important that they feel
comfortable and able to perform and I’m putting a good performance in training
them when they come often and be part to come so I think the the the positivity
with the the team selected at the minute is incredible I think it’s so hard to
get a place in an England England team now so everyone he said needs to be on
top former at the club to be able to get chosen so yeah it shows with the the new
faces that we got and that a lot of young players are coming through and
performing in in the league that that they’re in and it’s it’s very positive
to see he’s go she wooden goal of the month favorite of yours what was your
reply to her yeah to be fair was a better goal we were
joking about it last night and yet the way it is ombliboo he’s a tough lad
played them at the twenty ones as well so we know each other and and I’ve
always enjoyed playing with him so hopefully if if he’s if he’s giving the
opportunity we’ll be able to take it like he has so far the season praised
the way he handled most cellar as well they didn’t get the win but that was
quite an encounter thing yeah obviously it’s off tough opposition it is every
game in the Premier League these days it’s coming up against property one the
best wing is in in the world and Marwan he’s handled it really well I think more
what quite still time but it was a good battle got to watch between them too and
obviously and surely both over a lavash back now looking behind I just wanna ask
you about the protocol because we’re all a little confused in your mind
what is the protocol and then when does it get more serious
I think obviously if there is any abuse it depends on what level is if it’s quite a small level and not the full
stadium and then I think we should have a player team that will obviously report
it obviously the officials all that seemed captain able then reported the
officials knee officials will speak within each other and these are but the
the play the teams need to need to come off or not if that does happen then
obviously both teams will be led to that changing rooms and yeah the officials
also food security and if if nothing can be done then I’m think that the game
will be abandoned and if both teams feel comfortable going back out onto the
pitch and the officials agree with that and the security say yes fine then both
teams will and then I think the action will be taken after the game but like I
said hopefully that that but that doesn’t happen I don’t think it should
happen a mother football so yeah we’re going there hoping that nothing will
happen and I’m sure nothing more there’s been a do we go back on what’s the level
in which we’re gonna feel comfortable as a team or is it just if it’s there as a
team was that conversation among players has there been different views on it has
there been a discussion on what that might be when that situation if let’s
hope not that situation happens yeah it’s obviously it’s a team decision this
addition that all of us need to make doesn’t matter whether it’s just one
player that’s been abused or the whole team we’re all one big group and yeah
the decision will be made with everyone if the team doesn’t feel comfortable
playing then I’m sure that we have the backing and the support of everyone
around us that that’s the right decision that needs to be made and normally
should be made to feel uncomfortable football pitch and everyone should be
given the chance to play in a fair environment and if that’s not fair
environment then I don’t think I think we’ll make the decision on the
day if there’s a majority sorry will it be if there’s the majority or if there’s
just one player in your team that doesn’t feel comfortable going back on
the pitch will that be a decider to has that discussion being added no I think
we’re a team we’re not we’re not individuals were all team if one
person’s abused then we all are and that’s the way is will one big family
and if if someone doesn’t feel like like that comfortable plane and then none of
which will feel comfortable playing and then actions we whichever is taken will
happen on the day and I think obviously it’s it’s not too good to keep talking
about it because we don’t want to think about that when I think about going
there in a positive environment with our funds traveling having a good time and
then seeing us pick up to six points and then coming back and obviously getting
back to football I mean I want to ask you about it so thank you

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