A Football Mom Meets Her Match

A Football Mom Meets Her Match

– Welcome back, everybody, I’m
here with Nicolle, whose son is NFL player Jamaal Williams. (audience member cheers) He’s running back for
the Green Bay Packers. (applause) And he asked me to help
his mom find a date. So this is how this gonna work. I found three eligible bachelors. They’ve all been vetted. They are exactly who they say they are. They do exactly what they say they do. Can’t come in here with
no tricks and games. They’re all single, they’re all available. Ain’t nobody married. Aint nobody in no long term
relationship or nothing. So I bought’em here. I’m gonna ask these gentlemen
some CLO approved questions. I have 14 questions. I comprised for women that
you can ask on a first date. So I’ma ask ’em for ya,
I may give you shout. I just won’t help you out, okay. – Okay. – Ron, here’s your question. – Yes. – What do you value
most in a relationship? – In a relationship I value honesty, and the ability to communicate properly. (audience applauds) And I believe that
communication ought to be positive communication,
and when you are complete in your ability to share with one another, you learn more about each other. (audience applauds, cheers) – You will notice these
will be grown man answers. (audience shouts in agreement) Next, let’s go to Keion,
this one is for you. Name three things that you’d like to have in common with your partner. – That’s a great question, Steve. – I know it. (audience laughs) – Gotta be goal driven. Number two would be gotta have a sense of humor. I love to laugh. I been a fan of Steve
Harvey’s for a long time. – Yeah. – And number three, gotta be spontaneous. You know, you only get one life. So let’s just go do something. (audience applauds) – He got you with that one, didn’t he? – Yes he did. – ‘Cause you’re breathing changed. (Nicolle laughs) (audience laughs, yells) He was talking, she said (gasps). (audience laughs) Catch breathe, girl, breathe. Aright, this one is for Kris. What do you believe is your worst quality? – Probably not trusting fast enough. I’m kinda cautious. I look, I wait, I, um, just wanna make sure. That would be my worst quality, I believe. – Aright, Keion, here’s your question. What is the one thing
that you will not tolerate in a relationship? – Disrespect, what I mean
by disrespect is backtalk, not letting me finish my statement, because I’m gonna let you
finish your statement. – Hold up, dog, hold up. (audience sneers) Every woman in here through! – [Nicolle] One chance. (Nicolle laughs) (audience applauds) (Keion laughs) – What I mean by- – Yeah come on, man – What I mean by- – Oh hold up hold up
now, give him a chance. (audience, Nicolle laughs) – But no, I’m not, I’m
not trying to be rude or disrespectful to no one, especially the woman I’m seeing. I want her to be herself,
feel free to talk. (audience chattering) And- (audience yelling) (Steve, Nicolle laughing) – All the dudes in the room
went, “Aw, hell naw, dog.” (audience laughing, clapping) – I’m just being honest. – Aright this goes for you, Kris. How do you spend your downtime? – I like to travel. (audience applauds) – I do a lot of traveling actually. I take my kids a lot with me. I do a lot of family stuff. I’m very family oriented. My daughter just got back from Maldives, so that’s what I like
to do, I like to travel. I’m very adventurous. (applause) – [Steve] Now, see. – But ask him when he got a woman, he don’t have to leave the kids at home. – Well, go ahead, say what you wanna say. Just ask- – Kris, – [Kris] Yeah. – When you get a woman, the
kids can’t go on every trip. – For sure, for sure. (audience cheers) – These are very telling questions. See, we’ve learned some
things about these men. Now, it’s time for you to pick, but now, I’m gonna let the audience help you out. Who all thinks it should be Ron? (audience cheers) Who thinks it ought to be Keion? (audience yells in disapproval) And then number three (audience cheers enthusiastically) – [Keion] You the man. – Now, now, now, okay
now let me say something. Nicolle, it’s up to you,
which one of these gentlemen you think you could have
the best time going out with and enjoy yourself? That’s all you wanna do right now. Just pick the gentleman that
you think you could have the best time with. Will it be Ron Evans? Will it be Keion Morgan? Or will it be Kris Thorton? (audience shouts) – Steve, my dad and my
mom is in the audience. And they have picked number three. – Number three. (audience cheers, yells, applauds) (dance music) Aright, come on over, man. Come on over meet- – [Nicolle] And I said I get to hug him. – Yeah. (audience cheers) Thank you all for being here. Hey, good luck to Nicolle’s
son, my man Jamaal Williams. Go on put that thing on ’em, boy. Be sure to watch him and
the Green Bay Packers take on the New England
Patriots this Sunday night. We’ll be right back y’all.

100 thoughts on “A Football Mom Meets Her Match

  1. I see ya Green Bay Packers
    Mother go girl these MEN all sound excellent if STEVE PICKS THEM YOU CANT GO WRONG BE BLESSED

  2. Mr. Harvey, can you please have "The Superman of Compton" CT Fletcher on your show ? He has an awesome story to tell.

  3. I am a Bears fan but I find it interesting that the gentlemen are wear jersey colors of the Detroit Lions (a Packers division rival).

