Alabama Vs Mississippi High School All-Star Football Game


Today, that Mississippi
All-Stars and Alabama All-Stars are tied at seven.
1st & 10 for Mississippi. He played at the top and a love.
He is committed to Tulane. Boy that Alabama defense is
there en masse. Coach, how are you feeling now.
>>It’s nice when you and you’re said like you normally are when
the season is over.>> Those two players plane in
the All-Star game. Tylan Knight is a guy that I’m
committed. What can you say about him?
He made they game-winning touchdown let’s talk a little
bit about his talent.>>He’s just a great football
player. I don’t know if we won a state
championship are play with them Lester because he’s as good a
person and good of leader as he is a football player.
There are some big things to come for Tyler.
What an outstanding arctic at the play in this game. Is that something you’ve figured he would get a commitment like
that.>>He’s been starting in ninth
grade. What an outstanding talent and a great kid on top of that.
To have both of those guys what an unbelievable honor.
While I have you here, we missed>>I think both teams are evenly matched.
A 7-7 game, what more could you ask for?
>> It’s just warming up so we
can take up these jackets and scarves now.
>>I’m not sure I would shed the Don’t get too carried away there
there, Rachel.>>I’m getting ready to take off one of these layers.>>Well, the Mississippi
All-Stars could not produce on their offense is set. He will come and punt them out
of the situation. A good spiraling kick.
They catch called for in Maine. Made by Alabama’s Starling
Thomas E played by. In an All-Star game is a
competitive game. Very hard-fought.
He said something else that struck me.
Your goal is to get into the postseason, but in every
classification, every team that makes the post season and there
was a loss other than the state champion. They tried to get a block on the edge against him and he said no
way.>>I’m going to shed the block
and I’m going to finish the play play.
The word all week was that the Mississippi defensive line was a little bit undersized.
Right now they’re using their speed to get to these running
backs. A little undersized, but it’s
not like they’re small. Grundy comes in at 6’5″ and 241.
>>West rolling to his right has It is caught right at the stick I am impressed with number nine.
>>Is going to be at first down. West of that time showing you
the mobility to roll right. He fights the receiver get where he needs to be and his in his
route and then delivers a strike.
Not only does Williams get 1 foot down he gets both feet down
down.>>Did you see the way that West just flicks that wrist.
Look at the spiral. That is a great kicker shot.
We saw that Parker might into your TV.
They’re going to hand it off inside. Mississippi says they’ve got it. He does not secure the football.
I thought he might be down, but The ball popped out.
The big 95 from Mississippi falling on top of it.
Corby is Curry out of seminary.>> The seminary Bulldogs, let’s
look at it right here. He thought he was down. Can’t tell from that angle.
>>That is pretty close. Mississippi is on the attack.
Ball security has been a period Sam pretty throws him into
double coverage. The defensive secondary for
Alabama has been very good here in the second quarter.
>>Number 27 outs of Ramsey high mentioned him a couple of times.
In the punt return game he blanketed the receiver.
Safety help as well. Number 27 had his man.
We will take as he looks over to line. Hands of state on the middle. Number 45, you see them there on your screen.
He has been in on a bunch of them already.
>> Something about Jalen Rayam,
he plays here and Alabama outstanding defensive lineman
for Alabama back in the 1980s. He was the one that block the
field goal in 1999 at Penn State ,
Alabama. Alabama finished the season that you’re his dad, Thomas Rayam
AFDC football player. A younger Rayam hoping to play
some college ball as well.>>It had collapsed on him as
you see here pretty took three steps back and then he has to
move. He turns it appealed.
He got about I’m going to say he It’s going to be 4th & 3, and
they will call on Goodman again to kick them out of here Brett.
>>DarQuez Jones the old commitment of with a tackle and
Mississippi, deciding not worth it to go for it.
A good job by the Alabama defense coming in after the
turnover and getting 3 & out. It’s a good one, they try to
cover it instead and knock it back in.
That is a great play by
Mississippi. Making that play was number 48,
Peter gray out of two below. He played for Trent Hammond and
they’d knock that ball back .
Now Alabama is going to have to play from the 3-yard line.
>>Perfect execution just like you teach it.
Peter gray gets down before the ball, gets himself lined up
keeps his feet in bounds. Slaps that ball back out and now Alabama has it at the 3-yard
line. It’s so easy to lose your
balance. If you’re in the end zone when
you slap it out, it’s a touchback.
He was able to keep his feet and>>West takes the snap in the
end zone. Hands off, and ice run on the
left-side turning and spending and a good run by smoke .
I just like the way he runs.>>He is a hard runner.
>>Here it is again pretty pics is whole, takes his time gets
the shoulders square runs over a it out to the 15-yard line again of 12 on the play.
>> 1st & 10 at your own 15.
Here is the snap. He falls down leaning going
toward the line of scrimmage. That is smoke again.
At that time he just kind of lost his footing.
It will be 2nd & 10. A lot of subs coming in and out.
Both of these coach is doing a good job of playing a lot of
kids in this ballgame. It is a privilege to play in
this game.>>It absolutely is.
It is something they will remember your playing for your
states, playing for pride. Of coarse or plain against him
playing with a lot of these guys Here is smoke again trying to
get to the outside. A good open field tackle made by night.
>>Tyler night there. When your taking on a guy like
smoke, if you get them high, you’re just inviting yourself to get thrown around. Watch them go for the ankle
tackle and hold on and get into the ground.
If you have that ankle wrapped up, that guy is going down.
>>Mississippi will take a timeout here and talk it over on this very important third down.
They want to make sure they get off the field and give their
offense and opportunity to score>>An opportunity to set the
play to keep possession. Can you stick around at the half for the wilder fitness halftime. I think you’re going to see a
lack of defensive highlights like that when they are where
Tyler night comes up and puts the stop on smoke or I’m telling you, smoke it’s to the outside,
he is gone.>>You like saying smoke.
>> You want him to throw the
quarter because you want to say so bad he spoke to them. That time it was night they got
the better of smoke. A big strong runner like that, I don’t care if your up my beggar
or alignment, you’re better off getting him low. Trying to wrap up those ankles.
>>Here we go, 3rd & 10. West will be in the shotgun. A high snap, goes for it,
forward, swings it out. Oh my goodness, did the ball
come loose. Is that Tylan Knight again?
They run the screen, try to pop the big play out there to Carlos Davis and night just diagnosed
it. We’ve been talking about him
this entire football game. Of course, we spotlighted him in the open and number three as of
right now uncommitted. I think the offers may start
rolling in with this performance at MM Roberts Stadium. That is the young man page was
just talking about. He played for John Perry and led them to as 6A state championship
championship. When you’ve got running backs
like Alabama has, you have got to make tackles like that.
You cannot let them get away. We’ve seen it in the first half
where they would just shut the would-be tackler and take off.
>>Heat came up and went low. That’s too great plays in a row
that he made. Now what he does is give his
team, Mississippi and opportunity to get the ball and
great field position and score here before the end of the half. Either one of these teams is
close as the game has been in the first half if either team to get points, I know there’s an
entire second half to play, but momentum for that team going
into the locker room. Night back at deep to receive
this pond along with number 24, Chris Smith.
>>Chris Smith is a burner. And nice pond. Coverage is excellent, but he
slips away. Boy did he take a shot. A little hitting going on after
he is down .
