A trip alone to Nepal, Hawaii & Gyeongju Part.1 [Battle Trip/2019.03.10]

A trip alone to Nepal, Hawaii & Gyeongju Part.1 [Battle Trip/2019.03.10]

(The travel trend of 2019, a trip alone) (What single-person households want to do the most) (Travel, 49.2%) (People like to eat alone, to drink alone) (And traveling alone is also a trend these days) (With the consideration of cost, transport) (Public safety, tourist attractions and food) (Top 5 travel destinations selected for a trip alone) (France, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Gyeongju, Hawaii) (Gyeongju) Follow me to find out the key spots of Gyeongju. (Planner for a trip alone, Key of SHINee) (Chiang Mai) Right now, I am here at Chiang Mai. (Planner for a trip alone, Han Dagam) (Hawaii) Hawaii. (Planner for a trip alone, Hur Youngji) (Nepal) Nepal. (Planner for a trip alone, Rowoon of SF9) (Paris) This is Paris. (Planner for a trip alone, Nam Changhee) (A trip alone rankings by theme) It’s the Eiffel Tower. This is a must for social media. It’s so cool, it’s really the best. This is something you should cherish in your heart. (The sunrise that lights up the Himalayas) The sunset is more beautiful. (Essential courses for a trip alone) (1st place, Nepal) (Essential menus for a trip alone) (A meal just for one) With radish leaves on top… There’s so much meat here. This is only $7.50. (Food in Chiang Mai was the most cost efficient) (Amazing) What’s that? The visual presentation by itself is a scene-stealer of an entire restaurant. (Essential menus for a trip alone) (1st place, Chiang Mai) The ceiling has a disco ball. The disco ball is shining like a moon. You must visit this place. I highly recommend it. (Bucket list destinations for a trip alone) As I was up in the sky, I could look down at Hawaii at a glance. Nepal is the best. (Himalayas under your feet) (Bucket list destinations for a trip alone) (1st place, Nepal) Gyeongju. Nepal. Chiang Mai. Paris. Hawaii. (Numerous great tips on trips) (Han Dagam, Hur Youngji, Rowoon of SF9) (Nam Changhee, Key of SHINee) Travel is war. Battle Trip. Following the last week, we’re with 5 people who went on a trip with the theme, a trip alone. – Welcome. / – Nice to meet you. – Hello. / – I wish you well. What’s up with you all? – Hello. / – What’s up with you all today? – Today, we’ll know the result. / – What’s going on? It’s because… – I’ll do my best. / – Come on. You don’t have to give a deep bow. Why? What are you doing? It’s because today is finally the day… – Our judges cast their votes. / – Right. Until now, we’ve been deciding the ranking based on Hwijae, Sook and the staff’s votes. But today, our 100 judges will finally vote. Thank you in advance. – Thank you. / – Please vote for me. Let’s check out the ranking so far. The ranking, right. (Top 5 travel destinations selected for a trip alone) From the score of 1 to 5, our staff rated each travel destination. The ranks were decided based on votes prior to the show. On top of that, our judges can add… – Five more points each. / – Yes. (Part 2, essential menus on a trip alone) (Part 3, bucket list destinations for a trip alone) (Today, the judges will make their final decision) (Which planner will win?) Now, everyone, let’s check out the ranking so far. Let’s check out the ranking. I’m nervous. Alright. Nepal, Hawaii. – Hawaii is… / – What a surprise. Paris is ranked 5th with 9 votes. – Gyeongju is ranked 4th with 12 votes. / – Yes. Nepal is ranked 3rd with 17 votes. It was a close match between… – The top three. / – Chiang Mai is 2nd with 18 votes. Hawaii is ranked 1st with 19 votes. There’s only a point difference. What’s important is our 100 judges’ votes. We don’t know what the final result will be. It’s been a month since we started this match and today, we’ll have the final winner. A hidden course for a trip alone. It can be food, something you ride or an attraction. The hidden spots are going to be their last moves. Are you confident? – Are you confident, Changhee? / – Of course, I am. – Will there be a twist? / – Yes, there will be one. You said there was going to be a twist last week too. Today is the last match. – A twist always