8 Worst Cycling Fan Moments Of 2018


– [Narrator] Coming up, the
worst cycling fans of 2018. (soft techno drum music) Crowd control measures in cycling had never been more
stringent than our out-doers at this year’s Tour de France, but unfortunately, it
wasn’t enough to stop this happening to Vincenzo Nibali. A fan’s road-camera strap caught his bars and brought him to the ground. And then another fan was overly keen to get him back on his feet. Not the best idea when you’ve
got a fractured vertebrae. Incredibly, he finished
the stage in seventh place, but it did ruin the rest of his season. (fun piano music) A similar incident befell
AG2Rs, Romain Bardet, on the incredibly steep
Sormano climb in Il Lombardia late this season. Thankfully, the consequences
weren’t as severe for the Frenchman, but it’s
safe to say the cameraman is no longer on his Christmas list. (light lounge music) Not everyone was happy to
see Chris Froome competing at the Giro D’Italia this
year with his salbutamol case, at the time still unresolved. Two fans very subtly
made their feelings known on the Colle delle Finestre
by posing as doctors and running alongside him
with a humongous inhaler. I mean, blink and you’d miss them really. (light country guitar music) DeeDee the Devil is a legend of cycling, a novelty fan who became, and still is, a popular feature on the roadside of the biggest races. Many fans have since desperately tried to make a name for
themselves in a similar way, including these guys dressed
as American footballers with added antlers and horns. Give it up, guys, there
can only be one DeeDee, no one has the horn for you. UCI motor checks clearly weren’t working as they should’ve done, back
at the Tour Bihor in June. As a pensioner on her
mobility scooter managed to infiltrate the breakaway in the hopes of becoming the first senior
citizen to win a stage. Thankfully for them, her
homemade high-vis yellow jersey wasn’t fooling anyone, and her 15 kilometers per
hour restricted speed mobile finished outside the time limit. What goes up must come down. Following the elation
of success in stage 12 at the Vuelta Espana, Alexandre Geniez and his breakaway
companions were literally brought back down to earth. (rhythmic electric guitar riff) Ironically, the culprit was official whose responsibility it
was to ensure the safety of the riders after the finish line. Clearly, he didn’t read
his own risk assessment. (fun techno music) Here at the Tour de France, a foolish fan narrowly
avoids both Rafal Majka and subsequently the mutual
service motor bike behind. – [Male Spectator] Oh, come on! – [Narrator] Had he made contact, Majka would’ve been just
as pissed as the spectator. I mean, I’m all for beers, but
only if you can handle them. (soft ambient techno music) The problem with many fans these days is it’s all about them
and not about the riders. Here, Steven Kruijswijk has a fan who is letting nothing stand in his way as he desperately attempted
his best Kim Kardashian and tried to get the
ultimate selfie and outdo us. You may have avoided a fool, but you’re still wearing
your daughters hat, mate. (soft lounge music)

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