5 Easy Skill Moves To Beat A Defender

5 Easy Skill Moves To Beat A Defender

What’s up, guys? Today we’re going to be going
over five easy skill moves that you can use in a match. These are practical
moves, not fancy moves, and moves that are actually
going to benefit you in game situations. All right, guys. The first move we’re covering is
the Chop or the Fake Shot move. Now, don’t be fooled by the
simplicity of this move. It is an incredibly
effective move, used at all levels in this
game to beat defenders. The idea behind it is to push
the ball out to the side, and then make it look like
you’re going to clear, shoot, or cross the ball. Then, instead of crossing,
shooting, or clearing the ball, you will bring the ball
back out the other way. If the defender has bought your
fake, you will move past him. I find that this is a great
move for strikers and wingers, because for strikers,
they can fake a shot, get it onto their other
foot, and then shoot. For wingers, this is a
great move to fake a cross, get it onto your
other foot, and cross or to cut inside and
then get a shot off. Next move is the
Cruyff Turn, a move that is so great when you
want to fake a shot, a cross, or you just want
to turn quickly. I find this move to be one
of the most effective out of all moves. Yes, it looks simple. Yes, it is one of the
easier moves to learn, but it also is one of
the most effective. This is the move I recommend
every single player to learn. I don’t care what
position you play, because there are so
many situations where this move comes in handy. Next move is the Stop and Go. This is another pretty
simple move to learn but can be very effective,
especially in wide areas. The idea is to cut the ball
back and stop it so that you break the defender’s momentum. And as he’s slowing
down or comes to a stop, you push the ball
back down the line and leave them in the dust. Next is another one of my
favorites– the La Croqueta. Now, the actual movement of this
move is fairly easy to learn, but most of this move
is done in the timing. What you want to do is wait
for the defender to dive in and then perform this move
quickly to move past them. It just involves moving the
ball from one foot to the other very quickly and then
going out the other way. You can either do this
by hitting the ball to the other foot,
or you can also drag the ball to the other
foot, which is the one I prefer. The final move is
the Ronaldo Chop. This is another great move
primarily used by wide players to change directions quickly
and to wrong-foot defenders. You want to use this move when
you are running at high speeds and a defender is tailing you. You quickly change
directions, and they’re unable to decelerate in time
to get the ball from you. OK, guys. So that will do
it for this video. Again, these were not
meant to be fancy moves, but I promise you that if
you get good at these moves, they will come in
handy in matches. Thank you guys for
watching this video. Please make sure you
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  1. Here are 5 Easy Skill Moves To Beat A Defender! Now, these are not fancy moves or complicated moves. These are soccer skills that for the most part are easy to learn, and are actually useful in matches. Get my FREE Ebook "Game Changer" here: http://bit.ly/ebookgamechanger

  2. That’s why as a defender I give like 2 feet of space instead of one and stay balanced and these moves don’t work, then as they get closer to my net I close in on them and I’m along with other defenders to which they can’t do these moves

  3. For number three someone did that to me but I pushed off my feet and got the Ball behind me and kicked it to a attacker

  4. I can do all the skills properly and effectively but i dont know how to juggle .Sir my question is can a player be equally dangerous without knowing how to juggle

  5. Well I'm that kind of player every one hates to have in there team…because I'm not able to connect my ball with my co.players..


  6. Today in my Sunday league match i simply beat a defender by just doing a body feint if you master this skill trust me you don't need to learn any of these skill moves.
    Like,you disagree with me.
    comment,you agree with me.

  7. I don’t get why be butt hurt when people want to do flashy moves we all play different, I personally like to do flashy moves to annoy the defenders but that how I was taught to play and there nothing wrong with it

  8. The first move works even if the defender by the fake because he still has to wait and react which slows him down then you can outspeed him

  9. I am a top defender in my academy .. but once I was beaten by the third move by my friend so he was beaten by me after the match

  10. Hi! Can you please post a video "if i was under pressure, what should i do to distract all the defender?" I really need that one 😂👍

  11. I like the video but I’m not going to like it because your a Liverpool fan

    Jk I’m going to like but fuck Liverpool Man City gonna beat u to the title. Im a Man U fan btw

  12. I was doing la croquetta for years but didn’t know it. Not that I didn’t know what it was called, I would literally do it on instinct. Worked 99% of the time but I would do it, take off, pass the ball and think “what the fuck did I just do there?” . Recently I did it and realised what I’d done. A pretty extreme angled, perfect la croquetta. Only do it to my left but nobody has seemed to notice yet.

  13. im an attacker and mittle fielder… i beaten every defender since i watched this video… oof those defenders

  14. Easy one run sideways and when a defender rushes you put your foot in front of the ball preventing it from moving after that turn around to get the ball make sure to be the first one to the ball you know that you are going to turn

    Cost 1 like jk

  15. The first move was the signature move of the legend George Best. If you watching his video on youtube you can see a 100 of times he beated defenders by this epic old school trick🙏👌👍

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