if you wan to become a better football player then subscribe to the singh freestylers youtube channel and also press the bell icon to remain update with our football tutorial videos you can also follow us on our instagram page with same name singh freestylers hello guys singh freestylers are back with a new video series just like our flick up series in this series also we we will have 5-5 dribbling drills which you have to do while standing at a same position in this way your footwork will improve and you will be able to perform well in match play situation all these dribbling drills you can use while cutting and guys your footwork will become really fast if you will do regular practice of these skills in this what you have to do is that you have to practice each drill 30 second then you have to take a break of 30 seconds or according to your stamina and then again 30 seconds then you have to take a break in this way you have to do practice 5 or 6 times daily so in this way your footwork will become fast and you will able to perform well in match play situation the main thing is that you are comfortable with hitting or touching tapping the ball with every part of your foot then only you will become a good player this is very important in every type of football whether it is street football or professional soccer so these drills will effect every part of your foot it will improve the ball control from every part of your foot so the name of the first drill is scissors in this drill you have to keep the ball just in front of you and close enough so you dont have any problem then you have to move your legs this way in scissors position at starting you will have some troubles but at starting you have to do these skills a little bit slow by jumping like this but afterwards you have to become faster and faster in this you ahve to do one skill 30 seconds and then take a 30 seconds break then again you have to do 30 seconds then again a 30 seconds break so by this way the movement of your foot will come in flow and your speed will also improve but guys the problem that you will face in this will be it will be that your ball is too far away from your body then when you will try to do the scissors then the thing that will happen is that your foot will hit the ball and ball will go here and their like that you can see in the video these are some common problems that you can face and do not put the ball too close to your body you have to maintain small gap at starting you should do this slowly slowly when your confidence will increase that you feel that you can do like this by jumping and all then only you should increase the speed now the next skill is sole taps in this skill you will have perfection only when you will be able to fell that you can do this skill in speed at starting you should do this skill slowly by keeping the ball in front of you just close enough and just try to do that you are coming upwards to the ball not like that you have put the ball so much far thre’s no benefit of it you have to do sole taps while jumping the problems you can face here are that we are doing sole taps that the ball will go here and their you have to do slowly in starting and after that you have to increase your speed if you are doing in wrong way then watch the video carefully you will be able to learn by just looking at the video not by my teaching just watch the video carefully very carefully when you will perfect this skill what will happen is that when you will receive the ball from your teammate by tapping then you will receive it very easily your touch will become very clear now guys the next skill is sole drag in this you have to drag the ball like this from left foot to right foot in this way your sole foot control and ball control will become really good you will be able to receive the ball you will not have any problem in cutting and all but at first you have to do this skill slowly slowly but at starting you ahve to do this skill slowly as you will move forward by increasing you speed from same location then you have to do this by jumping fastly so that it should look beutifull because fast footwork looks more beutifull you will get perfect in this way at starting you have to do this slowly and then accordingly you have to increase your speed you will be able to learn this in good way only when you will see the video clearly not by our talks only just watch the video carefully in proper way guys in this skill also you will may face some problems the problems can be when you are doing the sole taps it can happen that when you are going from your left foot to right foot then the ball will may leave from you right foot this is only the way body should be close to be body as much as possible , do practice and at first you should do slowly so that football will not leave you this skill can be done easily with gripped ball like we have said early the grip ball is good for ground moves etc. practice this and not next skill is Football dance and drill is very good. So what we have to do is tap the ball with your right foot then with left foot early we show the tap skill practice that drill very properly and then come on this drill first tap with right foot and then with left foot and then cross the body like this and cross the right foot like this and then come into same position and do the same thing with left foot repeat it again and again this will take some time to perfect you will also face some problems in starting do it very slowly and football should be close to your body we will show you from different angles you will learn by seeing this not listing this properly see this video Guys you will get some problems while doing this drill slowly also and ball will go here and there also so that you will get some trouble main when you will cross the body this drill is creative with the help of this you will improve your footwork very very good when you are doing this drill with the 2 ,3 defenders and if the ball is in between your legs you will able to cut the ball with 2,3 defenders if you learn this trick properly in starting you are doing slowly dont take tension. when you have confidence that you can do this you can use this drill in the match also and do it fastly . if ball is going here and there while doing this drill so dont worry mine also going ball cannot stable in the center Now next drill is sole drag with inside foot guys what you have to do is place the ball on the right side of the strong foot , drag the backward. and the with the help of weak foot inside portion tap the ball means push the ball and grab it with right foot (strong foot) and do it same thing with your weak foot also . practice this skill at least 30 seconds At starting do it slowly you can make the gap after doing this skill for 30 seconds and do this drills 5 to 6 times in a row . At first you will able to do slowly and with the practice you will speed up this drill and do this drill with the help of jump . At first you dont need to jump because you are staying at same place and when you will do this drill fastly then you have to take the help of jump Guys you have to do this with both left and right foot and you have to practice this drill with the help of this drill your first touch will improve if you will do this drill then you will get to know that how useful this drill is and guys at first slowly then fast fast In this drill also you can face some problems common problem is when you push the ball at second time cannot be grabbed So guys this problem will occur when you are pushing the ball very fastly. You have to push the ball very softly . with the help of this you will get control if you are doing soft push and if you do this drill fastly very thing will get better (control , first touch etc. ) guys if you love this video do like share and subscribe . 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