Aaron Gordon Dunk: FIBA U-19 World Championships


bagger activities was locked out here
the sunny culver city studios restaurant tell you what is it the best done for
the beaver united world championships that my friend visit their important in
an eighty two sixty eight gold medal winning game against serbia important
did not have uh… a fantastic aim points wise and gold medal game a few of his uh… things that you
should know about air gordon he is a blake griffin like type of player he’s
going to be a topic in next year’s trap along with it the reagans injury it’s of
course did not participate in the u nineteen world championships and he was
the player of the tournament here’s the best player on the united states is
roster his exact totals for the tournament twelve point six points per
game six point two rebounds per game ingest a little under nineteen minutes the number three recruit in uh… this coming class that it’s
going into college he’s going to go to arizona and again is
gonna be a topic in next year’s draft also he’s six eight two oh five sold
uh… you know it he he’s gonna go to the n_b_a_ he’s going to get a tumbling
time that arizona and not only that out he’s going to build up his body i see
him being uh… a better minded offense in player many of the big men that came out of
this year and he he could be better offense oblique as long as it develops a
jump shot a little more begin pass yet a fantastic behind that pass in this term
it as well uh… very promising player uh… is
aaron gordon however the few others that were not participating in the uh…
fever you nineteen you nineteen under nineteen world championships jabbar e
parker whether leave is going to do yes that’s correct elise randall is going to
kentucky and of course angel reagan’s from canada so are you prosper the dark i’ve been a cotton i_t_n_ news
one-handed and the kid in nineteen eighty eighteen he’s eighteen years old sold what effect was impressive without
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