(5A) 2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships


>>>Funding for the Iowa girls athletic union, Iowa girls state championship is provided by — the path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm believes in Iowa’s pursuit to greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the sponsor of the Iowa girls athletics. We all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay and Sara Lee. We congratulate all of the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s girls high school state volleyball championship. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By mussco lighting. The sports lighting specialists. Providing lighting for you, your project and your community. ♪♪>>>Forecasting live from downtown cedar rapids, in the U.S. cellular center, it’s championship Friday as the Iowa high school girls athletic association is handing out the 5A, 2A and 3A championships. From the courts and teams getting here, Barb, as we took it from two courts yesterday in the semifinals to one big court today.>>Arguably, the second most fun day to the most fun day here today.>>Here is what we have to start your day, west Des Moines valley tigers. Taking on cedar Falls, only one loss, 43-1. On paper, it looks like a great way to start the championship Friday.>>It really should be. Cedar Falls has had a tough time this week. But they battled back. And west Des Moines valley, it should be a wonderful match.>>Let’s set the stage for west Des Moines Valley and what they’re bringing here. They’ve got a great layer in Olivia Curry. She balanced as she can get 200 kills on the season. Kubik leads the team in kills. And Lombardi leads them. They’re a tough time.>>They’re a tough team. Kubik is amazing. It’s nice when you have a center in Curry who can also get killed and take the ball over when she needs to.>>Cedar Falls is out to prove something, I think. It’s their sixth straight trip state. Barb, they did not win, it was the only loss of the year.>>Well, their only loss, and they want revenge.>>Let’s send it over to the public address announcer for the starting lineups news.>>Announcer: Today’s 2019 girls state volleyball championship presented by Iowa farm bureau. Fans please welcome to the floor, the Valley Tigers.>>Valley Tigers coming out on the court. Going 5-0, graduated seven seniors last year. They’re back with the rowdy student section that made the trip from Des Moines.>>Announcer: And now please welcome the Cedar Falls Tigers.>>The Tigers, they have not lost a match is this outside of the state of Iowa. Their only loss last year came in the state championship match.>>.>>Announcer: Phones, it’s now time to introduce the players and coaches for today’s 5A championship match. First of all, for the visiting team, the west Des Moines Valley Tigers. Number 5, Dayna Dunnwald, number 6, Katie Stevens, number 7, Ellie Clark. Number eight, Ellie Morrow. UB 10, Brenna Gion. Number 13, Carley Motz. Assistant coaches, Matt Ross, Connor Hughes, Melanie Suljic and Shannon Wieland. Now, the starting line up for the valley Tigers. Senior number 2 Jacey Spann. And senior, Olivia Curry. Sophomore, number 11, haten Kubik. Junior number 12, Payton Lombardi. Junior, number 14, Anna Bernhardt. And number 1 Olivia Lombardi. Head coach for the Tigers, Jeremy Mikesel. Let’sed me the players and coaches for the cedar fall tigers. Number 1, Lani Nielson. Number 3, Lexie Godfrey. Number 8, Sarah Albaugh. Number 9, Lindsey sires. Number 12, Nohea Mahi. Number 13, Teria Campbell. Number 15, Katie REMMert. Number 16, Ellie GERDES. Number 19, Lauren Lilly, assistant coaches, Adam Timmins, Madison walker, Abbie Perez, Morgan Rutherford and Kaz Brown. Now here are your starters for the Cedar falls Tigers. A senior number 4, Emerson green. Number 5, Jada Golden-Smith. Number 7, a sophomore, aLivia Bronner. Emmy Wedgbury. A senior Alayna Yates. And number 2, Kirsten Graves. Ladies and gentlemen, here are your officials for the championship match. Our first referee, Greg Boekhoff, grant Detrick, Greg Vraspier and Ted mothers. Ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to please join us and direct your attention to the flag as we honor America and those who protect our freedom with the national anthem. Performed by the west Delaware high school students. Ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem. ♪ O SAY, CAN YOU SEE BY THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT ♪ ♪ WHAT SO PROUDLY WE HAILED AT THE TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING? ♪ ♪ WHOSE BROAD STRIPES AND BRIGHT STARS THROUGH THE PERILOUS FIGHT ♪ ♪ O’ER THE RAMPARTS WE WATCHED WERE SO GALLANTLY STREAMING? ♪ ♪ AND THE ROCKETS’ RED GLARE THE BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR ♪ ♪ GAVE PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT THAT OUR FLAG WAS STILL THERE ♪ ♪ OH, SAY, DOES THAT STAR-SPANGLED BANNER YET WAVE ♪ ♪ O’ER THE LAND OF THE FREE ♪ ♪ AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE? ♪♪ [ Applause ]>>Announcer: Outstanding performance by those singers.>>Awesome.>>Wow.>>Goosebumps. All right. The stage is set. You know the starters. Let’s take a look at the keys to the match first your west Des Moines valley who wants to win here in 5A.>>Well, if west Des Moines wants to win, they have an advantage. And if they can really serve aggressively, they can shut the cedar falls offense down. As well as they need to have endurance, cedar falls is not used to playing long watches. If they can wear the Tigers out, it may be to to their advantage.>>That’s the first key for cedar falls here, Barb.>>And an explanation point.>>I saw that. They struggled a lot. They had 1.27 out of 3. You want that number to be 2.5 or something like that. They’re experienced. This is just like any other match for them, because they’ve made it to state for the past six years and to finals for four of those years. They know what this game is all about. It’s kind of old hat for them.>>Both teams worked hard to get here, let’s take a look at the road to the championship 5A final, cedar fals squeaked by winning. And taking care of business in Ankany yesterday. And west Des Moines, they defeated Dowling Cadillac in four sets. And put a thumping on Pleasant Valley yesterday. One of their top players, Caitlin Morgan a western commit went down with a knee injury in the first point of the match and didn’t really return. Regardless, both of these schools deserve to be here.>>And injuries happen. And it’s too bad it happens in the state tournament. Hopefully, she doesn’t have to have surgery and have more issues with it.>>First point goes to west Des Moines. It’s a battle of the Tigers here.>>Punches and celebrates as hard as she attacked the volleyball above the net.>>We think she could be the captain of the all-celebration team. You’ll see a lot more of her this morning.>>And on the floor, Good one-on-one. Out of bounds.>>There’s quite a height difference there. Grace Hinkle is going to have to do a lot of shots and trickery. She’s 5’7″ andacacia brown is 6 foot.>>Valley is doing a little switching on their blocking. They’re throwing their bigger taller blocks out against Brown, sometimes. And sometimes, they have Hinkle out there.>>Deep on the attack, look out, west Des Moines valley making a statement right out of the gates here. Good serving we’re seeing. If you look at the replay. Everything looked Good on the attack. Just went long. Into the net. A service error makes it 4-2. Emerson Green is back to serve. Green’s brother a standout at university of Iowa. And her father a men’s coach. Emerson will play for Tanya warren in the women’s basketball program. Also undefeated next year. Here’s comes west Des Moines, Good vision. Able to get it down. And Kubik is a special player.>>Kubik is a special player. She’s young yet. She’s only a sophomore. And she has, I’m going to say she has Good blood.>>Her sister plays.>>Maddic.>>You’ll see her swing before the back row and block from the right side. She’ll hit from the right site. He can do it all. Grace Hinkle serving. In the net.>>Violation on valley.>>Cedar falls will –>>We’ll go to the next camera.>>The coolnet camera. This is where Brown can be very effective.>>She’s been a three-year starter for Cedar Falls volleyball program. The senior class never had a year they weren’t playing on championship Friday. Nice play. 7-3. Multi till players getting involved and that is the offense for Valley. It’s not just one or two players leading the offense.>>Well, they have a very nice diverse offense. Most of the sets do go to Kubik. But the rest of the hitters are fairly well balanced. So look for them in trouble to go to Kubik. But everybody else will play their roles well.>>8-3. Valley with the lead and the serve. Hammering it over the net. A free ball. And Valley has options. They go to the middle. Cedar falls sets it up. Back row attack. Nice volley here. Cedar Falls to the left of your screen in the white uniforms. They’re having a serious issue here with the hitting percentage. Not getting as many efficient kills down, thus, the six-point lead for Valley. With Cedar falls. Let’s go inside with the coach Johnson.>>What’s killing us, we’re talking about bettering the ball, we’re actually taking the first contact and making the second one more difficult. Get yourself outside there. The middle is available. Get tight to the net. We’ll see the block very well. That tip ball, that zone four tips open. If you’re off the block you can see where it’s going.