adidas 2013 Confederations Cup Cafusa Match Soccer Ball Video Review

adidas 2013 Confederations Cup Cafusa Match Soccer Ball Video Review

What’s up guys? I’m really excited about the Confederations Cup coming up and I’m really excited about showing you the official adidas Confederations Cup 2013 Match Ball. The Cafusa ball is top quality and will be played with by the best players in the world. This ball is FIFA approved and has received the highest possible FIFA rating. How awesome is that? It was tested by its weight, water uptake, shape and size retention and passed with flying colors. The design is made to give this ball high visibility in tough conditions like snow, fog and rain. It’s a great ball, even fit for the the cold weather. Have you noticed the surface? It’s a seamless surface made of 70% polyurethane and 30% is other, imitation leather. This provides for better flight, fantastic touch and lower water uptake. The green and yellow design for Brasil sport the Confederations Cup Brasil 2013 logo. The Cafusa ball will be touched by the feet of legends. And how cool would it be for you to own the same ball that those legends will be able to touch at the Confederations Cup. Very sure you’re going to impress a lot of people with that. My name is Thiago Palma, make sure to subscribe to to our channel, check out and I’ll see you next video.

4 thoughts on “adidas 2013 Confederations Cup Cafusa Match Soccer Ball Video Review

  1. FIFa, not another world cup with such light ball plz! Am watching the confed cup and i realise that the play style is quick, unprecise, and that more is given to power and chance. It feels like a flipper match. Players struggle more to control the ball and as a consequence nice, delicate touches (remember Zidane?) r completely cut out of the game. On the contrary the play is much quicker and probably more goals r scored.But in my opinion the quality of the game has gone down. Not as beautiful…

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