After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything! – Tony Robbins

After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything! – Tony Robbins

100 thoughts on “After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything! – Tony Robbins

  1. You are dumb listening to this scammer who charge thousands. The one who changed after the talk is him, walking away with millions

  2. This shit got me teared up.

    I've been seeking answers to my confusion, fears, procrastination and everything. Regardless if I do more or less things, it's not about how much I do ir don't do. It's about if I appreciate it or worry about it.

    Tony Robbins talks same stuff Sadhguru, Preethaji, Osho, Dr Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and many other teachers, lecturers and gurus talk about.

    That oneness state they talk about may be important, maybe there's something mystical about it but what's actually understandable and achievable no matter what- beautiful state to live in.

    Suffering is about ourselves- what if it happens to me, what If that person tells me something, what if she wears this and that, this shit happened yesterday and it pissed me off, I'm hurt from ten years ago, what if someone is watching me or will attack me? All these ideas, thoughts and emotions in our head are just self-centered suffering.

    And the decision from this moment to live in a beautiful state, to bounce back to it right away whenever you are conscious of slipping away from it, to reinforce it is what many teachers talk about as a fundamental requirement for a beautiful living.

  3. All platitudes with no actual substance.
    It might fire some people up but most will burn themselves out, all the while parting with their money for crap like this.
    Robbins's only working career was as a handyman and janitor, no actual business experience, yet he gives advice on how to succeed at business.

  4. Health and Lifestyle matters more than relationships especially those with women whom just want a free ride and be looked after under their terms.
    I created a business 18yrs ago with the goal to give me a lifestyle of freedom to do what ever I want, where ever I want, when ever I want. My lifestyle didnt suit my cat loving wife, so she is gone. I am the happiest I have been since pre teenage xmas days. My health is the utmost important to me now, so I can savor all that life has to offer.
    Concentrate on your goals, don't deviate or get distracted. Do one thing per day to get closer to your goal and ignore all that get in your way. Time moves faster than you think.

  5. I’ve been building my dream, Through Pain, loss, Defeat, loss of money, people who don’t believe in me, it’s been HARD! But I will keep working out, I will keep planting good seed and I believe it will pay off! The Soldiers Of Self Mastery Movement- Awaken the Giant Within. I’m Starting Over Again. Santos Rolon Jr.

  6. Never understand people who pay $2000 for his shows. He says what you know already and it's a common sense. If you still dont know the simple things , all info is available online for FREE, 21 century people. I assume some people got motivated, BUT motivation is a temporary thing that will last you probably for a week or so. You wake up one day , and everything is same , motivation is gone. The only person who can change you is YOU, if you are really want something, prepared to change yourself , ready for " fight" , you can do anything. Slowly but steady change without motivation that will be gone with the wind. Do yourself a favor , spend that $2000 on yourself , your kids , vacation , or invest into yourself.

  7. I learned that I can be happy without worrying too much. I can feel like I am an alien in a human body. I have 1 week to live on earth and go back to my planet. So experience as much and decide what I am going to do here to be a nice and wonderful vacancy on earth.

  8. Tony has said 0:31 "your State is the ultimate thing" or "Emotions are everything." I see it NOW. Change your FOCUS change your LIFE.

  9. I love Tony. His Netflix documentary was part of the beginning of my spiritual awakening and it’s been a slow climb out of self limiting beliefs and behaviors over the past 3 years, but this video always pops up when it’s most needed. Every time I take more out of it and 3 years in I’m finally starting to realize why I am always so drawn to this and to him in general. He is the model for what I want to achieve for myself. A living representation of how life is when you just decide and know that your life is on your terms. Life is such a delicate balance and like he says, the balance varies from person to person. When I first learned about him I would’ve had those same basic 2 values out of the 6. Now I value growth and contribution the most. Changing is a wildcard but I’m saddled up and ready now! Bring it on

  10. Thank You Tony for your gift of delivery! Deciding to be joyful and to live in a beautiful state now. So simple, and so powerful!

  11. I love how he insists in taking care of your body. Not only if you want to succeed as an athlete, but if you want to succeed in life in general. I find that the most overlooked impactful thing in all the other motivational speeches all over.
    I enjoyed his presentation. However, 'motivational' music in the background bugs and distracts me. He's perfectly capable of maintaining people's attention without music, so I'd leave it at that.

