Actors training session (before charity football match) – VOSTFR

Actors training session (before charity football match) – VOSTFR

[Music] it’s for a good cause I’ve got kids and they went to BC women children itself you know I think it’s a great thing stable raising a lot of money for the hospital having a good time getting to play in the stadium which would be fantastic I’ve never played in the stadium like that before so very excited about that I’m looking forward to playing and BC Place and just happening having a laugh and I think as well as long as we can raise some money for for the BC One Children’s Hospital then that’s that’s all the matters in on we’ll just have a great day I think it’s brilliant I think you know soccer and film you know coming together it’s an exciting thing as you know I’ve done some singing in my lifetime probably what you don’t know is it probably should have been an actor if I could have remembered me line so no but this is fantastic the actors that are gonna be here they actually had their kids born at that very Hospital I myself lived there was a small child we had it was a really easy event to get a reassociate with and the Whitecaps are sort of the cool event to do in town so and we we haven’t had anybody say no who do you think the best of Love’s gonna be on Saturday at me I don’t know I don’t know maybe a Robert Carlyle I think he’s gonna be pretty I think he’s pretty nifty back in the day so we have to it will have to wait and see wherever they put me on one of those utility players I mean I kind of feel I like to play in most positions maybe but anyway probably I’m a safe right back and I love football I’m not very good but I love it be good be good fun [Music]

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