  4. That was one of the best match up I've seen in a long time they actually look like a couple hope they can take it there all the way life is short find someone true love that is what it's all about

  5. Oooh my Lord she picked my frist choice
    36 will doπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Talks about wanting that the woman let him finish his statement too…

    All woman in show start yelling and won't let him finish lol

  7. Number 2 kept it real and women as usual don't like to hear the truth. He is just letting her know right from the beginning that he won't disrespected….. good job man!

  8. What's with those women in they have a problem on wanting to be respected no wonder there's so much broken relationships and divorce the bible clearly say women honor and respect the husband. They didn't give the guy time to explain what he was saying. Words are cheap anyone can say what you wants to hear. But not everyone is truthful

  9. There are many thing wrong about this:

    1. They don't let the guys ask anything
    2. They obviously know the questions they're gonna be asked so they get prepared to say the best answer
    3. The guys are being presented as numbers
    4. Its all on TV so the guy and the girl will never be themselves in front of a camera and there will be a lot of hidden feeling and acting
    5. It's unnatural to truly know a person in an arranged meeting
    6. If they have kids they also need to be asked and take there opinions
    7. The other guys who are not chosen appear as losers
    8. There must be 100 questions and not 14
    9. This must be private
    10. If the relationship doesn't work out no one else will be interested in them anyone

    I can go forever… but I would've chosen number 1 with extra mayo and extra cheese, for take out please πŸ˜‚

  10. I've seen three videos of Steve trying to hook women up who raised sons who play in the NFL. My question: Where are their fathers?

    Steve indicated these are quality men, but one has kidS he wants to take on trips, the other put his foot in his mouth something about women letting him talk and the other won by default since the two got drama going on.

    These are the best Steve could find. I'll say it again. Young ladies, this is what you have to look forward to 20 years from now.

  11. I didnt think any of them was good enough for her.. they all was too cocky and she is too classy of a WOMEN to deal with any mess like that..

  12. Honestly I understand what #2 was talking about. He just wants to be able to have a conversation with his woman without conflict. So they could just have good open communication. I think he just didn’t word it in the best way and everyone got on him.

  13. Love the packers but the mom aint ready for a real man. See her face when #3 talked about his children. Then watch his response! All she is getting is a dinner out of this on uncle steve!!

  14. The woman were really rude with the 2 guy ok he wasn't great for saying that but he was respectful and honest better honest than lyer and the moment when they need to choose and they laugh at him woman think about it that guy could've been your dad brother cousin and you do him like that imagine if someone would do that to your family be less rude by the way that guy was too much honest with woman this doesn't work everytime honesty

  15. Ladies when a man declares that his child is everything to him and his world, ask him a questions, what am I to you then if we be together? your option? side job? or what?

  16. For me, I need CHEMISTRY!! I need to have total CHEMISTRY with a woman, all the other stuff is common sense to me.

  17. Steve has married three times, how is he supposed to give good relationship Advise. He would not even let number two finish. Always supporting women even when they are wrong. Anyone who follows Steve relationship Advise is going straight to hell. He is always sucking up to women . A real man does not suck up to women. A real man is a leader and not a follower and that will never change.

  18. Lmao. As soon as Keon said β€œbacktalk” he might as well have just left the stage. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. It's really impossible to find a good man or woman vice versa, all over the world, not only in America. People became so much about social media and materialism that I start slowly giving up on guys

  20. Sometimes I feel the audience overreacting like what's wrong with guy #2 he meant to have a respectful conversation between two mature couple ..that's what I understood from him πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  21. She should of picked one bc three already got trust issues and young children can be a problem. Ik you got to accept whole package but young children normally dont like to see their parent with nobody and mischievous.

  22. Number 2 gives an honest answer and every woman calls him out because he told the truth. AND Y'ALL ASK WHY MEN LIE ALL THE TIME?

  23. "Your kids can't go on every trip!" This woman doesn't think he can think for himself! He knows that! She's controlling!!!! Run Chris. I would have picked Chris. He's calm, mature and loves to travel!!! Sign me up!!

  24. I think #22 got misunderstood so fast.Number 36 looks like a great guy.Happiness and success to the lady and #3.

  25. No disrespect but I saw this episode. She sounded selfish, narcissistic and all about her. One of the bachelors said that he had some kids and she said that she didn't want them in the picture. She seems to have unobtainable standards and she seems to be using her son's celebrity status to put herself on a pedestal above everyone. This episode made it seem like she was flawless while her suitors were deemed ultimately unworthy. Yet she is probably wearing a wig and is bound to have flaws. A plural amount of divorces seemed like a red flag. Bottom line, no one is perfect and compromise should be considered.

  26. I'm 50 now and very grateful and blessed that I decided to stay in shape mentally, morally, and physically. If I choose to be cupid up I definitely would have to work on my shallowness πŸ€”

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