That was a pretty pond. Mississippi has had seven
positions, all of them started on the Alabama side of the field
field, but they only have seven>>A good job by the Alabama
defense. Because of the turnovers they
have been put in tough situations and they have
responded. The one turnover 14-yard
touchdown run for Gainwell earlier in the game, but other
than that this Alabama defense has been stout.
Mississippi with an opportunity to get some points before half.
>>Rolling to his left is Gainwell, turned inside the
would-be tackler and did a lot about running for about 2 yards.
>> He is electric, when he gets
the ball on the edge you hold your breath of your Alabama.
This Alabama defense has run to the football all day and has
done a good job of making tackles when they’ve had the
opportunity. Take a pick up of three.
It will be 2nd & 7 in Alabama
territory with one minute to play in the first half.
>>Kevin Lewis made that tackle. Gainwell throws that ball on the run and it is out of bounds.
No good. Trying to go to Tate.
He played at new Hope high school.
Kind of short armed that one again on the run. He got it knocked down.
A good defensive play by the linebacker. It looked like it was David
Chase Adams. Good coming over and getting a
hand on that. We saw him last week as well. That team was strong.
They came in 13 — not one but Pinson Valley came and 14 and
zero and they got the championship.
Gainwell comes his own number and get about 2 yards away from
a first down. They are going to spot him right at the 40-yard line.
It’s going to be 3rd & short Mac
Mac. Both teams seem like there
really really to let this thing wind
down. I think Mississippi may have let it wine down as deep as they can and then go for it.
See if they can make a play. 4th & 2. Alabama won’t have a lot of time even if you stop them. 35, and down to the 30.
You might see a little more of that and the second half.
>>Here is the thing, Mississippi will use its final
timeout to set even a either a long
field goal attempt or if they don’t feel good about the big it
when plate and get it in the end This is where Gainwell is
dangerous. He comes all the way back, the
backside on the field and gets the first down.
Now Mississippi has an opportunity of a 9-yard gain.
Do they try the field goal or do He’s going to be attending a 48
yarder Brady ball is alluded to the laminated charts that we
have. They are actually done by Jake
Wimberley who does the play-by-play for the Bulldogs.
>>Jake, you do a great job on your chart.
Goodwin is going to try the field goal.
Unlike his counterpart on the
other side, McPherson who does not use the T, teas are allowed
in high school football and he will use it here.
He has got the range. This would be a big boost for
Mississippi going into the locker room.
They were down 7-0 and then the tide the game at seven.
What see if he can boot it through 448.
The going to mark it down at the yarder for good men. I think Alabama is going to ice
the kicker. You’ve got them, you might as
well use them. You can’t use them in the locker room.
>>A lot of strategy being played out. Again, this goes back to the
fact that Gainwell who has the only touched on for Mississippi
on that 4th & 2 was able to a 9- 9-yard to get them in field goal range.
This is not an easy kick, but obviously it’s able to be made
or he wouldn’t be trying. Could we have the wilder fitness halftime report coming up.
Of course, we will have stats from this ballgame and also some highlights.
We have had a couple of touchdowns but a lot of really
good defensive plays that could have gone for a long anus, but
didn’t because the defense came out strong.
That is all coming up on the Wilder halftime report. The bottom line, a good football game.
It’s just 7-7, but we have had big plays.
I thought we might get lots of points.
A big play in the game was when Alabama was up 7-0 and had all
the momentum.>>Here is Goodman now from 48
48 yards out. This map is down for.
The cake is good. It’s going to be short.
>>Just a little short and wide. He hit it well but still a good
job I, Mississippi to get the opportunity to get some points.
We’ve go to the half 7-7.>>Lance Mancuso taking his
Mississippi squad into the locker room as Alabama heads the other direction into their
locker room to talk about what they will do and the second half
half. We are tied 7-7 here in
Hattiesburg. The best of Mississippi taking
on the best of Alabama. We will take a timeout in the
back with the Wilder fitness halftime show.
Stay with us.>>We are tied at 7-7. Newton County is about ready to
take care of the halftime performance. We have Johnny men he’s part of
the any put on this game for us today Birdsall is a little bit
about the All-Star game in the history.
Big he is been a great week. This is our 31st annual game
in the second time to hosted a Mississippi so were excited.
We have a good crowd here tonight. A 7-7 ballgame I know it’s a
great game for everybody watching predicate we talked a
head coach of the Alabama team a they
said they had to do a little bit out with charity and everything
Bret take what we did is Mississippi was one of our
sponsors and we went in with them. We just wanted them to do some
community service here in Hattiesburg just to give back to the community. I said this in the opening
statement about how hospitable the state of Mississippi and the city of Hattiesburg has been to
them. I think the guys enjoyed helping out yesterday Brett.
>>Hattiesburg does a great job posting is a long web Shelby
that’s where I can’t state all on week.
It was a long wait because they were practicing twice a day
except for Friday obviously and I think they were both ready to
play a ballgame today.>>What kind of awards, expect
after this game?>>We give a most valuable
player to the Mississippi team and a most valuable player to
the Alabama team. Anybody in your mind yet?
Ege and the trophy, the trophy is 31 years old so that’s pretty it’s the same trophy that gets
traded back and forth. Do you same trophy, we get to
keep it or they get to take it home.
>>Thank you so much for joining It’s been a great game so far.
Guys, let’s look at the band because they worked as hard as
the football players to put on the special performance. music playing music playing >>Guys, we will be right back
after the break. This score is tied at 7-7.
After the break we will hear from a special kick her out of
Hattiesburg high school who made Stick around.>>Welcome back to southern miss at the rock the hold of home of
the Golden Eagles. Watching this beautiful
performance from Newton County finish up.
We are still tied at seven Albright about ten minutes left
in intermission. A little bit of a special guest
want to show everybody right now now.
Not sure if a ready to take this this.
This is Kendall. Kendall did something special
this year for the state of Mississippi.
Her team from Hattiesburg high school she played on the
football team very too was the kicker she brought to his cold
to the state finals and made Mississippi history by becoming
the first female and the state of Mississippi to kick in a
state finals game. Kendall, tell me why that is a
special to you.>>Is a special because my dad
we been talking about it for some years now and the fact that he was serious that I can play
means a lot to me because to make it to the states have been
checked my first your breath to hear … lots of the city of
Hattiesburg, right about that?>>Completely right.
Unfortunately he passed away just a couple of days before
you’re big debut for the state finals.
Do you feel like he was with you Is that what made it through a
special?>>I do feel like he was with me that game because I was just
happy and usually I’m just sitting there just waiting to
kick, but I was just in a great over me because there is no way
I was that happy.>>I met you on Monday and we
talked a little during practice at the Mississippi practice, you told me a little about what it’s like being a girl on a football
team. What are some of that
difficulties that you run into?>>Some difficulties are and
feel distant from the team because I’m a girl and their
guys so I can’t go in the locker usually do.
Something else, this is like you I know my boundaries, but they
still make me feel like home.>>What can you say about your
head coach? He welcomed you in with open
arms .
>> Well, coach bands he accepted
me. He didn’t look at gender, he
looked at talent. He didn’t look at the fact that
I was a girl, he looked at the fact that I could kick the ball
through the goalpost, so he was really open to it.
He was really warmhearted and he When I went to do something he
would be right there to tell me what to do.
>>Is just a sophomore and your taller than me, he still got a
couple of years to go. You’re going to continue with
football, but also a soccer player.