comes at the end. / – A twist. I’ll be looking forward to it. I think I’m going to make a big come back. Paris must have a lot of hidden spots. Yes, so I prepared something. This is nothing special. – My goodness. / – What’s that? (A mysterious bag suddenly shows up) – Come on. / – This is nothing special. You were complaining about others last time. Sook, I brought a present. That’s a legitimate bribe. – I bought a souvenir. / – What is it? I bought it for you. – I wanted to give it to you. / – An LP? What is it? – I’m not going to lie… / – What is this? – What is it? / – I bought this for you two… Having no idea you’d be special judges. – It’s from France? / – Nothing for Sikyung? Who is this person? This is the London Symphony Orchestra. – London? / – Yes. London Symphony Orchestra’s album from Paris? That’s why it’s rare. – It’s rare. / – I’m not sure about that. Once you see where I bought them, you’ll see why they are meaningful. I don’t know much about London Philharmonic Orchestra. You can get to know it from now. You always stick to what you already know. Try to learn something new. – Okay. / – That’s right. Learn something new. I feel like he’s already deducting your points. I don’t know if this will affect my vote, but I’m touched by his heart. The fact that he thought of me on the trip and bought a gift for me is very nice. – I’m thankful. / – I… You all went to five different countries, did you all buy some souvenirs? – Did you buy something from Nepal? / – Nepal. There are things that are famous in Nepal. – Pashmina… / – What? – And cashmere. / – Wow. Pashmina. – I heard pashmina is similar to cashmere… / – Really? – But better. / – That’s right. Wasn’t it more expensive? 30% pashmina blend scarf was about $10. – It’s cashmere and pashmina. / – What? – Cashmere and pashmina? / – Yes. – How much is it again? / – $10. That sounds like a great deal. It’s the best souvenir to give someone. Alright, the end of the long journey has finally come near. Hidden courses for a trip alone. You won’t be disappointed. Let’s start with 5th place. – I’m looking forward to it. / – 5th place. I should be at least in the top 3. – Please. / – 5th place of hidden courses. (5th place of hidden courses for a trip alone) (Nepal) (Happy, sad) Nepal is lower than Paris? Nepal is lower than Paris? (It’s the last match and Nepal is ranked 5th) It’s ranked 5th, he’s in trouble. – Looks dangerous. / – Just look at that. Oh, no. – You should’ve climbed a mountain. / – But… Please watch it before you judge. I beg you. – The judges’ votes have the most power. / – What? You’ll see. Nepal deserves better. (Extreme experiences in Nepal) (It’s the land of the Himalayas, the top of the world) (During the trip, he has seen it from a distance only) This is so nice. (Even when paragliding, he was far away from it) I’m not sure where the Himalayas are. (This time…) (The Himalayas are right before his eyes) See? How can this be ranked 5th? – You went there? / – Yes. Really? (On a private jet tour, you can even see Mount Everest) Private jet tour? This is Nepal. Aside from hiking it, this is the only way you can see the Himalayas up close. – It looks amazing. / – Is this the Himalayas? You don’t get off it? No, you don’t. (Hidden courses for a trip alone in Nepal) (Mount Everest, private jet tour ) Hello. It’s early in the morning, the Sun isn’t even out yet. I’m at the airport right now. I heard there’s a light aircraft that flies from Kathmandu to Pokhara at this airport. But it only is available in the morning. There’s a 1-hour course flight where you can tour around Mount Everest. Shall we go? (The starting point and also its destination) – So you come back to the airport. / – Yes. (This special course is run by a Nepali domestic flight) I’ve now boarded. If you have a look, there are seat A, B, C and D. Seat B and C are all empty, because it’s hard to see out the window from those seats. You can’t book the aisle seats. – Not during the tour, I see. / – There’s only one flight… Every morning. – There’s only one flight a day? / – Yes. The seats closer to the front and back of the airplane give you a better view. I went to the