>>A little sharper passing. More predictable in the previous blocking team. You can spread them out.>>Let’s go.>>Hey, you got a couple rotations in a row you can score. Let’s go.>>I like what he says there but I would add one thing. The hitters are not getting their feet under the ball. They’re going out which causes the ball to go out. They want to make sure they can stay in front of the ball so they can see what’s happening with the ball and some of the blocks and defensive players.>>Ace as the ball clips off the top of the net. But we play on. Oh! Just grabs the back line. Perfect placement. And that is Kubik leading the team with 440 kills, heading into the state tournament. Here’s the replay.>>Rule on that, you can see where the court is divided between pink and black. Kubik has to stay behind that white line. She has to take off behind that white line. She can land in front of it but she has to take off behind it.>>That block has to feel Good for west Des Moines valley, as they shut down the top offensive weapon.>>You can see there, the key to blocking it, pushing your arms over the net. So you’re actually contacting the ball on the other team’s side of the net.>>How about an ace. Everything going well for west Des Moines Valley. Big smiles for number 11, Kubik. Just a sophomore. And on the season, she led them in kills but she also had fix aces which was a team best. Tigers of cedar Falls need to figure out something fast.>>You talk about her doing it all. She also is second on the team this week in the state tournament and digs. She not only hits from the back row and digs and plays all the way around. It’s valuable when you have a 6-foot rotation player.>>A double-digit lead or west Des Moines Valley. Another beautiful serve. Cedar Falls. Free ball over the net. Valley, tried to center, dump. Just didn’t get enough oomph over the net. But I like how they’re mixing up a variety of shots.>>Well — and cedar Falls is not ready for that. Even though the ball went into the net, no blocker was ready for it.>>Cedar Falls needs to make a run, trailing 13-4. There’s one point.>>So, look for cedar falls, if they get their passing going, Yates is now in the front row. Look for her to get going because she’s 6’6″ tall. And she’s hard to stop when they get that quick middle run in.>>Committed to university of Dayton to further her volume volleyball career. 3-0 run.>>Wedgbury does a nice job. She’s not one of Cedar falls great players but she’s there in key moments.>>Wedgbury, 144 kills this year and 44 aces. It falls on Cedar Falls. And Valley looking for it. Let’s go back to the replay there. The block was there with Yates. pushed over. You could see her swinging her arms from above. And the ball caught her. You don’t want to swing when you’re blocking. It looks like you block, but you don’t. Your arms are steady and on the other side of the net so when the ball hits it it’s like a wall.>>There’s a Good block for west Des Moines Valley. Offensively, they set it near side.>>So, yeah, that’s an interesting call. The ball has to break the plane of the net. The only way that doesn’t happen is when the ball is driven in heart spike or driven ball. It didn’t that time. Curry was still setting it.>>Yates comes with the Good swing. Doesn’t faze west Des Moines Valley. They get another point. Look out, Valley Tigers are making a statement, punching them in the face here.>>They’re doing a Good job. Kubik is coming out hammering balls. Then they have tip. The center is over the ball. They’re doing all kind of shots to create a kerfuffle in cedar Falls defense.>>Holy cow, you got to love the hustle. Cedar falls in a Good system here.>>There was a hole in the triple block. But she’s the tallest player. And a lot of time it doesn’t matter what type of block they throw up against her.>>Both teams want this bad. Breaking it down. And now Valley with options. Back to a double-digit lead for west Des Moines. Here’s what I’ll say, Barb, it’s going to be pretty hard, when you take a look at the net cam here, for cedar falls to come back and win this first set. Boy, they need to get something positive and some momentum going.>>Well, it’s going to be difficult. And they’ve done that kind of thing before. That’s what the sport of volleyball is, it’s stopping the team across from you from getting one and then building runs of your own. If you can have them get one point and you get four, you’re Good.>>Let’s listen inside of Jeremy Mikesel’s huddle.>>Hey. Grab some waters, yeah. Hey, a great left side swing. Way to bring it. Yeah. Hey, breathe here. Breathe here. We know they still got 21 back row. Let’s keep it that way, right? When they’re running some offspeed stuff, we got to continue do do what we do. Expect macro attacks. They’ve been running it. JACEY’s holding it there well at the middle.>>When talking about the blocker, Jacey Spann is holding the midd middle blocker. You just got the outside hitter take advantage of that and get a kill for it.>>Coach Mikesel has to feel pretty Good right now.>>Yeah, go get yourself some water. We got time.>>18-7, west Des Moines Valley has been in control here in the first set. Cedar Falls, they’re not going anywhere. 43-1 overall, dropped just two sets all year. They’ve been battle tested in the championship.>>Net line violation on west Des Moines valley. They’ll get the point on Cedar Falls. And now they need to score a few points.>>Just nudged it on the way back.>>Doesn’t matter a nudge or efficient, it’s still a violation.>>Bronner serving for cedar falls. Cedar falls in the white uniforms. Valley in the dark orange. The centers work pretty hard, don’t they?>>They do. I’ll tell you what, emergency roomerson Green had a rough day on Tuesday. You heard coach Johnson talk about bettering the ball. She had the better of the ball or they wouldn’t going to win the match on Tuesday.>>Important for Cedar Falls to get Brown going. That is just her third kill.>>Valley, back row attack. Tigers smart to let that go. A little momentum.>>They’re on a four-point run right now. So volleyball is a game of momentum so that pendulum does swing back and forth.>>These two teams faced off one time this year. It was August 31st. Sat Cedar Falls tournament. With Cedar Falls winning 2-0. August 31st is a long time ago Barb. These two teams are completely different than when they played in August.>>Well, they’re very different. Chemistry is different. Confidence level is different. It’s interesting, I always thought it would be cool — there’s no way to do it — but I think it would be cool if you know who is going to play in the state tournament, have them play in August and have them see how extreme the differences are. Dramatically different.>>Three times a year, in August, early October and here.>>Now a violation on Cedar falls.>>Her arms went straight up.>>Something is just a little off with the Tiger offensive attack. Their hitting percentage very low in the first attack.>>Yeah, well, we’ve seen this before, though. They usually are able to find a rhythm and get things going. Right now, they’re kind of battling for the beginning of the second set. Getting that momentum back on their side of the court.>>One of the Tigers’ best player, Jada Golden-Smith. Getting the hill. Had over 200 kills in the season. Most impressively, she had a 428 efficiency. Blocked. But it falls on Cedar Falls side. Block, Valley.>>Those hands don’t push over the net. I feel like a broken record right now. You need to seal the net and get the ball over the net so the ball has to room on your side.>>A little give and go with Brown. It’s going to be Cedar Falls’ point making it 22-14. Barb Bramel and Eric Raley here. We’ll be here all day long, 5A, 4A championship. All night in Cedar Falls. Valley is cruising right now.>>And Kubik is going back to serve. This is the rotation where they scored seven the first time she was serving. Cedar Falls really needs to get this first side out.>>Hayden Kubik. Pick set, denied. Valley knew what was coming. That brings up set point and back to a double-digit lead. Bernhard doing a nice job in that front row. Along with Curry. And it’s a service ace. Final score in set one 25-14. Well, I didn’t expect that, Barb.>>No I didn’t either. And I’m sure the Cedar Falls team didn’t either. Matt Johnson will get them going and they’ll be a different team in the second set.>>We’ll take a break. We’ll be back with more, Valley wins the first. You’re watching Iowa Public Television.>>Don’t miss one of broadway’s Tony winning best plays.>>What do you think? “Red,” about the brilliant artist. Mark Roscoe.>>There’s tragedy with every brush stroke.>>Have you once looked the my work?>>Why should I? This is all about is me.>>Here’s red, all red, lots of red.>>Later tonight at 9:30 on Iowa Public Television.>>Find your favorite programs on IPTV. Submerge yourself in period dramas. Experience world renown musical performances. Conquer a DYI project. And visit some of Iowa’s historic architecture. Programs made possible in large part by viewers like you.>>>25-14, west Des Moines Valley. Against Cedar Falls. They got to win three sets, Barb, in order to win the match. To get that trophy. What did you see in that first set that would surprise you?>>West Des Moines Valley, they didn’t show any severe. They came out and thumped them.>>They have competitors on their roster. Let’s take a look at highlights from set one. If you’re a west Des Moines Valley fan, you’re going to like what we’re showing here. The defense made it hard for cedar falls to get points.