>>I would love to be a soccer player.>>We are tied at seven right
now. What is your score prediction
for the rest of the game?>>I really don’t know, but I
hope it’s because I want to win. Maybe 21-514?
Thank you so much for joining us us, congratulations on a great
season. We are still tied at seven.
About eight minutes left in intermission.
We’ll be back right after this break.>>Welcome back to the rock at
the University of Southern, Mississippi, were at half-time
it is Alabama seven Mississippi seven.
Let’s get straight to the highlights of the first half highlights, but here’s one of
the offense of ones. That is just a good hardware and made there.
>>Smoke got the scene. Smoke taken him from yard out. The onside kick was recovered by Starlin Thomas, but Alabama
gives it up with the fumble right there.
A big hit number ten for Mississippi is able to come up
with it. Jason Bradley that leads to
kidney Gainwell. His first nap at quarterback
from touchdown breed he is a dual threat, when, Alabama got
the ball back they started to run the football again and it
comes loose, but they try issue ball, they tried to advance it
and it didn’t work.>>That was a problem for
Alabama the ball on the ground a There is smoke with a long field goal attempt by Alabama that was no good and then Mississippi on
defense just kept finding a way to get the helmet on the ball.
Alabama with all the turnovers probably fortunate that it is 7-
7-7. Working out of their own end
zone here. This is a run that really
allowed them to move the football out there and try to
advance it, but Mississippi came up strong.
There is Tylan Knight. Mister everything for the Pearl
Pirates. Goodman with the 48-yard field
goal. Let’s take a look at the wilder
fitness first-half stats .
Rushing Alabama, and you expected that, passing about the same. Mississippi has been clean.
They know turnovers are all, no fumbles, no interceptions.
I think for Alabama code Smith is probably saying to his team.
If we secure the football. We can force more turnovers.
They will put that on the ground ground.
You put your hat on the ball they will turn it loose.
We can cash it, we, in the ball came that way.
He’s also telling them 105 yards The halftime stats have been
made possible by wilder fitness. Wilder fitness built rocksolid. Is 7-7 .>>Welcome back to the
University of Southern, Mississippi, Bridge rest
Robinson along with Gary Harris and our Staffier today.
They enjoying this enjoying this
type. It’s an honor to be the head
coach of mist about Cambridge we’ve had two good ones today,
but there are lots of other coaches that had to make it
happen and would start with the Alabama side.
>>Absolutely. An all-star team in an All-Star
coaching staff the head coach from Piedmont we mentioned
numerous times. His assistance, David Pohl, from enterprise is serving as offense of court Nader in Fife as the
defense of court Nader. Brent hampered coaching outside
linebackers, really string from Hanley and Roanoke coaching wide receivers Britt Ruben Nelson
from Ramsey Birmingham defensive and Jeremy Perkins from
Austin the Decatur defense of I’m very the scout coach is
James Blanchard from Piedmont and then the ministry to coaches are Billy Odeh Michael Somers
and Randy White. Also we want to mention that
managers. That is the Alabama side.
>>Even Lance Mancuso the head coach for Mississippi, but he
is getting a lot of help it to get the defensive coordinator
Coley Collins from what was Franken is the Rainier. The defense of lime, Christians
from Starkville, that the wide receivers Britt Brian Hiles bird Brian Ross from Ocean Springs
the linebackers, the scope is to The administrative coaches are
Howard McNeil and Kenny Robinson Robinson.
Manager Samuel Phillips. Click little for Madison Central and the train is Freberg and
Richie Woods from Mississippi sports medicine.
The Alabama trainers as I mentioned breath he Brennan and
. Want to acknowledge everyone
that made the teams weather as a coach and not just the players
are high coaches. Could you were mentioning with
the Mississippi players were talking about at half it
reminded me that if this thing stays in a tie, over the years,
it is Alabama winning in overtime four times out of the
four overtimes that they have had so if you’re Mississippi,
you got to be thinking what we’ve got to get some points on
the scoreboard here.>>If he goes into overtime like
we said it’s 22-8 all-time Alabama, but Mississippi is 1-0 here in Hattiesburg.
Maybe they can win in overtime game in the process which they
haven’t been able to do. For Alabama, they are looking to make it 23 and eight. I got to attend a couple of the
games when they were in Mobile did the game in Montgomery.
I think it’s good, it’s the Mississippi, Alabama All-Star
classic. It should be played in both
states particularly did call some of those games in and the
use to play them in June.
We are talking about that. It was so hot in the players
hadn’t played football in six months.
There was some injuries and, of course, a lot of the colleges do not want the players to play my
game. We got together and they said
let’s do this thing right on the year and it turned out to be a
great great decision. In evidence today by a super
crowd here at the rock to watch.>>It makes a much sense.
They’re still an football playing shape.
A lot of these kids enroll early early.
If they enroll in January they can play a game in June.
Plus, you never want to see this injury, in December it gives
that young man a lot more opportunity to get ready for the season whereas if he gets hurt
in June, you’re two months out from fall camp.
>>I’m with you. Point well taken.
>>Plus it’s better football weather.
>>This is football weather. I think a key and the second
half for Alabama is to get Jack West going and throw the
football. I think for Mississippi, they’ve got to get Brad compass in this
football game breed bit tight and also playing wide receiver. Individuals West was five of one from 59 yards foster one of five from 16 Britt smoke led the
ground gainers for Alabama 63 63 yards.
Martin had nine of 29. Gainesville went one of two for
16 yards, Shegog went six of eight.
The leading rusher for Mississippi as well seven
carries for 41 yards.>>It was basically on three
carries in the same series for a So let’s see what happens in the second half.
We are glad you are with this. Big thanks for the wilder
fitness people providing her halftime festivities and stats.
We are ready to play football. Alabama will receive the
football to start things off in the second half. They will have a couple of
burners down there. Martin is one of them.
You honestly don’t want to put it in his hands if you’re a
Mississippi coach. Pollard is another. Mississippi, in case you just
tuned in is in blue. Alabama in white. Here we go with Goodman
approaching. Kind of us quibbler, picked up
at the one to ten, the 15, the 20, a good hit at the 25-yard
line. That was ajar rocker right there
there.>>Number 25, Chris Smith laid
the words to Carlos Davis, but we will watch it again.
Davis had a good return breed is at what number 20 right here.
Hello.>>He is a running back in the
way you earn time as a running back is you will note the
special teams. Let’s see what Alabama does now
as they have the football 1st & 10.>>Foster comes out at
quarterback to start the third quarter for Alabama.
Foster, squares, throws and it’s I think someone cut in and
foster thought he was going to cut out.
A good look at Jaylin read if he>>That’s one of those bitches
gets away from Hamburg take a kind of slipped out of his hand
and that was not his prettiest throw. You always hear it, but it’s
all through the opening possession of the third quarter
in anti- game is so important. If Mississippi can get a stop to get momentum.
If Alabama can check out some first downs, they have momentum.
There is a big stop by the Mississippi defense and we’ve
got a flag down. It looks like curry on the stop
there for Mississippi .
That flag thrown in the area of holding. I believe it from the on the
line. I think they have a hold on one
of the defenders. The defense of holding. So this will mark it backward.>>Minimal penalties in the
first half, Alabama had 3433.>>I think most of those were
like 5-yard varieties offsides. Foster but now it’s going to be
2nd down. 22 yards to go for a first down.
