Alabama Football Hunger Games: Which Alabama coach wins in an all-out Battle Royale?

Alabama Football Hunger Games: Which Alabama coach wins in an all-out Battle Royale?

So, I’m here with Slade Bolden. Slade, if there was a Hunger Games between the coaches… Oh God. Who would you choose to win this? Woooooo… Oh, I don’t know man… I would have to say Cochran. If we had a Hunger Games, you know, an all-out brawl with the coaches on this team… Who do you think would win that battle? I’d probably say, um… I’d probably say Coach Gattis. Coach Gattis…over…Coach Cochran? Ohhhhhh…oh no, wait now. Yeah, yeah, yeah…yeah. Coach Cochran. It’s definitely Coach Cochran. Coach Cochran winning that, bro. He’s the strength coach. He’s winning that. Name a coach? Any coach, on our team. Who would win it? Saban. Saban? Probably Coach Saban. Because he probably got everybody around him helping him out. You know what I mean? But then what happens when there only has to be one? You think the coaches are gonna…they’re gonna have to turn on each other. Yeah… You think Coach Saban’s still gonna take it? He’ll probably find some way, but I don’t know how. It’s that process. Nick Saban’s process, for sure. If I’m in the Hunger Games… Ooooooooh! All the coaches? I’m gonna throw a wild card at you…and I’m gonna say Banks gonna come out. Special teams coordinator, dawg. Why you think? Heck yeah. All day. If we have one with, you know, the players on the team…who do you think would win? I mean, are you gonna consider yourself an option? I mean, yourself’s an option here. The O-Line. We run as a unit, so you already know we untouchable. But, I mean, it’s only one
person’s gonna win. So, what are you gonna do when the whole o-line’s left? Is this gonna be a brawl between the whole o-line? Me. I’m gonna go with Najee. You think Najee Harris can win? He looks like he’s from the jungle anyways. Oh, me. (scoffs) Me. I’m winning. If there was a Hunger Games, like an all-out brawl between the players… Who do you think would come out on top? Uh… You’re not gonna say yourself? Nah. I’m gonna keep it real. I’m gonna go with the biggest person… No. Cash. Cause Cash got the best hands. Talkin’ bout fighting? Yeah. Like a brawl. All-out brawl. I would win. I would win. 100 percent? 100 percent. No doubt. Well, that’s not what Jeudy said. What’d Jeudy say? Jeudy said that Cash would win. He ain’t winning. Cash ain’t winning. You tell him that. No. I’m winning. Me. Why’s that? Cause, you know what it is. I mean…I’ve wrapped you up every day in practice, so… That’s a lie. Who do you think would win out of the players? Hmm… I’d put a guy like Raekwon or Q…Cash… 33… I’d put Anfernee in there. Barmore said himself. Of course. Philly. Whoever’s winning those sprints. That’s who I’m riding with. 100%. Appreciate you, dawg. Appreciate you, Coach Coch.

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  2. I love it.. You guys heard about that? And, I graduated from "the school down the road".. Lol.. They're not going freakin' sweet stuff like this! You should try the lemonade though.. It's REALLY freakin' good, dudes!

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