Ajara Nchout – Player of the Match – Cameroon v New Zealand

Ajara Nchout – Player of the Match – Cameroon v New Zealand

Can you describe the key moment of this match
– your second goal? The key moment came in the last minute when
I scored the second goal. We never lost hope. We believed in ourselves until the final minute. That’s how we kept playing right up until
the last minute when we scored. A common question: why is this tournament
so important for women’s football? Because we want to develop Cameroonian football. That’s why we give everything we have, to
show our leaders that they have to take us seriously. They already do but we want even more.

76 thoughts on “Ajara Nchout – Player of the Match – Cameroon v New Zealand

  1. I don’t understand one single word of this language, but I guess the final question was : “what you have to say for the young girls watching you right now ? ” 🙂

  2. O bom de assisti vídeo assim é quem eles me inspira meu senhor e ser um grande YouTube como você valeu cara😘 quem pode me ajudar a realizar ele

  3. You are solid gold! I watched your goal again and again and I shared it with all of my friend, Amazing!

  4. Pardon Adjara, dit à Onguene, qu'elle a failli me faire casser mon téléviseur. Qu'elle laisse son égoïsme à côté. Le capitanat n'est pas synonyme de grandeur. Merci Adjara, un continent était en liaise. Cela nous ramène 1990

  5. Merci pour ce plaisir Ajara, quel but magnifique, je ne cesse de re revoir.
    Allez les lionnes🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

  6. I thought Nigeria was out then in. Poor Chile one more goal from the missed penalty and it could have been them

  7. Just came here to say I'm supporting the real lionesses (Cameroon) against England now that my team (Scotland) is out! If they can beat England (it will be a very hard game…) they can definitely beat Norway or Australia as well, and I'd be really happy for Africa if you guys finally have a team in the semifinals! 😄

  8. That coach better stop benching her, saw her came on from the bench against the Dutch and wonder why sh didn't start. Keep it up guys, two African teams in the last 16. See you in the final. NGR VS CAM

  9. Ajara's goal, made me really emotional, to have the kind of confidence she has, believing in herself even when they are playing again time is just spectacular, she's and, let me save je t'aime

  10. Where can I find a vid on the cameroun celebration after the final whistle. I heard they all went loco. Would love to see it.

  11. Sister, I hope you are getting to read this, am a brother, a nigerian, we know we are the same people, Cameroun is family, like all the rest of us,

    lovely goal sis, wow, the world is saying thank you for the goal of the year candidate, Nigeria congralutes you sister Ajara 🙂

    I've probably watched it 10 times, and will continue to watch till am tired of watching over and over again, wow WHAT A GOAL !!!
    Love from Germany , Nigeria, Africa and all the scattered of Africa.
    Shallum Yawole

  12. The next game Cameroon was spitting at the opponent players, screaming, refusing to play, stomping on opponent players foot and being generally ugly when the referee is not watching, giving millions of young girls and women all over the world great role-models and hope for the future of football.

  13. Her goal is top three in this Cup. A 64th ranked team. Makes you wonder what would have happened if they had the might dollars and resources of the US ha?

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