When receiver is dried one to the left.
Foster on the shotgun for Alabama. It looked like Mississippi.
There is that high snap. Foster brings it down, let the
go. It is in and out.
Williams with a rare drop. That was a terrific throw by
foster. Williams has had an excellent
game. This is one of these situations
where you can’t hit him anymore in the hands.
He’s looking to turn and run of field.
>>I thought that was interesting that, Mississippi
took a hold. It would have been 3rd & 10.
If he had the past, you’re right>>Now it’s 3rd and 22. Third down and 22 down.
A high snap being ball down. A man come across it gets away Wants to throw. It is incomplete.
>>A little bit behind Williams, throw.
Foster alluded what could have been a big loss prop possibly
even a safety. He rolled back 20 yards back to
the goal line and Seth Williams says you can’t see him he pops
in your picture right now just
out of his hands.>>Mississippi gets the 3 & out.
Here is an opportunity for the Mississippi All-Stars to have
great field position to start this third quarter.
>>McPherson will be standing at Good protection and add nice
high spiraling punt taken at the He has got some room Tylan
Knight cuts back across the grain and down close to the 10-
10-yard line. A flag goes down at the 15. Tylan Knight can make a lot of
things happen.>>He’s as quick as a hiccup. He just gets it and goes.
Here is the call.>>39-yard punt .
Let’s get the call here from the>>>>Is going to be from the spot
of the foul with look to be the 25 so instead of having, let’s
take a look at it and see if we can pick it up.
>>Is still good field position. That watch the move right here,
that is just the speed. 29-yard return.
>>Right at the end they thank you might have.
>>That is close. So, Mississippi has got the
football now we are tied at seven.
1st & 10 10 at the 35 of Alabama . Boy, that Alabama defense just
swarming. Let’s go down to Rachel.
>>I’d know you might have noticed, but the helmets that
they’re playing with our little different than what they
normally play with in the regular season.
They have all these fancy decals It’s all from the teams are
playing with today. The guys have played against
each other all season long. Their entire lives played
against each other they have to come together as one unit.
To combine the brotherhood altogether they plate decals,
put it on their helmet. Thank you, Rachel.
That pass is caught and taken down inside the 5-yard line.
A 30-yard play just a simple
pitch and catch. Jeremy Tate called it, it’s just a simple pitch and catch, but
even at 6’4″, who he is able to juke out number 47 that
quarterback who has had a nice game. Now it is 1st & Cole.
I saw Jeremy Tate play this year He has got speed along with his
size and it worked pretty well
on that play for him. 1st & Moore now.
The defense comes up big for Alabama. Nowhere to go.
>>Is a direct snap it to the running back.
A little wildcat look there. Rachel mentioned the helmet
sticker swap. I don’t know if coach Smith
didn’t allow it, I don’t think they’ve done any of the helmet
sticker instead whopping breed those Mississippi guys they have got decals from everywhere.
It looks like the old Ohio State 2nd & Womack for Mississippi. Pressure looks upfield and it’s
going to be at about the 6-yard line up flag goes down as he
goes down. So this offensive series after
getting it to the 5-yard line is His Alabama defenses had its
back against the wall couple of times.
Because of turnovers, because of That is going to be a first down for Mississippi.
You don’t see that on a running play.
>>It had to be in the secondary secondary. It’s a huge reach for
Mississippi. Not an automatic first down.
It is a half distance to the goal replay second down. He bottles it a moment.
He’s in trouble and he rolls. If he can get to the corner
touchdown. He is stretched when he saw that Alabama defense coming.
He stretched across the goal line.
>>Hers buddy, got a rushing touchdown as a quarterback.
Now he gets one and Mississippi return has taken its first lead
in the football game. You take a look at him right
there. Mississippi is taking a 13-7
lead going on for the point after. The snap is down, the cake is up
up. It is good. He knows he’s got two men to
beat and slices between them to get over the goal line.
Athleticism. A cut inside the tackler. Mississippi comes out
defensively and get a stop. Get a nice punt return even with the penalty on the block in the
back. They take advantage and get the
text. He’s the good men who just point
point. Hattiesburg high school
cheerleaders are cheering for the Mississippi side, the Laurel cheerleaders are still for the
Alabama side. Laurel just up the road here. That is a neat aspect of this
game to have cheerleaders from both teams. And I spat on him the sunshine
has come out. It’s important enough for
Alabama. This is the first of Alabama has trailed in the game.
They have really made mistakes of
on the opposite side of the ball ball. He is buried at the 22-yard line
line. Good return now, Gary, let’s see
what Alabama’s going to do. Will they open it up?
>>They’ve got to get into a rhythm. I think they’re probably going
to go back to running the football here. The quick snap pot once it once.
Wants to cut to the outside and taken down from behind. On that tackle was number 50,
Daryl Simmons art of Jefferson Davis County playing for the
head coach for the Mississippi
All-Stars today. Lance Mancuso chased him down
from behind. That’s not easy to do.
>>The little pump fake. The defense is not fold.
They come over and make the tackle. Mississippi leading by a
touchdown here in the third quarter. Incomplete and a nice defensive
play. Guess who turns that play in? Tylan Knight.
>>He is having out and be Peter This is a beautiful throw.
That highest map has been playing all of them all day.
That’s a great job by night, but their number 14 for Alabama .
That’s five between the numbers. That’s too that two that they
have had here. In the third quarter, Alabama
Scott offensively.>>I didn’t see that negative
sign. They’ve got negative 10 yards,
not 10 yards, negative 10 yards in the third quarter. We have another time out .
>>It looks like right now Alabama is discombobulated.
They seem a little unsure right now.
You don’t want to use it, but you just did. Right now no rhythm.
No rhythm to the often spread the drops have really hurt.
Foster has made a couple of these have to make plays on them
them. Can you give a snap.
He’s going to be run out of the pocket.
He throws it’s going to be picked off. I bet you that’s number three.
You play with fire long enough, you’re going to get burned. Foster had a couple that were
dropped, but that is an ill advised throw.
He is going to one side.>>He threw in the double
coverage. He had two outs, two wide
receivers. That is a good way to put it.
That’s what it looked like. It looked like night was his
intended receiver. It looked like night was the one he was throwing it to.
Mississippi has a chance to put the game away but certainly put
themselves in a very advantageous position.
Second time in a row they’ve got How many times, they say they
were in double coverage. Here is the throw.
He pulls it down and takes it himself down to the 25-yard line
line.>>Again, it was interesting.
To Alabama receivers in the same Night was able to cover both of
them. I’m telling you, that in man, we spotlighted him.
We were talking this morning you doesn’t have an offer yet, but
they are going to come. Trying to find someone to throw
to. He has a compass at the 15-10. What did they tell you an
halftime. He bought himself enough time.
Let’s take a look at it. Probably should have had him
there they are, or there.
It looked like they kind of gave He throws and there is Brad
compass. Come this nickname is the mule.
>>I can see why.>>He carries a load.
He’s got quite a kick. Now, a whistle and a timeout.
It looked like Mississippi was a
little bit confused as to what they wanted to run. It looks like Mississippi has
picked up on the momentum right now.
Feeling pretty good. There is a good shot of Lance
Mancuso. He’s got to be feeling a little
better right now. If they’re able to push one in
here, that makes a big statement statement.
>>Coach Mancuso has to be feeling great. Now his offense is seizing the
momentum. A touchdown here.