>>Part of that is their defense but also their serving. And it’s kind of a repeat for Cedar Falls on Tuesday. Cedar Falls ended up winning Tuesday, so they know what it takes to come and get the next bet. That’s the score of volleyball. You can’t expect to win every single set while you’re out there. Well, you can expect it but it’s an unrealistic expectation.>>As expected, the sets are lopsided. They had two blocks. Cedar Falls had zero. A zero hitting percentage for Cedar Falls. They had nine kills. Nine attack errors on 32 attempts, while Valley had 12 kills, three attack errors on 24 attempts. That’s going to win you a lot of games when you have a 375 advantage for the efficiency.>>Yeah. You’re not going to have a problem in any part of the match if that’s the way the whole thing goes.>>The MVP so far, Hayden. Service aces, three digs. Number 11, Kubik has been outstanding. And Jacey Spann, hitting a perfect 1,000. For Cedar Falls, Akacia Brown, right at her average. And one for Emmy Wedgbury. Well, if you’re Cedar Falls, push that first one in the back of your mind and focus on winning the second one, the equalizer. If you’re west Des Moines Valley, you’d love to go up 2-0.>>Both coaches like the matchups that they have.>>Valley was prepared for AP green sending it over from her center position on 2.>>Well — and that’s something a scouting report will tell you, how active a setter is. So, they know from stats and from watching and from playing earlier in the year, they know that Green will send it over for the second one and we also know that Curry will do that for the west Des Moines Tigers.>>No doubt about it. Curry is a very active center.>>So you saw her trying to kick the ball that is legal.>>It’s not soccer, Barb.>>But when you’re going for last-ditch effort, you’re allowed any part of the ball.>>You can’t lift it.>>Well, it’s funny, actually during this tournament, we saw a player was down or something and the ball bounced off her back and they played over. It was just normal, it was really funny, I’ve never seen it bounce off someone’s back and still play.>>Olivia Lombardi serving for Valley. Tip. Love the hustle for Valley. And it goes under net. Cedar Falls starting the way they wanted jumping out to that 3-1 advantage. Side out. Here is a look at Emerson AP green. Into the net. Searching a pretty important part of the sport of volleyball, isn’t it?>>It really is. And serving is the only skill as a player, you control completely. Serving is a great way to practice on your own, against the wall, somewhere just to get your routine down, so that every single time you do it the same way. And you don’t worry about all of the other outside effects.>>Well, Brown getting another kill. She’s going right down the line. The line was open. Perfect placement.>>And I heard coach mike Johnson talking to someone before the game. He’s micced up, they were checking the mics and we were listening in. He said he felt Valley was going to hit line.>>Is that hard?>>When you say hit line, hit instinctively think hit the line. It’s hard to hit the line. To hit three or four feet down the line, that’s not as hard. But to hit the line, yeah, that’s hard.>>And Kubik, in the first set. Older sister maddy Kubik, outstanding volleyball player. Playing for the university of Nebraska. If you didn’t know, they’re darn Good at volleyball.>>Yes.>>Another ace. She has three aces. What makes her serving so successful that she’s serving?>>Well, it’s definitely aggressive.>>Top spin.>>It’s not really top spin. It’s kind of a hard — I would say it’s not really a floater. But it’s more float than spin. But it’s a nice low ball, just over the height of the net. So, they talk about some of the hardest things to do in sports. And one of the hardest things to do in volleyball is pass a serve. And it also is different men’s net than women’s net. Women’s net is about seven inches lower. So it’s harder to pass on a women’s net than a men’s net, did you know that?>>Did not know. That’s why I love broadcasting. I always learn some things throughout the day.>>Some unexpected trivia that you’ll never, ever need, right?>>Four to go along with six kills. Another one! Tigers got out of the way, they thought that was going deep on the line.>>It has the trajectory that it’s going to keep going and then it just lands out of the court.>>As a coach, what do you do to try to get the team — because every time she goes back there to serve, she strings together a mini run. about stepping in and passing in. Sometimes, you need to change your passing — the setup you that have, you have three, you might want to the go to two. You might want to go to four. You might want to switch players. As long as you don’t have an overlap, you can do whatever you can to get the point back.>>What a great volley here between the two schools, the Tigers of Valley and of Cedar Falls. Oh, no, injury on the court. Oh, my, you hate to see that as Bernhard goes down. Anna Bernhard, the 6 foot junior hitter. A 285 kill percentage.>>Oh, oh.>>She landed on her ankle. Twisted it bad. The trainer is out there right now.>>Yeah, that looked like it hurt. Yeah, I don’t know that we need to see much. That just makes both my ankles hurt.>>You see the sport of volleyball there’s not a lot of injuries. You see a lot in basketball, AcLs.>>With the shoulders, a lot of people have shoulders or knee injuries. You can see the ankle go on that play so she’s obviously got an ankle injury. A lot of players will wear an ankle brace or get their ankle braced.>>She’s putting weight on it as she’s walking off. It will be interesting to see if we get her back. One of the top players, Caitlin Morgan, a western commit went down with a knee injury did not return and hurt Pleasant Valley. There’s the coach.>>And Brenna Gion comes in to replace Bernhard. It will be interesting if Cedar Falls goes after her. Gion has played six sets all season. I’m sure she’s a little nervous so there’s no better time to go out and have a fun time playing the sport you love.>>Just has one point on the year. Probably wasn’t expected to have her name called to get in here. The freshman number 10 is in.>>Oh, she’s a freshman.>>And Tigers get the point to mark that. West Des Moines Valley was leading 8-4 in that second set when the injury happened. Let’s just see, it’s all about momentum, isn’t it?>>It really is. If Cedar Falls can take advantage, Good for them. But if they miss a serve that kills some of the momentum and gives west Des Moines Valley kind of a breath to catch up from the injury.>>Dayna Dunnwald checks in.>>I so want to go talk to Brenna Gion right now. That’s how I first got my start at the university of Iowa. The player ahead of me went down with a knee injury against the previous year’s player in Illinois. That’s exactly what happened, she said well, Barbie, you’re going in. What! Those are all-American players. I don’t think you want me in there. It’s baptism by fire.>>A service there. And shooting themselves in the foot. Cedar Falls Tigers, so far with passing off the serve. It’s a 10-6 lead for west Des Moines Valley. They won the first set. Let’s go inside the huddle with head coach Matthew Johnson.>>Serve the first ball out. Back-to-back balls. You realize how hard you’re making your life? Like you’re just shooting yourself in the foot right now. There’s a ton of game yet. 10-6 is early in the set. You got to be more disciplined and carry out a scouting report, okay? You can’t size them out of these bad rotations and that’s what we’re doing right now. We have to tighten it up a little bit. Let’s go.>>He’s exactly right. So there are some unwritten service rules. And some of those rules are you don’t miss after a time-out. You don’t miss the first serve of the game. You don’t miss the last point of the game. You don’t miss after the person in front of you misses. Or after a long rally — there are, you know, you get into the rhythm and you build that momentum back up, and they can do that.>>And siding them out means he feels like they’re in a perfect position to put a run together.>>Yep, yep. And they’re giving west Des Moines Valley too many unforced errors.>>Have not seen the Cedar Falls team that went undefeated against the Iowa schools this year. Losing only two sets. We’ve only seen the brilliance of this west Des Moines Valley team so far in this volleyball finals. A lot of volleyball left to play. That golden corner was open.>>That golden corner was open. Emergency roomerson green is crafty. She sends it back after that second tackle and back. Kubik was not prepared for that.>>Green all-state basketball, in the 2018 basketball championship. And third in the state in long jump. A very athletic setter. It’s important to have someone as fast, someone with vision, someone that can jump.>>Someone who is calm, when things get real high, she stays calm. When things get real low, she stays calm. She’s a great personality for that role.>>Ball was touched by Cedar Falls. Valley gets the point, 11-8 here in the second set. They won the first set 25-14.>>And it looks like Bernhard is coming back to the bench walking okay. They must have taped her up and thinks she’s ready to go back in.>>Not really favoring that ankle too much, walking around. We’ll keep an eye on that. Yates, she is a talented player that Cedar Falls really wants to feed.