airport in the early morning to buy them early. The flight attendant gave me this. This is the description of the peaks of Mount Everest I can see from this plane. (There is the Sun) It looks like the airplane is going to take off soon. (It finally takes off) You can soon see the mountain. This is where the Himalayas begin. (The vast Himalayan Mountains spread out the window) Let me compare it with the map. (He has no idea) I see three peaks over there. (Three peaks?) Three peaks? How can you tell? It just looked… Right, Nepal was ranked 5th. (Where is it?) (Although he has a map, he can’t find the peaks) Hello. (Who is it?) (Someone comes near Rowoon) (It’s the flight attendant) The flight attendants explain everything to you. They explain what everything is while you sit there. The attendants tell you. They explain everything to you individually? It’s like a private lesson. (Shishapangma, 8,027m above sea level) The three small peaks next to it… (It’s at 6,966m above sea level) (The official name of the mountain is Dorje Lhakpa) I thought we were somewhere else, but we’re still at the beginning. It takes about an hour and a half… That’s a long plane ride. – To go around Mount Everest. / – It’s pretty long. It circulates around it. That must feel really good though. When would he have this chance? – Right. / – Exactly. I will enjoy the view alone now. When would I have the chance to admire this view again? (The vast scenery of the Himalayas from the sky) Without trekking, to see the mountain up close… – You need to go there on a plane. / – With a plane. The mountain is covered with snow all year round. (Rowoon enjoys the outside view in peace) (After flying for a long time…) And right now, everyone is taking a turn to go to the front. To the cockpit. – What? / – Cockpit? You’ll go to the cockpit? They can enjoy the view from the front of the cockpit. Passengers take turns to go to the cockpit. – Really? / – You can see the view from there. You can see the view from the front of the cockpit? – Yes. / – Seriously? Let me go and see. A lot of people are enjoying the view. (What kind of scenery awaits him?) – Wow. / – Oh, my. How could you possibly explain that feeling? – This is in 5th place? / – Yes, this is in 5th place. (The Himalayas stretch out in a panorama) This is so surreal. Do you see the mountain in the back? That’s Mount Everest. (Mount Everest?) Look at this. (This is the closest place to the Sun on Earth) The view is different when you see it from the cockpit. (Mount Everest) That’s the highest mountain, right? – It must really feel surreal. / – I bet. – Right? / – I was in awe. – How would it feel? / – It’s like “Snowpiercer.” It was magical. It really was. (This is called Sagarmatha, goddess of the earth) There’s the mountain and some clouds are hanging around it. That’s Mount Everest. I really wanted you to know that you could still see Mount Everest up close without trekking. This view is placed 5th? I feel a lot of pressure all of a sudden. If people come here, it will be a good experience to admire the view as well as cherish it in their hearts. I doubt no other destination can beat this. I’ll work harder and buy my own private jet. (With just $10, you can enjoy this) Seriously, this is crazy. What is that? – How much was the steak? / – It only costs $10? This is placed 5th? – You ate steak with $10? / – $10 steak. ($10 steak) You must have a nice view along with some food. There are a lot of European tourists there too. Yes, there are a lot of them. (The peaceful city, Pokhara) I’ll only spend $10 today. I’ll check how much food I can eat with just $10. Please look forward to it. Namaste. The rooftop must have a great ambiance. It doesn’t look like he’s in Nepal. There’s a lot of food I want to try. Is it because I’m hungry? How could I eat a steak with this price? On the menu, I see a dish called Lemon Tree. I will order the most expensive dish on the menu. That’s only $8.75? – That’s the most expensive? / – The first dish there? That’s the most expensive dish. I bet when it comes to cost-effectiveness, food quality and the view, I think I’ll be able to come in at 1st place. Right, the