Again, a lot of football left. With the difficulties it looks
pretty good if you’re on the Mississippi Zyban.
For Alabama, this defense has been put in a lot of tough spots with the turnovers and punt
return. They some have to bow their back and at least told Mississippi to field goals.
>>Lets . out Mississippi is not in the
end zone yet to make it a to 21- 7.>>The flag goes down.
Did he catch the ball? I think think you dropped the
ball. That time it was Tate and a well thrown football and the defender I think did not get his head
turned around on the ball. That’s usually when they’re
going to call pass interference. Look Antetokounmpo for this ball
ball. Do you see it.
He almost got the ball to. The defensive back meet a nice
play, but that had never came around and when your facing the
wide receiver, the going to throw that flat. As far is yardage, in not going
in our going to really get burned that much. You can Mississippi another shot
shot, of course. That was Hawkins on the coverage
coverage. The defensive quarterback out of Robert E Lee high school party
made a pretty good play. 1st & hole from the two, they
are saying he is in for the touchdown. Going in for the touchdown is
Marcus Murphy out of West Point .
Murphy has been quiet today. We expected to see Murphy have a big football game.
Alabama has defended the role well.
When you have a 1st & goal situation you give it your best
running back and he closed the deal.
>>He will be able to kick the point after.
We’ve got a very interesting, Mississippi, Alabama best nap is
down the kick is up. It is good. A 21-7 lead over Alabama. We will be back with the kick
kickoff in a moment. the All-Star game brought to you by Palm ours victory Grill. Legendary fun, legendary food. Right now I 21-7 scoreboard and
the fewest points put up by an Alabama team since 98.
I’m thinking maybe toward the Carter administration.
It’s been a while. Foster is 0-5 in his last five
throws with an interception.>>In fairness to him he had a
couple of balls dropped on him but the bottom line that cake is booed into the end zone.
>>A special guest here, this is Central high school.
And, of course, he played in this All-Star game.
>>Is cited.>>Not to aged too much a couple of years ago when you played in
this game, what you remember most about it?
>>I remember coming out with a whole bunch of all-stars from
Mississippi going out and trying>>They may be don’t have the
offers that they want it, they haven’t committed yet.
Is that with this game is for?>>It’s a chance for guys that
think that they should be offered more than what they have been offered to go out and prove themselves and show the teams
either if there signed somewhere them what they’re going to do
and show the guys that have not been offered to really pick up
some offers after this game. Could you get to train a lot of
these guys.>>Tylan Knight.
He hands down right now is showing he’s the best player on
the field. He is making games, changing
plays. Somebody needs to give him a
legitimate shot.>> Thank you for joining us,
Mike. Could you thank you, Rachel.
Bivens made the second, West has the football.
On the previous play, the evidence of Wayne County.
He had the Zach and now he has
to jump on it 15 yards down the field.
>>This has been a problem for Alabama the whole game. You’ve just got to be able to
execute the snap. Jake Edwards is having a time
getting the ball back there. It’s loaded what it’s been on
the ground a lot and you’re down absolutely have got to execute
the most simple aspect of the game which is getting the ball
in the quarterbacks hands.>>Here comes the double the
reverse, they’ve got the blocking set up.
West giving you some blocking and Mississippi recovers nicely is William Robinson he’s had a
very solid game for Mississippi. Robinson played for Tony Vance,
but the really good play call to yardage.
>>Jackson at the paper, the first he is Bo Jackson’s nephew.
They’ve got some of the yardage back Byrd the bottom line is
this. They are going to punt it away.
Somehow they have got to start executing if nothing else, just
getting this map back to the quarterbacks he can run your
place. Here is the high kick.
Bobbled a little bit at the 45. A nice spin move inside the 50
down to the 45-yard line. Coming up big was Chris Smith a
23-yard return. He plate at this is been the
story of the third quarter. Mississippi starting every
possession on the Alabama side of the field.
Again, there is lot of football left. It is absolutely bottom-line
imperative that Alabama’s defense not give any point on
this possession.>>On the other side,
Mississippi is able to come up with any point a huge statement.
Here we go, 1st & 10 from the 45 45. Hands off and a nice run,
shedding tacklers and getting inside the 25-yard line is
Murphy. Out of West Point a 21-yard game
game.>>They have been on the field,
Murphy is an outstanding running He hasn’t had many opportunities for it he’s rested and ready to
go. Now the defense is on its heels
and as you said it’s imperative somehow that, Alabama gets to
stop your. Mississippi is able to punch one more in.
I’ve got a feeling this game might be over.
>>Kenneth Gainwell in the ballgame now as he is coming in
is a running back. 1st & 10 they hand it off.
To go. And I mean nowhere. Big number 66 Maurice McBride
out of Daphne played for Kenny King. The former Alabama and St. Louis or Phoenix Cardinals defense in
the NFL now the coach back at Daphne.
This is what Alabama needed. Sixty-six beats the block on the tackle.
He got inside and drop the running back for a loss
Alabama’s defense needs more negative plays pretty
interesting that Mississippi would have both of their
quarterbacks in the lineup at the same time. Murphy off the left-side.
Gets about five and then it just It’s coming in again McBride
that will bring up 3rd & long.
Third and about seven. McBride coming off the block.
He’s a guy in this game trying to make a name for himself.
A good-looking football player. 6’2″ and 260. Back-to-back plays. Now Alabama has Mississippi and
a third-down situation. It is caught and taken down
about the 16 or 17. It will be very close.
Let’s see where they mark them here. On the reception was Malik Keith
he’s out of Callaway high school. They will mark him at the 16-
16-yard line. 4th & short.
That’s just great execution. Good coverage. A tremendous throat and a good
catch. Mississippi is going to go for
it here.>>Do you like this?
>>I do. I think you say you take the
field goal and it’s a three square game, but you’ve got all the momentum.
Alabama is tired on defense. If you don’t make it your
defense has been dominating. I thank you go ahead and try to
put them away.>>It are talking about it right now as to what they want to do.
I think they’re going to use a timeout and I think it’s
probably a really good time out again, they’ve got the option of Goodmans foot , but it would
pale in comparison to a touchdown.
>>Either way. I can’t argue if you decide you
want to let Goodman kick a field If you want to decide you want
to go ahead and go for it I’m good with that.
I think right now the way they are controlling the football is
worth taking a timeout and talking it over.
Getting the coaches together to say what you do?
On the other side, Alabama defensive coaches are just
saying, go up and get a stop.
If they go for it on fourth down down, somebody penetrate through and let’s get this football back
back. It will be interesting to see
what Mississippi does. It is a 21-7 ballgame.
What you said, still a lot of time still the whole
fourth-quarter ahead of us. Anything can happen and I have
seen and we have done games were in the fourth quarter and win
ball games, but they are going to need to do it .
They’re going to need one of those first because we’re about
to see how big that spurt needs to be.
The third quarter yards, look at that.
Alabama minus 13 due to the facts and the fumble and
Mississippi with 90. That’s what I was talking about
with Lance Mancuso telling his team at halftime 105 yards from
the 16-yard line fourth and one. They handed up straight to
Murphy. He has got the first down. That Mississippi offense of line started to get a push. We’ve got tempers flaring a
little bit Brett together talking about where they’re
going to eat after the game. This is just a good push there.
They steal it all, give him a whole forward momentum.
