5 BODY FEINTS YOU NEED TO LEARN – how to do these football skills

5 BODY FEINTS YOU NEED TO LEARN – how to do these football skills

today we’re going to teach you five cool variations one of the most effective tricks in the book the body feint which is one of those moves that goes back to the old G days of football in terms of beating your opponent now you might be thinking there’s only really one body feint but in fact that’s not entirely true because there are so many variations of how you can use your body as the main tool of beating the defendant and speaking about beating the defender today that defender is gonna be pwg so we’re going to show you the five coolest variations of the body feint by number five the shoulder drop easy simple and quite frankly one of oldest tricks in the book the classic shoulder drop which are nine Ronaldo the old Jian Allen of course Lionel Messi is made into one of their most lethal weapons now approaching the defender what you want to do is start off by dropping your shoulder and your hip into the opposite direction of where you want to go I want you to do that and the defendant bites and really start to follow your movement all you need is a snap you change your pace to be able to move away it’s really that simple number four let’s stand still which is one of those moves that you gotta have a little bit of nerve to pull off in a match now facing the defender you simply stop the pool deck and then use only your body to perform the thing and here you can basically do a couple of step overs you can drop your shoulder or you can simply just move your leg a lot which we see neighbor doing or less a thousand times in every match but no matter what all you have to do is be ready for this split second where the defender really starts to lunge for the ball so you can punish him so hard that he wishes booster embed [Music] [Music] number three is the calculated Apple which is another trick that’s been done a lot in the history of football but has been probably executed most expertly by up they’ll ignore it now what you do here is stopping the ball close to the touch line and facing the defender you basically want to set up your body as if you’re going to make a cross so start the movement but then you deliberately miss hit the ball by swinging your leg really strongly and not really shooting the ball at all it just has to lie entirely still now there are two outcomes here one the defender doesn’t fall for it in which case you can go back to trick number four and do that instead but if he does fall for it and actually falls flat on his back like happened with Nui you can do like hidden and just speed away with a big smile on your face and stay strong happy we’re here with you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] number two the rubberband which might be a pretty appropriate name for this rather filthy looking trick now with the pole coming towards you and the defendant being relatively close to you you start off by simply running towards toufool as if you’re going to receive it because once the defender actually believes you’re going to receive the pole and run across him he’s gonna close off that channel and once it does that you simply open up your body and your hips and receive the pole with the food furthest away from the defendant because that leaves a ton of space behind him that you can run into and onesy recovers from the deceit you’re basically gonna be long gone anyway that’s really long [Music] [Music] [Applause] and the big one number one the body fame 3000 which is not only really kick-ass name if I may say so myself but also a great series of small body faints now running away from the defendant with the defendant in your back you basically want to perform a lot of little movements with your body to make him believe you’re threatening to run in a lot of different directions so drop the shoulder a few times when you really show him that you’re gonna accelerate away then you quickly do it the other way and doing that a couple of times once you feel he’s really taking the bait and is off balance you can basically move in the opposite direction if you’ve got the balls you can also turn around and face your victim because if he’s still there we’ve now got a full bag of body things that you can use to punish him once more [Music] [Music] so there you go my friends five cool variations of the body fiend that hopefully you can use to put your opponent to shame but what you would do next well as always you should let us know in the comment section all right down below now you might be sat out there thinking what was the awesomeness you guys had on your feet well it’s the Puma city pack then we actually design so if you want the Puma one ones all don’t us for my future or P VG’s net fit lights well you can actually go and buy all of them by clicking a link right over there now of course also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel with the notifications on of course to not miss a single of our wicked videos and finally go learn some more skills by clicking the playlist right down here and that said guys we’re signing off cheerio

100 thoughts on “5 BODY FEINTS YOU NEED TO LEARN – how to do these football skills

  1. I posted a body feint video and I realized that how different my body feint is from Messi's. I keep on making efforts so that I can become like Messi. Thank you for your video.

  2. Messi is so good at feints , that some defenders when trying to be get the ball. They literally fall , lmao.

    We all agree that we will give Messi the honour of the best football player.

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  4. Hey unisoprts csn you do a favor for football beginers can you do how tokick football withboots etc

  5. Lmao the only way you're beating me is if you're extraordinarily faster just simply dont stab and run with the offender

  6. It's all about how fast you accelerate after confusing the defender. Improve on your ball control and acceleration before trying these in a match.


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