place is very cost effective. I don’t even have to make an effort, art surrounds me. Look at the weather. The view is indeed unbelievable. I just created two masterpieces. The weather must’ve been great. I really want to go there. I think I smell meat. (Sniffing) (The smell of meat being grilled) Although I did order the most expensive steak, I heard other steaks start from $7. (It’s finished off with a special mushroom sauce) – That’s the sauce. / – The sauce. I bet that sauce is good. That sauce was really good. (The steak is served while making a sizzling noise) (Impressed) I’m glad I came here alone. Otherwise, I would have to share it. It looks so appetizing. The potatoes and vegetables were so good. Since it’s a mountainous region. (He’s dazed at the presentation) (Takes a photo) I don’t usually make a fuss. (But he takes more photos) I’m nervous. I’m nervous to try this. This is the side. Let me try the cheesy potatoes first. Where did he learn to do that? Do you know why people do that? – Isn’t it to adjust the focus? / – Yes. My goodness. (He shows the food like a host on an eating show) (How do the cheesy potatoes in Nepal taste?) (Stamping his feet) The potatoes are sweet. It’d be an overstatement if I say it’s sweet like sweet potato. But nonetheless, it’s really soft and sweet. You realize vegetables are tasty at places like that. My goodness, unbelievable. (The side dish alone is a success) Are they all organic? – Everything there is organic. / – It looks good. – 90% organic. / – Everything is organic? I’ll try the steak at last. This is a whole steak. – They gave me a lot of meat. / – That’s huge. That’s big. – It’s pretty big for a steak. / – They told me… That their steak is about 220g to 250g. That would cost about $40 in Cheongdam-dong. Right. I think chefs in Cheongdam-dong cook it differently. (How does the beef steak in Nepal taste?) (Wow) First off, it’s not gamy. It’s also tender. I didn’t expect much flavor from the steak, but it feels like eating delicious braised beef ribs for $9.90. – Braised beef ribs? / – Yes. – That’s how the sauce tasted. / – So… – It’s like braised beef. / – It’s not your typical steak. – It’s like marinated beef. / – Right. It’s really delicious. It’s also perfectly seasoned. You can’t customize the doneness for the steak. But it’s good. The more I eat, the tender it becomes. Steaks with sauces like that are really scrumptious. Personally, I like food like that. It was so good. Seriously, this is crazy. It’s the tastiest dish I had in 2019 so far. Really? – Come on. / – That was January 3rd. That was on January 3rd. – 2019… / – On January 3rd? – Yes, January 3rd. / – It had been only 3 days. Let me eat it with cheese this time. Hindus eat milk and cheese too. That’s why cheese there is really good. I recommend you to eat this with cheese. The steak itself is good, but this pairing is the best. Cheese and the steak, my goodness. (Chomping down) He is eating with gusto. That must be so good, he’s almost done. Cows there are raised with cleaner air compared to ours. The air quality is better there. They also graze on open fields. (Empty) He finished. I could eat two plates of that. To be honest, I could go for one more. It was a perfect meal. (Nepal’s hidden course, the end) Is this the end? (Please vote for me) The jet and the food. – Not yet, don’t show up, Paris. / – Please. Which city is placed 4th? (Hawaii) – Hawaii. / – I made it. Hawaii again. Hawaii? (Hawaii) (In search of a richer part of Hawaii) Wow, it’s the beach. It’s so nice. Oh, my. (Everyone dreams of visiting this place) I want to go on top of the surfing board and get tanned. (It’s something you can only do in Hawaii) (A special experience) (And…) (The chance to view Hawaii all at once) (Skydiving) When I went up there, I could look down at Hawaii at a glance. (There’s still a hidden traveling course in Hawaii?) (The North Shore of Oahu Island) Ta-da. This place is called the North Shore. People would think Honolulu with Waikiki Beach is the best. But there’s a place called the North Shore in Oahu Island. It’s very popular these days. It looks amazing. – I can see why people