Not that type of running back, she can get a yard on fourth
down. That’s why he’s going on to play in the SEC.
>>We haven’t talked about it a whole lot but the Mississippi
offense of line coming in, people said were a little
undersized, but they were quicker and right now they think that speed there panting it to
their advantage.>>The getting pushed.
I think Alabama’s defense is tired.
They’ve been in a lot of tough spots in this fourth quarter.
They played a lot of plays and they’re wearing down just a
little bit. 1st & 10 from the 16.
He’s got the corner and he is in in.
That is Gainwell and that is his>>They’re playing both
quarterbacks at the same time and Gainwell is like a running
back. They run a little sleep play
with them. Once he turns the edge he walked in.
Again the Alabama defense is running down.
Mississippi’s offense is getting It is 7-7 Preds.
>>Mississippi is 21 unanswered points. He’s got two touchdowns in this
ballgame. Goodman, this map is high, the
cake is up. It is good. 1:33 to go.
Is he good while there, he’s saying keep feeding me the
football. Here is a look at him for it is
going to swing to the right, good blocking a good seal their
that guy, he is quick. We were making mention over the
fact that Mississippi had both of their quarterbacks who are
dual quarterbacks in the game at That’s why right there Brett.
>>It gives them a lot of different options offensively.
I think the story it was 7-7 at half.
Alabama moved the ball and in the
first half, but mistakes an advantage at halftime.
In the third quarter offensively Give Mississippi’s defense
credit is sure. But when you’re having
difficulty executing the shotgun I just don’t think you can
keep putting the team out there in that situation and expect
them to keep them out of the end Mississippi has seized control
of the game. You’re talking about the spurt,
they better have one in a hurry.>>Here is the kickoff by
Goodman. What a boot.
It’s good. Almost split the uprights.
I think there is a spring in the There is Goodman .
Tyler Petersons Bulldogs. Big leg. Now, we will see what Alabama
does. They’re going to bring Jack West back on.
You’ve got to throw the football It’s 28-7.
You have got a quarter plus 1:32
here and the third quarter to play.
They’ve got to throw the football.
>>Garrey, they’ve got this salt quarterback.
They’re having problems there. Yes, they have had lots.
Here is West now, 1st & ten. They are going to swing it wide
and coming up and making the tackle is number 20, Jaylin read out of olive branch who played
for Tyler Turner. He has had a big day as well. A big turnaround in the
Conquistador program at Olive branch.
Here look at a coming of the left part of your screen Brett.
>>That is how you tackle those guys.
That is exactly what Reid did. Meet a nice tackle.
He’s picked up three that will be 2nd and seven.
From the 33-yard line of Alabama Alabama.
Out of the shotgun, twin receivers to the left.
A good snap, wants to throw. Swings it out and it is caught
and that defenses is right there That is Jones out of Brookhaven.
On the tackle and Gary, you
don’t make very many sure tackles better than that.
>>Great coverage. Again, I know Alabama was trying to build a little momentum, but running the ball they’re going
to have to start taking shots downfield.
I notice number 56 Cameron Hill is now and at center snapping
the ball. Jake Anderson has been having
some problems so they got 56 in stamping out at center. He seems to be doing a good job
getting the ball back to West. 3rd & seven.
They are on down by 28-7. A high snap that time.
West wants to throw this land. The ball comes loose and to
become up with it are college and in completed pass?
The coaches are saying it’s Mississippi ball. Even if he messes the cuts both
you will be tackled short of the You to come to get matters by
turning it loose. Let’s watch it again.
>>There is the slant and the
ball is stripped out. Mississippi gets another
turnover and we will be back with more and a moment.>> Is this a catch or is it not
a catch? Is it a good defensive play?
I think it’s all of the above. Those officials on the field it
look enough like a fumble to be a fumble.
Even in slow motion you can’t tell if it wasn’t a fumble.
I think they got it, right.>>Mississippi starts his drive
at the Alabama 25. A man out there it’s caught at
that 10. Down close to the 5-yard line is number 24, Chris Smith. That’s what you got to love
about an All-Star. He had a nice throw there.
Of course, he is wide open. That is execution.
Let’s point this out. Mississippi has run every play
in this half on the Alabama side They have not run a single
offense of play. This is gassed and there haven’t been a lot a blowout in this
All-Star game throughout the years, we may be on the verge of having one here today.
>>Is Chris Smith with the reception.
They will hand it off. He gets a couple before he’s
taken out. Of course, they would like to
work on the clock here and run the football if they can. I think the main thing they are
working on is getting it to be 35-7.
Whether they run any clock or not, if they punch one in here
and I thank you could start white.>>He will set them down now,
2nd & goal from the fourth. Turns, hands off. Gainwell sidesteps and gets into the end zone for the touchdown.
>>Mine goodness. That is his third touchdown.
Kenny Gainwell should not have scored there.
That is just excellent athletic ability.
Alabama had the plate offended. I know that it got spread out,
but drugs is right there one on
one and Gainwell just cut back inside of them and had him
grasping at air. Here it is, Alabama has got it
defended. There is a miss they are.
And then watch it. I miss there.
He is in. He Cardavian Myers and Kevontay
frogs one on one had no chance against the speedy kitty
Gainwell.>>Goodman on with the point
after to try to make it 35-7. The snap is down and the cake is up.
The cake is good. It is 35-7 now.
Mississippi as you look a Gainwell coming off the turf
with 10:37 to go in the ballgame feeling it.
They have heard all week about Alabama .
Right now I think their speed has had the upper hand.
Plus, the gifts that they have been given.
>>Their execution has been much This is a football game.
The team that executes best is usually in less there is a huge
disparity in talent will have the advantage.
>>Rachel, there’s been a lot of changes and some of them are in
this game.>>That’s right, Dan Mullen
might ring a bell. I know a couple of angry,
Mississippi, State fans might want to forget that name already
already. Congratulations to him.
We were talking about de- commits, Fabian Franklin and
Jalynn read are both from Hattiesburg high school, both
de- committed from Mississippi State following
state following Dan Mullins departure to Florida.
Fabian Franklin from what I know Jalynn read is still up in the
air. I think is that they’re both
from Hattiesburg. I believe Jaevin Reed is
actually from Olive branch. That’s a four-star commits a
what a grab for TCU and a missile per Dan Mullen.
On the other side for Alabama, who was committed to Mississippi State ended the flip and went to Florida, he committed to Dan
Mullen really. Evan McPherson the out of Fort
Payne high school his kicking day for Alabama made that flip .
Quite an interesting.>>Goodwin punches that went
into the end zone. Gainwell who came into this game is a quarterback has three
rushing touchdowns. That ties this All-Star game
record. To give the guy he Ted, I think
everybody posted. Gainwell in elite company.
This is a day that Mississippi State has gone out and earn this victory because I’m confident
they’re going to win the game. We talked a lot about the record because you keep score.
It is 22-8 Alabama all time. As we’ve said in the open, Isa
Martin ESA Martin with a nice gain there.
Mississippi got to play on their They won the game.
They are starting a new stream. They are going to be 2-1 at this stadium.
You better believe that is important to them. They made a statement so far in
this game, there were ten minutes left to go in this
football game. Back to receive the snap.
A good snap that time. Let’s be honest, Mississippi is
going to win today because they play better football.
When the game is in Mobile or when the game is in Montgomery,
I think it’s an advantage for Alabama. I think it’s an advantage when
you’re the home states playing in your home state.
