Air Power Soccer Disk Review | EpicReviewGuys in 4k CC

Air Power Soccer Disk Review | EpicReviewGuys in 4k CC

– Hi, it’s Xeny. – And Parris from Epic Review Guys and we’re back for the second time today. We’ve survived the first day
of our video marathon week. How are you holdin’ up? – Good, but I know this is
going to be a very tiring week. – Well I hope you saved some energy ’cause we’re about to head out now to try out the Air Power Soccer Disk. (acoustic guitar music) ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ The Air Power Soccer Disk
is like half a soccer ball. I think it’s flat on the bottom. It uses four batteries to run a fan, which blows air down and it’s supposed to float on that cushion of air. It sells for about 15 dollars
where we found it online. I’ll put a link down below this video if you’d like to check that out. I think they also have this model on Vat19 if you’re familiar with that website. You’re supposed to be able to use this Air Power Soccer Disk on
a desk to play air hockey. That sounds like fun. – Yeah. – You’re supposed to be able to use it on your wooden floor, your tile floor, even low carpet, not the really thick shag carpet but a shorter carpet. You’re supposed to be
able to use it outside on the driveway, we’re
gonna give that a try, and maybe even in the grass, but… Yeah, I know, we’ll see. Here’s what you get in the box. This is all sealed up and here’s the… Ooh, and a mystery device,
that’s interesting. A little instructions and that’s it. You have to provide your own batteries. It’s pretty lightweight but I don’t think it will be once we put the batteries in and you can see where the air will blow out, very cushy on the sides and a little spot to pull the air in here. I’m really curious to see
if this will actually float. We’ve taken off the three
screws that hold on the cover. This is what it looks like inside and the four batteries go around here so it’ll be properly balanced. I don’t see where there’s a big enough fan or motor to blow all this air. We’ll find out very shortly. The instruction sheet that comes with it basically just says you can use it indoors, you can use it outdoors. All of the information and pictures is about putting the batteries in. Is it really that hard
to put the batteries in? – At the start it was, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. – Okay. Let’s see how it works. (loud whirring) A lotta noise. Oh, I can feel quite a bit of air. Can you feel it? Let’s try a little tabletop air hockey. (muffled whirring) Ooh, it’s floating. (sliding) Wow, I’m amazed this works this well.
– [Xeny] Yeah. (buzz) – [Parris] Oh, we’ve got some holes here. When it goes over them the
air doesn’t blow it up. (whirring) (squeaks) Whoa. Phew. Good thing it ran out of air. – Yeah.
– [Parris] As soon as it went off the edge of the table, the center of it went off,
the weight pulled it down, and so it stopped it
from going off the edge. Pretty cool. We gotta try this out in the hallway. – Yeah. – [Parris] We’ve got laminate floor. (whirring) Whoa, nice. (thud) It does bounce, it doesn’t seem to be damaging to the floor or molding. Okay, send it my way again. (smack) (sliding) So it does lift up a little
if you kick it wrong. Whoa. (giggles) This is hard looking through
the camera and doing this. (clattering) (sliding) (thud) Next is carpets. – [Xeny] Woo. – [Parris] Hmm, it’s not really, well… Yeah, I don’t think it’s floating but once you give it a little push it does go a lot further
than it would otherwise. – [Xeny] But the children
like going to hit the… Like, to there. – [Parris] Oh, I see. Yeah, I see it now. – [Xeny] It works better
on the wood floor. – [Parris] Mmhmm, but
it will work on a carpet if it’s not very deep or shaggy. – [Xeny] And I like the
cushy part on the side. – [Parris] Yeah, it
helps with our own feet and hittin’ our feet, not just the damage to the floorboards in the house. Okay, out here in our
terrible-looking grass. I can’t imagine this is gonna work. Give it a try. (clatter) Well, it didn’t flip over. (thud) (thudding) Well, not yet. If you’re outside in the grass, I suppose you can probably
use a regular soccer ball. (thud) Whoa. Doesn’t flip. Okay, I’m a little more impressed now. It does not wanna flip,
which is a good thing. Oh, finally flipped over. Okay, on the driveway. I see it even floats
on its own pretty good. – [Xeny] I think it would
work better if it weren’t– (sliding) Uh oh.
– [Parris] Uh oh. (clattering) (muffled speech)
(clattering) – [Parris] Yeah, as Xeny mentioned, our driveway’s got a lot of
sticks and leaves and stuff. If we swept it first, it
probably would work better. But I’m surprised by
how well it’s working. Now what I want to do is take a look at the bottom and see how it’s holdin’ up. All right, with as much as we’ve played with it, I’m lookin’ for scratches. Will you hold it there? I do see some scratches right along here. I don’t see that this has gotten… – [Xeny] Damaged.
– [Parris] Too bad, and the rubber thing on
the side is fine, so. Since it doesn’t rely on this really being particularly smooth,
that’s not the source of its floatiness and it does the air, I don’t think that’ll affect it. I think we’re good. – [Xeny] Yes. – So that’s the Air Power Soccer Disk. I was impressed by how well it worked. I didn’t think they could manage to actually make a little hovercraft for 15 dollars that worked that well. Now, what did you think? – I honestly loved it. It amazed me, basically, that it worked. – Mmhmm. – And I have three recommendations that this would work
best on, the wooden desk, the wooden floor, and the
driveway if it was cleaned. – Okay, so the carpet,
the grass, not so much– – Not the best ones. – Yeah, though you could
manage it, but if you’re gonna be in the grass,
use a soccer ball, right? Again, 15 dollars for this,
really not a bad price I think. There’s a link down below this video if you’d like to check it out. Now, we will be back
tomorrow with two videos, so check back Sunday
morning, and we wanted to let you know that tomorrow is also the day we will be announcing the School Hall Lunch Box Giveaway winners so be sure to tune in. – Good luck.
– [Parris] Good luck. ♫ At Epic Review Guys
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