>>Absolutely. If Cedar Falls can get their passing going, watch for this. That’s what made them to Ankney. Cedar falls lost to Ankney in the opening set. And rolled to this 5A championship. Off the block and down for the kill. She might not be the tallest, but she sure brings the fire.>>Well, she does a really nice job of hitting the hole in the block and between the blocker’s arms.>>Outside hitter, 124 kills on the regular season. 1.2 kills per set. Here’s Lombardi. Good pass. Set near side. Down the line. And Brown gets the kill. For her, her sixth. Her and Kubik tied with six kills in the match here.>>You can see how much line from that replay west Des Moines Valley is giving brown. So, she should just keep going that way, as long as it’s pushed out, she can take advantage of that.>>Ball was going to see a lot but grazed off of Brown’s arm. Leading 13-10. That’s the seventh kill now for Kubik. Good communication. It’s loud here in downtown center in cedar rapids.>>Making a lot of hullabaloo with all of the cheers. It’s an awesome environment.>>That’s what you want for your championship. The Iowa girls. The Dean making a memorable weekend for the Iowa girls.>>I mean, I can’t say enough about Good things about what the union does for these players. And the whole branding of the pink since jean Berger came in. I said at the end you give the winner red roses, why don’t you make those pink. She said we thought about it. But red roses were Mrs. Cooley’s favorite color. So they kept doing it. I got goosebumps when she was telling me.>>Halfway through this second set. The Tigers and west Des Moines Valley are rolling right along.>>This is a troublesome rotation for the Cedar Falls Tigers. They really need to concentrate and get out of it as quickly as they can and get some points back. That helps.>>Six aces and forced numerous passing errors in the semifinal win. Versus Pleasant Valley. There it is there. Cedar Falls down, but nothing in the whole grand scheme of things when you look at what’s left in the second set.>>Three points is basically –>>A deep hit, asking for a touch.>>On those touch calls, any of the four officials can call that touch. If either of the line judges see a touch, the down rep or the up rep, they can all work together. On touches, if the ball hits the floor. If the ball is outside of antenna, they work really well together as a team.>>Into the net. Good idea for Olivia Curry, the setter. The Tigers’ defense is there. You’re starting to see the momentum shift to the number one Cedar Falls Tigers. The senior class has gone 132 wins, just four losses. Four straight trips to the 5A finals. They won it all in 2017. How about another trip. And now we actually are tied.>>So, it’s none of those dumb three-point rules that Barb said? Yeah, it’s a Good comeback. One of the things that you never saw on Cedar Falls’ faces, their whole body language. They’re going to keep fighting. Now the west Des Moines Valley is — the 14th.>>Tigers with cedar falls with the lead. Let’s look inside the west Des Moines huddle.>>Remember that zone, you’re confident in that, you love seeing that, right? Get ready for the back, you got to see that on the play, all right?>>Let’s go, hey one pass, one pass.>>Okay, so that is a great example of helping your team find an open spot. He said, you’ve got the tip. You’ve got the tip. The assistant coach came in and talked about a spot. I couldn’t really hear him as well. That’s what you want to do. Hey, the players are out there. They’re working hard. It’s nice to get a little help from your teammate and your coaches when you’re like I don’t know what to do with the ball. Well, if you’re in trouble, give it to the spotter.>>Good team. We have amazing coaches here coaching in this 5A final, Jeremy Mikesel, 494 wins. Coach Johnson, 200th at Cedar Falls. And championship as well. And the run continues for the Cedar Falls Tigers.>>I’m a little confused because Valley didn’t put a block on that. She was there. I’m not sure what the deal is with that.>>Graves has done a nice job behind the service line for Cedar Falls. Boy, they needed that. They got the side out. And let’s go look at the net cam replay.>>And you can see, again, we’re talking about those blockers’ arms. They’re not pushed over the net. They’re more straight up — they weren’t exactly straight up but more straight up than pushed over the net. It leaves room for that ball to come down in front.>>Quick set, middle.>>Beautiful up there, by Hinkle. We play on. Brown flies in. Outside, Good swing, hammer time. Lombardi, the 5’8″ senior outside hitter had 135 kills in the regular season. That’s her third kill.>>Well, she does a nice job against a shorter blocker and a taller blocker. You want to challenge that shorter blocker. You go off the hands of the outside blocker because Alayna Yates is 6’6.”>>Big point there.>>Wedgbury again. Nice job.>>Did she pull up straight?>>Well, she wasn’t straight, but she did a nice job of kind of hitting it where your body — like your body — you can read where the body — where you’re going. And she did a Good job of kind of disguising that is probably a better way of saying that.>>Ball tipped, sails out of bounds. And Cedar Falls gets the point. We’re keeping an eye on Bernhard, she’s kind of warming up, back behind the concourse here, trying to test her ankle that was injured early on.>>Well, her position is in the back row now anyway. So, this is a Good time for her to see how it’s going. And she’ll come in maybe when it’s her rotation.>>Cedar Falls looking to tie this thing up at 1-1. Leading by 3. Good play. And it’s a play for Spann. Jacey Spann, the 5’9″ senior hitter had nine kills.>>You can see there’s a hole in the block. The holes are the middle blocker’s responsibility. As the middler blocker, you got to block every single time. I don’t care what anybody else tells you, go, go, go and get that block.>>West Des Moines Valley making that run. Pulling within one. That is the sixth kill for Spann. Trailing only her teammate Kubik who has eight. Green. Valley was ready for it. Hinkle now a chance to serve for the Tigers. Just checking in and going to the back row is aLivia Bronner.>>Cedar Falls in other matches has had Good success with Bronner at the service line. Maybe they can get something going here to finish out the set. Of course, west December minute Valley has Kubik in the back row.>>Someone not in the back row is Akacia Brown, one of the best hitters in all of high school volleyball. 22-19. She has eight kills. Another time-out. Cedar Falls needs just three more points to tie the series up. Let’s go inside to Matt Johnson.>>Especially if you got — we just got to make that left block, making decisions if she’s going to stay here and leave us on and commit late, okay? A Good rotation for us, we’re helping the middle as much as we can. Last time, last time with Spann on the 31. They fliterred the next ball. You got to see it and defend it. If we’ve got a scheme in the block we can step out and field that.>>Textbook right there. So, when you’re blocking is — sides are really hard to block. That’s the one tip-off behind the center. When you’re blocking you have to get to your spot and jump straight up. There’s a tendency to drift and flow in the air. That makes it hard for the back row defense. If there’s a hole in the back, the back row defense goes to that hole. But if you’re floating they don’t know where to go and that’s exactly what he was talking about.>>Tip over the block. Brown sends it back to Valley. Jousting opportunity. And Cedar Falls has it. The block moves there. But it wasn’t strong enough. And Cedar Falls now up 23-19 as we go back to the replay at the net cam.>>Again, the blockers’ hands were not pushed over the net. So brown is able to easily use that block.>>ALivia Bronner doing a use job over the service line. Oh! It just got in. Kubik.>>She’s done that a few times. She really looks nice. I’m a big proponent of setting the back row attack, the 8-foot, 7-foot line to get them room. As a hitter you can feel liberated.>>Lombardi serving for Valley. That ball sails out of bounds. And attack there for Brown. Remember the first set as the zero kill efficiency, it was a 375 kill efficiency for west Des Moines Valley. We’re not seeing that happening here in the second set.>>No, not at all. Yates tries to take line. Green. Smart play by the senior, Emerson Green. You don’t have to hit it three times.>>You don’t. And I don’t think enough teams take advantage of throwing a team off their rhythm. Everybody thinks we have to pass, pass hit, or pass and hit. Whatever. Throw the other team off rhythm.>>Green did just that. Facing set point is Valley. Good up there. Here’s sideline swing. We play on. Quick set, middle. Nice volley. Yep, it worked.>>It worked both ways, right?>>Almost kind of reminded Curry, yeah, I can do that. That’s part of my game.>>Well, Curry, as of this week, she’s fourth on the team in number of attempts taken. So, she will be very active and take — call her own number.>>600 assists. 200 kills. And will be playing at the university of Nebraska Omaha next year. They’re getting a Good one. Brown tips it over.>>A net violation. But they got to call Cedar Falls for playing off the net. We play on. This one is not done, folks, it’s 24-23, not 25-22.>>That’s a tough ball to play. That overpass ball, you have to be really careful if you use your own full arm you can swing it into the net. If you snap at the wrist you have less of a chance to the hit the net. But you can still hit the net, I know.