5 DRILLS TO DO WITHOUT THE BALL – Learn these football skills

5 DRILLS TO DO WITHOUT THE BALL – Learn these football skills

today we’re going to teach you five wicked football training drills that you can do without the football in order to improve your fitness but also to help you get quicker feed and improve the way you move in general in a match so buckle up and let’s get rid of this guy for now [Music] number five the knee lift which is a nice little drill for getting those feet moving but also working on your thighs and your core in general now what you want to do is have these little jump engaged all cones that’s up to you in the middle and then you have a cone on each side of them and basically you just start from one side and then you do sideways knee lifts over the gates and then when you get to the other side you basically use the foot closest to the cone to plan that only that foot because with the other foot you’re gonna get up into this stance and then use the momentum you have in your body to kind of do the knee lifts over to the other side and do this again and you basically do this five or six times after which you can take a bit of a breather and then do it all over again of course [Music] before is something I call the cone crossover which is also nice for doing footwork and really working the lower muscles and here you set up two rows of five cones but make sure that one row is a little bit offset to create this zigzag light pattern and what you want to do here is start from one cone and then you run towards the other cone and then you touch the cone with the hand the farthest away from it in this crossover light motion because this really forces you to bend down your knees and dolo working on that low center of gravity and because the space is so relatively small make sure the in Japan those knees and do a shuffle like motion when you run instead of actually straightening up and running all the way sideways turning to keep the momentum going [Music] well number three is what I call square speed which is one of those little that’s gonna give you a bit of everything you need basically it’s a square pulse or cones if you don’t have poles with two poles at the end of it and all you basically have to do is to sprint full speed through the course like this now remember now when you turn you use the inner foot the inside of the foot closer to the cone in order to really maintain your momentum and not lose any power when you turn and also try to bend down your knees focus on a low point of gravity now doing this drill which as you can hear it’s pretty hard I usually do between five to six repetitions starting off on 60% and then ending off with a full blown hundred percent madness sprint to finish everything off and after that I breathe [Music] now number two is the classic agility ladder where you can really work on that fast footwork now if you want to see some specific agility ladder drills you let us know in the comment section right down below and I’ll do a whole lot of them but my favorite to do on the ladder here is what you could call the inside-outside cross whatever call it what you want but what you do is you take for instance your right foot you go inside one of the boxes you follow with your left foot then you go straight out with the right foot follow kind of in the movement with the left foot but then go forward a box with the left follow your right outside with the left and then do that all the way at full speed all the way down what you have to remember is stay on your toes at all flipping times because otherwise it doesn’t work [Music] but before we move on to drill number one please go and make sure you subscribe to the channel with the notification belt button on of course because not only you can have benefit in the sense that you’re gonna see all our latest videos all the skill tutorials boot videos interviews with the stars and all that jazz the second the videos drop but also it’s gonna motivate us to create an even more kick-ass content in the future so thank you for being part of the unisport live family now let’s move on to numero uno and finally number one the Scottish run which is a drill I actually love to hate because this one guys is a killer but it’s so good for you that it’s not even funny now the drill is very straightforward you have three cones out there four eight and twelve meters away and all you have to do is run to a cone go back to the sidelines and then run to the next cone go back to the silo and so forth in full flippin sprint I’m talking adult hardcore or you can give sprinting and when you get back you guys 30 seconds of rest and then you go again and tell you physically can I run a single meter more so pressure is often force yourself into squeezing every last drop of energy out of your legs and out of your lungs because it might suck am I so bad but it’s so good for your overall stamina that you won’t even begin to imagine [Music] so there you go my friends five wicked football training drills that you can do without the football but as you know this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg so what should we teach you next you want to learn some new skills some other football drills where you should let us know in the comment section as always write down the law now of course also if you want to cop the cr7 Chapter seven Super Fly six boots that I’m rocking right here and I understand why you can do so by clicking the link and go to unisport or come right over there of course you should also go and do yourself that huge favor subscribe to our channel with the Norfolk Asians on of course to see all our latest videos and skill tutorials the second they drop and finally if you want to learn some pretty cool locomotory skills you can click the video right down there without so guys I’m signing off cheerio ah missed you buddy let’s get to work

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  1. Wow I lost my ball yesterday and I got worried about how will I continue my training session without the ball and now you've uploaded this video at the right time!

  2. They all are really useful
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  3. Thanks for this video I don't have a football so I was wondering how to learn this video helped me thanks a lot thank you so much

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