visit. / – You can snorkel… With the turtles. (This is where sea turtles bathe in the Sun) (You can enjoy snorkeling with sea turtles in the sea) (Laniakea Beach) I think I should hurry. By this time around, turtles come up shore to take a nap. I can see them if I get lucky. Only when I get lucky. I hope they will take a nap after eating their fill. I will stay hopeful and hurry to go see them. Turtles come to land between noon and 4 p.m. – Sometimes they don’t come up. / – Right. – I bet that’s common. / – Sometimes they don’t. Look at this. Hawaiian green sea turtles. I guess the sea turtles come on up here. You’re supposed to keep a distance. – About 3m. / – You have to stay 3m away. – You can’t touch or feed them. / – Never. – They have strict rules. / – Yes. (What?) You saw it? Gosh, I’m startled. It’s just a mossy rock. (My goodness) I touched some rocks… – Thinking they were turtles. / – That can happen. Please come up here. They look like turtles. (She keeps looking around) (But she can’t find a single one) I want to see the turtles. (Sigh) We have to see it. Is this why she took 4th place? – Did she not see one? / – That’s why it’s in 4th place. Are they coming? They must be so cute floating on the sea. Please. – They get swept away? / – That’s just stock footage. (The waves are very strong) – Please. / – So you didn’t get to see it? It does look like a rock. I know, it looks just like that. And I heard they came up to the shore the day before I got there. (She can’t find turtles even after waiting for an hour) The one next to the rock. – Can you see it? / – Where? – It’s there. / – Where? – Hurry. / – Where? (It just stuck out its head to breathe) They are watching something. (There’s a sea turtle somewhere in the beach) I’ll go find it. Let’s go find sea turtles. I heard sea turtles were found around there. It must be cold. No, I waited for almost two hours. – I think Youngji swims well. / – Must’ve been nice. (Turtles, wait for me) (I’m coming to find you) (Here) (It’s a turtle) It’s a baby turtle. (She finally meets a sea turtle after a long wait) (A turtle stealths by staying near the rocks) – It looks like a rock. / – It’s over there. – It’s cute, it’s a baby turtle. / – Yes. – I want to live like that. / – It’s cute. – Look at that, isn’t it cute? / – It looks healthy. (Don’t bother me) (It disappeared after a short encounter) I got a bit emotional at that moment. It felt… – You felt grateful? / – Yes, and it felt surreal. Right. – It disappeared. / – It disappears like that. (It disappeared after a short encounter) (This is so fun) (I finally got to see a sea turtle) That was amazing. And this is in 4th place? (Shrimp truck) – Then I went there. / – You must try this. – You have to eat it if you are there. / – Shrimp truck. Shrimp trucks are famous in Hawaii. – This is really good. / – This is the original place. – And this took 4th place? / – Real taste of Hawaii. I’m waiting in line. This place is… Look at this long line. Look at the line of people behind me. – You have to stand in line for a while here. / – Yes. – And get the timing right. / – I waited for a while. The shrimp truck has been there for more than 25 years. (How does their food taste like?) Their first menu is the most popular dish. They take cash only. Make sure to bring some cash. I’m happy though. I heard the food here is really good. I’ll try to buy it with the amount of money I have. It’s a little more than $10. Just a little. That’s very reasonable in Hawaii. It’s ready. Thank you. (Youngji smiles from ear to ear) It’s here. Awesome. Thank you for the meal. The food was served relatively quickly. So even though the line was quite long, it didn’t take a long time for me to eat it. This shrimp dish, considering it’s in Hawaii, is a good portion for its price. This dish deserves a praise for their great quality of food. Let me try this. It’s very meaty. It’s plump. – You should’ve put your hand on it. / – I know, right? You should’ve told me sooner. It was so delicious It’s really good. Wow. (What is this?) The shrimp is so chewy and plump. I thought this was only available at a restaurant. – It was like eating gambas with