5 Types of Football Managers | Top Eleven 2019

5 Types of Football Managers | Top Eleven 2019

Top Eleven presents: Five Types of Football
Managers Let’s see which type you are! Are you a tactical mastermind in the
making? [THE FORMATION WIZARD] You live and breathe tactics… You even eat tactics! You never let anything
stand in the way of building that perfect formation. Offensive wing-backs. Inside forwards. High pressing and – wait – maybe we
shouldn’t be pressing that high? Just a few more tweaks and you’ll be done, right? Here’s to striving for perfection! Loved by few. Hated by many. Respected by all. [THE TRAINING GURU] Why buy a superstar when you can create
one, right? Your training regime makes the Marines look like Boy Scouts on a spring
break. Tactics and transfers are for posers anyway! You believe in hard work, and we
believe in you. Ah, the early bird who catches the worm. [THE BARGAIN HUNTER] Or in your case, three players for the
price of one. See, that’s the deal with those 4:00 a.m.
auctions. The only guy who could outbid you is probably busy sucking blood. They say everyone should get at least eight hours of sleep, but you don’t care about
that! You’re not a sleeping beauty – you’re the transfer beast. Suck on that, Dracula! And what about the crowd-pleaser? The dreamer…the Top Eleven streamer! [THE FAN FAVOURITE] More people tune in to your Live Match than a Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Story. You may have paid for all that equipment, but you flat-out stole the hearts of fans
from around the world. Don’t forget to update your Facebook Group and YouTube Channel after the match. Because we like you, and we subscribe. Finally, someone who uses math to solve real problems. [THE STATS BUFF] Match after match, day after day, you crunch the numbers and your opponents. From your winning percentage against a 3-4-3, to your favourite striker’s all-time stats, you base all the decisions on data and
we all know you have plenty of that. Here’s to all our Managers, no matter how
you play, no matter where you are. Let us know your type in the comments. Share the love, and have an amazing season! See you on the touchline!

86 thoughts on “5 Types of Football Managers | Top Eleven 2019

  1. Soy de todos a excepción del guru, mis entrenamientos son todos a tope pero no entreno con frecuencia a mis jugadores

  2. I'm in No.3. that's becoz I have only 1 token so I try to get at least a good player. Need help on how to get more tokens

  3. Federasiyon macinda finalde rakibimi gol yemeden hem icerde hem disarda yeniyorum ama kazanan rakibim oluyor nasil oluyor bu yardimci ola bilirmisiniz

  4. I am a tactical and training centered manager. I always think about what went wrong with my tactics everytime I lose a match. And there is also the joy of training my players to world class talents. I am currently looking at training my players to lengendary talents.

  5. I was a hard trainer,but not sure how that gonna be a easy way for win,now i m a formation tactics and little bit bargain

  6. I'm a tactical manager…most times I play with managers with higher ratings..so u got to defend n press! Haha


  8. Soy el mánager que da oportunidad a los reservas porque muchas veces los reservas en un aprieto pueden sorprenderte y ayudarte alzar hacia la victoria!! 😉👍

  9. Can you explain why nobody buys in negotiations (Transfers) ??

    It smells to me that you have blocked them so that we do not win tokens among us, it is already 3 seasons with this one that nobody offers me for players. And before selling 3 or 4 all seasons.

    What a #scam !!!

  10. Wtf is this? Why are Top Eleven wasting money on these pointless videos? Does anyone think tactics make any difference to the outcome of the game??

  11. i'm arsene wenger type…. try to find cheap transfer but keep improve the team slowly, but also im training guru… i keep training my players….

  12. I try to be a bit of all five types : Good finance makes transfers possible, good training sessions (don't forget the physical training !), good tactics and a good placement of your players and, of course, follow up the data that is there after every match !

  13. Presenté una queja y desde entonces he perdido todos los partidos en todas las competiciones,en total 17

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