>>Backs against the wall. Let’s see what they’re drawing up in their huddle.>>They’re flipping. She swung line twice. Make sure we get off and get ready for that this time. Take away the number one swinging, get tight with her. Force that hard cross that she missed last time but we got to be consistent here. Take that dig and turn and swing. Block Akacia Brown, right? That’s our job, let’s go!>>Let’s take a look at that last play. It could have ended in the second set and the ball is tipped back. A golden opportunity. All she has to do is tap it right down.>>It’s easier said than done.>>Oh, I know. So the set is hanging in the balance. With an opportunity with Lombardi serving for west Des Moines Valley. On this slide. Get a Good swing out of it for Cedar Falls. Tigers. Brown blocked. Green hits it out of bounds and we’re tied at 24-24.>>It’s interesting Bernhard is back in, but she is moving a little bit gingerly out there.>>Number 14 left with an injury. There you see her on the screen. She’s in. Maybe not 100% right now. And 25-24, set point for Cedar Falls. And she’s done such a Good job behind the service shrine. And then that one just a little too strong. Here’s Emerson green, the senior. Sideline, Brown is down. Tigers tied this thing up. We knew they weren’t going anywhere and showed the eye of the Tiger.>>They really did. We expected them to fight harder and they proved it.>>Here’s the final point. Right where we started, tied. As we head to the third set. Sending it to the break. Back with more. This is Iowa Public Television.>>Oh, I love this. This is one where you float really, really high.>>It’s really magic. Beyond entertainment.>>Well-known friends share their memories on “Mr. Rogers.” Tune in on Saturday at 8:00.>>Join the conversation online at Iowa Public Television. ♪♪ Connect with all of our social networks.>>This time on “the wood Smith shop” a cutting is a project, one that you can complete on the weekend while you’re contemplating your next pattern. The entire board is made from identically designed wood blocks. You can choose from one of our designs or create your own. Let’s build one.>>Tune into Iowa Public Television, Tuesday at 6:30. ♪♪>>>West Des Moines Valley wins the first one, Cedar Falls win second 26-24. Barb?>>Now is when the fun begins, right. In cartoons we call tell cat and mouse. In volleyball and sports we call it strategy. Now, the coaches will be working with their matchups and working with what worked and didn’t work. How can we make this get scoreboard points in this rotation. This is the fun.>>Let’s take a look at the highlights from that second set. And statistically, Cedar Falls did a much better job offensively. Instead of hitting zero, they hit 214. For west Des Moines Valley, they hit 3.3. Didn’t think it was as tight it was for that advantage for Cedar Falls.>>Something to play are the runs with that, too. But you also have for the digs, you have more digs on the down side, although it’s more on the Cedar Falls side. The only stat that really matters is the one on the scoreboard.>>Against a huge advantage for west Des Moines Valley, not only serving six aces, they also have forced bad passing by Cedar Falls. Still miles by west December west Des Moines Valley. As we’re heading into the third set. We’ll be here all day on Iowa Public Television. Big shoutout to our crews, working the cameras, producing, graphic, audio and everybody. Bringing you the sights and sounds of the championship from cedar Rapids, Iowa.>>Look like the coaches like what they have.>>Tigers let that one go, it’s tied up 1-1 here in the third. West Des Moines Valley 42-4 overall, they lost to Ankney on August 31st. She got swept by the Tigers that same day 2-0. They fell to Ankney on September 7th, 2-1. And their last loss game October 5th against Johnston. They have played a lot in over two months.>>Awesome.>>For Cedar Falls their only loss September 14th against St. James Academy. Cedar Falls has not lost to a school from the state of Iowa this year. They only broke two sets. They got out the brooms and said 3-0, 3-0, 3-0 sweeps. They are battle-tested here that this championship match.>>I agree. That’s one of the keys, I think if west Des Moines Valley can stretch out the watch and keep Cedar Falls playing they aren’t used to playing this wrong with this many challenges. Net violation.>>Net violations called. Green will serve. In the quarterfinals, Cedar Falls beat Joaquin 3-2. And west Des Moines beat Dowling Catholic in four sets. And yesterday in three. And cedar falls in the white uniforms on the left of the screen. And west Des Moines in the dark uniforms on the right. You got to win three sets to win the match and the state championship. Brown was denied. Down the line, mercy! Get out of the way, as Kubik brings the thunder.>>Well, Kubik did a nice job of hitting over the block that time. The back row defense is set up around the block. So you want the block to take an area of the court. And you set your defensive players around that. So if the hitter hits over the block, it’s a lot harder to defend because you don’t have players set up in those areas.>>Brown, with that one. Here’s a look.>>Nice job of going inside. So, it looked that time like Valley took away her line. They’ve been giving her line a little bit earlier. So it’s Good for her to pay attention to what they’re giving her. And it looks like she’s doing a Good job with that.>>Big time points coming out of Emmy Wedgbury, the 5’8″ junior. 95 kills in the regular season. 48 aces, a staple in this offense for Cedar Falls. Brown, serving for Cedar Falls, leading by two. Tip. Green is there. Back step, and there’s a Good point to see outof Bernhard who was injured in last game. She does not look like she’s 100%. But she’s going to bring the grit and do anything she can to bring her team to championship.>>Do you play a freshman who hasn’t played very much or doll you play a kid who has played all season long that’s left than 100%? It’s a tough decision. And it all depends how badly she’s hurt.>>Another point for Valley. Tied at 5-5 here in the third set. Let’s go back and look at that play. It seems like cedar fall has a Good attack.>>Well, you did see that blocker’s hands were over the net on the outside hitter, Lombardi. Her hands were pushed over the net. That’s what we want to see. The ball didn’t make it over the net. But that’s what you want to see for a block.>>Blocked again. Jada Golden-Smith went up for that attack. Sending it over, out of bounds. Saw something on that corner, but the placement just a couple feet off the mark. And here is Kirsten Graves. Her sibling here, a senior. Star player. And the Tigers have rotation in their serving. Another nice point and the Tigers getting that balance as Wedgbury wracked up another kill.>>And Wedgbury is one of the most consistent hitters that Cedar Falls has.>>I agree.>>So far, she’s had zero hitting errors up until this match.>>Into the net. Cedar Falls Tigers lead it 8-5. Cedar Falls is 13 kills from brown. And six kills from Wedgbury. Yates who we thought would be an attacker here. Kubik was another kill. She has 11 now.>>Cedar Falls hasn’t been able to go to the middle as much as they would like to. So that’s part of the strategy that they’re always working on, getting your passing going so you can run that middle offense.>>Dayna Dunnwald, the 5’5″ senior to serve. Good hang time and vision. Valley returns it. Back to the Tigers of Cedar Falls. Perfect spot! Are you kidding me! Emerson Green. Green sets it up and Wedgbury has been the MVP for Cedar Falls here in this third set.>>She’s really done a nice job. And the little tip she had before that almost looked like she was serving it on a platter. She went up and served it. They’re calling that ball touched, the Valley players. You can’t really tell from that angle, but it doesn’t really, the refs aren’t going to change their call.>>Tigers first with double digits here in the third set. Trying to break the tie. And I think Wedgbury is amped up how well she’s been playing. She goes back to serve. What do you do, just take a deep breath?>>Yep, just kind of clear your head. Serve is all your own. You work on that in practice, outside of practice. You can work on that at home, how you’re going to calm yourself and serve.>>A nice little roll shot coming in. Getting the kill is Katie REMMert, a 5’10” freshman hitter. Always Good to give the freshmen a little chance here in the championship match. She’s been a big part of the Tigers number one ranking season as well. Cedar Falls leading. Won the second 26-24. There’s Yates. I mean, you can’t miss her at 6’6.”>>And once Green gets that middle offense going you won’t miss her.>>On the board. Yates has five kills for Cedar Falls. And Cedar Falls feeling pretty Good here early on in the third set. Let’s go inside their Hudding.>>Understand that Good rotations are coming they’re just as important for our team as when they’re stuck in one of these bad ones, okay? They’re doing a better job on that sider. When they stay in outside of that rotation, she’s just busted the ball on the seam every time. You just got to make sure you’re really wide on her. Like a slow, slow swing into the arms. Lombardi hasn’t been real comfortable swinging on the right side. She’s swiped off the right side. Same thing, though, stay in.