A world’s first: Kevin Richardson playing football with wild lions (FULL VIDEO)

A world’s first: Kevin Richardson playing football with wild lions (FULL VIDEO)

[Music] I’m Kevin Richardson I’ve worked with lines almost my entire adult life I call them feed them hug them and sleep with them but most of all I take care of them with the fun kills shoot and the line is the Netherlands national symbol the Dutch national football team is always in style dressed like heroes of all the big cats lions mean the most it’s a relationship you have to build on the top [Music] I know the Dutch have a strong relationship with the lion – its Holland’s national symbol there’s even a Dutch football song called like the Lyon it ensign Hindustan which means don’t leave the line hanging out to dry don’t let him down and that’s what it’s all about a line needs to look like a hero and be treated like a hero not only on the football pitch but here in the wild – the wild lands need our help and my wildlife sanctuary is here for them today Lions live on less than 20% of their former range in Africa due to habitat destruction human predator conflict poaching hunting and illegal trade in football terms we need to send those responsible off once and for this is a gulp we have to make play some football your [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “A world’s first: Kevin Richardson playing football with wild lions (FULL VIDEO)

  1. He is fortunate. What he is doing is beautiful. And he's very lucky that thus far, he has not been attacked or killed.

  2. but me arab know that in featherland…there no lions…its like ice cold white bears..nirth pole…..you icelanders amsterdam people skate and drink milk 24/7

  3. Somewhere in this world a guy suits up and plays football with lions in an open field…

    I play with my rottweiler and there comes a moment after 5-10 minutes (if the ball lasts that much) when she gets too excited and unpredictable. That's the time to stop… her eyes turn wild and it's like a different dog. How do you play rough/gentle with a lion and not get hurt? he does look like he's in peak physical condition for it but still, i wonder how many broken bones or cuts he has gotten over the years.

  4. This man’s lunatic attitude took a life of 22 years girl last month. Who was visiting this reserve park.
    Let the animal be in their place and human in their own.

  5. "There isn't a perfect man."
    a picture of Kevin dressed in a nice suit standing next to a giant lion shows up
    "Yeah well there is now."

  6. Those lions are obviously not dressed appropriately. Kevin should have dressed them up in suits too. The girls in dresses of course.

  7. i respect him a lot…but i see in few videos he have a gun…and i m sure behind camera some guys is prepare for the worst…with guns…this is very sweet and cool…but lets be realistic here..he dont trust them 100 %..i can see that in hes behaviour..btw i respect him a lot..cool guy with big balls

  8. so he's their coach planning the first all lion football team? it's a brilliant idea, they'd win every match coz the other team would be terrified to dare try and get the ball off of them. not to mention they'd keep eating the team members and forcing each team to keep having to reorganise itself consistently

  9. Make a soccer team out of these lions, and they will never lose a match…can you just imagine their reflexes and speed at blocking a goal? The other team would be sweating buckets at just being defensive.

  10. You are surely the only one in the planet thats how rare your kind of man..easily any one can guess. Its not tough to be with lion, your bonding with them thats unique.

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