alabama football schedule – alabama crimson tide prevail lsu tigers old school battle

alabama football schedule  – alabama crimson tide prevail lsu tigers old school battle

Alabama prevails in ‘as old school a game as I can remember’ Alabama’s visit to LSU on Saturday night should have been shot in black and white. It should have been captured on spools of film, developed in a darkroom and then shipped to Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge theaters to be shown between “Steamboat Willie” and newsreel updates from Normandy. Your final score: Crimson Tide 10, Tigers 0. No, that wasn’t the score at the end of the first quarter or even the half. It was indeed the final score. “People are always saying they want old-school football,” LSU’s Ed Orgeron said as he looked over a one-sheet box score that had just been handed to him, mere moments after being handed his first loss in four games as interim coach. “That was as old school a game as I can remember in a while. I’m sure some will say it was ugly, but that’s probably because it was just different than what they’re used to these days.” Just take a look at the very day this game was played. This was one of only two contests between members of the College Football Playoff committee’s top 25, and they combined for ten points. Of the 20 members of that poll who were in action on Saturday, 10 scored 40 or more points , six topped 50 and three exceeded 60. Another, 17th-ranked Baylor, scored only 20 but surrendered 62 to unranked TCU. This is a season of spread offenses and 500-yard passers and 200-yard rushers and basketball-ish final scores of 66-59. It has been a video-game season. But while others have been playing on PS4s, the Tide and Tigers weren’t even using an Atari 2600. They were playing bumper pool. Nick Saban started his postgame news conference by saying, “Talk about winning ugly.” By the time he had wrapped up his remarks 10 minutes later, on the TV behind him Washington and Cal were already at 28-20 with 505 yards of offense … with 6:02 remaining in the second quarter. At that same point in Death Valley, the teams had combined for zero points and 220 yards of offense at halftime, total.

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