>>It’s nice that he can give specifics about each hitter. Basically, he did say, hey, Yates, you’ve got to go out there and close that block. She likes to hit the seam. If you can get your hands on the seam you’ll have to keep blocking her.>>Amazing coaching. And no surprise, Good coaches are frequently here at the state tournament. Well, I’ll tell you what, west Des Moines Valley needs to do something here. You really don’t want Cedar Falls to keep building on this advantage here halfway through the third set.>>Well, it’s kind of like coach Johnson said. Hey, they’re in a bad rotation right now. Don’t rest on your Laurels. They’ve got Good rotations coming up. Kubik is in the front row. That’s a Good rotation for Valley.>>Yates starting to heat up with six kills. She heads to the bench and gets high-fives from her teammates here. And a chance to serve. Lexie Godfrey, one of those outstanding seniors who has had nothing but success here. The senior class, 132-4. Four straight 5A finals, by the way, they won it all last year.>>And second last year. What a great corner.>>The attack off the block. Valley. Now Cedar Falls, blocked point. I’ll tell you what, Emerson Green can do it all, folks. Serve aces. Set up her teammates. Get kills, get digs, and how about solo UMA. A lot of athleticism out of Green.>>That’s beautiful. The approach was different. The ball led her to that corner and then she just — I mean, you can’t place it better than that. Beautiful work.>>A little work needing to be done here, trailing by six. Cedar Falls need it to take their first lead in the series. Lombardi serving nice for Valley. And Cedar Falls gets an attack there out of brown. Olivia Lombardi, folks, she is a freshman. And she has been a staple at that position. Good attack. Off the hands. Second time is the charm for Akacia Brown who is going to be playing volleyball next year at Mississippi state. Averaging at 5’8″, 4.8 kills per set.>>You can see that the Valley players wanted the call. That the ball hadn’t broken the plane of the net. But the ref said, no, it broke the plane of the net.>>Has to hit it over. See what Valley can do with it here. They get a point.>>I really like grace Hinkle. She has grit. She’s only 5’7.” She’s going up against 6-footers and she shows no fear. She’s got eight kills on the day.>>And now she’s back to do damage behind the service line. Senior for west Des Moines Valley. Akacia Brown. Gives block. Goes to Brown again. Gives block. It’s out of bounds. Point, Cedar Falls.>>Akacia Brown is really Good at using the block. We’ve seen it all week where she goes in. The ball is a little tight. The block is right there. She’s able to hit the blocker’s hands and make it go out of bounds which is what we call using or tooling the block.>>Deep on the swing. Again, Bernhard injured with that nasty fall where she stepped on one of her teammates coming down. You see, she’s playing through it. She’s fighting hard. But something was off on that attack. Seven-point Cedar Falls lead. The momentum has shifted here. After that opening dominant victory 25-14 for west Des Moines Valley. Kubik has been strong, though, she’s 12-2 so far here.>>So Kubik has the mind-set of a middle blocker. She doesn’t want the ball or doesn’t want to allow the ball to come back to her side of the net. That’s what everybody blocker should have, like I’m not letting that ball cross that plane.>>Nice set and Good finish for Cedar Falls.>>And for Cedar Falls, that is the first time they sided out on Kubik’s first serve.>>19-12. And into the net goes Graves with the serve. And outstanding assistance, one is Kaz Brown, she went on to the university of Kentucky. Now playing professional volleyball overseas. And she’s back helping out as her sister Akacia Brown is on the team.>>Well, and she wanted to — this is the season for pro volleyball overseas. So, she’s missing it right now. She wanted to be here for AKACIA’s senior year.>>Good job by the camera operators showing you Kaz Brown helping on that. This one a little lopsided here as the Tigers of Cedar Falls run it away, 21-13. You can feel the atmosphere, the mood in the building has changed from when we were starting that second set.>>It really has. The team has been, okay, we’re Good. And west Des Moines is a little bit more on edge.>>Able to fight through. The block is Spann. Spann now with eight kills. Very Good balance for west Des Moines Valley. Eight kills for Spann. Eight kills for Hinkle and a dozen for their leader Kubik. There’s no stopping that, Barb.>>Well, especially when your block is not together. She’s going to hit over the black for the most part anyway. There was a hole there anyway. Went down through that hole. But it in the back part of the court. Pretty Good success operate.>>Alayna Yates looking strong.>>That’s what we’ve been training all year long. Just be smart. You guys know that 5 has been working for you all day. If we can set the ball after that, fine. We ran middles, using that back feet off the net she’s able to score in the middle. Got to hold them accountable. She’s running more than anybody else right now. Settle her down. Get her Good sets off of Good passes. We can’t do anything if she’s scrambling. Simple passes make it easier for her. Let’s go. Momentum. Momentum right here.>>So coach Mikesel doesn’t like the passing that his team is doing for one, it sends Curry running all over the court more than anybody else. The second thing he does, is closes down the offense. It’s kind of a two-fold issue. If they can get their passing better. It helps them better. Kind of calms her down and helps the offense.>>Yates has been there are efficient here in cedar rapids this week, Barb?>>Absolutely. Yates coming into the game was hitting over 600. I’m sure it’s up close to that today.>>Needed that point. Hinkle with the kill. And side out. Cedar Falls leading 23-15. Hinkle with nine kills. She playing with fire in her belly, didn’t she?>>She really does. You don’t look at her and think she’s going to be one of your top kill leaders. But she really does a nice job. She knows where the block is.>>Green, Yates, point, Cedar Falls. That brings up set point here. And the Tigers knocking on the door. About to go up two sets to one. In the class 5A championship finals. Lexie Godfrey, the senior. As Cedar Falls needs one more point. Brown gives it to them. Cedar Falls is one win away from claiming the 2019 state title. But don’t go anywhere. As west Des Moines Valley. We’ve got a Good one brewing here inside the U.S. cellular center in cedar rapids. We’ll be right back here on Iowa Public Television.>>>I can’t explain how such an important moment in our history has been overlooked. ♪♪ And this is what the suffrages did in those decades before they actually achieved victory. They changed hearts and minds. They had to change not only the idea of who is the citizen who can vote, but what is a woman’s role in society? ♪♪>>She had more than any women suffrages actually brought that suffrage amendment home. ♪♪>>Coming this spring to Iowa Public Television. ♪ The most wonderful time of the year ♪♪>>Hi, this is Marion Ross, please join me and Gavin Macleod in a classic Christmas. ♪ Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock ♪♪ ♪ Have your a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪>>Saturday evening at 6:00.>>>Akacia Brown has 19 kills and the Cedar Falls Tigers are one win away from claiming the 2019 championship final. West Des Moines Valley proves they can sure play and beat this team.>>They can. They hit 500 in that. And Alayna Yates is hitting over .500. It will be a tough battle, but they can do it.>>West Des Moines has offense but they got to clean up a couple areas. Let’s look at highlights. Cedar Falls running away 25-15. I think you hit the nail on the head, Barb. In that set, Cedar Falls had 17 kills. And overall, hitting percentage to 143.>>Yeah. That’s too wide of a margin to do much with. West Des Moines Valley needs to do what they were doing originally. You can see the difference in kills there. They have six more digs. Blocks are about even. Assists — I’m just going to say those don’t really matter. They’re Good sets for the setter to have.>>Wedgbury, 357. Three kills with Jada Golden-Smith. Nine kills for Alayna Yates. For west Des Moines Valley it’s Kubik. And only one attack there hitting 700. Three kills for Bernhard, two for Lombardi, one for Curry. Backs against the wall for west Des Moines Valley. Here in the fourth set. They switch sides. Cedar Falls to the right side of your screen. They’re the ones celebrating. They just get the first point.>>As I look at the matchups again, they’re the same. Here’s something I would do if I were coaching which, you know, I’m not so I don’t know as much as the coaches do. I would mess around with my matchups a little bit.>>I know it’s important for Valley to have three across the front row. Start her in the middle back so she’s two away. Make a little bit of adjustment so she’s attacking against a different blocker. Or do something to kind of mix it up a little.>>Well, it’s kind of the thing where you just need to try many different options in a must-win scenario if you’re west Des Moines Valley. They’ve had a tremendous year. It’s their fourth trip to state. Tenth time west Des Moines Valley has made it to state.>>Well, I’m sitting here watching them for a couple times all season. The coaches know, day in and day out, they know how their team plays. But I’m more of a nitpicy-fin Nangler. Play with it a little bit.