rice. / – Looks good. – It’s plump. / – And the shrimp was really plump. It just tastes like what you imagine. – Garlic, butter and shrimp. / – It was so plump. It had a lot of garlic in it. I could even eat rice only with garlic sauce. (The garlic sauce that stimulates Koreans’ taste buds) So they even put the sauce on the rice. Not just on the shrimp. And the atmosphere makes it more appetizing. Exactly. It must taste good if you eat instant noodles there. (She has the appetite of a typical Korean) (It suits Koreans’ tastes) – They give you a lemon too. / – Because it’s rich. You can sprinkle it from time to time. (What is this?) You have to add lemon juice. It’s so refreshing. The shrimp goes well with lemon juice. People of all ages including children can enjoy this. It’s not spicy or salty. It’s really good. (It’s the real taste of Hawaii) (Youngji strongly recommends it) (Hawaii’s hidden course, the end) That’s the first course you have to try… – When you go to Hawaii. / – Exactly. And this is in 4th place. – This is only in 4th place? / – It is. Is it Paris next? Alright. – Try aiming for 1st place. / – Who’s in 3rd place? – The 3rd place should be Paris. / – Again? I’ve been in 3rd place for the past 3 weeks. You’re in the upper ranks. – You’re in the upper ranks. / – I’m in upper ranks. The judges are surprised too. Gyeongju took 3rd place. (Gyeongju) (Taste and beauty of Gyeongju perfect for a trip alone) Follow me to find out the key spots of Gyeongju. (Gyeongju has history and culture) (As well as various charms) (What are the hidden courses that Key planned?) I’m in front of a traditional restaurant in Gyeongju. I heard that this place has something special that many people, including I, would like. I’ll go inside now. Hello. – Are you here alone? / – Yes. (This place has an inviting atmosphere) I like places like this. I love it. (It feels cozy and warm) (They serve warm scorched rice water) It’s scorched rice water. I love it. A sip of scorched rice water on a cold day is perfect. – It helps with digestion. / – You are getting old. I think I’m at that age. (Looks warm) (Before his meal, the drink warms up his cold body) This restaurant welcomes diners who come alone. There is a meal set named meal for one. – It’s only $11? / – Yes. I see barley rice meal and meal for one. Yes. – The prices are different. / – Yes. Why is that? Many people who travel alone come to our restaurant. The side dishes for 1 customer and 2 customers… – Are the same. / – I see. We serve one fish for 2 people. For a meal for one, you get a whole fish to yourself. – It means the fish costs $1. / – That’s right. Then you have to get that meal. Regardless of which one you get, the side dishes are the same. That’s why she charges $1 more. I should visit that restaurant. – I’m alone, so I’ll get a meal for one. / – Okay. – Meal for one? I got it. / – Yes. (The awkwardness of eating alone after ordering) (There’s nothing around him, but he still looks around) (Humming) At times like that, order drinks while you wait. How much alcohol can you handle, Key? I can drink up to 3 bottles of soju. – You can drink. / – You can handle it well. You sure can drink. That’s why I don’t drink unless I want to go all the way. (Meanwhile, the food is being prepared in the kitchen) (The soybean paste stew looks very savory) (You can’t forget about the grilled yellow corvina) (Every side dish looks like a main in a meal for one) (There are fresh ingredients for the bibimbap) (There’s also a pile of barley rice to go with it) – She gave him a lot of rice. / – It’s barley rice. – Here’s your meal. / – She gave him a lot of rice. (Anticipating) Everyone says food from Jeolla-do is good… – Korean food, in general, is tasty. / – What’s that? (The table is filled with various dishes) – There were so many side dishes. / – That’s so many. (He’s busy looking at the side dishes) (There are 14 side dishes in total) – There are 14 side dishes? / – The table is full. – It’s unique that they give you an omelet. / – Right? (Meal for one, $11) How is this only $11? (The class of a full meal for $11) (What should I eat first?) (He decides to eat barley