>>Have a lot of parents and grandparents and at this game
today. First on Carrie here is Martin
again he is still at the line of I will tell you is having a
great game for Mississippi is Carlos Dillard.
Out of Gulfport. Also, you look at number three.
Tylan Knight and we have talked about his ability.
He is 5’8″ and 170 pounds. He has the toughness you won’t
find anybody tougher than that in man.
>>His interception may have been the thing that Paul turned
it around.>>You look at Alabama now they
are down 28 points, they are running the ball.
I think the coaching staff is like listen, we just need.
I think the feeling now is just get some first downs.
Just try to get a little rhythm. And forget the score.
Let’s see if we can possess the ball little bit.
>>They know that there are his
game from colleges all over the place and here is a chance to
say we’re going to run the football or throw the quick
passes to show with these young men can do even in the losing
effort.>>Also to get their defense and opportunity to get a little rest because it has been out there
for Alabama the entire second half Mississippi has been
playing on an Alabama side of the field. Let’s just get some first downs. We are going to see Jack West
take a shot in the Stanford uniform. In the days to come on Saturdays
Saturdays.>>I think we may still see them take a shot before this game.
>> He runs out of room, throws,
that is a big gainer. He could go the denture distance
distance. If I goes down.
That is ESA Martin.>>I hope that doesn’t come back
back. He got tagged at the end. That was an incredible play by
Jack West. An incredible play by ESA Martin
Martin. Watch list here.
This is why he is going to stand stand.
Watch the accuracy throwing back He hits Martin in stride. He nails it.
He doesn’t go down though. He is a tough nut.
>>A personal foul on the offense on the defense, excuse
me personal foul on the defense.>>Like it never happened.
>>I think Seth Williams got the You know, I like the call and I
will tell you why. I think Martin was still
technically at the 1 yard line, There is no reason to come and
take a shot like that. I just feel bad for from the
standpoint that Alabama is looking for something positive
to happen. That’s a beautiful play.
It comes back. He biggest play of the offense. They are calling a personal foul
foul. Seth Williams . UDC the.
>> They are licking their chops
at Stamford right now. West, at the shotgun, take the
snap. The two stepped up.
Flings that ball and it is going incomplete
down on the ground. Trying to come up with that
catch it out, he did the hard
part. He went up in the double-team .
This was incredible effort. He goes up.
Now right here he’s got it. He dropped it the second time.
He did everything to make the catch now he’s got a third down
and 11 from the 40-yard line of Alabama. Mississippi defense, other got
to do is cover back there. Here is the snap. He is going to run out of the
pocket is that rim he throws it Scott.
He steps out of bounds.>>He’s an athlete. This may sound silly because he
is so far away from that level. But he has got that remind you
of the high school Aaron Rodgers You don’t think of him. He is looking downfield. He will hand it off. Close to a first down Gary. To me, but that his lifetime
Aaron Rodgers avoid traffic, but he’s not looking to pull the ball down and run it.
He is looking to throw the ball down.
That’s a nice run. It’s Carlos, Davis on the carry.
It took three Mississippi defenders of the down.
He picks up seven. We will call it 2nd and 3.
From the Mississippi 36-yard line. Time not on the side of Alabama
right now. They will still run the football smoke on the carry and he gets
close to a first down, but I’m not sure he got it.
>>About the pride on the line for Alabama.
They are not used to losing in this game but dominate the
Series 35 and 7. Let’s get a touchdown. Let’s not get blown out.
We will not win the football game but at this time your
playing for pride your planning to make that final score a
little more respectable than it is right now.
3rd & one. There goes the flag.
The officiating crew had help from about 35 or 40 people down
there on the sideline. They get the ball and with
somebody. He wrapped him up and.>>A stiff arm by Jack West.
>>I tell you what, you hate to see a quarterback his legs kind
of grab the turf there. Thankfully he’s okay.
The last thing you want to see late in this game is one of the
Asian man get who hurt. Let’s punt this football away. I give you three guesses as to
who is back to get this pond.>>Is going to say number three
is going to be one of him.>>Of course, it is.
Along with Chris Smith, both of these young men have played well
well.>>They both have played well.
It is going to be Tylan Knight. Night looking.
A flag goes down. Night trying to get to the
outside. He cuts across the rain.
He is going to back now. You can’t hardly tackle the
Schenn man. I’m telling you right now I know there are some coaches that are
watching and I guarantee you there are people taking notes on him right now saying I didn’t
know about this kid, but we better start recruiting him.
He is a football player. A penalty they are going to call
call. We will take a timeout with your score 35-7.
It is Mississippi. We will be back. 6:34 left to go in this All-Star classic.
35-7. Mississippi leads and when
Mississippi wins , they have big
differentials. Today is the second biggest
differential since 1995.>>They won 38-9.
That’s the largest margin of victory.
They got a chance to eclipse that today. This is what you call moving the blocker.
Setting the blocker and then form tackle.
>> Take young Mr. McBride a
good defensive line from Alabama Alabama.
No give up and either one of these teams. Alabama down 35-7, they do not
want to let it get any worse. To get Mississippi is calling a
timeout with 5:53 to go. That will be announced for both
teams. You will have one on both sides.
We will have the play of the game plenty of candidates to
choose from. I have one in particular I am
thinking about. I was watching that spot and I
was ready-to-eat.>>While.
You look at this game now and it’s hard to believe that it was 7-7 at the half and everything
based on what we saw on the first half indicated this is
going to be add-on to the wire game.
Boy, whatever Lance Mancuso said
to his team in the second half quarter.
Alabama with mistakes and it kind of snowballed on them.
Mississippi to their credit took opportunities and really late in
the third quarter of the game was decided.
You can play faster when you can 40-45, 50, that is Murphy and he is taken down from behind at
about that 39-yard line. 35-yard line of Alabama. That is the best front he has
had today. A 59-yard scamper.>>Alabama’s defense finally has Mississippi patent and fresh
legs against a dire defense of that much talent.
You’re going to get some big runs.
>> Intricate Marcus Ark is
Murphy there. He won a 5A state championship
two weeks ago. It is 1st & 10 from Mississippi. Time to get some new players in
here. I like what the coaching staff
is doing. We have got Bentravius Johnson
checking in from Greenwood played at Greenwood high school
play for Clinton Gateway. Got him into the ballgame.
He’s a big offensive tackle. 6’91″60 . Wants to throw, spins away and
somehow he limited the damage.
>> It was like he was going to
drive for a 5-yard loss and somehow I got it back out to a
better situation.>>That the coverage play they
call it the coverage Zach because he had nowhere to throw
the ball. A loss of floor on the play. The ball has moved back to the
35-yard line of Alabama. It is 35-7.
Mississippi leading with less than five minutes to play in the game.
They hand the football offered good blocking. The first down if they spot him
at the 24 , a 16-yard scamper by
Marcus Murphy and Gary, you called it a moment ago and
called it so correctly. A lot of hands on hips right now on the Alabama defensive line
and Murphy is making them pay for it.
>>Murphy had three carries He’s going to end up having a
100-yard day or close to it. He is a very talented runner
against the dire defense right now. The yards are coming easy.
>>Cameron Carroll in the backfield.
It’s going to go to Murphy. He follows his man pushes him
out of the way. It will get a touchdown.
>>Talk about following your blocking.