>>Who knew they would be here. They graduated seven seniors, including maddy Kubik. It’s a young group. They have a balanced attack. They’re Good at serving. They do so many things well on the west Des Moines Valley side of the net. One of the residence why they’ve had a special year with Grace Hinkle. Cedar Falls. Nice to see her getting involved. Jada Golden-Smith on the year had 207 kills. Third best on the team. That’s just her third kill here in this championship match.>>Well, it takes a little bit of time to get the middle going especially with the passing that Cedar Falls had in the first set.>>Look for green to go a little more often.>>Back step side. Tigers are there defensively. Nice block. That’s all Curry.>>That’s the center. Nice job.>>600 assists on the year. 200 kills. She can block it as well. She wasn’t even thinking about I’m going to take this set.>>Right.>>She brought the hammer. Kubik, one of the best at serving in the state of Iowa. Looking to get a little separation here from Cedar Falls. But a Good attack dualing it out of bounds. With the point, Cedar Falls’ Emma Wedgbury.>>In thinking about it, I might have started Kubik serving. She had that big run.>>I mean, it’s weird to put your offense in the back row to start. Trainer is looking to Olivia Lombardi applying some athletic tape, just above the left knee. And she’ll be fine. You there see it. Barb Randle, Eric Braley here with the call for Iowa Public Television. Barb and I will be here for the 3A and 1A. Regardless, hide your remote control for the day and keep it here on Iowa Public Television. Locked in 10:00 a.m. to about 9:00 tonight as we’re going to hand out trophies as it’s the final day of volley in the state of Iowa. Yates powered it through.>>That play was made possible because of Wedgbury. She’s back there with three digs on that play. She just keeps putting it up there. Again, it’s all about the arms pushing over the net. If they would have been pushed over the net that would be a black ball.>>Yates, brown. And Curry again with the point. Her third kill. And she’s a fighter, too, isn’t she?>>Well, that’s a really smart play. She put it right in the middle as people were making transitions to their spot. Not really paying attention to what she was doing and Good timing on it.>>That one’s going to fall in, dropped just in, Grace Hinkle finds the spot in the corner. Ten kills now for Hinkle. Not a pretty play, but some way, some how, they’re able to bet get points out of that. That’s the third kill for Katie REMMert, the freshman. I believe her father is the head football coach for Iowa. Ranked deep in the state playoffs. By the way, those are going on this weekend and next weekend. Handing out trophies there for the boys.>>Well, nice job by Lombardi. She was up against two strong blockers. But the blockers didn’t have their hands — they were decently — they kind of closed them together so it didn’t take up as much space. You want to have nice broad kind of like shoulder width or apart. They can kind of hand over hand on that one.>>Cedar Falls in the white uniforms. West Des Moines Valley in the dark tops. Brown, 18 kills. And I think Mississippi state is going to be happy when she steps foot on campus in August.>>I do, too. I do, too. I actually think it’s impressive how many players we have going to play college ball.>>Nebraska, Mississippi sate. UNI.>>Nebraska Omaha. I think the coaches at those schools. Yates is going to Dayton. I mean, those coaches are going to pleased with the product that Iowa puts out. They know what they’re doing and they know how to win.>>We’ll show you a university of Iowa hawkeye commit later on today as well. Seven points or Cedar Falls. And a must win set here for west Des Moines Valley. Tigers looked bad in the first set. 25-14, west Des Moines Valley, just an impressive start to this championship match. But then Cedar Falls, a gritty win in the second set 26-24. A dominant win in the third set, 25-15. And now we’re even here in the first third of this fourth set. Serve coming for the Olivia Lombardi. She goes way back to serve.>>Sometimes, that’s the approach. Sometimes if they serve a floater it’s because you can get big air currents in a building like this and make that ball move. A float serve is like in baseball what they would call a knuckleball. It just kind of moves in the air and there’s not really a lot of run or reason as to why it moves like it does.>>Valley with the point tied up at 9-9. Defeated gallen Catholic in the finals, and pleasant Valley in the semifinals. They beat Jefferson 3-0 and Waterloo west. Sand 3-1 on November 4th, just to get to cedar rapids. Nice looking play. It results in a point. A Good pass. A nice set. The kill on the outside from Kubik.>>And Kubik goes right over that outside blocker right down the line. Hiding that golden corner. Beautiful placement on that. In the sport of volleyball you don’t have to hit the ball straight down. In fact, a lot of times it’s worse if you do because you’re hitting it into the blocker’s hands. If you use a deeper trajectory, it will give you more success because the defenses tend to get sucked into the court. And they’re not playing the back four to five feet of the court.>>Jada Golden-Smith here. Tigers lead by one. As you see her lacking try the net. One of those seniors that will not be here for Cedar Falls high school. Fourth straight trip, this state championship match, for Cedar Falls. Blocked. And an easy point for west Des Moines Valley. You talk about the trajectory of the hitting. It seems like Akacia Brown, her attack, her swing is a little different. In talking with her coach, yeah, it is maybe a little nontraditional, a swing trajectory. He said that’s kind of hard to handle the opponent with how the ball comes off that swing. Everyone has a little bit different attack here. Tied at 11-11. That one gets through. And again, it’s number 15. Katie REMMert, the freshman, who played in 85 sets and had over 100 kills in her freshman season. Leading by one. And serving. Is Cedar Falls. Down the line. It was open. And a big celebration.>>Wedgbury does a nice job of hitting that line. We’ve seen her hit a little bit crosscourt, but I think she prefers the line. That line, Scott, is hard to dig because it’s coming at you fast.>>Two-point lead in Cedar Falls. They lead 2-1. Let’s listen in.>>The first half of that set was a grind. I think we started out, when it was 9-9, we had had eight straight sideups. We’re doing a great job. Give us options, take smart swings. If you need to, let another ball play defense. Now the second half of our game has to pick up. Turning defense into offense. Our two-point cushion because we have two serve balls. So, let’s get greedy now. Understand that we’re about Good bunch here. Let’s go! Hey, slice. She wants to hit angle.>>In talking about the transition. The defense to offense. And making sure that she win points after they get the ball. They need to push for those points. That’s where you pull away from your competition.>>Let’s get greedy.>>Yeah.>>I like that. Let’s just shut the door. Let’s win this in four. West Des Moines Valley needs to figure something out here. Trailing by a couple. You can see that the approach, the attack, is not 100%, but it doesn’t matter. Battling her injury is Anna Bernhard, the junior, with the kill.>>And then when the black isn’t there, then it’s a lot easier for her. You’ve got to put a challenge up against her. That block was wide open. It was a huge hole. And she had it wide open.>>Valley, to the back row. Good vision men. That Tiger defense keeps creeping up, creeping up and no one was home in that corner.>>Well, when you’re in base position, the back three people are in like a “V.” So, there’s two people that are short. And the deeper person is usually in the middle of the court so if you can shoot the ball to those corners on that second contact, a lot of times, you can catch them off guard.>>Down the line again. Yeah, I think she likes the lines.>>Yeah. Pretty successful for her. That is her tenth kill on the evening — or the morning. I have no idea what time it is. Better front. You had Matt Johnson say better front. That means she can send it over on the second contact, jumping.>>Yates, great defense by Valley. Tipped. Green pushes it over. Volley. It goes deep. And Cedar Falls gets the point, leading 15-13 here.>>Valley wanted a touch on that, bought I thought the ball was quite a bit higher than the block we’re seeing.>>Cedar Falls, a very positive environment all season long. Trying to finish the job that they couldn’t do last year. Cedar Falls undefeated all last year, except for one game, one match, Barb, and it was a year ago today losing in the championship match. They lead by three in west Des Moines Valley. Need to figure something out here quick, as they trail by three.>>Hey, this is where, when they’re going to try to close it out, they’re going to want to do some offspeed stuff or short. We’ve got stuff, all right? If they’re going to run middle, we need to cheat over a little more and take away the zone five, all right? Force them to come across their bodies and swing back to zone one. Be ready to dig for that, though, right? Let’s go, let’s go!>>To come from the left side blocker on the middle attack to take away the easy angle and force the middle to hit across back to the right back portion of the corner where the a little harder to hit.>>Outstanding coach. Closing in on 600 career wins.