bibimbap first) (He adds the home-made soybean paste ) – The soybean paste. / – Gosh. Wow, that’s $11? I just got goosebumps, I’m drooling. She got goosebumps. (And he adds spicy red chili paste too) (Mixing) (Thoroughly mixing) (When he mixes the rice, his mouth waters) When you mix barley rice, the texture stands out. Yeah. – It has an interesting texture. / – Exactly. – Barley rice texture is fun. / – The grains pop. The soybean paste was a killer. I bet that tastes amazing. That was the best. Soybean paste is always good. That’s totally my kind of food. Gyeongju is a threat for some themes. – The food from there is too good. / – Exactly. The soybean paste is definitely delicious. It must be because it’s homemade. It isn’t overpowering, it’s good. I’ll eat it with seasoned bracken since I like seasoned bracken. (He eats it with the seasoned bracken) (This is it) It’s tasty with the side dish. It goes well with the side dishes. This is “ograkji.” What’s that? It’s seasoned dried radish. – They call that “ograkji.” / – Really? It’s the dialect from there. I love that side dish. Sometimes, people call this seasoned dried radish. (He has a bite of seasoned dried radish) This tastes amazing. (He puts one on top of his bibimbap) (And takes a big spoonful) I guess this isn’t completely dried. The texture is still there. – It must’ve been half dried. / – Yes, that’s right. I was curious about this side dish when she served me this. What is this omelet? It’s an omelet. – What’s inside the omelet? / – It’s like steamed eggs. It’s just like steamed eggs. It’s not rolled omelet or steamed egg. – It’s somewhere in the middle. / – Yeah. The outside looks like rolled eggs and on the inside, it’s like steamed eggs. This is very interesting. The outside tastes like rolled eggs and on the inside, it tastes like steamed eggs. (Egg batter with sliced mushrooms) – It has mushrooms in it. / – That’s right. – It was really delicious. / – It looks good. – It looks good. / – That’s unique. She barely seasons the eggs. – Right, she didn’t season it. / – It’s rather sweet. Let me try the fish. The yellow corvina was so good. When you’re young, you don’t like it because it’s hard to debone, but as you get older you like it. – It was so good. / – Right. I… (He switches the places of the two dishes) I’ve never done this before. He knows how to enjoy a meal. Every piece of the fish is savory. He knows how to eat it. This is the perk of a meal for one. (Laughing) It tastes so good when I eat it like this. I couldn’t do it when I lived with my group members. Right, because you had to share it. (He dissects the fish and eats it) (He eats the tail too) The tail was so good. (And he eats the head too) I’m not lying… Ever since I was a baby, I was told that I always ate the fish eyes. Really? – Yes, I used to do that. / – I heard it’s good for you. – Do you eat the eyes? / – If you eat the fish eyes… I heard that your eyesight gets better. I still eat the fish eyes when the fish is grilled nicely. Bigger fish are better, their eyes are like meatballs. I really ate every edible part. This meal is so impressive it beat Mount Everest. (The meal that defeated Mount Everest) – That fish did. / – Exactly, it did. It’s hard to believe it’s only $11. This is a meal for one. – This is really amazing. / – It looks good. I can’t help myself saying it’s so cost-efficient. The meal was generous and filling. When you come to Gyeongju alone, it’d be great to eat at this restaurant. (Gyeongju’s night is prettier than its day) (A new spot for the night view popped up recently) It’s beautiful. (Gyeongju’s hidden course for a trip alone) (New night view spot) The second one is incredible. – Really? / – There’s more? – That meal was enough. / – This place… We have to watch this one. This place will beat Cheomseongdae. The best view there is Cheomseongdae. Everyone, let me tell you where I am. This place is indeed… The most amazing scenery has unfolded before my eyes. We can’t see anything for now. – Right. / – It looks like an airstrip. The most amazing scenery has unfolded before my eyes. It’s very pretty and impressive. We can say that this is a hidden place in Gyeongju. Let’s take a look now. (What’s the last hidden place in Gyeongju?) – We know that’s Cheomseongdae. / – It is. We know about this. Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. (Between these three attractions in Gyeongju) – The water reflects that, right? / – Yes. – It’s water down there, right? / – Yes, it is. That’s Woljeong-gyo. This bridge is called the Woljeong-gyo. It stretches out for about 60m. From what I know, the bridge was built during the Silla Dynasty. The bridge collapsed, so they began restoring the bridge in 2008. They opened this to the public last year. The lights are turned on from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Please keep that in mind. This is incredibly beautiful. I’m looking at it through the camera, but the camera can not capture the beauty of the scenery in its entirety. Seriously, I only showed you the entrance just now. If you look over there, the bridge… I don’t know what to say. It’s so pretty. (The endless pillars make an incredible view) Even though I’m seeing this in person… – It’s so pretty. / – It’s undeniably beautiful. The bridge looks prettier from that angle. This is bound to be a photo spot. I love the ambiance when I look at it from here. Let me take a photo and go. Let’s see how the expert handles filming in the dark. The angle… I should take the photo from the bottom. (He moves his hands carefully) His cellphone doesn’t look that good either. The bridge must show. (When he finishes setting up) (The timer works hard today as always) He’ll take a photo of his back. Three, two… Gosh. He has perfect timing. I wonder if it came out nicely. (Did he manage to take a good photo at his first try?) Great. – I guess it came out nicely. / – He’s satisfied with it. (Shining Woljeong-gyo, shining proof shot skills) He’s a great photographer. The bridge looks beautiful from the outside, but it’s beautiful on the inside too. I’ll enter it now. – You can enter the bridge? / – Yes, you can. But you can’t bring in food, smoke or enter with your pets. We should protect our own legacy. (Impressed) (He passes through the grand entrance of the bridge) What’s so great about this bridge is its perfect symmetry. It has perfect symmetry. It’s really precise. Isn’t it beautiful in here? It’s a shame that the camera doesn’t do it justice. It’s so beautiful here. This is really beautiful. (Try walking slowly while looking at the river) The bridge is very grand and beautiful. It has amazing details too. When I looked at it from the outside, it was so grand, which makes you think it’s part of a big palace. But inside, it’s a bridge where you can leisurely walk on. The bridge is two-faced. It’s two-faced? Everyone, you can probably see I’m passing numerous pillars right now. I just came up with a fun idea. – What? / – What does he have in his mind? – With a picture… / – Is he going to walk backward? Or with a video? No way. Battle Trip. (So this is what he wanted to do) This is it. (Embarrassed) That was funny. You just ticked off another thing on your bucket list. You finished everything you wanted to do this year. Woljeong-gyo is so pretty. – You must visit this bridge, it’s so pretty. / – I bet. So, the night view at Woljeong-gyo was the last itinerary for my trip to Gyeongju. I thought I knew Gyeongju pretty well, but I realized there were many things I didn’t know about. I also realized, these days, there are many things you can do even when you travel alone. – You did quite a lot of things. / – Yes, I did. It was quite therapeutic. It’s been a long time since I had some time alone, so it was very nice. If you have a chance, I think it’s a great idea to visit Gyeongju alone. I believe you will vote for Gyeongju. I believe you will. You should come visit Gyeongju. Thank you for watching. (Gyeongju’s hidden course, the end) Let’s see if Paris climbed to 1st place. – Will it be ranked 1st? / – Will it? – I hope Paris wins. / – Will it be ranked 1st? – We have Chiang Mai and Paris left. / – Is it Paris? – Who will it be? / – Chiang Mai or Paris? Paris. (Battle Trip Part 2 will be aired soon)

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