That time he just ran past this blocking. 136 yards here in the second
half.>>I tell you what, Inc. at 59
of them on this one play here on It was a terrific run.
Terrific flocking. Goodman on for the point after.
The cake is up. It is good. 1895-yard drive by Mississippi Let’s talk about the debts
tempered he starts right, cuts back across the green eyed up
the middle. Right there, once he gets you’re not going to catch him. Two of the biggest margins.
>>Alabama’s got a 37-yard victory.
Mississippi has a chance to break that.
Alabama, 3:53 to go. I think playing for pride also
playing just to try to get in the end zone.
You’ve given up 42 unanswered points. I think the strategy needs to be where going for a gametime
touchdown.>>So many people wondered this
week if this Mississippi team . It has proven to be superior.
>>I keep going back to execution.
Mississippi has played a much cleaner game. We have them put the ball on the ground.
They stayed away from the interceptions.
Alabama has been sloppy. There is no other way around it.
They’ve made a ton of mistakes. Mississippi may have very well
won the game anyway. Goodman, I think he’s been a
factor in this ballgame. Limiting these quick return men
that Alabama has, they’ve now been able to return .
>>Obviously didn’t see this coming.
I thought this was going to be a 7-7, at halftime it was 7-7 and
Alabama had outgained 181 total yards to 185 total yards.
1st & 10 for Alabama. Takes the snap.
Hands off. Right up the middle.
Down after about a 3-yard gain. The clock continuing to move
with a little over three minutes
to go in the game.>>Is there going to run the
football it looks that good just Carlos Davis with a short gain.
I would like to see Alabama tried to score here.
This may be the time of gain and that may not have played.
West takes the snap. Across the 40 up to the 44-yard
line. Guess you made the tackle? Looking at my stat sheet here, I think it’s important that the
coaching staffs get all of these everybody played.>>First down carry.
Now Alabama has got it 1st & ten When receivers to the left and
went to one to the right.
Jack West got them in the
shotgun. Here is a high snap.
West let it go. Stir run into the drops the
football. That was a great adjustment.
The wide receiver at the Bob Jones. HickeyHere he looks inside the
defensive back. I thought the ball hit him right in the hands.
>>It was his catchphrase be watched the adjustment.
A great adjustment just cuts the From the Alabama 44-yard line. Mississippi is there to slow him down.
He didn’t have much of a chance that time. Smoke did well just get a
positive gain out of them.>>I am impressed with this
young man.>>He is a hard runner.
He’s going to be a good player at the next level.
Being recruited by a number of schools.
>> He actually shed three would
be tacklers on that play. Picked up 2 yards somehow. Mississippi leading 42-7.
Here is the snap. West back to throw.
He caught it. On the reception was Nathaniel
Watson .
He is listed as the athlete now. As we take a look at it that
don’t know. Why do they have one or two of
these men listed as the athlete? They can play a lot of different places. He is 6’4″ and 210.
He is a perennial powerhouse. They did not win the state
championship this season Britt Sweetwater was able to win this Mabel fell has turned up a lot
of great players. A good tackle they are made by
Mississippi’s number 84. They played pretty well today at the oak grove.
We’ve called his names a few times. 6’5″ and 241.
I would like them to put on some He’s already tall and ranging.
He is a chance to be a really good football player.
Mississippi is counting it down now. At the Mississippi 43, West
takes a high snap, let it go and line.
Twenty, 30, trying to pick up
the blockers going right up the middle.
It runs into his own man at the 36. It goes down and that’s pretty
much ends it.>>Zachariah Johnson just kind
of playing back there . Double coverage he is in perfect position coming over from the
safety spot and putting an exclamation point on this game
for Mississippi.>>They have dominated the
second half.>>Watson made the on the
previous couple of plays. He made the adjustment this time
time. This time the defense was ready.
>>Just a good played. Protecting the end zone .
The flag down on the play. It may be excessive celebration. Personal foul on Mississippi.
>>Deadfall, enforcement like. Dead ball.
Unsportsmanlike over here. A nice job of keeping the game
in shape. When you get a lopsided game>>That you didn’t expect.
I think these officials of diminished done
a nice job in this game. This is not what Alabama is used to.
They will lick their wounds and you can bet that next year they
will come out with focus back to
even let it be. As I said, this is a well earned victory.
They dominated the second half. What ever it is, if liquid cold.
Off the coaches are giving it on It’s a big win for these young
>>It is too hot of the last three.
That’s the great thing about football bird to keep scores,
stats, but every game, every year is a new year.
Really, what happened the previous 30 years does not
matter. Every year they write their own
story. Mississippi does not have to run and other play and they won’t.
Mississippi All-Stars are going to win by a score of 42-7 over
the Alabama All-Stars here in Hattiesburg. A stunner in the second half as times, it was 7-7 at the half
and we were looking at a defense That was not to be.
>>All indications were that this game was going to go down
to the wire. What we said coming out of
half-time, first possession of the third quarter and Alabama,
member of the day wind up
turning it over and from there, Mississippi played the entire
third quarter offense of Leon, Alabama side of the field. They just put the game away.
They dominated the second half and the scoreboard, that is not
a fluke. Mississippi went out and take it to Alabama.
They heard this victory.>>Glance so you have to tip
your hat to him and his coaching Let’s go down on the field right now with Rachel.
>> I’m laughing because I know
you’re soaking wet right now from that ice bath, I’m hoping
it was just water.>>It was.
But it was cold. Very cold.
>>This was a near shut up, what>>If these Mississippi kids
that they have fight in them. They’ve been told a week they
didn’t have a chance and you know, I’m just so proud of them.
Most of all this win is for the whole state of Mississippi. They did a tremendous job of
getting the time, cheer and
represent us. The results speak for itself.
What does it mean for you personally, someone with seven
state titles to your name you told me you got lucky seven
times, but you’re a phenomenal coach, what does it mean for you
you? I said 20 years ago when I went
to my first Mississippi, Alabama I dreamed of one
day leading, Mississippi, out there on the field and this is a dream come true.
>> Make as you knew we’re going
to be playmakers today.>>No doubt. Just never doubt the heart and
the drive of these kids in
Mississippi. I am just proud of them.
>>And you, coach.>>A good job down there on the
field today Rachel, 42-7 is your>>We will be back in a moment.>> The Baumhower’s play of the
game. You call that correctly.
It was that backbreaker time and>>A lot of big plays by the
Mississippi offense but everything in the third quarter
was set up by defense. That was the backbreaker.
Knight looked like he was a receiver.
He jumped him between the two Alabama receivers and made that
pick. Of course, from that point on,
the rout was on. Mississippi wrote that play of
the game to a big 42-7 victory.>>The MVP for Alabama is
Kenneth Robertson from Mississippi.
He is a co- MVP, Tylan Knight and Kenneth Gainwell. These are your MVPs and are justifiably so. He made a lot of plays around
the football. Night and Gainwell, that is a
great tool from Mississippi. Both of those young men played
great. You can tell these guys from
Mississippi there is game
marketing and again. That is two of his three
touchdown runs. This presentation.
There is the third one. They just poured it on in second half. This presentation of the
All-Star game has been brought to you in part by the Alabama
Department of Transportation. They want to remind you to drive safe, Alabama. And by victory Grill, legendary
fun, legendary food. Mississippi wins it 42-7. Thank you from all of us in
Hattiesburg. So long from Hattiesburg.

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