>>He also said to be aware of off-speed shots. Which means roll shots, skipped. Kind of junk types of things because not always is it a hard-driven ball that gets you killed.>>A service error gives west Des Moines what they need. Curry on the year has been so balanced, but she also has 41 Acers. Don’t get an ace here. The ball out of bounds as the ace was trying to go to that far sideline and look out as west Des Moines Valley pulling within one. Curry, university of Nebraska-Omaha signee, will be playing there next year. Out of bounds off the Tiger block! .4 west Des Moines Valley. Look at the student section. Trying to do whatever they can to get this to a fifth set where, Barb, anything can happen.>>And the students were excited. Actually, it was the west Des Moines students that started to cheer when they won “no school Friday.” So they love it, not only because they won but they don’t have to go to school.>>This one started at 10:00 a.m. today. Again, it’s the 5A and the 4A next followed by 3A and 2A starting at 7:00 tonight. All coming you to you live on Iowa Public Television. Good serving from aLivia Bronner here for Cedar Falls. Just a sophomore.>>I was just going to mention, I like that short serve. She’s putting it in the middle of everybody for everybody that creates confusion. It causes problems with the approaches and creates confusion for everybody. Because you’re in my way. Get out of my way. It’s mine. So smart serving.>>Yates dials in another kill. The 6’6″ middle hitter senior. Amazing balance offensively. Yates with 11. Wedgbury with 10. 19 kills for Akacia Brown. And Jada Golden-Smith as well with four. Ball went long, and the Tigers’ first — all they’re saying is touched.>>Oh, I didn’t see a touch on that, but, again, that’s not my job to officiate. I’m also not sure which ref called it.>>They don’t have the luxury of instant replay. I did not see it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.>>Yeah, there wasn’t one. But these refs are the best refs in the state. They are ranked highly throughout the season by the coaches so they know what they’re doing. The refs get ranked. The line judges get ranked. And they bring the best ones here.>>Yeah. I didn’t see it touch a finger.>>And it’s for the refs — it’s also a huge feather in their cap.>>Yeah. Comes at a critical time, 20-16.>>Do you know coach Johnson is calling that to the ref, he’s saying that poppycock. He doesn’t like that call at all.>>Here we go, Akacia Brown. It’s going to be point Valley. He said this is where we get mentally tough. 19-18, Valley has momentum.>>In sports, you’re always going to get a bad call and how you react to the bad call. Brush it off.>>Dealing with diversity here. A little too much mustard on that one. It’s now 20-18 here in this fourth set. It’s a must win scenario. For west Des Moines Valley. Tigers need just five more points to claim the 5A championship.>>Oh that was heart attack for just about everybody in here.>>That one was open. Emerson Green. All state in track, volleyball and women’s basketball. Great vision. And she disguised it really well.>>She really did.>>Not the best pass. That’s going to be another Cedar Falls point. 22-18, Cedar Falls on a run here.>>West Des Moines Valley does have one time-out left, if he wants to take it. Doesn’t look like he’s taking it yet.>>Great serving by Lexie Godfrey, the senior. Big time kill. Needed that one. Hinkle rises to the occasion.>>And on that — Cedar Falls is not closing in on that block. So Hinkle has all day to hit through that block.>>13 kills for Hinkle. Leading by three. But needing just three is Cedar Falls. Beautiful up there by Curry. Valley, in the back row of the Tiger defense. Brown had no options there. Came in and just tried to push it off, as he flew into the net.>>Well, and they’re calling for a touch but the down official did call it a center line violation so it would not have even mattered if there would have been a touch.>>Time-out called by Cedar Falls. Cedar Falls will now have one more time-out left. Let’s listen to west Des Moines Valley’s huddle.>>Continue to think about that slide once she goes back low. Only going right side. They’ve only got one hitter, Akacia Brown. Near the net, it’s going to be net. In the back row. Hey!>>I love it. I love it. There’s no giving up in that huddle. He knows where the ball’s going. They’re like, there’s only one hitter up there, it’s AKACIA, go after her. And then he’s giving his players something to do with the ball when they go back.>>I thought it was loud here at 10:00 a.m. Turn it up another 25 decibels. State championship is on the line. Out of bounds. 22-21.>>Well, and that block was well formed. There were four arms up there. That’s a really nice block.>>West Des Moines Valley serving. In trouble. Need to hit it over on this contact. They do. Cedar falls is now in system. Setting near side. Brown off the block. Valley pushes it over. Hey, you don’t have to hit it hard to get a point, do you! Wow.>>That’s the whole point of the game, be crafty, do what you need to do, get the ball on the 22-22. Play to 25, win by two. Valley won the first one, 25-14. Tigers won set 2, 25-64. And set three, 25-15.>>Blockers couldn’t come down past enough and get it. What a beautiful touch.>>Cedar Falls gets the point. And that brings up match point. Cedar Falls one point away, as number 21 gets her 21st kill of the match. One point away from winning the 2019 class 5A championship. And it’s the senior Emerson Green to serve. Valley, back to attack. Popped up by the senior Graves. Brown gets it down. And the 2019 class 5A champions are the Cedar Falls Tigers.>>And here Cummings the balloons. They have a balloon drop this year. That is new this year.>>The number one team all year long. 44-0 against Iowa teams. They’re sixth straight trip to state. They’re the runner-ups last year. And the senior class finishes 133 wins, just four losses. Four straight trips to the class 5A finals. And two state championships. 2017 and 2019. West Des Moines ranked third in the state. Conference champions. And they did it all after graduating seven seniors off of last year’s team.>>Amazing.>>Let’s take you back to the final point that sealed the deal for Cedar Falls. The celebration, the emotion. A lot of hard work went for this point. Cedar Falls, 22 errors, 144 attempts. West Des Moines Valley hit 199. 50 kills, 22 errors, 144 attempts. For Valley, 14 kills for Hinkle and Kubik. Nine kills for Spann. Five for Bernhard, four apiece for Curry and Lombardi. 23 kills for Akacia Brown. 11 for Yates. Hit 455. Wedgbury had ten kills, hit 350. And the freshman with five. Emerson Green six kills.>>The other big thing from the stat sheet is Cedar Falls outdefended west Des Moines Valley. They had six blocks to west Des Moines Valley’s three and they also outdefended them.>>Let’s send it over to the public address announcer for the handing out of the hardware.>>Announcer: — board of directors Greg Defoe. Shan Seib Ber Seibert. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your 2019 class 5A all-tournament team. From Cedar Falls, Emerson Green. From west Des Moines Valley Jacey Spann. From Ankney Fiona shader. From Pleasant Valley, Cora ruff. From Cedar Falls, Alayna Yates. From west Devine Valley, Caton Kubik. And your class 5A all-tournament team captain, from Cedar Falls, Akacia Brown.>>There you see the all-tournament team for class 5A, I’d take that group up against anybody.>>Me, too. We didn’t mention throughout this broadcast, Akacia Brown broke a record on Tuesday in the quarterfinal match of 37 kills. That’s the most kills in a 5A match.>>How impressive is that. A lot of teams knew she was going to get set and still get her points.>>That’s very impressive. That’s an impressive group of young ladies with bright futures ahead of them.>>Congratulation. Now we’ll hand out the team awards.>>Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your Class 5A runner-up, west Des Moines high school head coach Jeremy Mikesel. And now, your 2019 Class 5A champions, today they redeem their ticket, coach Matt Johnson and the Tigers from Cedar Falls!>>Cedar falls, dominant this year. They go undefeated against Iowa teams. Number one from the beginning of the year, throughout. It’s not easy to be number one all year and number one.>>Well, that’s why they went to that tournament outside of the state, because they lost last year’s match here. So, Good job by them.>>You think that was fun. We’re just getting started. Four more trophies. Set to hand out here as we’re broadcasting live all day the Iowa high school volleyball championships. Thanks for tuning in. Back with more right after this. This is Iowa Public Television. ♪♪ ♪♪>>>Funding for the Iowa girls high school athletic union, Iowa farm bureau, girls state volleyball championships is provided by –>>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bureau believes in per suit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the sponsor. Each student’s effort is important and were when one rises we all rise.>>Fairway along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls sports championships. We congratulate all of the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s girls high school volleyball championships. Fairway, proud to compare for the places we work and live. By MUSCO lighting. Providing lighting projects for you, your profit and your community.

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