1. I started with Acro for reason Nr.1, be warned fellows, acro is addicting once you started you can not stop (you can pause but you can never stop)
    Keep up the work, have fun and stay safe 😉

  2. Sorry dude, you've lost me at Reason n#1. Acro will make you a better pilot, but you don't need to do acro for that. You can take a SIV or more SIV courses to improve your skills.

  3. Nice video! But there is another side to that story.
    5 REASONS not to start Acro!

    No. 1 Because if your new to the sport it could scare the sh..t out of you and you may want to give up flying altogether.

    No. 2 Acro is extreme and dangerous. No different to making the wrong choices and flying in dangerous conditions.
    If you get a collapse or get in trouble you should be under a safe glider of your level which is designed to correct it’s self in an instant if it all goes pear shaped you have a reserve.

    No. 3
    Acro pilots do put themselves instantly in a much higher risk category, a pilot with little flying experience may get confident after an SIV this does not give him the attributes to go out and try acro stuff without sufficient safety measures in place. Boat, water, 2 reserves and an instructor on stand by.

    No. 4
    Peer pressure. So you want to look COOL – that is definitely no argument or reason to do Acro. you should be able to fly and enjoy your sport to the fullest and choose a path you “the individual” likes to do in consideration of the level you’re at, at that time.

    No. 5
    Being fit – hike and fly along with a long flight or ground handling is a good way to get fit. Acro pilots over stress there arm muscles and with over use many often end up with tennis elbow.
    To overcome this a trend to do body building in the Acro scene is prominent. There heavy duty equiptment puts smaller built females or pilots at risk for injury, skeletal/muscular, imbalances or degeneration.

    With a few years of experience and a several SIVs up your sleeve you may find it’s something you’d like to do whilst young and fit.

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