A dramatic, emotional and fantastic football match

A dramatic, emotional and fantastic football match

It simply wasn’t to be. The 2-1 defeat in the first leg, the heavy toll of injuries in the last few weeks, bad luck and some unfortunate refereeing decisions in the second leg – everything seemed to go against FC Bayern. The boys fought heroically, but it’s Real Madrid who advance to the Champions League semi-finals. Here’s what chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had to say after the match. Ladies and gentlemen, dear players, dear Carlo and training staff, I bid you a warm welcome. Today we have all been witness to a dramatic, emotional and fantastic game of football. When you look at today’s game as a whole, I almost find myself asking what these associations actually do? We had six referees out there on the pitch. Six referees! We lost a player to a second yellow card for something that wasn’t even a foul. Two of the goals we conceded were offside, and they were quite clearly offside. We had an offside call given against Robert when he would’ve been clean through on goal. I have to say, today I feel a true sense of rage for the first time, because we were screwed over. We were screwed over tonight, well and truly. However, I would still like to thank the team. I think back to the problems we had before the game – with Mats, Jerome, Robert and also with Manuel Neuer, who picked up a bad injury today and will be out for eight weeks. He fractured his foot in the build-up to their third goal, which was actually offside. With all that in mind, I can say only one thing: we have a great team. We have a great team with brilliant character. Strong and clear words from the chairman! Overall, it was a more than unlucky evening for FC Bayern, and the nasty injury to Manuel Neuer is added cause for unhappiness. The first diagnosis is a fractured foot, which would see him out for eight weeks. A more definitive diagnosis will come after Manuel and the team return to Munich and he can undergo full scans and assessments.

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  1. German teams don't speak much about referreing, but I have to say when they speak, they speak the truth, Bayern and Dortmund sadly have had wrong decision taken towards them and that has pushed them out of the champions league unjustifiably

  2. Big Bayern was robbed by the sponsorship of the refrees… but what a nice honest speech and what nice charracter from the leadership, the players and the other staff.

  3. My reaction to the "quality" of officiating: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/102045850548504576281/6410850736382027106?icm=false

  4. Ganz ehrlich ich kann das Geheule nicht hören!! Das Eigentor war vorher auch ein Abseitstor ! Der Elfer war auch kein Elfer …
    Schlussfolgerung es müsste 2:0 für real stehen ich denke es ist absolut fair.

  5. But Bayern is way better if Madrid win the champion that means Bayern win because Bayern beat them look at Ronaldo he score offside and Lewandowski was not offside clearly and the one in Allianz Ronaldo was offside to so that means Bayern win so what I say on the start if Madrid win the league Bayern win the league because Bayern win against Madrid and I think Zidane payed all the referee Lewandowski might score another goal because Ramos was diving. And + Vidal's red card that doesn't make sense because he slide the ball not the player the player just slip

  6. Da geben ich Rummenigger recht er hat nur für Real Pfeift und uns Bayern Fan hat er uns Gef….. auf Deutsch sorry ist aber so. und das kotzt es mich voll an.

  7. Hello Bayern chairman,
    You said all those offside goals stuff and you forgot that in your team's second goal, lewandowski is in an offside position since he was involved in the goal. what about that?

  8. carlo ancelotti es él entrenador perfecto para él Bayern y si creo que le puede dar una champions a este gran equipo, él arbitro es el gran culpable solo él.

  9. Its a chain reaction why Bayern is out (unfortunately):
    1. Lewandowski shouldn't play against Borussia
    2. When Lewandowski got fauled by Burki, he theatrically added final twist and fell on his shoulder
    3. Lewandowski would score a penalty at first leg (but he wasn't playing) 2:0 up would cut Real wings
    4. Martinez got a red card
    5. Lewandowski still fills a pain, he is not as aggressive in second leg against Real
    6. Unfair red card for Vidal
    7. Ronaldo scores twice being on offside
    8. Bayern plays with 10 men against 14

    Better luck next year for Bayern this team really deserves it!

    Ps. Bring camera replays to football to adverse any referee mistakes

  10. hahahaha ihr opfer . der Schiedsrichter war der beste. Kapiert es doch einfach: Bayern ist der schlechteste Verein der welt

  11. So viele Fehlentscheidungen sind auf diesem Niveau unglaublich.
    Das war kein 3. Liga Spiel.
    Genau so hat es auch Paris erwischt.

  12. Das bestätigt wieder einmal nur, dass Fc Bayern ein schlechter Verlierer ist.
    Sie haben beide Spiele verloren und sind zu Recht ausgeschieden.

  13. I couldn't care less that Real is in semi finals. this Tournament is getting every year more corrupt and i can tell you already that it will be the Madrid derby in the finals.

    For me Bayern just won the Champions league title they played with a lot of passion, effort and pure heart. Especially Mats, Jérôme, Arturo, Philipp and Manuel. Respekt <3

  14. New reinforcements for Bayern: James Rodríguez, Paulinho, Nélson Semedo, Mesut Özil, Mario Gómez, Alexis Sánchez, Jamie Vardy, Bernardo Silva, Karim Benzema, Julian Brandt.

    As well as the base and the borrowed.

    Bayern is Great to look at these players.

  15. Bayern muss gegen Real Madrid passiert. Bayern, symbolisch für uns Baiern hatte durch Gerechtigkeit zu gehen und wie gespielt

  16. Wenn man als "Weltfußballer" mit der Hilfe des Schiedsrichters Tore schießt
    Ronaldo ist der größte Witz der Fußballgeschichte

  17. What a terrible game. We cannot say Bayern would have advanced for sure, but neither team got a fair chance to play a full 90 minutes according to skill, which should be the deciding factor. I'm not sure how Madrid fans can be happy about the win. As a Bayern fan, I certainly wouldn't be if roles were reversed. No real fan of football who really believes in his or her team would ever celebrate this game.

  18. In the name of Spain and spanish soccer, I apologize about the shame of two goals on Offside… That Was not justice for two teams who fight for a really important championship.

  19. Und
    –wir haben ein klares 2:1 welches klar abseits uns aber nicht aberkannt wurde
    –wir haben einen vidal erst in der 80 mit gelb rot verlorn obwohl er schon spätestens zu beginn der 2. hälfte hätte gehn müssen
    –und zuletzt wir haben einen der verdientesten CL Sieger aller Zeiten

    Hala Madrid

  20. Bei jedem Wort des er gesagt hat hat er 100% Recht so einen Schiedsrichter im Spiel der besten Mannschaften der Welt is einfach nur peinlich 🙈

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