5 Photo-Worthy Football-Themed DIY Décor Ideas For Your Game-Day Party

5 Photo-Worthy Football-Themed DIY Décor Ideas For Your Game-Day Party

So we’re gonna make some field goal, football ice cream sandwiches. First, first we’re gonna use these Popsicle sticks we’ve cut in half, hello. Okay.
So write play by plays. So you can just do some like X’s and O’s and arrows and I never know what the real play is I just draw. It sounds like a love note actually, it’s just like– It looks like you right.
XOXO. It looks like you love everybody. Exactly (laughs). At your party. Right, and so then you’ll just tuck one of these in to the bottom of your ice cream sandwich. X’s and O’s also mean offense and defense people. Oh!
That’s what that is. You learn something new everyday here. Okay perfect, and now we’re just gonna pipe some laces onto the top of them.
Biker laces. So you just wanna go, you know draw a straight line. There you go, now pipe across, there you go. So you get the idea here. And I think ice cream sandwiches are kinda one of the best desserts. It’s like ice cream, brownie and frosting now on top. It’s adorable, they’re melting all over the plate. Right, but you put these back in the freezer and then serve them.
You put them back in. Don’t leave them out. (applause) Alright. Alright beverages, you can serve whatever you want but we’re gonna show you how to liven up the glasses. So first of all, we’re gonna draw our yard lines on here. Oh, that’s super cute, do you see the glasses have yardage? This is a paint pen. It’s actually washable. That’s so cute. So you won’t ruin your, your cups. If you’re gonna be drawing all over them. Groovy!
And here’s one for you. So we’re just going to fill in the rest of the yard lines here. We’ve already started it so remember it goes 50 and then back to 40, it’s kinda tricky like that. Um sweetheart I actually watch football, we’re good. (laughter)
Okay. We’re good! I never know with you Rachael. I know, I know. Okay now the fun thing we’re gonna make here are field goal stirrers. So you can take these plastic straws and actually. Bend them.
Yeah, bend them. You’re gonna do two at once, just like so. Oh this is pretty wide, looks like we should cut it. So we’re gonna cut it right here, and then we’re gonna cut this one right here. And then actually you can tuck these right into each other if you just pinch the top of the straw right here. Right, right, right. And you sorta like, you have to, you have to like cinch it a little bit. And you tuck it into the hole. And then it’s like that. So you make this little field goal post, yeah. And then you just take a little handy-dandy hole punch. Tada! The trick is you oughta actually only punch like halfway through so yeah. Punch the bottom. You see how this goes. And then you just tuck the straw right in. And now right you do that. You do that one. Yeah so actually you’ll wanna hot glue this together. Or like tape it. But it’ll stick up like this. And then you pour some. Dada! Clear liquid and food dye. (applause) Food dye it green. And it turns into these little cuties. Yay!
Isn’t that so fun? (applause) Adorable!
Yeah! Alright and then I have to point out the AstroTurf place mats we made here. We just, you can pick AstroTurf up from the hardware store. It’s a few dollars. How cute is this?
Yeah. Little handheld small AstroTurf place mats. (applause) So easy. So clever! So simple. And if you’re on the sofa they can put it on their lap. Right. Like on the of their legs.
Exactly. And they won’t drip all over their clothes or your furniture, right? Right, you can make them into coasters too which is another fun idea if you want to cut them in circles. Oh clever! AstroTurf coasters good one.
Lots of ideas you know. (applause) Okay and then to display. This is brilliant. The chalkboard play by play. This is brilliant. Yeah can you pass me some chalk please. Sure, sure, sure. Alright thanks. So you’re gonna bring back your X’s and O’s again. Whatever field, games that you wanna play. Point to the different ingredients and the things you’re displaying. And you write down what everything is. It’s so clever!
Right. If you don’t have a chalkboard you can use chalkboard paint. You can actually buy chalkboard table runners. Now for the entertainment at your party. During the commercials right? Right. Unless you love those. We have the pinata. It gives your guests a little bit of action to do. So you just take– I love a pinata because I can be a little bit aggressive and I love the idea.
Yes get out the anger. Of beating anything with a stick. (laughing) How does John feel about that? He’s the same! (laughing) So you can take all of those cardboard boxes you probably have at your house. And make your own shape. You can make it as big or small as you want to. So we’re just gonna, can you take this tape? Yeah. And help me do this. We’ll just start it so you can see here, we just want to tape the edges. So if you use just a little bit of duct tape. Yeah packing tape, duct tape. It’ll be easy to bust open. It won’t be too tough. Exactly cause you want the kids to play along too. You get the point you fill this up. And then.
And it ends up like this. This is just brown tissue paper, right? This is just brown tissue paper. That you layer on. Yeah so we’re gonna, can you draw a line of hot glue please. Sure with a little hot glue. Yes okay perfect. So you’re just gonna do layer, layer, layer. You get the point here. Yes and then when you’re done obviously, you have the laces on top. Make a little white construction paper right? Exactly and now. Can we do the fun part now? The moment we’ve all been waiting for. (applause) There’s this is real. Can I take the first round? Oh yeah, yeah. (cheering) Get in there! Let’s go Rachael! (cheering) (yelling) Yeah get it! (cheering) Yeah get it!

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