A Brief History of Daniel Levy

A Brief History of Daniel Levy

Daniel Paul Levy was born in Essex in 1962.
After school, he studied at Cambridge university, graduating in 1985 with a First Class Honours
Degree in Economics and Land Economy. Levy was involved in his family’s business – clothes
shop Mr Byrite – and set up Rock Joint Ventures with former Tottenham vice-chairman Paul Kemsley,
investing in property. Working in retail management and then corporate
finance, he rose through the ranks and became head of English National Investment Company
– owned by reclusive Bahamas-based billionaire Joe Lewis – in 1995. Under his stewardship, ENIC developed into
a fully listed sports, media and entertainment group which was floated on the stock exchange
in 1997. They invested in major brands such as software company Autonomy, retailer Warner
Bros. Studio Stores and gambling website ukbetting .com. Around this time, ENIC began to acquiring
shares in football clubs and bought stakes in Rangers, Slavia Prague, AEK Athens and
FC Basel and also a 29.9% stake in Tottenham Hotspur. In 2001, ENIC purchased majority
control of Levy’s boyhood club from Alan Sugar and he became the Tottenham chairman. Levy’s early years were characterised by
a number of coaching changes, as the club drifted along in mid-table. In 2004, ENIC
took Tottenham off the stock exchange and made it a private company, which increased
Levy’s control. That summer, Levy appointed Martin Jol as manager. The Dutchman reestablished
Spurs as contenders for European football and so nearly delivered Champions League qualification
in 2006, missing out on the final day to north London rivals Arsenal. In 2007, Levy sacked Jol and replaced him
with Spanish coach Juande Ramos. Under his guise, Tottenham defeated Chelsea to win the
League Cup in 2008. It was during that period that Levy developed a reputation as the toughest
negotiator in English football. Manchester United’s pursuit of Dimitar Berbatov was
common knowledge, but the deal stalled until late on transfer deadline day before it was
finally completed. Later, Alex Ferguson recalled those tedious
discussions and described dealing with Levy as “more painful than my hip replacement”.
This legend grew in the years following as Levy drove a hard bargain when selling the
likes of Luka Modric to Real Madrid. Jim Duggan, author of ‘The Glory of Spurs’, drew parallels
between Levy’s approach to recruitment and his previous career. “Levy made a lot of
his money in the property boom and I think that he views players like that – buy them
and sell them on after two or three years.” Levy sacked Ramos after a poor run in late
2008 and replaced him with Harry Redknapp. In 2010, Spurs qualified for the Champions
League and embarked on a run to the Quarter-Finals. Redknapp led the club to a second top four
finish two years later, but they were denied a place in the competition when Chelsea usurped
them by winning the 2012 final in Munich and he was sacked, replaced by Andres Villas Boas. 2013 saw Levy secure one of his biggest negotiation
victories, prizing a world record fee of £85.5 million transfer fee for Gareth Bale from
Real Madrid. 12 months later, he made his most important signing, bringing Mauricio
Pochettino to the club as manager. Pochettino has since established Tottenham as one of
the best teams in the country and that growth has been matched off the field. The club secured
a lucrative £25 million a year kit deal with Nike and an improvement on their £16 million
a year sponsorship with Hong Kong based company AIA. Arguably Levy’s biggest imprint on the club
will be the soon-to-be opened new stadium. Built adjacent to the old White Hart Lane,
it will hold a capacity of 56,000 and provide Spurs with a huge increase in revenue and
in turn push them into a different stratosphere. The Tottenham of now is unrecognisable to
that of 15 years ago, and that is largely thanks to Levy’s business genius.

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  1. Would love to see you do a video on potential outsider picks for England's world cup squad (E.g. Ryan Sessegnon) and why/how they would be effective.

  2. Remember negotiating Walker. Were very annoying few weeks. At that time we paid 50m for him. Seemed a lot but then the market changed staggeringly & with contrasts between Kyle's & some Spurs players' performances, particularly new recruits like Llorente & Aurier, it looks like we put him in loss 👀

  3. You guys make the most refreshing, innovative, smart, worthwhile content about football which only makes persons like me enjoy the game even more.. Great job guys 😉

  4. Yeah well I can't deny that Levy has elevated Tottenham's fortunes but I still would rather see Liverpool win the league before the Lilly whites.

  5. Is there a possibility that Tottenham will have it's own NFL club with ENIC as owners? I've heard that Levy wants a NFL club to be established in London with the new Tottenham stadium as their home ground.

  6. You misspelled corporate and missed the new stadium's new capacity, but you're covering Daniel Levy and the club I support, so it doesn't really matter. Love your content guys.

  7. It's hard to believe anything in this when they get the stadium size wrong. How many more mistakes that we didn't notice were there?

  8. Good video and an interesting insight, Stadium will be 62,000 seats though and the image you used was the old design mooted to be built around 2012 but couldn't

  9. Can you do a video on Bremen's rise to midtable under kohlfeldt this season? Would love to see more bundesliga stuff in general tbh

  10. Levy is a business genius. Tottenham's finances are absolutely amazing when compared with the other big six.

  11. Levy strikes me as similar to Jeremy Peace (albeit with far more resources), WBA's chairman before the sale to Lai. He's shrewd, aims for sustainable growth, and has the best interests of the club at heart. They're also both adept at playing the market and maximizing returns to the club (i.e. buying low, selling high, keeping wages down). It's certainly not as popular a strategy when the likes of Man City and Chelsea are around, but it's not exactly the Glazers either. If the club was just a cash cow he'd probably have kept it public.

    Here's hoping they keep it up next season.

  12. but being an asshole at selling means than people won't give him a players he wants…not good business for the future.

  13. Simple…..if levy wants to e a smart arse and a cunt and play hard ball when nogatiating to buy his players then let him but when he comes wanting a player from your club then just fuck him off or make him pay 10 times the price. If no other club deals with him then he will be forced to change his ways.

  14. Fuck The New Stadium. Its A Shambles. This Guy Should Not Be Left Near A Football Club. Levy The Liar And ENIC Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Disgraceful and a disgusting owner and chairman we have.Get out of the club new board new hope make this happen now so sick and tried of these people.Never winning a trophy,he only cares money,champions league top four and nothing else he’s got everything on his control.Always sell our best player don’t pay the wages,Alan Sugar make a big mistake.Shouldn’t sell in the first place,this is we are we deserve more than those disgusting board,staff.
    It needs to happen now.
    ENIC out Daniel Levy out Joe Lewis out.

  16. Easily the most selfish dishonest board in football.
    Levy and Lewis are the leagues longest serving chairman Yet have the least NET spend of 18odd million after the sale of Dembele to China. Lied multiple times about the stadium and has sold too players to rivals. They're looking to sell off all current asset's i.e Alli and Kane will pocket the two hundreds of millions in profit, then there's son Jan rose etc. They're not good people, go to if you can or watch and shareholders meeting and you'll see first hand if levy bothers to turn up how arrogant and dismissive he is about questions regarding transfers and wages. As a fan THFC isn't going anywhere for the fans but the owners will make a ton of money at the end.

  17. Really like the chairman and owners stuff! Would be interesting to see an updated video on spurs too, think there's some money they're smuggling away there even with the stadium

  18. And now they play in a Champions League Final, and also the new stadium takes up to 61 k people and done now. They can bring the trophy Home if they win it.

  19. He didn't appoint Jol that summer, he appointed Santini and Jol as Assistant. And their job titles were Coach and not Manager. It was one of those BS continental set-ups.

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