5 STEP OVER VARIATIONS YOU NEED TO LEARN | Master these football skills


[Music] today we’re gonna teach you five wicked step over variations they just simply need to learn number five the classic step over which is probably invented by Argentinian striker Pedro calamy no in the early 1900s it’s one of those old g4 owners approach the defender and then step over the ball with your strong foot swinging it clockwise from inside out do that with the other foot as well until the defender reacts and you can move away make sure you always stay on your toes but you don’t kick yourself and then this trick will work the tree now I’m the fool is the outside step Oh which is a great move if you’ve got the defender to the side of you and you want to make him believe that you’re gonna drag it with you and continue forward so what you do here is that you step over the pole in an outside-in or counterclockwise motion if you want to make the defendant believe that you’re simply gonna drag the ball with your strong foot but instead you’re gonna step over the pole to basically put him off balance and from here you can either step back over the ball and continue going forward using your momentum or you can simply take the pole with you going backwards to around the defendant no matter what henceforth you shall be known as the Punisher [Music] number three is the sole role step-over rabona which is probably most famously used by nima but is not to be confused with the hocus pocus now what you do here is you take your strong foot then you perform a small sword roll across your body is step over it with your weak foot and then do a rabona like motion but instead of actually shooting the ball you simply just tap it forward now keep in mind that this trick is a little bit difficult so you should be wearing off using it in a match situation unless you’ve got it on lock but if you can pull it off it is healthy [Music] [Applause] [Music] and number two they’re backwards step Horace and here we’re talking show of moves now I might not be the most useful trick to use in a match but it looks pretty cool and if there’s ever a window of opportunity to pull it off usually do it now might be a little bit difficult to wrap your head around how it actually works but basically you should practice getting that counterclockwise outside in backwards jumping motion on lock because basically you’re gonna be doing the trick without being able to see the ball so start dragging the ball backwards and then perform that outside in backwards jumping motion and you can wait and if you pull it off the defender is gonna be [Music] my favorite number one the outside inside tap here you do a single step over with the foot opposite beside you want to dock say I want to go left I use my right foot to do a normal step over after that I use my left foot to jump and tap the ball with the inside of the foot into the right foot which I used to tap the ball across the defender and move left it looked sick and it’s pretty effective so you better start practicing right now so there you go guys five essential step over skills that you simply need to have in your locker and as you can see I actually did a sixth one for you right there that ain’t service I don’t know what it is but what you would teach you next you should let us know in the comment section right down below and don’t forget that if you want to look fresh like me with the Nike always forward pack on your feet you can go and cop them right now by clicking the link and go to use for stroller come right over there now also if you want to learn some pretty wicked eyewear or skills you can click the play this right down there but only do it after you make sure that you subscribe to the channel with the notifications on to see all our latest videos the second they drop and well that’s it guys I’m signing off cheerio seventh woo

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