  12. Robin Williams DID NOT die because of depression, but because of Lewy Body Dementia – confirmed in his autopsy. Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a type of progressive dementia that leads to a decline in thinking, reasoning and independent function because of abnormal microscopic deposits that damage brain cells over time. He was not depressed, he was suffering from delusions and dementia because of the damage the disease did to his brain. There is nothing better or worse as far as dementia or depression, but they are very different syndromes.

  13. Tony has helped me so much. This video helped me decide to quit my job and follow my passion. I have at least a year to make it a reality before I would have to go back to work. I agree, why not have it now? I know I can do this and will make it happen. Also, I’m going to Date with Destiny in December. 🙂 I previously went to UPW and it was sooo helpful.

  14. Start today don't have any expectation from anybody don't forget your decision cause they give us How to had money, loved family

  15. Tale risk Never ever been in moral dilemma cause when your into that you didn't doing something at all and this is broken the ability to don't think about something else

  16. (just another viewpoint to experiment with) Every single personal developer (etc) like Tony (with all respect) are hooked on applaus and ego driven stardom vanity addictions…however well-meaning…like all priests, and pimps, kings and ceo's + whatever kind of so called leaders – without recognition, approval, guilt, shame and remorse driven income systems, courses and schemes + audiences who are putting them on a pedestal are totally empty by ways of outsourcing…

  17. If you are struggling with mental deseases it sadly doesn t work. Even while listen some often to his powerful words and advices. I know what I m talking about. I wish you ALL that you can change your lifes.

  18. Changing your blueprint was a big eye opener for me. If your life doesn't match it, then you either change your state or the situation you're in. I knew I was in a toxic relationship last year, I could either change how I thought about her or leave. I chose to leave and it was the best decision. Was able to start over and create a whole new blueprint. I feel like a new man a year later.

  19. This is GREAT interviewing. You sit down with a titan, wind them up, and let them go. Don't constantly interrupt to let everyone watching know that you're smart too, or make your guest change course with a different question. Just be a sounding board. We get total Tony Robbins because of a great interviewer. Bravo to both of them.

  20. We are living in a great world. We get so much to learn from our phones through youtube and stuff.. thank you youtube..

  21. The one thing that people need to perform is their sense of "Dignity". Black people in the former (and to a degree today's) USA, the Romas in Europe… nobody will perform without it.

  22. success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. This was the greatest lesson I took away from all of this. Thank you Tony & Thank you Team Fearless for sharing.

  23. I love this video !!! Tony is my role model and mentor. I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Tony. He is so genuine and caring. Thanks Tony, you are so awesome and so amazing !!!!!

  24. I am trying ,I want to, I decided now to be happy,to enjoy, to worth every and each moment of my life ,thank you Tony.

  25. All people in canada know more about the NHL trades than their own careers, their own marriages. Women love these men because they have a job , fall asleep by 8 pm watching NHL hockey and the woman can go out and have sex with who ever she wants from facebook or fish in the sea !

  26. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2011. Since then it has been one hell of a ride. Multiple suicide attempts, alcohol abuse, constantly thinking negative and just believing I’ll never make it in this world. I keep thinking there is a message, a hidden power or secret in all of this pain that I need to find. It’s like there’s a source of knowledge in all of the chaos I have experienced because I am smarter now. I’m very exhausted and mentally drained but I do feel a bit smarter. Although I feel smarter and believe I learned from all the pain I’ve gone through, I still do believe I will never make it in this world and live the life I want to live, or gain enough money to finance my life and passions. Sometimes I believe no matter how hard I try, it’ll never work for me. I really want it to work for me, but does life want it to? Am I being victimised or being held back for some unknown reason? I feel like day by day I’m slowly breaking even more and I want to know why my life isn’t progressing the way I want it to. Been asking myself these questions for a while now.. But amidst the mental torture I’ve endured, I handle this on my own. I refuse to be on prescripted medication or see a shrink. I handle things my own way. It’s tough but I’ve been able to hold on so far!

    This isn’t a feel sorry for me type comment and if you reply something negative I’ll delete it straight away. I’m just being honest about me, about my life and my story that can one day help someone.

    Much love to you guys, have a positive and powerful day 💪🏽💯

  27. That Auschwitz comparison was hardcore.
    And yeah, he totally got a good point, like 100% of the time, thinking back 5 minutes I now start to enjoy things even more. Thanks for reminding me.

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