adidas Running adiZero Long Jump SKU: 8881325

adidas Running adiZero Long Jump SKU: 8881325

What’s up everybody! My name’s Richard from and this here is the adiZero Long Jump from adidas Running These guys are gonna keep your feet breathing, thinks that mess you have throughout the back here it gives you up toward the front where you have this kind of reinforced material Up near those toes, you see you got that lace-up system running all the way here to lock everything in nice and tight it does have that really cool design to the toes, check that out it’s gonna shine without really bright and colorful design there You got a thick layer of EVA in that midsole now that’s great it’s EVA super lightweight but still super shock absorbing to keep your feet feeling energized and spring in forward with every stride You got that really sturdy plate outsole down here, we have those holes for your seven spikes they put in, I also have that shark skin texture running around the back to really help you dig in deep, give you that added boost that we strive There’s also a heel to toe differential, 5.5mm Take your skills to the next level with these awesome shoes here, they’re from adidas Running

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